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Brampton is a highly populated, bustling, and diverse city located in the Canadian province of Ontario. Seemingly unassuming, it is a city with many hidden gems for those travelling or on a day out in the area – especially with its flower-growing history and heritage, as well as its typical but beautiful Canadian landscapes.

There’s loads of things to do in Brampton, as the city offers activities, events, and sights for everyone, no matter your interests or preferences.

Here we show you over 50 of the best things to do in Brampton! So get ready for a day full of adventures.

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Over 50 Of The Best Things To Do In Brampton: Fun For The Whole Family

1. Spend A Day At An Idyllic Yet Lively Lake

You can easily spend a whole day at Heart Lake Conservation Park. Activities and amenities include hiking, picnics, boat rentals, washrooms, a pool, the Wild Wetland Splash, as well as accessible facilities.

There is also a fitness trail full of outdoor equipment, and zip lines, including one that crosses the beautiful lake!

Admission starts from $5.05 and children 3 and under are free. There are additional charges for the pool and splash pad, as well as the boat rental.

2. Reflect In A Peaceful Spot

Gage Park is a perfect example of what Canadians get right with their parks: lush greenery, flora, looming trees, a gazebo, a playground, art, and during the winter, and an outdoor skating trail surrounded by annual Christmas lights and decorations.

Events also take place throughout the year here – so many, in fact, that there’s a digital display at the entrance letting you know about upcoming affairs!

people standing wearing ice skating shoes

3. Enjoy Weekly Events In The Heart of Brampton

Garden Square is the center of downtown Brampton and is host to countless annual, monthly, and weekly events like the East Coast Kitchen Party, which celebrates the culture of the East Coast; the Stomp N’ Stampede, which is a country life extravaganza, and Movies Under the Stars, where you can come along with a lawn chair and enjoy a movie.

Garden Square is also home to annual pride celebrations and winter celebrations.

4. Go Hiking

Belfountain Conservation Area is full of manmade and natural wonders like rivers, bridges, fountains, and cobbled walls.

There are a range of trails there too, such as the strenuous Trimble Side Trail and the easy Riverside Trail which allows for strollers. Accessible Paths are also available. You could also try birding or fishing here.

Entry starts from $3 and goes up to $6.50. Children 5 or under are free. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there is a reservation fee of $11.30.

5. Take In A Mars-Like View

The Cheltenham Badlands offer views of the iconic landscape of this part of Ontario, on the outskirts of Brampton. With red and wavy hills – which are reminiscent of something on Mars – contrasting with the lime green of lush forest, it’s sure to impress anyone regardless of age.

Reservations are required. Off-peak admission is $11.60 and on-peak (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) admission costs $22.60 – this includes parking. There is also a store on site and washrooms.

6. Visit Brampton’s Blossoming Park

Visit Joyce Archdekin Park during spring to witness the trees’ cotton candy pink cherry blossoms. You might want to take a picnic blanket and sit under the branches while eating and relaxing.

It’s a peaceful retreat from the busier parts of Brampton.

7. Go To Fantasy Fair For Thrilling Family Fun

Fantasy Fair is Ontario’s largest indoor amusement park. Rides and attractions include a slow-moving train ride, perfect for small children; a traditional carousel, a soft play area, a Ferris wheel, spinning cups, a balloon ride, the Airforce ride, a climbing wall, a Drop and Hop ride, a 6D experience, bumper cars and more!

There is not any general admission – you can just pay for what ride you want, but you can also get unlimited ride passes. If family members aren’t tall enough for most rides, tickets start from $18.00. Any other passes start from $32.00 each for holidays and weekends. Check specific prices here.

8. Discover the City’s History For Free

The Historic Bovaird house should be one of your first ports of call when looking for things to do in Brampton, as it showcases the story of how Brampton grew from a village to a thriving city.

The house itself is also a must-see for history buffs, with its incredible exhibition of Georgian architecture. It’s free to visit (donations are welcome) and there’s a gift shop too.

Visit at Christmas time to experience the Open House and Gift Show, which is full of crafts, sweets, and gifts to buy. Parking is free and so is entry.

9. Enjoy A Petting Zoo & Pony Rides

Chinguacousy Park is immense and has something for everyone, with its playgrounds, plaza, fitness equipment, courts, pools, petting zoo, pony rides, vendors, skateboard park, splash pads, picnic areas, and train ride ($4 per person).

In the winter you can follow the skating trail and do some skiing or snowboarding.

full length of a goat

10. Try Tree Parkour

Nestled in a scenic part of Brampton is an epic site of Treetop Trekking where activities are offered for ages 9 and up.

