A Guide To West Palm Beach Nightlife: Best Bars, Nightclubs & More!

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If you’ve never been to West Palm Beach before and suddenly find yourself here at 8pm with no idea what to do for the rest of your night – we have you covered! West Palm Beach nightlife is amazing. Whether you want to dance the night away to some cool beats at a club or you fancy a more relaxing evening with a quiet dinner or drinks at a bar and pub, everything and anything is possible here!

Some may enjoy getting dressed up and going to a themed event, while others prefer dressing down and checking out what new local indie bands are performing for the night. Loud isn’t for everyone, so we’ve also included some options that are suited for those who want a quiet night out, dancing included and excluded.


  1. Some Fun Facts About West Palm Beach
  2. Top Six Nightclubs in West Palm Beach
  3. Popular Bars & Clubs in West Palm Beach
  4. Great Spots for Evening Entertainment
  5. Final Thoughts
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A Little Bit About West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach was founded by Henry Flagler, a successful businessman in 1894. He originally intended for Palm Beach to become the travel destination for those who were rich and famous, while West Palm Beach was to remain a city for the working class.

However West Palm Beach seemed to create quite a stir and attracted Carry Nation, a famous anti-alcohol advocate, who was determined to “clean” up the city and change it from its sinful ways of living.

Sinful living was attractive to many though, because the city grew rapidly and quadrupled in size within seven years. The city has experienced hurricanes, the Great Depression, ups and downs, but now it’s recovered and is growing more than ever. We guess it’s safe to say, that if you enjoy the sins of life, West Palm Beach is your next favorite destination!

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Top Six Nightclubs inWest Palm Beach

The next time you come to West Palm Beach, check out our incredibly diverse nightclub experiences. There’s something here for everyone – typical dancing the night away clubs, themed clubs, and even more exclusive nautical clubs. We’ve also included an option for those who feel lost when it comes to modern club dancing, but enjoy the more traditional and dramatic flair of tango.

1. The Loft

For the dependable typical nightclub experience, The Loft is the way to go. This club offers what every club should offer – neon lights, good music, a live DJ, and drinks.

There’s nothing that stands out too much about The Loft, but that’s what makes it so great. You know what you’re getting, and you know it’ll always deliver. Dance to 90s Hip Hop or R&B, or snack on some finger foods at the bar. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong!

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2. Respectable Street

Respectable Street is a more chill club experience for music lovers and aficionados. Everyone will find something to enjoy, and this spot is a big part of community life here in West Palm Beach.

Local indie artists are able to perform on stage, and if you’d like to try yourself, then there’s karaoke for you to partake in as well. Velvet couches offer ample opportunity to sit down and enjoy the show, and the lackof a dress code allows for a more relaxed experience.

Respectable Street rarely gets boring and has drawn a committed crowd with its ever changing events and weekly themed nights.

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3. Renegades

If you find a regular club boring, what about a themed club? Not your average experience, Renegades is a country-themed club where you can honky tonk the night away. Line dancing is a regular part of the scheduled programming, but beginners can enjoy an introductory lesson if they come early enough.

But what would a country experience be like without riding a bull? Incomplete, right? To round out the night, test your skills on the mechanical bull. After all the dancing and bull riding, you’re bound to need a drink or two (or three – no judgment here) and sustenance. So feel free to go to their bar and order some of their delicious gator bites and top shelf whiskey – you won’t regret it!

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4. Camelot

Maybe you’re new to nightlife, or simply not a big fan of sweaty packed crowds and rubbing up against strangers. Camelot is not as busy as some of the other nightclubs in theWest Palm Beach nightlife scene and acts as a semi-private lounge run by the yacht club. Camelot offers two bars and a dance floor, so you can still show off your moves while enjoying a drink.

We suggest coming here if you’re not part of the rowdy 20 and 30 something crowd, and are looking for a more sophisticated and low-key experience. There is a membership option that may make sense if you find yourself here often.

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5. Pawn Shop Lounge

Themed nights, young crowds, and a pawn shop exterior make the Pawn Shop Lounge the trendy place to be. A state of the art sound and lighting system ensure that you will feel the music in your body as you sway to the beat. Women get free entry on weekends and if you are able to enjoy the VIP section, then you will have access to pool games as well.

It is important to note here that there is no specific dress code. Unless there’s a themed costume party going on or you’re REALLY dressed down, feel free to wear whatever you’d like.

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6. Florida All Night Milonga

For a more intimate date night experience, grab your girlfriends or your partner and head to Florida All Night Milonga to tango the night away. Not a nightclub per se, this dancing studio allows ample room for you to get sensual and romantic with your partner with one of the most sexy dances known to mankind.

Don’t expect to be dancing only with your partner, though! Partners are often switched, spicing it up and leaving you always guessing. Besides the dancing, you can experience delicious food and wine while watching others enjoy tango and milonga.

