It might not be very touristy, but when it comes to eating out, that gives El Hierro a real advantage over the other Canary Islands. That’s because restaurants in El Hierro don’t pander to tourists looking for hamburgers and pizza, instead they serve traditional food made from local ingredients. Giving you a real taste of the island.

Below is my list of some of the best restaurants in El Hierro, sorted out by town.

Stunning El Hierro

Restaurants in Valverde:

La Mirada Profunda

The first place that struck me about La Murada Profunda was the interior. Cozy and quaint. The second was the lack of proper menu – the dishes change with the weeks, and what is available on the island so there is no printed menu. In fact the chef will come to your table and tell you the dishes available that day.

The seafood and meat dishes are cooked superbly – the pork is well worth a try. Service is friendly, portions are good, and food is delicious, it’s everything you want a restaurant to be.

La Higuera de la Abuela

A special restaurant in the tiny village of Echado (a couple of miles outside of Valverde), this place does fantastic grilled tuna, great deserts, a variety of local dishes and a wonderful outside seating area. Disclaimer – I’ve been told this place is closed in winter.

Brisas de Asabano

A little pricey compared to other places in Valverde, Brisas de Asabano is still a great choice. Cheese lover? Try the cheese soup. The seafood is also good. Usually not as busy as other restaurants in Valverde, this could be a good choice for a quiet dinner.

The beautiful town of Valverde in El Hierro

Restaurants in La Restinga:

Tasca La Laja

One of the best places, if not the best, to get fresh seafood in El Hierro is Tasca La Laja. The menu is small but ever-changing because it depends on what’s caught that day. The dishes are good portions and reasonably priced, and they give you a real flavor of what the Atlantic around El Hierro has to offer.

Restaurante El Refugio

Another great fish restaurant in the seaside town of La Restinga – get local seafood caught just hours before. The portions are generous, and food has that home cooked quality. Try the giant prawns – well worth it.

The incredible Canaries

Restaurants in Frontera:

Mirador La Pena

Want a perfect place to see the sunset after a hard day hiking the island? Well Mirador de La Pena is the answer! This beautiful restaurant sits hundreds of meters up and has incredible views over Frontera and El Golfo, as well as across the Atlantic. Sit outside on the terrace and enjoy a glass of Frontera wine, or a meal comprised of El Hierro sourced ingredients. This place is an absolute must-visit.

Restaurante Sol de Espana

Traditional El Hierro food right in the center of Frontera. The grilled meat here is some of the best in town, and like most restaurants in El Hierro the seafood is locally caught, recently caught, and deliciously done.

Bar Cafeteria La Terraza

Not the fanciest place in town, this bar/café serves simple food cheaply and in good portions. After a big hike up the mountain behind Frontera, this café was a welcome place for a late lunch – service was with a smile and food was hearty and tasty.

The incredible Mirador de La Pena restaurant