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Nestled in the northwest corner of Wales, the island of Anglesey is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful coasts.

On this island there are many fantastic tourist attractions such as the Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens and Beaumaris Gaol. But for those of you who are traveling on a budget, there’s still plenty to do.

In fact as we know this part of Wales so well, we’ve compiled a list of 30 things to do in Anglesey that are completely free! So read on for our guide to having fun in Anglesey on a budget!

Twr Mar Lighthouse on Llanddwyn Island off Anglesey, Wales UK
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30 Fun Free Things To Do In Anglesey: Fun Without Breaking The Bank

1. Take A Stroll On The Beach At Sunset

Naturally, when you come to an island the one thing you have to do is go to the beach! And luckily Anglesey has many beaches that are perfect for an afternoon or evening stroll.

But if you’re looking to go sunset watching, then you have to go to Llanddwyn Beach. This beach is popular because it has beautiful small hills with a lighthouse.

You can also see the mountains of Snowdonia from this beach, and the sunset view is breathtaking. It’s a fantastic place for an evening walk.

Other beaches in Anglesey that are just as pretty are Benllech, Lligwy, Aberffraw, and Niwbwrch.

A cute dog is watching the sunset

2. Wander Through The Forest

Just a little north of Traeth Llanddwyn, stands one of the most popular places to visit in Anglesey. Newborough Forest is a gorgeous pine tree forest and home to loads of wildlife!

You can take a quiet stroll down the forest path to Newborough Beach while there, and maybe spot an elusive red squirrel or two on your way.

3. Go Dolphin Watching

Without having to rent a boat (which costs money!), there’s actually a very good place on the coast of Anglesey where dolphins are often seen. Just drive up to the northeast corner of Anglesey, to the coast at Llaneilian near Point Lynas Lighthouse.

Other places where dolphins have been spotted are the coasts of South Stack and Dulas. If you’re lucky, maybe you will even see a whale! Without a doubt this is one of the best free things to do in Anglesey.

An adult Atlantic spotted dolphin jumping out of the water with small splashes on the back. Caught mid-air in the Atlantic ocean.
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4. Stargaze The Dark Skies

For those who live in the city, a starry sky is a rare sight. So while you’re in Anglesey, spend some time beneath some of the island’s darkest skies.

Some stargazing hot spots include Penmon Point, South Stack, Aberffraw, and Red Wharf Bay.

5. Go Camping

A great way to truly enjoy the views Anglesey has to offer is by camping. There are many campsites on the island to enjoy with differing facilities.

It should be noted that while people still do it, wild camping is technically illegal in Anglesey. See our full article about camping in Anglesey to find out more!

Looking through opening door of orange tent camping

6. Visit A Scenic Copper Mine

You might be thinking that our recommendations so far have been common vacation spots. But if you want something more unique, we suggest you visit a historic copper mine in Anglesey.

The most visited mining site on the island is Parys Mountain. It has striking hues of oranges, red, brown, and yellow.

This place is of course inactive now, and has since become a tourist spot. But do take extra care when walking around.

7. Go Birdwatching At Cemlyn Bay

Terns, gulls, turnstones, plovers, cormorants. Cemlyn Bay is a hotspot for avid birdwatchers and animal lovers alike!

All year long, you’ll find various species of birds here and if you’re lucky you might also stumble upon some grey seals.

The bay is very quiet, and although described as a little “bleak” by some, it’s a great place to just sit and take everything in.

8. See A Historic Abandoned Castle

There’s a popular castle in Anglesey called Beaumaris Castle, but sadly visitors have to pay an admission fee. However for a free option, you can visit Castell Aberlleiniog!

This castle’s history dates back to the early 1000s when the area was invaded by the Normans.

The castle’s foundations are still very much intact. You can walk around the grounds and learn about its history. If you like history, this is one of the best free things to do in Anglesey for you.

9. Walk Up A Stunning Cliff Overlooking The Sea

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Anglesey is the South Stack Cliffs Reserve. To get to the top, you will have to walk and hike for some time, but it’s well worth it. The view at the top is absolutely breathtaking and there’s also a dramatic lighthouse. If you visit in summer or spring, you’ll meet many seabirds along the way including puffins!

Another coastal path that’s also a hiking trail is the Anglesey Coastal Path in Amlwch. It has dramatic rocks with green grass and flowers overlooking the blue sea.

