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Nestled between Lake Muskoka and Rosseau is the thriving little community of Port Carling – one of Ontario’s best boating and shopping destinations. 

And although there’s not an abundance of dining spots in this small town, there are definitely some memorable restaurants that will have you coming back time and again.

So to help choose the right places, here’s our list of some of the best restaurants in Port Carling, where you can experience cheesy pizzas, seasonal dishes, and some classics to curb your hunger. Bon appetit! 

Our Top Eight Restaurants In Port Carling: Food Worth Waiting For! 

1. Pie Wood Fired Pizza 

Wood-fired thin-crust pizzas served with lake views on the patio and within a comfy dining space

A restaurant that has been in business since 2009 has to have some extraordinary drool-inducing pies, which is why Pie Wood Fired Pizza is one of the most sought-after dining spots in Port Carling.

That, and its incredible location with a view of the lake, attracts locals and tourists all year round, as it’s one of the few places that remain open during winter months.

The patio at the deck is cute and cozy with lake views and the interior is comfortable and casual with welcoming family-friendly vibes.

Baked inside a hot wood-fired oven, these pizzas are doused in premium ingredients, with the perfect crispy thin crust and fresh sauces.

Try the Muskoka Pie that has those familiar flavors of pepperoni, roasted mushrooms, and tomato sauce, or something more indulgent and creative like their spinach, chicken breast, hot pepper puree, and bechamel-topped Tsunami pizza.

We bet you’ll be humming ‘slice slice baby’ by the time you finish your pie!

And their sweet and tangy rosemary chicken wings? These wood-fired bad boys are probably the best in the area, especially if you pair them with some of their cocktails.

Of course, they’ve got some equally delectable desserts to finish off with. We think it’s the perfect way to end a day full of boating and sightseeing – give them a visit any day between Wednesday to Sunday between 12-9 pm.

Address: 114 Medora St, Port Carling, ON

Hand grabbing a slice of delicious artisan pizza
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/KoriKobayashi

2. Bevaragino 

Fine dining establishment serving seasonal menus by their lakeside patio and a cozy interior with live music. 

Just a short while ago Port Carling was blessed with Bevaragino – an incredibly picturesque fine-dining restaurant.

Featuring carefully crafted seasonal menus, it’s the perfect spot for a romantic date night or a celebratory dinner, especially considering its stunning setting near the lake.

The place is housed inside a cute cottage-like building, where the patio takes center stage. Sit back on their comfy upholstered patio seats and watch people boat on the lake that’s located within walking distance.

There’s also live music on some days to brighten the atmosphere even more. Meanwhile, the interior setting is modern yet super cozy, so you’re sorted in terms of ambiance either way.

But they wouldn’t be where they’re today without their impressive and elevated dishes made with premium and vibrant seasonal ingredients. It’s a rotating menu that’s usually concise, but you’ll always find some vegetarian picks and lots of creative takes on the classics.

Expect stuff like a tender slow-braised lamb shank in red wine jus or quinoa and mushroom stuffed red peppers with cauliflower in a tangy tomato sauce during fall.

Meanwhile, summer brings with it bright flavors like a burrata salad, seafood fettuccine, and spicy margaritas.

They also have some fantastic and splurge-worthy wines to complement these fantastic-looking plates.

Find them open from noon onwards from Wednesday to Sunday in spring and summer – reservations are necessary as this is one of the most popular restaurants in Port Carling!

Address: 81 Joseph St, Port Carling, ON

Chef cooking in kitchen
Photo for illustrative purposes only: Unsplash+

3. York and Mason

A stylish little cafe with outdoor seats specializing in fresh sandwiches, coffees, and refreshing drinks for breakfast and lunch

It’s all about the cute little cafes and restaurants in small towns like Port Carling, and York and Mason definitely lives up to the hype.

Located just off the bridge, this locally-owned business showcases buttery pastries, some of the best iced coffees, and gourmet-style sandwiches that can satisfy the hungriest of people.

The atmosphere itself is chic with its black, white, and gray-themed interior, yet it’s still quaint with a neighborhood cafe feel to it. Go ahead and settle at the tables near the front where you can take in the view from the windows, or outside on the sidewalk tables.

