The 11 Best Beaches In Trinidad & Tobago: Secret, Unique & Fun!

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With islands like Barbados and Jamaica nearby, the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is often overlooked as a beach destination. However the beaches in Trinidad and Tobago are stunning, and offer a real treat for tourists who venture to these relatively under-visited beautiful islands.

The prize for visiting them is not only some of the best beaches in the world, but beaches that are far less busy than many of Trinidad and Tobago’s Caribbean counterparts.

From sunbathing to snorkeling, steelpan bands in the evening to shark sandwiches (yes you read that right!) – here’s our top picks of the best beaches in Trinidad and Tobago and why they’re worth visiting.

First we look at the best beaches in Trinidad, then the best in Tobago. Expect some off-the-beaten path destinations that tourists rarely know about.

Colorful fishing boat near the transparent and clear turquoise water on a remote paradise island. Summer vibe spirit. Local fishermen tool. Kruklitus

The 5 Best Beaches In Trinidad & Why They’re Unique

1. Maracas Beach

With emerald green waters and palm tree lined sand, all set on a backdrop of thick forest covered mountains, it’s easy to see why Maracas Bay Beach is so popular amongst locals and visitors alike.

Not only does the beach offer stunning views, it also gives visitors the chance to try the famous ‘Bake and Shark’ – a local fast food specialty of fried shark, served in fried bread (bake).

We recommend trying it at ‘Richard’s Bake and Shark’ situated right beside the beach. It’s arguably the best place around the bay to get this local delicacy.

As Maracas Beach is popular, if you want a quieter experience with the same views, just head over to Tyrico Beach which is in the adjacent bay.

Maracas beach trinidad and tobago lifeguard cabin side view empty beach

2. Las Cuevas

A favorite of Trinidadians, this beach is much quieter than Maracas, with calmer waters.

Located east of Maracas, this beach has similar lush mountains views and that mesmerizing sparkling emerald water. It also has refreshments near the car park beside the beach.

Las Cuevas is also a great place for families as there are good amenities and lifeguard stations.

Our tip – Buy your bake and shark from Maracas, but then drive down to Las Cuevas for a less crowded beach.

Incredible view of the white sandy beach from a bird's eye view. Top view of beautiful white sand beach with turquoise sea water and palm trees, aerial drone shot.

3. Blanchisseuse Bay

Located a bit further east of Las Cuevas, this beach is not only a great place to relax and swim, but also kayak as the Marianne River flows into the bay making it a perfect kayaking spot.

If you get restless from sunbathing, there are a few hiking trails that lead from Blanchisseuse Bay into the nearby forest.

Want to stay here a while? There are some stunning properties for short-term rent in the area, as well as a few local villages and shops to purchase goods from.

Beaches of Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean

4. Mayaro

The longest beach in Trinidad, and a popular weekend holiday location for Trinidadians, Mayaro Beach is quiet and relaxed.

However please swim within the guided areas as the water is prone to riptides.

Located along the east coast, the beach is also used by fishermen, so you can sunbathe while watching them haul their catch ashore.

There are also many places to stay the night in the region which will allow you to get up early and see the fantastic sunrise at the beach.

Sunrise over the Mayaro Beach, Trinidad Bridglal

5. Paria Beach & Waterfall

For those who want a bit more adventure, how about a beach and a waterfall in one?

Located near Blanchisseuse, this secluded beach is only accessible via a hiking trail or boat.

The hike combines a beautiful tropical forest, glimpses of crashing waves, and a serene waterfall.

Paria beach itself is filled with interesting rock formations and small natural bathing pools. An adventurers paradise.

Waves breaking through Cathedral Rock Paria Bay in the dawn light on the North Coast, Trinidad.

The 6 Best Beaches In Tobago & Why They’re Unique

1. Pigeon Point

White sand, warm-beautifully transparent water, and tall coconut trees swaying in the gentle Caribbean breeze. If that sounds good, then a visit to Pigeon Point in Tobago is a must.

This beach sits on the south-western coast, located near a selection of boutique hotels. There is a small charge, but Pigeon Point has great facilities, craft stalls, water sport activities, and food.

There is also a jetty heading out into the turquoise water, perfect for taking those all-important Instagram pictures.

Aerial view of the Pigeon Point, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean sea, West Indies, golden beach in Trinidad and Tobago. Kruklitis

2. Englishman’s Bay

Situated on the leeward coast, this once secret location is perfect for a fairly off-the-beaten-path location.

The crescent shaped bay framed by thick forest gives off an intrepid vibe.

Englishman’s Bay is fairly close to the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve so getting up early in the morning to relax at Englishman’s Bay, before setting off to explore the reserve is a great way to spend a day.

And if you want to know learn about what wildlife you might find, check out our article on wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago by clicking here!

"Beach of the Englishman's Bay near Castara (Tobago, West Indies)"

3. Buccoo Bay

Sugar-white sand gives way to aquamarine water at this mile long beach protected by Buccoo Reef.

Want a closer look at the reef? You can! Tourists can take a glass-bottom boat trip to see it.

Although unfortunately the reef has been damaged due to rising sea levels and over visiting. Despite that, Buccoo Bay in Tobago is still a very pleasant and lively place to visit.

Our top tip – head along at 9pm on a Sunday for a beach party with food, music and crafts. You’ll get the chance to hear the Buccooners Steel Band Orchestra play the iconic steelpan – which originates in Trinidad and Tobago.

Beautiful view of the Tobago island in the Caribbean sea. Palm Beach In Tropical Idyllic Paradise Island - Caribbean Kruklitus

4. Castara Bay

A slightly more basic beach in terms of facilities, Castara Bay has plenty of charm to make up for it.

The water is gentle and great for snorkeling, whilst local food vendors sell barbecued fish into the evening.

‘Castara Heritage Bakers’ next to the village school sells delicious baked goods, from bread and buns to cakes and tarts – all baked with love in a clay oven by local women.

Happy family - mother, kid in snorkeling mask dive underwater, explore tropical fishes in coral reef sea pool. Travel active lifestyle, beach adventure, swimming activity on summer holiday with child. Raro

5. Store Bay

Store Bay in Tobago is a great beach for families in particular, due to its calm water, amenities and food. It is also heavily patrolled by lifeguards.

Conveniently it is located very close to the airport, so is perfect for a pre-flight swim.

A craft market at Store Bay also sells goods, from handmade jewellery to artisan chocolate.

Want to see some action? A speedboat race often takes place just off the coast for those interested in watching.

Palm Tree silouetted against a sunset with a boat in the bay, Pigeon Point, Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean, West Indies

6. Tyrrells Bay, Speyside

Situated on the northern tip of Tobago, this bird lovers paradise offers a more rugged view for visitors.

Another highlight of this bay is the glass bottom boat tours that venture to Angel Reef, Goat Island and Little Tobago.

Besides the wonderful variety of coastal birds, this bay is frequented by divers and snorkelers looking to explore the many reefs along the shore of Speyside. You can hire out snorkeling and diving gear from the many dive shops dotted around the area.

Aerial drone view of swimming men

The Best Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago: Our Final Thoughts

The beaches of Trinidad and Tobago are not only beautiful, but provide visitors with an authentic experience of island life, from watching hard-working fishermen set off to sea, to eating fresh seafood prepared by laid-back locals.

The beaches above have so much to offer for those looking to explore these two wonderful islands.

Here are some bonus beaches in Trinidad and Tobago to visit:

Macqueripe Bay, La Fillette, Saline Bay, Grand Riviere, Scotland Bay, Manzanilla, Canoe Bay, Pirates Bay (used for the 1952 Robinson Crusoe film)


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