10. Visit A Real-Life Motor Circuit

Are you a fan of MotoGP? If so, you must visit Ty Croes and see the Trac Môn Anglesey Circuit. It’s an international GP circuit that’s still in use for car or motorbike races.

If you simply want to check it out and see people racing around then the entrance is free. But if you wanna try driving, you will have to pay to rent a car (Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghinis, etc.) along with the instructor.

11. See Ancient Ruins

If you like to learn about ancient, prehistoric times, then you should take a detour to this Neolithic site. Bryn Yr Hen Bobl or the “Hill of the Old People”, is a damaged chambered cairn. It was excavated and restored in the 1930s to display the chamber.

The cairn is located at the end of a trail between two small hills. It’s actually part of a private property, but if you enter from Llanedwen Parish Church, you might be able to get in.

12. Take A Picture At The Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Sign

You’ve probably seen memes online about this village’s name.

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch – or Llanfairpwllgwyngyll for short – holds the world record for the world’s longest village name. And it’s located in Anglesey!

The name of the village is a Welsh word meaning “St Mary’s Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel near a Rapid Whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio near the Red Cave.”

You can take a photo beneath the iconic “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch” sign in front of Llanfairpwll railway station.

13. And Then Visit The Namesake Of The Longest Village Name In The World

While you’re in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, you might as well take a look at the church that birthed the unique name of this village.

St Mary’s Church is a small artistic Gothic Revival church. There’s also a graveyard behind which contains five Commonwealth war graves.

14. Learn About Anglesey Maritime & Lifeboat History

On the Northeastern side of Anglesey sits a coast guard station called the Gwylfan Moelfre Seawatch. The coast guard station is active but they’ve also created a museum nearby where visitors can learn about Moelfre’s lifeboat history.

You can learn about the local coast guard heroes, including Richard “Dic” Evans who won medals for his bravery. In the bay you will also see active lifeboats. There are also activities for children such as dressing up as lifeboat crew.

Another similar option is the Holyhead Maritime Museum, which is free for children aged 16 and under, but adults will have to pay £5.00.

15. Visit The Church Ruins Of The Welsh Saint Of Love

Have you ever visited a church from the 1500s? If you go to the island of Ynys Llanddwyn, you can do just that at the ruins of a cruciform single-nave church called the Eglwys Santes Dwynwen. The ruins are located by the sea, making it all the more picturesque.

And no, it’s not St. Valentine’s church. This church was named after St. Dwynwen, Wales’ very own St. Valentine who had bad luck with love. In the end she became a nun and prayed for other people’s love lives!

16. Wine Tasting & Vineyard Viewing

Tour Anglesey’s most popular vineyard at Red Wharf Bay. Visitors can tour the vineyard and do wine tasting there at a price of £22 for adults, and £5 for kids under 18 as they won’t be tasting the wine.

Yes we know this doesn’t seem like one of the many free things you can do in Anglesey. However, at times they have free evenings and wine tastings, for example on Welsh Wine Week. So keep an eye out and stay updated on their website.

17. Hike Towards A Brickworks By The Beach

Built in the Victorian era and still standing strong, Porth Wen Brickworks is a sight to behold.

Even though it’s a bit of a hike, the Victorian brick kilns and chimneys standing on fresh green grass overlooking the sea with low hills in the backdrop is 100% worth it. Just be careful if you decide to explore.

18. Walk Along The World’s First Modern Suspension Bridge

Connecting Anglesey and Wales over the Menai Strait, the Menai Suspension Bridge was completed in 1826 and it was the world’s first major suspension bridge.

The main crossing bridge to Anglesey for traffic has now been diverted to another bigger bridge – Brittanica Bridge. That means Menai Bridge isn’t that crowded, and you can walk along it or simply admire this magnificent piece of architecture from afar.

The bridge atop the strait complete with trees as a backdrop makes for a very beautiful view.

19. Find A Shipwreck

The next beach you have to visit is Dulas Beach, but not merely because it’s pretty. This time, we’re recommending something on the beach – a shipwreck!

It looks magnificent so it’s great for pictures, or simply looking at it and wondering how it ended up there.

The sand can be dangerous around the wreck and can be easy to sink into, so we would recommend viewing it from a distance.

20. Go Through A Secluded Forest By The River

In this list we’ve covered two nice walking activities – by the beach and in the forest – but those places can be a little busy at times. So if you want a more secluded area to be alone with your thoughts, we recommend this beautiful boardwalk path in a tranquil forest.