They may not a posh spot, but their sandwiches are nothing short of what you’d expect from a long-running deli.

Breakfast comes with perfectly cooked eggs on fresh buns and delectable lox bagels, alongside spongy muffins and sometimes some sweet apple cinnamon bread.

Lunch has heftier and more creative sandwiches, such as duck confit grilled cheese with blueberry glazed onions, or some juicy smoked brisket with horseradish aioli and slaw.

On certain days of the week, you can grab some of their intensely-flavored chili as well, and refreshing summer drinks and rich coffees every day.

They’re typically open from Wednesday-Monday from 9 am – 3 pm, but the operating days often change during fall, so you might want to call them before showing up. 

Address: 105 Maple St, Port Carling, ON

Delicious breakfast on a light table
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/tbralnina

4. Terry’s BBQ

Family-owned food truck specializing in authentic donairs and other handhelds with a few outdoor seats

Bringing the flavors of the east coast to Port Carling, Terry’s BBQ serves up authentic Halifax donairs and juicy burgers for anyone looking for a quick and satisfying midday fix.

Operating from within a small food truck, Terry and her team prepare everything from scratch and her recipes attract hungry patrons from all over Port Carling.

She’s got a few outdoor tables set up for those wishing to sit down, but this simple layout hasn’t kept this place from being more successful each season.

Although Terry’s donairs are simple with tomatoes, sweet onion, and a garlicky creamy sauce, it’s the juicy shaved beef that makes the whole thing so special.

You’ll want to take bite after bite of this overstuffed donair – pair it with some of the fresh homemade fries for a satisfaction level that’s off the chart.

Don’t forget they’ve also got cheesy burgers, refreshing wraps, jumbo hot dogs, and pulled pork poutine. Everything on the menu is made in-house and has the locals absolutely raving – you just have to try it to believe it.

Terry’s BBQ typically operates during spring and summer, though they sometimes remain open late into winter from Wednesday-Saturday, 11 am onwards.

Note – they often run out of these fast-selling items, so go early and grab your fix to find out what’s all the fuss about.

Address: 3142 Muskoka District Road 118 West, Port Carling, ON

Big burger on wooden table
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Georgiy Datsenko

5. Portside Fusion

An eclectic menu of seasonal delights served in a casual atmosphere and a raised patio with sweeping lake views

Port Carling is all about lakeside dining, but Portside Fusion really takes it to the next level with its incredible setting and well-thought-out entrees.

Perched right beside the lake, having their creative dishes on the heated raised deck is an experience unlike any other in town. The view is unbeatable, the scenery is mesmerizing, and the food is the cherry on top.

Unsurprisingly, they mostly work on a reservation basis, and if you happen to be seated inside, you’ll love their contemporary yet homey dining area with a cozy little bar. 

Everything they serve highlights seasonal produce that’s bought fresh every day. The menu albeit short rotates seasonally and offers an eclectic selection of dishes ranging from tuna poke to Lebanese salads.

Mains often have indulgent offerings like dry-aged prime rib with bearnaise sauce and grilled oyster mushrooms and a hearty surf n turf platter with black shaved truffle for the wow factor.

It may be pricey for some but well worth the splurge – who wouldn’t want great food with a panoramic view of the lake? Sounds like a perfectly romantic date night spot to us!

Kids are welcome too with the cheesy pasta and even more cheesy burgers available on the menu. 

Finish off with some of their coffee (yes, they’ve got some great blends) and you’re all sorted for the day.

Find them open between Tuesday-Sunday from noon onwards, and try to get reservations to avoid any fuss as Portside is one of the most popular restaurants in Port Carling. 

Address: 98 Joseph St, Port Carling, ON

Full rack of BBQ grilled pork spare ribs on a marble board
Photo for illustrative purposes only (iStock.com/Vladimir Mironov)

6. Knead Pizza Co

Small family-run business serving takeaway thin crust pizzas with patio seating

A business that grew from a small tent in Muskoka to two amazing brick-and-mortar locations in a matter of five years, Knead Pizza Co is definitely one of Port Carling’s top locally-owned pizza joints.

They’re located just off the bridge, and the Port Carling venue offers only take-out and a few outdoor seats. But owner Olivia Wallman ensures that customers remain hooked and keep coming back for more, and the secret lies in her simple yet delicious crust.