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The Best Bars & Pubs in West Palm Beach

Sometimes a loud nightclub and dancing the entire night in heels doesn’t sound exciting, but drinking does. West Palm Beach nightlife is full of options in regards to bars and pubs that allow you to taste everything this city has to offer.

Some will be pricier than others, and some will also still feature low-key dance options. From speakeasies to elegant charcuterie-offering restaurants, there’s something for the hipster as well as for the sophisticated.

1. Cucina

This hip Italian restaurant transforms into a dancing and entertainment experience at night. Open most nights until 2 am, Cucina offers special events like Girls Night Out dinners or Kiss Me Thursdays where the DJ turns the music up and bottles get popping.

This might not be your typical pub experience, but if you imagine a nightclub and pub mix – that’s the experience you get at Cucina. If you do expect to visit, make sure to make a reservation since there’s limited capacity and it is get quite popular!

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2. Copper Blues

Copper Blues has something for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a more quiet night out at the beer garden or rock out with everyone else on the main stage – Copper Blues has you covered!

Proud of its long line of live performances held every week, it’s a great place to go to if you have a deep appreciation for rock music. A well-known secret is to get the nachos – they’re drool-worthy!

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3. The Blind Monk

The Blind Monk is another great option for those who don’t want to stay out too late but have a deep appreciation for well-crafted food and drinks.

Closing at 10:30 every night, the Blind Monk is known for its exceptional cuisine. Smorgasbord lovers will delight in its pick-your-own kind of charcuterie offerings. Create and craft your own charcuterie board from the extensive list of options on the menu, and pair it with one of their crafted beers or exquisite wines. You can’t go wrong here!

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4. City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill

Wine lovers will enjoy this West Palm Beach nightlife staple that is known for its wine selection. Glimpse a peek at its extensive array of options through the floor-to-ceiling glass-enclosed wine cellar.

If you enjoy small plates or are hungry, there are options for you – from cheeses to pizza, City Cellar Wine Bar will offer you something that makes your mouth water.

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5. 215 Speakeasy

This is the sort of place that just makes you feel cool as soon as you step inside. With the typical hole-in-the-wall feeling and dim lighting that speakeasies have; you can expect great things here!

There is no menu, so you’re reliant on the bartender’s skill and experience to craft the cocktail of your dreams. Simply explain what you’re looking for and what you enjoy (sweet, bitter, etc.) and allow the bartender to take over. Fresh ingredients, high-quality alcohol, and bartenders who truly listen to what you like. All of that makes for an excellent mix you won’t forget so quickly!

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6. Treehouse

Located at the top of the Hilton Hotel, this rooftop lounge and bar will have you feeling comfortable and classy all night long.

With the best views of the sunset, you can expect to start the night off right. Enjoy a DJ spinning some music, or enjoy their delicious food – the charred Brussel Sprouts are a safe bet to be eaten right away! Do expect the prices to be a bit higher than other places, since it is affiliated with the hotel.

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7. Nxt Vibe

For out of towners – this is truly like the name indicates – a whole vibe. If you love tiki bars, this is the place to be! Low lighting, swinging seats at the tiki bar, and a nautical theme permeate this lounge and bar venue.

Decorated palm trees that are lit up with strand lights bring light in this unique bar. A glowing fountain in the middle is hard to miss. Whether you want to sit inside at the neon-lit bar, or outside to enjoy the fresh air – you can’t go wrong! Definitely worth the visit if you’re feeling tropical and chill!

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8. Spruzzo

Another rooftop bar experience that lends itself to the upscale. Enjoy tapas while looking out on the marina.

Known for its impeccable views, delicious octopus, but pricey drinks, this is the place for you if you’re looking for a more elegant night. Perfect for anniversary dates, celebrating birthdays or other special occasions.

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Great Spots for Evening Entertainment

1. The Improv Comedy Theatre

The Improv Comedy Theatre features some of comedy’s biggest stars. Although there is a two-drink minimum, the quality of the performers makes it worth it. When in West Palm Beach, this is a must-see.

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2. Lost Weekend WPB

The Lost Weekend WPB is a terrific spot to enjoy with friends. Eat Mexican food, drink beer, play pool, foosball, and old arcade games. It’s got a fun and energetic vibe.

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3. Revolutions at City Place

Revolutions at City Place is a massive bowling bar where you can bowl, drink, watch sports, and play a variety of arcade and billiard-type activities in this huge venue. Food and drink are more important than you’d expect from a regular bowling alley, and the menu is far more extensive.

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West Palm Beach Nightlife: Final Thoughts

If there’s anything about the nightlife in West Palm Beach, it’s the fact there’s so much to offer when it comes to experiences. We know not everyone may love the loud rowdy music that can be popular with younger crowds, but even for those who prefer a more elegant event they will find something here. We love it here and hope you do too!

So the next time you find yourself sitting at home or in a hotel room at 9 or 10 pm without a thing to do, consider checking out our list again for some inspiration. We guarantee you will have a night to remember and won’t regret it!


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