Nant y Pandy (also called The Dingle) is a nature reserve. You will spot countless animals including red squirrels, butterflies, lizards, and many birds.

Another great place is the Penthos Country Park or Parc Arfordirol Penrhos, which is a picturesque 200-acre park near the Angseley Coastal Walk in Holyhead. There you can walk your dog and spot red squirrels too.

21. See A Neolithic Burial Chamber Guarded By Cows!

There are many historical sites in Anglesey. And after Bryn Yr Hen Bobl, we’re also going to recommend another Neolithic site – the Presaeddfed Burial Chamber in Holyhead.

Unlike Bryn Yr Hen Bobl, this Neolithic burial chamber is located in a vast open grass field and everyone is free to visit. The interesting part is that you will find many cows here!

Remember that those cows are just minding their own business eating the grass so you must not disturb them. Be careful and remember that cows can be very protective of their calfs.

22. Understand Anglesey’s History

If you want to truly enjoy a place, understanding its background can make the experience of visiting that place so much better. And because Anglesey is a place with many historical sites, you should take a trip to the Museum of Anglesey, Oriel Ynys Môn, to better understand this lovely island.

The museum has two parts: the History Gallery and the Art Gallery. There, visitors can learn all about Anglesey’s history and see art displays for free.

23. Take A Breather At A Scenic Harbor

Stop for a minute and watch the hustle and bustle of Cemaes Harbour. Watch boats being moored, boats taking off, ducks swimming, and people going about their day.

There are many benches here and plenty of quaint cafes and restaurants if you want to grab something to eat.

24. Watch The Waves Ring A Bell

While at Cemaes Bay, there’s another stop you have to make. At this beach, you will see a big bell called the St Patrick Time and Tide Bell. Built to celebrate the importance of the sea, the bell will ring whenever the waves come in and hit it.

You have to go when the tide is high, otherwise the waves won’t make the bell ring.

25. Go Book-Browsing

In our opinion, the library is a must-visit wherever we go. Even if you’re not going to read a book, there’s just something about libraries that piques your interest. They’re places where you can relax, get lost in your thoughts, and take a breather. And it’s always interesting to see what different things different libraries have to offer.

The big libraries on the island are Holyhead Library, Llangefni Library, Beaumaris Library, and Rhosneigr Library.

26. Go Surfing

Though there are many beaches scattered along the coast of Anglesey, the island isn’t exactly known to be a surfing hotspot.

But if you’re a surfer and you’ve got your board with you, the best spot to try surfing is on the southwest coast between Rhosneigr and Aberffraw. The best surfing conditions are usually in the winter months.

27. Visit A Site From The Celtic Iron Age

The Celts lived from about 600 BC to 43 AD, around the time when iron was discovered and used as everyday tools. There isn’t much proof of their civilization now, but there is in Holyhead at a site called the Tŷ Mawr Hut Circles (or Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles).

It’s located to the southeast of the South Stack Lighthouse, and is open to the public, free of charge. It is closed on December 24, 25, and 26, and New Year’s Day.

28. Play Pretend In A Courthouse

Located on the banks of the Menai Strait, stands Beaumaris Courthouse, one of the oldest courthouses in Britain.

Now it’s been turned into a museum officially called the Old Courthouse Museum where visitors can learn about the court system back in the old days. There’s also information about infamous criminals and interesting cases thanks to an audio guide.

While the admission fee is a few pounds, it is free for children under 12. That’s why it makes our list of free things to do in Anglesey!

29. Take A Picture In Front Of Pretty Pastel Houses

If you’re confident enough to take pictures in front of strangers’ houses just because they’re pretty, you have to pose in front of the row of pastel houses at Llanfaes Beach!

Located in Beaumaris, the beach is quite nice too thanks to the mountainous background.

30. Strawberry Picking

Finishing off our list of free things to do in Anglesey is a little farm called Hooton’s Homegrown near Menai Bridge.

You can pick your very own fresh strawberries here. Entrance is free, but you will of course have to pay for the strawberries you took depending on how much you decided to collect.

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Free Things To Do In Anglesey: Our Final Thoughts

Anglesey is a place rich in history and beautiful nature. All you have to do is walk around and you’ll find many interesting things to do and see. Luckily there’s also plenty of free things to do in Anglesey too, so a trip to this part of Wales doesn’t have to break the bank.

If you happen to be on this beautiful island, or are planning a visit, we hope this list of fun free things to do in Anglesey makes your trip even better. Have fun!


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