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Chilliwack is a small city tucked away in the outskirts of British Columbia, and whilst little known by many, its mild climate and wonderful natural surroundings makes this place a great camping destination.

This friendly city is well worth a visit in itself, but camping enthusiasts are most attracted to the untouched nature around it. From white water kayaking in the pristine lake waters of the national parks, to gorgeous hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, and fishing trails, a Chilliwack camping adventure will mesmerize you with its beauty.

But if you’re someone who wants some fun away from nature, then Chilliwack offers many cultural events and festivals throughout the year too. Such as a lip-smacking food scene to free music concerts with local bands, There’s also annual events like the Christmas Craft Market, Fraser Valley Women’s Expo, Chilliwack Art of Wine Festival, Mural Festival, and Fraser Valley Culture and Craft Beer Festival.

As we know this area well, we’ve put together what we believe are the best campgrounds in Chilliwack and the surrounding area. Some are close to the city action, while others will have you camping near Chilliwack in the serene surroundings of the wild.

But all will provide a fantastic Chilliwack camping adventure with great views and lots of fun activities. We then explain the situation around backcountry camping in Chilliwack after and give you some bear safety tips.

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Camping In Chilliwack: Our Nine Favorite Campgrounds

1. Sxotsaqel Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park Campground

Known for its pristine lakes, old-growth forested slopes, and spectacular subalpine and alpine ridges, Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is located in the gorgeous Chilliwack River Valley. The park is ideal for water sports lovers as you can go boating, fishing, kayaking and more on the sparkling waters of Chilliwack Lake.

There are 146 well-equipped and spacious front-country campsites as well as rustic campsites (located at Greendrop, Lindeman, Flora, and Radium Lakes) in the park. All the campsites are family-friendly as well as pet friendly, although dogs must be kept on a leash.

This is a wonderful place to seek temporary refuge in the wilderness, right in the heart of nature.

Amenities and Services:

Clean drinking water is available, and there are flush toilets, sanitation and dumpsites too. Some of the campsites can accommodate large RVs.

There are designated fire rings for you to enjoy campfires in the front-country campsites, as well as picnic tables. However gathering wood isn’t allowed, but you can purchase firewood at the park.

For children, the Paleface Loop Camping Area has a great playground. The park also has a wide boat launch area.

The park also has wheelchair-accessible pit-toilets!

On-Site Activities and What’s Close By:

Along with boating, canoeing and kayaking, you can fish (Dolly Varden, kokanee, rainbow and cutthroat trout can be found) and go swimming and enjoy the beaches at the lakes. There’s also many fantastic hiking trails in the less-frequented and quiet parts of the park. For a long but stunning hike, try the 16km Radium Lake Trail.

The area boasts diverse wildlife too and many birdwatching opportunities. However, make sure to be careful as bears are a common sight here.

Best Months to Visit: From May till September

Rates: Starting at CA$13

Address:  Rosedale, BC V0X 1X0, Canada


Photo for illustrative purposes only. iStock.com/Matthew H Irvin

2. Allison Pool Group Campground

Located along the banks of the pretty Chilliwack River and close to Chilliwack Lake, Allison Pool is a private campground which is great for barebones camping. It is a pack-in pack-out site for tent camping, trailers, and RVs, and can be easily accessed through the city’s lake road.

As a group campground, there are seven individual campsites, but you reserve the whole campground rather than just one campsite. That makes this a great option for friends, large families or community groups. It’s also an affordable one too, as the cost of the campground (From $119 per night) can be shared around many.

This campground is ideal for enjoying an off-grid stay and is a great place to cool off in the calm pools of the river during the hot summer months. It is a great place for fishing and rafting in absolute peace and quiet too, away from crowds.

This place really does serve as a fantastic way to recharge and rejuvenate. But with just seven campsites, it can get booked pretty early for the summer months. But if you’re looking for great group camping near Chilliwack, this one is hard to beat.

Amenities and Services:

There’s wood available for purchase from the owner. You can enjoy campfires as well as use them to grill those tasty fish you caught!

All seven campsites are off-grid, so this is rustic camping, but there is an outhouse. You must take your trash with you as there’s no garbage bins or dumping sites.   

On-Site Activities and What’s Close By:

The fishing opportunities involving salmon and steelhead at the river makes this campsite a popular pick amongst fishing enthusiasts.

Kayaking, canoeing, boating, and swimming can all be done in the nearby lakes, and there’s plenty of short, mid, and long distance hiking trails around.

Best Months to Visit: All year-round.

Rates: Starting at CA$119

Address: Chilliwack Lake Rd, Rosedale, BC V0X 1X0

Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Bobex-73

3. Tamihi Meadows Camping Farm

Tamihi Meadows is an award-winning private farm run by a warm and friendly family.

As part of the Tamihi Recreational Area, it is right next to the fast-flowing Chilliwack River on one side and surrounded by forest on the other side. All of which makes it a fantastic Chilliwack camping option.