While attached to a safety line, Treetop Trekking means walking across platforms high above the ground, which means you experience both a thrill and amazing views of trees and lakes. Different types of treks in Brampton can be found here.

11. Occupy The Kids At A Perfect Park For Children

Homestead Park is a large span of green with playgrounds and soccer fields, great if you’re looking to keep kids occupied while travelling through Brampton’s surrounding villages.

12. Play Soccer

Creditview Park is also situated within Brampton’s surrounding villages and offers 8 mini soccer fields – as well as washrooms, a picnic shelter, parking, fitness equipment, a community garden and walking trails that connect to the Natural Heritage System and Valleys.

person field playing school

13. Visit Brampton’s Birdwatching Oasis

Claireville Conservation Area is full of grasslands, wetlands, valleys, and forests and features the Humber River.

It is a whopping 848 hectares so it is perfect for hikers, but you can also try trail running or biking here, as well as birding and horseback riding.

14. Enjoy The Ultimate Playground

Take your younger family members along to Aerosports Trampoline Parks Brampton to have hours of fun in a room full of trampolines, or maybe they could experience one of the tallest slides they will ever see. There is also a soft play area for toddlers, as well as an arcade. You could also try the climbing walls, or the ultimate game of dodgeball played on trampolines.

General admission starts from $16.00 for ages 3-5 and $20.00 for ages 6 and over. Children 2 and under are free. Other offers are available here.

15. Get Green Fingers

At Willow Park Ecology Centre, children and adults alike can learn about wildlife and the environment through its community programs which nurture a love for nature.

You can sign up your family to volunteer or if you are a student, it can even count to any high school or college requirements!

16. Learn About Brampton’s War History

Lorne Scots Regimental Museum is free to visit and features artefacts and photos from World War I and World War II, as well as the War of 1812 and a few more.

It is a little-known hidden gem in the city ideal for history enthusiasts. Donations are welcome.

17. Go Axe-Throwing

Far Shot Brampton is great for a trip with friends and offers axe throwing, knife throwing and archery. There is also a bar which serves beer, wine, seltzers, and ciders.

For one hour of axe and knife throwing, it’s $25 per person in a group of at least 2. Archery is also $25 per hour and $35 for 2 hours. Other offers can be found here.

18. Find Untold Stories

Discover the often-overlooked stories of Canada’s Sikh community at the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada.

Exhibitions include Juss Kaur Mantra Art, Sikhs in Canada, Lions of the Sea, Call to Flanders, Army of Sikhs, and Valour and Faith. Current events can be found here. Donations are appreciated but it’s free.

19. Discover Brampton’s History in the Air

Another museum tributing the past: The Great War Flying Museum features a massive hangar with aircraft and workshops.

There are also galleries and displays of military air life during World War I, featuring flags, uniforms, letters, photos, and posters. It’s free to enter but you can always donate!

20. Enjoy Art in the Wild

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection exhibits some of the best of Canada’s art while nestled within 40 acres of woodland.

With over 6,500 works by Canadian and Indigenous artists, there is no shortage of things to see. Events and temporary exhibitions also take place every year.

On the third Sunday of every month, you can enter for free, but usually, general admission starts from $5.00.

21. Visit Brampton’s Boating Haven

At the Kids and Classics Boatshop Museum, they strive to use traditional building techniques to make watercraft.

When visiting there are many things up for sale for you to check out. If you don’t want to buy anything, you can always donate, as this site offers free programs for youth who need it most. You can also volunteer to work with their boats as you learn woodworking and mechanical skills.

22. Grab Some Hearty Food

Somewhere great to refuel is AJ’s Bar and Grill which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choices for breakfast range from Spanish cuisine to Greek, and for lunch, you can get some delicious Italian or some soup.

For dinner, you could have pasta, chicken wings or burgers. There are dozens of dishes to choose from.

23. Check Out Brampton’s Best Family Restaurant

Arguably the best family restaurant in Brampton is John’s Family Restaurant which also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner – with a wide variety of dishes even just for breakfast!

There are also kids’ menus available for the little ones. It’s a little pricier to eat here but it’s worth it for a treat.

24. Try Out Authentic Indian Food

Indian food is surely the best comfort food out there, and Mirch Masala Authentic Indian Restaurant ensures it’s both tasty and authentic.

Not only are there curries and rice dishes, but also cocktails and milkshakes, so this restaurant promises a yummy meal!

white and brown cooked dish on white ceramic bowls

25. Enjoy Brampton’s Musical Event of the Year

Every August the India International Festival of Music takes place in Brampton as well as across Canada, where you can witness an exhibition of Indian art and shop or network. You can usually find this festival in South Fletcher’s Sportsplex.

