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As this city has increasingly become a hip hangout place in California, the fun things you can do in Sacramento for couples has increased at the same time!

In case you’re looking for inspiration for your date or partner, here’s a list of some of the best fun things to do in Sacramento for couples.

From basic common date ideas to super special things you can only do in Sacramento, we’ve compiled 30+ local favorite date spots. Enjoy!

Tower Bridge and Downtown Sacramento

Awesome Fun Things To Do In Sacramento For Couples: Living Life Differently

1. Smash Things Together

Couples who smash things together stay together, right? So why not let out your pent-up stress together at Smash Sacramento, the city’s first anger release room.

There you will be given tools like bats and sledgehammers to smash random objects such as glass bottles and (broken) printers. Visitors can also play their own music as loud as possible to facilitate anger release.

Smashing things together is not only a good way of pouring out bottled-up emotions, but also a good bonding exercise for people experiencing the same stressor. But remember, take out your anger on the provided rubbish – not on each other!

This is definitely one of the best fun things to do in Sacramento for couples.

2. Visit An Art Museum

One activity for dates that always seems popular among couples is visiting an art museum. Whether you’re really into art or if you just want to feel like a cute “artsy” couple, holding hands while talking and laughing about art pieces is a nice lowkey activity to do with your significant other.

The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento is one of the first art museums to be established in the US. Explore the spacious museum filled with the country’s finest art exhibits of all origins, from European to Asian to African art.

3. Learn About Trains

A little less lowkey and a little more nerdy (which we love btw), another must-visit museum in Sacramento for couples is the California State Railroad Museum. The museum is known for being an exceptionally fun museum where anyone can have a good time.

In this museum, you will learn about the history and engineering of the Golden State’s railways, and see exhibits of locomotives and rail cars. Visitors can also pay extra to go on a real train for a short ride which is great fun – and quite romantic!

4. Watch A Drive-In Movie

Drive-in theaters are a cliché for a reason. As opposed to being in a theater room with other people, watching a movie in the privacy of your car is more intimate.

For a drive-in movie night, go to West Wind Sacramento 6 Drive-In. Visit their website to see what movies are playing along with the schedule.

5. Ride A Thrilling Railbike

Out of all activities on our list of fun things to do in Sacramento for couples, we think River Fox Railbikes is one of the most unique and fun.

If you’ve never heard of it, a rail bike is essentially riding a bike (not your usual two-wheel bike) on rail tracks. Right now there aren’t many rail bike attractions in the country so we think you absolutely have to try it while in Sacramento.

Each bike is a two-seater so you can ride the rail bike side by side with your partner. Pedal together while riding uphill, then feel the thrill of sliding freely downhill. And of course, enjoy the view! This is easily one of our favorite fun things to do in Sacramento for couples!

6. (And At Last I) See The Light At A Lantern Festival

Are you familiar with the lantern scene from the Disney movie Tangled? If you are, you can actually live it in real life!

There are two kinds of lantern festivals in Sacramento, the Water Lantern Festival and Lights Over America sky lantern.

Both events are only held once in a while so make sure to check their schedule to book the most romantic night of your life!

7. Go On A Zoo Date

Next, straight out of the fun date handbook we have a date at the zoo. Stroll around hand in hand and take silly pictures with animals at Sacramento Zoo.

8. Hang Out In A Speakeasy Bar

For a more intimate, night-time sort of date, spend a cozy evening with your date at The Roost. It’s a speakeasy bar with a great atmosphere hidden away inside Bawk! on R Street.

All the bartenders are very well-versed in the art of drinks making. Don’t know what to order? Play a little game of spin the wheel. (Recommended: A Local’s Guide To Sacramento Nightlife).

Bartender stirring cocktail with a spoon
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/MaximFesenko

9. Watch Sacramento’s One & Only Comedic One-Man-Band

In the Old Sacramento Historic District at 200 J Street, there’s a special event held every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night called the Acoustic Sanctuary.

The star of the show, Winko Ljizz, will make you gasp in awe and break into laughter as he shows off his multiple talents at music and well, showmanship.