The farm is home to chickens, goats, and sweet and gentle horses that roam free-range on the property. So kids will likely love this place! They also welcome pets (on leash), and on top of that there’s a large river beach on the property!

This is a very affordable RV campground, but there’s also some tent camping sites available too, as well as a farmhouse B&B and private cabins for those who prefer a bit of luxury.

Some of the campsites are right along the river bank with fantastic views, while some overlook the wilderness of the forest. This is the Canadian wilderness though, so there are bears, cougars, and lynx in the area. For that reason children should be supervised when out.

Homely vibes with an element of comfort, what more do you need?

Amenities and Services:

The RV park offers a backdrop of pristine wilderness, peace, and tranquility for off-grid camping enthusiasts. However there are still power outlets, covered picnic areas with tables, fire pits, wood on sale, water, and a cell phone signal booster.

All camping sites are well-maintained and provide access to the beach as well. However they only accept tent camping reservations upon request now, as they no longer have toilets on site.

Since the farm is home to cows, goats, and chickens, you can purchase high-quality grass-fed meat as well as eggs and milk.

 On-Site Activities and What’s Close By:

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the beach, or indulge in water activities in the Chilliwack River and lake nearby. White-water kayaking should definitely be on your list if you love the thrill of water sports. Or chill by the shore and go swimming in the lake.

Or why not spend some quality time with your family on the property, while enjoying brunch or an afternoon picnic under the beautifully designed sheltered picnic area. In the evening you can interact with the farm horses by giving them treats!

There’s plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities and hiking trails too. This is definately one of the best Chilliwack camping options out there, and with prices starting at $15, it’s one of the cheapest too!

Best Months to Visit: All year-round.

Rates: Starting CA$15

Address: 48701 Tamihi Forest Liumchen Service Rd, Chilliwack, BC V4Z 1A7


Photo via Unsplash+

4. Cultus Lake Thousand Trails RV Resort and Campground

Nestled in the beautiful Fraser River Valley and located beside Cultus Lake, this campground is a picturesque spot perfect for your next Chilliwack camping adventure. It also has superb facilities like a swimming pool and fitness center! More on those facilities below.

There’s great accessibility to nearby Chilliwack city too and its amenities. So you have one foot in nature, and one in the city.

Imagine pristine scenery and lazy mornings with a steaming mug of coffee right in the middle of the wilderness. And at an RV campground that’s within walking distance from deep nature trails that lead to clear water lakes and rivers. That’s exactly what you get here.

From adventure activities to recreational events, this resort also has a lot to offer visitors of all ages. It is not just family-friendly; you can also tag along with your pets.

Amenities and Services:

This RV park has 163 sites including pull-through and back-in sites. You can choose sites that are close to the river and beach, ones in woody shaded areas, or sites that are slightly away from the resort and more quiet. But all have a wonderful backdrop of forested mountains.

There’s water, WiFi, satellite TV, RV storage, restrooms, showers, laundry, picnic areas, a barbeque area, volleyball, and children’s playground all on site. There’s also a restaurant, clubhouse, swimming pool, library, fitness center, and a convenience store near the beach. This place has everything!

On-Site Activities and What’s Close By:

Resort activities and events include community socials and dinners for guests. The evenings are full of musical campfires hosted by the warm and friendly staff.

There’s endless trails to walk and hike around the area, and there’s also plenty of fishing and golfing to enjoy close by too.

Plus a short trip to Chilliwack will bring you to restaurants, shops, and a water park among other things!

Best Months to Visit: All year-round.

Rates: Starting at CA$57

Address: 1855 Columbia Valley Rd, Lindell Beach, BC V2R 0E1, Canada


Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Apicha Thumvisead

5. Emory Creek Provincial Park Campground

Emory Creek isn’t your typical BC park. We think it’s better than most because there are far fewer tourists as it’s not very well known.

The serene backdrop of river and ridges makes this place the perfect spot to switch off and relax. And the campground’s proximity to Fraser River makes it a great spot for fishing. The river’s fast waters are good for kayaking and motor-boating too.

Known for its surreal sunset views, Emory Creek is one of our go-to tent camping sites when we’re looking for rustic camping in quiet serene soundings.

Now imagine grilling fresh fish on the riverbank amid peaceful nature just a stone’s throw away from your campsite. Sounds like a perfect vacation!

Amenities and Services:

The Park has 35 campsites and there’s cold water taps available for drinking water. Campfires in fire pits are permitted and wood is available. Picnic tables are sheltered; however, make sure not to leave any food scraps as they could attract bears.

There are pit and flush toilets, as well as a dumping site nearby. A grocery/convenience store can be found close by too, and there’s ample parking space for all kinds of vehicles.

There’s no reservation, as this is a first come first served campground.

On-Site Activities and What’s Close By:

Enjoy cycling and hiking trails or go fishing. For children, there are playgrounds to enjoy in the park, while volleyball is a popular sport often enjoyed on the beach beside the campground.