26. Visit A Festival for Children

The Great Kids Carnival is the ultimate day out for children and families which also takes place every August in South Fletcher’s Sportsplex. It includes entertainment and shopping, as well as play areas with game zones.

27. A World of Dinosaurs

The Dino Park at Shoppers World Brampton is a walk-through experience full of moving dinosaur models and rides for kids.

As well as this, they can play games and there is also food available. It takes place for one day in August. Tickets are needed for entry.

28. Experience Emancipation Day

August the 1st is Emancipation Day in Brampton City, which celebrates the abolition of slavery.

Events include the Caribbean Festival which features food vendors, a crafters market, and live entertainment. You can find this celebration on Emancipation Park, Dixie Road.

29. Enjoy Lake Activities

Professor’s Lake has a span of 65 acres and sandy shores which makes for a scenic and relaxing visit. Activities include windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, paddle-boating, and fishing. There is also a snack bar as well as washrooms and parking.

30. Visit A Picture-Perfect Lake

Loafer’s Lake is another one of Brampton’s many stunning lakes which you can find as you walk along Etobicoke Creek.

It’s a simple but natural place perfect for relaxing, and a great place to start a hike along the Etobicoke Trail – Brampton’s longest trail. The Recreation Centre next to the lake also has parking and washrooms.

31. Visit The Twin Lakes

The Esker Lakes in White Spruce Valley consists of two lakes which are great for taking photos. White Spruce Valley is close to the parking spaces in Donnelly East Parkette, so there’s no reason not to drop by.

32. Feed Canadian Geese

Behind Norton Place Park’s apartments and roads is a quarry transformed into a lake with a small beach. Here you can find the Canada Goose which you can feed – this is an ideal activity for small children too.

a canadian goose on shallow waters

33. Marvel At ‘Untitled’

On the north wall of the Heritage Theatre is a vast mural conveying the diversity and vibrancy of Brampton and its people, titled ‘Untitled.’

While travelling around Brampton, this site is certainly something to consider factoring into your journey as it is a beautiful life-sized piece of art.

34. Go Swimming

Eldorado Park is popular among fishers, walkers and relaxation-seekers and lies along the banks of Credit River.

Here you will also find two outdoor swimming pools to cool off, and during its operating season, there are parking spaces and washrooms available.


35. Experience The Jewels of the City Hall

Brampton City Hall might not be your first port of call for your travels through Brampton, but it’s definitely worth it to stop by and admire its art installations. Manfred’s ‘Young Canada’ sculpture, for example, is an interactive and fascinating exhibition showing three girls dancing hand-in-hand.

There is also the Cenotaph, a reflective memorial commemorating those who died in the First and Second World Wars. There are these pieces of art plus many more to see at the City Hall.

36. Enjoy An Outdoor Gallery Experience

Along Vivian Lane, you can also experience an outdoor art gallery experience with paintings such as ‘The Arts of Music,’ ‘Cosmic Dancers,’ ‘Wilderness View,’ and ‘Attunement,’ plus many more.  

You will also find the ‘Roses’ wood carving made with a chainsaw by Robbin Wenzoski, as well as the ‘Different Bikes Throughout History’ mural which does exactly what it says on the tin: it shows a history of bikes!

37. Go To The Theatre

At The Rose Theatre you not only can book tickets to their many dramas and music performances, but you can also visit the upper level to admire their amazing art gallery, featuring works such as the Syrinx’s Heart sculpture or the Rose Theatre Mural.

38. Discover Art in Unexpected Places

In Nelson Square Parking Garage is Charles Johnston’s ‘Urban Bouquet’ mural conveying Brampton’s floral heritage and creative culture, and at the center of the McLoughlin Parkette, you can see the ‘Wherever You Go Always Take the Weather’ sculpture by Andres Pang.

Finally, on the grounds of the Central Public School on 24 Alexander Street, you will find ‘The Arts’ wood carving – another piece by Robbin Wenzoski made from the trunk of a soft maple tree.

39. Visit Brampton’s Art Village

At the center of Mount Pleasant Village are 4 sculptures all created by Ron Baird: ‘Ghost Train’ which represents a steam engine from the 1800s, the sculpture ‘Time’ commemorating the global acceptance of Standard Time, ‘Tracks,’ and ‘Trestle Bridge.’ Walking through this area feels like both an art gallery and a museum.