As if playing over 40 instruments isn’t outstanding enough, Ljizz will take random topic suggestions from the audience and turn it into classic piano-bar comedy. Have a great date night by getting Ljizz to poke fun at your partner for a laugh.

10. Share A Laugh Watching Stand-Up Comedy Performance

For a more traditional comedy performance, check out the stand-up performances at Sacramento Comedy Spot. You can also try embarrassing yourself in front of your partner by going on stage to do improvs and open mics.

Another good place to see some stand-up comedy is the Punch Line Sacramento.

11. Cruise On Sacramento River

Sacramento River is the principal river of Northern California and the longest river in California, so it’s pretty big.

There are many cruise ships available for rent, from a dinner cruise, lunch cruise, cocktail cruise, and even a cookies & ice cream cruise. This is definitely one of the best fun things to do in Sacramento for couples!

Book your cruise ship at River City Queen, Rock The Yacht Cruise, Sacramento River Cruise, or Historic River Cruise.

Colorful sunset above Sacramento skyline, Sacramento River and Tower Bridge in California. Long exposure.

12. Work Together To Escape A Room

Test how well the two of you work under stress at Escape Sacramento. This escape room amusement center has multiple games/room options with varying themes and difficulties. It’s a really fun activity to do with your partner while exercising your brain. One session takes about 60 minutes to solve.

Other popular escape rooms in Sacramento are Enchambered and NEO Escape Rooms.

13. Roller Skate

There’s one hotspot for couples in the city called The Rink.

It’s a great place with good music, a snack bar, and decent prices. All in all, it’s a great place for an affordable but fun date.

14. Ice Skate

If you happen to be in Sacramento during winter, go down to Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink. It’s an outdoor ice skating rink arena that’s open every year from November until January.

Because it’s an outdoor ice skating rink, the atmosphere of the ice rink is quite lovely. The small buildings and trees that surround it add a lively but homey feel that would feel totally romantic when you’re with your partner.

Young couple preparing to a skating. Close-up photo of their hands tying shoelaces of ice hockey skates in a locker room

15. Stroll Through A Colorful Flower Garden

For a more low-energy kind of date, take an afternoon walk at the World Peace Rose Gardens in State Capitol Park. It’s a beautiful Victorian-style garden that spans over 0.42 acres of land and is very well-maintained by the state.

Who knows, maybe walking around in the garden looking at all colors of flowers with your S.O. will help reignite the spark in your relationship.

16. Ride A Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels seem to be a popular setting in romance novels and movies.

And we gotta admit, there is something oddly romantic about being alone in a tight space, floating several feet above the ground looking at the city night view.

Live this romcom trope at Waterfront Wheel at Old Sacramento Waterfront.

17. Go Back In Time At Old Sacramento

Not just home to the Waterfront Wheel, Old Sacramento Waterfront itself is a tourist site to see historical buildings.

Walk on wooden sidewalks in the oldest part of the city, tour gift shops, and wander together around Old Sacramento Historic Park and Old Sacramento Underground.

historic gate to old Sacramento town in Sacramento

18. Go On A Street Food Tour

Instead of sitting in a restaurant, wouldn’t it be more fun to drive around to various street food places, buy various kinds of food, and share it with each other? You will also be helping small businesses.

Our recommendations for favorite street foods are Dona Mari Cocinita burritos on 3721 47th Ave, The 12 Shack tacos on 7250 Stockon Blvd or Tony’s Taco on 5005 Stockton Blvd, Bubble Cone and Street Hot Dogs in Downtown Sacramento, Latin fusion La Bangin Bowls on 1100 Richard Blvd, and Falafel and gyro on 3133 Arden Way.

19. Try Wine Tasting Underground

In Old Sacramento, there’s a place called The Underground Tasting Room. It’s a fun place to go with your date to try out an educational wine tasting experience with the friendliest staff.

The underground location makes the experience even more intimate and special.

20. Challenge Each Other At An Arcade Game Match

Awaken your young spirit by going to the Coin-Op Game Room together. Play classic arcade games, bet on pizza, and drink beer all night long.

21. Play Laser Tag

A game of laser tag can never be a bad idea! Whether you’re playing side by side or against each other, this fun and extremely low-risk game will get you giggling together like dumb high schoolers.

