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Picture this. You’re at the old train station in Sarajevo, and you’ve just overcome cultural and linguistic boundaries in order to buy your ticket from Sarajevo to Mostar.

You have your backpack on your shoulders, or better yet, an old timey suitcase you’ve thrifted at one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s many street markets.

Old Bosnian ladies are chatting to each other on the platform whilst business types wait impatiently at the platform.

But you, you’re just taking it all in, because you know you’re about to embark on one of Europe’s most beautiful train journeys in one of the strangest, most awe-inspiring nations on the continent.

Below we outline tips for taking the train between Sarajevo and Mostar, as well as Mostar to Sarajevo. Including price, where to sit to see the best scenery, and more!

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Sarajevo To Mostar: One Of Europe’s Great Train Journeys

When visiting Bosnia it often feels like you’re visiting multiple places at once.

A good example of this is Mostar, a beautiful historic town surrounded by mountains where you can cross the river into a completely different world.

The train journey to Mostar from Sarajevo is only 80 or so miles on the train, but it takes you through some of Bosnia’s best landscapes.

Expect mountain views, lush green forests, and sparkling blue lakes on the three-hour journey.

It is probably the cheapest way to see some of Bosnia’s stunning scenery, whilst on your way to the country’s most iconic cities.

And for travelers, including us here at Wandering our World, it’s probably the prettiest short train journey in Europe.

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Sarajevo To Mostar: Price, Tickets & What To Expect

A ticket to travel from Sarajevo-Mostar on the Talgo train will cost around 6 euros (12 BAM, plus 2 BAM for seat reservations).

Although you’re supposed to reserve a seat, little regard is given to seat reservations.

Therefore when you get on the train you need to find any seat on the left-hand side (in the direction of travel) of the train in order to get the best views while on your journey. For traveling from Mostar to Sarajevo, pick a seat on the right-hand side.

ZFBH is the train carrier, in case you’d like to look up the timetable ahead of time. You can also buy tickets online at their website.

At the time of writing, there are two daily trains for Sarajevo to Mostar, one in the morning (7:15 am) and another in the afternoon (16:49 pm). If you’re coming from Mostar, the times are 6:12 am and 16:38 pm. But check this for yourself when in the country.

Upon arriving in Mostar, you’re within walking distance to almost anything you’d like to do in the city.

Mostar is a pretty small place, and with the Neretva River running through it, the city is very easy to navigate.

There is also a hill in the middle of the city with a cross on it which is visible from almost everywhere in the city, and it often acts as a guiding star to lost tourists.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a stunning country with lovely people and a warm friendly vibe that is ready to steal your heart. The romantic vibe of mountainous, cobble-stoned places like Mostar will transport you back in time, as will the train journey to get here.

So go grab that old leather suitcase your grandad used to take on his adventures around Europe, and take a ride on one of world’s prettiest railway journeys.

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