40. Enjoy The Stunning Spring Blooms and Beds

During April and May, look out for thousands upon thousands of daffodils, tulips, crocus, scilla, chionodoxa, allium and other bulbs across Brampton.

Such as at the islands of the Brampton Gateway Entrance; between Bramalea Road and Dixie Road; on Queen Street East; on the east side of Bramalea Road North, and at the end of June, there’s an allium display at the corner of Williams Parkway and McLaughlin Road North.

Throughout the year at various locations, you will also find feature flower beds usually at the roadside. There are over 400 across Brampton and they’re specific to each location, as well as artistic and naturally wonderful.

Wildflowers in the more rural parts of Brampton include trilliums, trout lily and jack-in-the-pulpits during spring. They’re great pollinators and perfect for a flower hunt with kids or adult nature enthusiasts alike!

red purple and yellow tulip fields

41. Visit A Rainbow Garden

Visit the Charles F. Watson Family Gardens for gardens brimming with natural colors. These gardens are located along the Etobicoke Creek Recreational Trail and away from the busy roads. They make a peaceful and pretty beginning to your hike at Etobicoke Creek.

42. Time Your Visit For A Month of Free Fun in Brampton

For Recreation Month in June, Brampton offers free programs at various Recreation Centres across the city to get people moving, and they’re for all ages.

Locations include Gore Meadows Community Centre, Century Gardens Recreation Centre, Cassie Campbell Community Centre, and the Earnscliffe Community Centre.

43. Delve Into the Festival of Food & Enjoy Live Music Too

Every June you can visit the three-day Brampton Rib and Beer Festival in Chinguacousy Park. If you love BBQ food this one’s for you.

Admission is free and each night is a different theme: Country, Rock the Park and Music Mash Up and Ribs. Live music also takes place here, as well as giant yard games, a kids zone, and of course, lots to eat!

photograph of ribs being grilled

44. Get Your Sweat On With Free Gym Classes

All summer Brampton offers free outdoor fitness classes such as cardio, Zumba, Family Fitness and more.

Classes should be booked at least 2 days in advance. Locations include the Cassie Campbell Community Centre and the Century Gardens Recreation Centre.

women having exercise using dumbbells

45. Try Out A Creepy Escape Room

Brampton’s Perplexity Escape Games offer challenging escape rooms with a pass rate of as little as 23%!

Visit The Elevator or Kate’s Motel for a thrilling and slightly terrifying activity with friends, or you might like the spy theme of the True Spies escape room in which you must save the world in a simulated test.

46. Experience The Ultimate Camping Trip

The Indian Line Campground near Brampton is the perfect place for a family or group camping trip and is situated by the sparkling Claireville Reservoir.

Camping fees apply per night, or you can pay for a season. Amenities include washrooms, showers, a swimming pool, firewood and ice for sale, a dumping station and coin laundry.

47. Celebrate With Fireworks On Canada Day

At Chinguacousy Park many events take place to celebrate Canada Day. They include live entertainment, an inflatable zone, vendors, and live fireworks at 10 pm.

This, on top of Chinguacousy Park’s already amazing facilities, guarantees a jam-packed experience.

48. Pick Your Own Strawberry and Raspberrys

At Big’s Apple Farm you can pick your own strawberries during the summer!

You can also pick apples and other produce. As well as this, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and 7 varieties of garlic can be picked at Sunny Acre Farms. Yum!

selective focus photography of strawberry fruit

49. Indulge In Some Free Theatre

During summer at Chinguacousy Park, you can watch Shakespeare productions for free on selected dates courtesy of Louie the Goat Productions and Performing Arts Brampton.

Performances are also available at Mount Pleasant Square and Ken Whillans Square.

50. Be Your Own City Guide

Download Brampton Council’s curated self-guided tour which takes you through the heritage of the city. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes and guides you through Brampton’s architecture, monuments, and art.

51. Get Golfing

Top-rated golf clubs in Brampton include Brampton Golf Club, Turnberry Golf Club, Lionhead Golf Club and Conference Centre and Peel Village Golf Course.

close up photo of golf ball

52. Get Full With Food Trucks Galore

The Brampton Food Truck Festival takes place at the start of September every year and features countless food vendors as well as local performers, beer and eating challenges.

This one also takes place in the brilliant Chinguacousy Park.

53. Pick Your Own At Brampton’s Quaint Apple Orchard

Take a stroll through the Carl Laidlaw Orchards of apples and pears and pick out some sweet treats or simply admire the view. Walk-in admission is $7 for children and $12 for adults. A 10-pound bag for picking costs $20.

woman and daughter walking in orchard with fruits in basket