Come down to Lazer X in Arden-Arcade on 2600 Watt Ave.

laser tag game player aiming light science fiction vest in black light

22. Shoot Paintball At Each Other

If you find laser tag to be too safe and boring, then try out Capital Edge Paintball Park.

The field is pretty big with many courses that will guarantee a fun date. It’s open on weekends from 9 am to 3 pm.

23. Catch A Show At An Old-Timey Theatre

Crest Sacramento is a historic theatre in downtown Sacramento. They often hold events and concerts, and movie showings. Going to a movie theatre is a basic date idea, but the old-timey feel of this theatre will make it feel like a unique experience.

Another vintage theatre in town is the Tower Theatre. However, unlike Crest, this theatre is for movie showings only.

24. Hang Out In A Beer Garden

If you and your partner like having dates in a busy, fun atmosphere, try going to Drake’s The Barn. Order food, drink beer, and spend a lazy afternoon surrounded by the buzz of people. 

25. Go Bowling

Another cliché dating spot you can go to is the bowling alley at Country Club Lanes. Play against each other or teach your date how to bowl like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie.

Tenpin balls with blurred alley in background
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/RushayBooysen

26. Listen To Free Live Music

This one’s gonna need a bit of browsing and asking around. Since Sacramento is such a bustling city, there are often fun, free live music events on holidays and weekends.

Some places to check out are River Fox Train, Golden 1 Center, and Cesar Chavez Park in downtown Sacramento.

27. Ride Along On A Boba Tea Train

Are you a boba tea lover? Then get your S.O. to accompany you to do boba tea tastings on a 1.5-hour Boba Tea Train ride in River Fox Train.

Drink your good old regular boba milk tea whilst also trying out new boba tea menus.

28. Spend The Evening Talking On A Rooftop Bar

A nice city view, a couple of drinks, and conversations with the person you love. Sounds like a lovely evening, doesn’t it? Make your way to Revival, a poolside lounge on the roof of The Sawyer Hotel.

Other rooftop bar options are Clayton Club and Darling Aviary.

This is easily one of our favorite fun things to do in Sacramento for couples!

selection of colorful cocktails
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/ViewApart

29. Stop By A Vintage Ice Cream Parlour

Pop into an ice cream shop to get your sugar fix to match your lover’s sweetness!

There’s a local’s favorite ice cream shop in Sacramento called Vic’s Ice Cream Parlor. The vibe of the building is very old-school and that’s because the shop has been standing since the 1940s. 

30. Have A Picnic Date

Picture yourself and your S.O. walking together through a scenic park. And then you sit down on a picnic mat, just spending the afternoon in each other’s company while watching the people around you.

Talk about a perfect, relaxing afternoon. Not to mention that it’s free!

Some of the best parks in Sacramento to have a picnic are McKinley Park, William Land Regional Park, Miller Regional Park, and East Portal Park.

31. Go To The Annual Cal Expo State Fair

The California State Fair is an annual state fair held at Sac Cal Expo in the summer. It’s basically a fun fair with many rides and food stalls, perfect for a theme park date.

So if you’re in town during the summer months, make sure to check out if the California State Fair is still ongoing.

32. Fly On A Private Airplane Tour

See the beauty of Sacramento from above in the comfort of a private airplane and each other’s presence.

For a more pricey but still fun type of date, you can take your date on a private Sacramento airplane tour. Rates start from $200 for 2 adults.

33. Book A Couple’s Spa Day

The last of our fun things to do in Sacramento for couples that we’re going to recommend is to spend a relaxing day at the spa.

There’s a couple’s massage package at Magic Massage Spa Retreat. For a more lush spa retreat, go to Arden Hills Spa.

Women relaxing and drinking tea in robes during wellness weekend

Fun Things To Do In Sacramento For Couples: Our Final Thoughts

Those are our favorite fun things to do in Sacramento for couples – perfect for whether you’re taking someone out on a first date or going on a vacation with your long-time partner.

Like any other place in California, Sacramento is always alive with special events that would make a fun date. Always check out the current happenings such as events in Downtown Sacramento and Sacramento events in general.


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