Would you like to promote your blog on a website that reaches over 120,000 visitors a month? Or do you have a travel story you’d like to tell the world? If so, here’s your chance!

We’ve just started accepting guest posts from other bloggers and travellers. These posts can be written articles or photo essays about your travels (for photo essays we need original photos only).

So what’s the requirements?


Requirements For Guest Blogging on Wandering our World

1. Articles Must Be Related to Travel, Be Unique & Specific

We love our readers getting the chance to have an in-depth look at a destination that they’re thinking about visiting.

So guest posts we accept tend to be interesting, unique, creative and a little different. They probably won’t contain information found on Wikipedia!

For example, we’d likely accept an article on the ‘Best Sunset Spots in Bali for Budding Travel Photographers’, over one on the ‘Best Bali Hotels’.

We love articles on specific regions and cities too. So if you know a town, city, region, or underrated place like the back of your hand and want to tell the world about what the awesome things you’ve discovered, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re always interested in first-person accounts too. Have a travel story to tell? Let’s hear it!


2. We Will Link To Your Blog, But Within Reason

Guest posts are a great way to boost your blog or website. For that reason we will either link to your blog or website at the end of each article, or you may include one link within the article’s text that links back to a relevant page on your website.

However, we’d also love it if you would link back to Wandering our World on your site too!

We will find a natural place to insert a link back to one of our articles on one of your blog posts (and can even provide or suggest a nice new shiny paragraph if needed to make sure it naturally fits in) so the link-love is shared!

3. Articles Must Be At Least 1000 Words

Self-explanatory, but we love long reads over here. In fact many of our posts are over 3000 words long! With that the case, we’d love any guest post to be at least 1000 words long. The exception would be photo essays.

4. A Note On Photos

We will always prefer original photos, and are more likely to accept a guest post idea if original photos are to be included.

However for the right idea – and a great reading post – we’re flexible on that. The exception is photo essays where you will have to provide original photos.

5. Great English Writing Skills

We have a small team at Wandering our World and editing time is at a premium. So any guest posts must be well written and require limited editing.

6. Content Must Be Original

Everything we publish is run though several plagiarism checkers. It goes without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway…) but all guest post content must be original.

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I’m Interested! What’s Next?

Great! Get in contact using the form below, tell us a little about yourself, and the guest post idea you have in mind. We’re a friendly bunch!