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The Caribbean nation of Grenada is a country with rich heritage and stunning untouched beauty, where locals live a laid-back lifestyle.

The island is surrounded by white sandy beaches and lush unspoiled countryside and rainforest, making it the perfect destination for both relaxation and adventure.

So lets take a look at what the Spice Isle has to offer, and nine of the best things to do in Grenada!

Beach Time Before We Sailed North
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1. Snorkeling in Grenada at Grand Anse Beach

The silky fine sand and rugged lush hilly backdrop of Grand Anse Beach makes it a popular spot for both visitors and locals.

The calm turquoise water also entices visitors to explore what lies beneath the surface, and this is by far the most popular snorkeling destination on the island.

You can see a huge variety of marine life such as colorful reef fish, as well as energetic schools of shrimps and lobster.

If you want a quieter beach location, then Morne Rouge beach offers the same relaxing vibe and snorkeling potential but with far less people. Conveniently, it’s just the next bay over! 

girl in snorkeling mask dive underwater with tropical fishes in coral reef sea pool.

2. Visit a Spice Plantation

One of the things you must do in Grenada is visit a spice plantation.

The country is known as the Spice Isle, and it’s lush hilly terrain is the perfect environment to produce nutmeg, mace and cocoa. As such it was a profitable colony during the colonial period.

A visit to the fragrant and idyllic spice plantations is not only a treat for the senses but also a great insight into what formed Grenada.

We suggest you visit the old Dougaldston Spice Estate situated along the North West coast to learn more about the spice industry in Grenada. 

Rain forest on the Caribbean island of Grenada

3. Go Rum Tasting

Rum is the most iconic drink of the Caribbean, and a visit to a rum distillery is a great way to see how the popular drink is made and to try some of the local and delicious produce!

We suggest a trip to River Antoine Rum Distillery for an authentic rum production experience. It is also one of the longest running rum distilleries in the Caribbean.

Once you have watched the rum making process you will get the opportunity to taste the local brands and maybe even purchase a bottle (or two) for yourself.

It is definitely a worthwhile experience to get to know more about the island’s culture and history.

bartender pouring drink

4. Explore St George’s

Take time to explore St George’s, as Grenada’s quaint port town is packed with history and charm.

St George’s is the perfect place to chill and indulge in Grenadian cuisine whilst looking out at the picturesque port, watching boats of all shapes and sizes go about their daily routines.

Charming vibrant buildings cascade down rugged hills all the way down to the water’s edge, with the colonial relic of St George’s Fort looking over the town.

There is plenty to do in St George’s, so check out the laid-back market, infused with the smell of sweet spices, as well as the cathedrals and museums.

St George, the capital of the Caribbean island Grenada

5. Try Grenadian Food

Grenada shares many dishes with other Caribbean nations, with roots coming from Africa, Europe and India.

Try savory options like oil-down (a type of breadfruit stew with meat and vegetables) and callaloo soup (callaloo is a delicious spinach like vegetable) as well as sweet cuisine like nutmeg ice cream and sweet potato pudding. There’s lots of seafood as well, of course!

Some recommended places to try Grenadian food are: Andy’s Soup House, Green Roof Inn and BB’s Crabback. However throughout the island there are many different restaurants to choose from. Grenadian food is tasty and hearty, especially when washed down with a rum cocktail!

Delicious grilled lobsters on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean
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6. Hike in Grenada Etang National Park

Hiking in Etang National Park is a great way to burn off some calories after indulging in Grenada’s cuisine.

The Etang National Park is packed with rugged mountains and hills, beautiful waterfalls and is habitat for a vast array of wildlife.

The park is home to the four highest peaks in Grenada and centers around a scenic lake. Hikers of all experiences can enjoy Etang National Park as there are many trails, some offering quick 15 minute hikes, whilst other hikes can take several hours to complete.

Mona Monkey

7. Visit Colonial Forts

Due to Grenada being a valuable colony during the 18th century for the spice trade, it needed to be well protected from invaders.

The French and British colonies used these forts to fight off other European powers and deter pirates off Grenada’s shores.

A visit to the three main forts of Fort George, Fort Frederick and Fort Matthew will give visitors an idea of how important Grenada was for trade.

Whilst visiting these forts is not only a great way to learn the history of the island, but they also offer some great views as they are mostly situated along the coast.

View from between the stone walls of Fort Frederick, an old Caribbean fort, to the mountains below.

8. Scuba Dive in Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

Known as the dive capital of the Eastern Caribbean, Grenada’s dive scene is impressive!

There are incredible shipwrecks teeming with sealife, with each holding a unique story about their demise.

However the most iconic dive site is the Underwater Sculpture Park, a haunting series of sculptures purposely left underwater which depict Grenada’s history and folklore.

The sculptures are eerily changed by the sea, as they become encased in coral, whilst still maintaining their original form. This somewhat spooky location is a must for divers and scuba diving here is one of our top picks for things to do in Grenada.

Scuba diving swimming towards a school of fish

9. Island Hop to Carriacou and Petite Martinique

Grenada is blessed with two gorgeous islands, both with their own character and vibe. One of the best things to do in Grenada is therefore to go island hopping!

Carriacou, the larger island of the two, boasts an iconic and independent culture. Carriacou celebrates a rich West African heritage, evident in their musical performances. Carriacou means ‘land surrounded by reef’, and this island is perfect for snorkeling.

Petite Martinique, on the other hand, is famous for boat crafting skills, apparently passed down by Scottish sailors, and also has many reefs to explore.

Both islands are very independent and enjoy their own unique traditions and events such as The Marron Festival, which shows off the musical, culinary and artistic capabilities of locals, and lasts three days!


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