Mauritius: Why You Must Visit Trou Aux Biches

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Mauritius is a treasure-trove of destinations to discover, and there’s no doubt that paradise exists on every corner of this gorgeous Indian Ocean island.

However for people living here, Trou Aux Biches definitely becomes one of those special little pieces of paradise.

It follows the usual pattern for seaside settlements in Mauritius – incredible sandy beach, turquoise blue water, and a laid-back atmosphere that easily washes any stress away.

But this place is extra special, and should be a must-visit for anyone who is visiting the north of the island.

Here’s our main reasons why:

Couple of woman relaxing at paradise beach with blue sea. Aerial view

1. Locals Say It’s The Best Place For Sunsets – We Agree!

There’s no doubt that Mauritius’ west coast is treated to spectacular sunsets, as the sun comes down over the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean at the end of the day.

However the sunsets in Trou Aux Biches are just spectacular.

Whether you’re here on a honeymoon, with your family, or a solo traveler like me, make sure you visit Trou Aux Biches in time for the sun going down.

Grab a cocktail, your camera, take a picnic dinner, or just sit and enjoy the spectacle, because the colors are incredible. Locals regularly travel here just to sit and enjoy the sunset at Trou Aux Biches.


Because the incredible shades of orange, red, yellow, and purple that light up the sky during a tropical sunset in Trou Aux Biches, is, in our opinion unparalleled on the island.

It’s nature at its most beautiful, and it’s hypnotizing to watch as the last streaks of sunlight disappear over the horizon.

SUNSET AT the beach

2. This Beach Is One Of The Best In Mauritius

Considering it’s a world renowned and award winning beach, you would think Trou Aux Biches would be packed with sunbathers and swimmers every day.

However it is rarely overcrowded.

With most hotels based in nearby Grand Baie, many tourists in the region tend to spend their time at the beaches there, rather than take the mile or two trip to Trou Aux Biches. A trip that can be easily done on the bus for less than a dollar – see our previous article on Mauritius public transport by clicking here.

What more could you want from your vacation to Mauritius than some time on one of the best, if not the best, beach in the country.

Complete with crystal clear water than turns into a mesmerizing turquoise blue as it stretches out towards Reunion, white sandy beaches, and of course that famous Trou Aux Biches sunset – time spent here is a must for any visitor to this Indian Ocean paradise.

If you get hungry, don’t worry – there’s a few food stalls and vendors dotted around. They keep out the way, and don’t bother you, but do provide delicious fruit, and some Mauritian delicacies.

What’s more, is that just off the shore from Trou Aux Biches beach are coral reefs, lots of fish, as well as dolphins and turtles – it’s a place clearly loved by nature as well as locals!

Trou aux biches.Tropical exotic beach with palms and clear blue water. Banaczek

3. Trou Aux Biches Is A Fantastic Place To start An Excursion

Visit Trou Aux Biches and you won’t be stuck for things to do.

With teeming underwater life just off the coastline of Trou Aux Biches, this is a great place to take a Catamaran cruise (drinks and food usually included), or a boat with a glass-bottom so you can see under water in style.

Alternatively, there many scuba diving centers around the area, which not only can teach you how to scuba dive if you have the time, but also take tourists on snorkeling trips. Unlike scuba, snorkeling doesn’t require any special training so you can jump on the boat and go straight away!

Feeling especially adventurous? Why don’t you have a go at water sports like kite surfing – all can be done on this stretch of coastline!

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Op top of that, just a few minutes walk from the beach, up Trou Aux Biches road, and you can visit the biggest Hindu temple in Mauritius – Maheswarnath Mandir.

The impressive temple is a colorful, yet tranquil, place, and gives a further sense of the diverse culture and country Mauritius is.

Or why not grab a bus from Trou Aux Biches and easily get to the capital Port Louis and visit Mauritius’ famous China Town.

Or take the bus north to the beautiful coastal village of Cap Malheureux where you can visit the famous picture-perfect red-roofed church which sits against a backdrop of stunning ocean islands. It takes only 20 minutes on the bus from Trou Aux Biches and you can learn more about Cap Malheureux by clicking here.

You can also treat yourself to a spa at one of the resorts that dot the coastline of Trou Aux Biches.

In short, staying in Trou Aux Biches not only offers you incredible evening sunsets, the best beach in Mauritius, but also culture, good food, nature, and an opportunity for excursions. It’s the ultimate place to stay!


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