Every day, she spends time making fresh dough that’s distributed to both locations, and this wonderfully soft yet crispy crust is then drizzled with olive oil and rock salt before it is served. The result? Raving customers who keep ‘kneading’ her pizza time and again!

Try something refreshing such as the Soprano topped with prosciutto, feta, arugula, and mozzarella, or a more indulgent pick like the Italian sausage, ham, and bacon crumble-topped Meaty Pizza.

Go ahead and throw some pineapple and banana peppers on there too – we bet it can convince you that pineapple does indeed belong on a pizza.

There are vegan and gluten-free pizzas available as well – just ask them and it’ll be made to order just like the rest of the menu.

Find them open during summer months from 4 pm onwards on Thursdays and Fridays and noon onwards on Saturdays. The operating days can change, so call ahead before arriving.

Address: 98 Maple St, Port Carling, ON

wood fired pizza on table
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/JulyProkopiv

7. Oliver’s Coffee

Local coffee house with house-roasted beans and light bites for breakfast and lunch

Need a cuppa joe and a quick bite to eat? Then head towards Oliver’s Coffee, tucked away behind a gas station west of the town.

This long-running coffee shop has been in business since 2003, and its 7 locations scattered throughout Muskoka have conquered thousands of hearts since then.

Be it their unique coffee blends roasted locally or the buttery baked goods, you’ll fall in love with this place soon enough. It’s an unassuming little tiny cafe mostly geared towards takeouts and drive-thrus – a kind of a hidden gem if you ask us. 

Breakfast has usual suspects like bagels and sandwiches, made with perfectly-cooked eggs and fluffy bread, and looking oh-so-fresh and warm.

Their donuts are quite sought-after too, especially gourmet picks like the creme brulee and maple bacon ones.

The lunch spread has light bites and nothing too heavy – expect cheesy bagels and wonderfully warm sandwiches like roast beef with Swiss cheese or ham with Havarti.

They also have soups of the day and buttery tarts and scones for dessert. It’s simple yet utterly delicious food for times when you want something easygoing.

Don’t forget the drinks and coffee of course! Swing by any day between Monday to Friday – they remain open from 7.30 am onwards currently. 

Address: 3658 Muskoka District Road 118 West, Port Carling, ON

A waitress holding and serving a paper cup of hot coffee
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Farknot_Architect

8. Turtle Jack’s 

Regional chain focusing on comfort eats and cocktails with an elaborate patio overlooking the lake

Although you can find Turtle Jack’s scattered throughout Ontario, their Port Carling location is undeniably gorgeous and super fun to dine at.

It’s arguably one of the most happening spots in town, featuring an eclectic menu of burgers, bowls, and even steaks.

Settle at their dockside patio that overlooks the stunning lake and has plenty of shaded seating and even a tiki bar, or inside in the bright and family-friendly atmosphere. You’ll love the ambiance either way, especially when they have live music playing as you sip on their cocktails while people-watching by the lake. It’s like a mini vacation on its own! 

The menu has an extensive collection of all the classics. From fresh-ground burgers and gourmet pizza to a creamy chicken alfredo and tuna poke, the choices are limitless here – you name it, and they probably have it.

We highly recommend trying a shareable platter of their region-wide famous chicken wings, the bacon, jalapeno-havarti, and house-made pimento cheese topped Hell-of-a-burger, or some beer-battered fish and chips.

They also have elaborate dishes like the coconut rice and pineapple-mango salsa topped salmon or a quinoa-arugula bowl topped with sweet onion vinaigrette.

You’ll find plenty of other vegetarian and GF options too alongside refreshing cocktails and a hearty brunch menu that’s served daily till 2 pm.

So swing by during summer any day from 10 am onwards till dinner time for a chill meal with breathtaking views.

Address: 123 Medora St, Port Carling, ON 

selection of colorful cocktails
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/ViewApart

Our Favorite Restaurants In Port Carling: Final Thoughts 

Although not in abundance, the restaurants in Port Carling are well worth visiting, especially during the patio season when the sun is gleaming at the waterfront.

So give our favorite picks a try and you’ll be planning your next visit soon!


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