Light campfires in the evening and star-gaze in the clear night sky – this is a great stargazing spot. Or why not test the waters and enjoy white-water rafting or canoeing in Fraser River.

Bird-watching and wildlife observation (from a distance) is recommended too, as the park is home to bald eagles, wild bears, and some rare migrating birds.

With so much to do, this is easily one of our favorite Chilliwack camping options.

Best Months to Visit: From May till October (Water levels are susceptible to rising in the winter months).

Rates: Starting at CA$13

Address: 18km north of Hope, BC on, Trans-Canada Hwy-1, Hope, BC, Canada


Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/g-stockstudio

6. Thurston Meadows Campground

Situated right by the river, there’s a lot to explore at Thurston Meadows and despite being in the heart of nature – often with no cell reception – the facilities are very good.

This campground is RV friendly and is directly accessible from the Chilliwack Lake Road. Situated in a beautiful open meadow with some campsites that sit beside the river, this place is rustic yet still provides all essential facilities for camping, unlike most off-grid sites.

There’s a natural swimming hole nearby to cool down in, and a playground for kids to enjoy.

Amenities and Services:

There are 76 campsites for RVs and tents, picnic areas with covered tables and seating. The campground has potable water, shower facilities, toilets, and a dumping facility. Wood can be purchased from the owners. Campfires are permitted in the fire pits on site.

On-Site Activities and What’s Close By:

You can go wildlife spotting and bird-watching in the beautiful open meadows here.

All sites have direct access to Trans Canada Trail too, which is a fantastic and famous hiking route. Or you can head to Chilliwack Lake if you’re into fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, or rafting!

Best Months to Visit: All year-round.

Rates: Starting CA$17

Address: Chilliwack Lake Rd, Chilliwack, BC V0X 1X0, Canada


Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/welcomia

7. Chipmunk Peninsula Campground

As they say: “No cell service – just you and nature”.

Chipmunk Peninsula Campground is an off-grid tent camping and RV park. But it isn’t your typical rustic campground; it is surrounded by beautiful mature timber-designed picnic tables and sometimes fairy lights are set up around the picnic areas. You’re going to be in for a visual treat!

This campground is located along the banks of the Chilliwack River, and can be easily accessed through the lake road. The site itself is on a levelled gravel road which means it’s accessible for all kinds of vehicles.

Amenities and Services:

There are 22 sites in total, some for RVs and some for tents. All sites have access to potable water, while there are picnic tables and picnic areas, pit toilets, and showers. You can enjoy campfires in the fire pits.

Chipmunk is a family and pet-friendly place and as it’s a gated campground there’s an extra level of safety.

On-site Activities and What’s Close By:

Since it is an off-grid site, there’s not much to do on the campground itself. However, you have access to all the nearby lakes, trails, forests, and the Chilliwack River for fun and adventure!

Best Months to Visit: All year-round.

Rates: Starting CA$17

Address: British Columbia V0X 1X0, Canada (Private land- Exact address will be provided before booking)


Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/nortonrsx

8. Camp Bridal

Camp Bridal is your ultimate natural RV resort getaway. Located at the base of Mt. Cheam, it is a picturesque property for both RVs as well as tent campers. Its proximity to the serene Bridal Falls Provincial Park and Cheam Wetlands makes it a popular vacation destination for tourists exploring Canada.

They offer a unique camping experience all year round for those who love to relax, enjoy sunbathing and wake up to breathtaking views of majestic mountains. And with a swimming pool on site, it’s hard not to relax here.

Sounds like a dream? It doesn’t have to be!

Amenities and Services:

There are 59 RV campsites, as well as tent sites. The RV sites have access to power, water, sewer, and cable. They’re also separated by hedges for privacy.

Fantastic shared facilities include a swimming pool, basketball court, sand volleyball, and a playground for all guests. There’s WiFi in the community areas, and if you select a site near those or the lodges, you may also get WiFi from your site.

On-Site Activities and What’s Close By:

Whether you choose to soak in the sun and relax, or go swimming in the pool, you won’t be disappointed here.

Alternatively, you can drive to local attractions like Bridal Veil Falls, Bridal Launch for paragliding, Kilby Provincial Park, Harrison Hot Springs, Cultus Lake, Chilliwack Lake, Hell’s Gate Airtram, and Fort Langley.

Best Months to Visit: All year-round.

Rates: Starting CA$20

Address: 53870 Bridal Falls Rd, Rosedale, BC V0X 1X1


Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/AnjoKanFotografie

9. Cheam Fishing Village and Campground

Set up for fishing lovers, Cheam Fishing Village and Campground should be on your list if you’re looking to travel with your rod and reel. Situated in the Cham First Nation Territory, this village has served as a fishing hub for local indigenous tribes for thousands of years!

This place is home to the best quality fresh salmon, sturgeon, and trout in the world. For those same reasons it attracts many tourists, so make sure you reserve a spot well in advance. Those spots are well worth reserving too – some have unbelievable river and mountain views.

Even though Cheam Village is situated in nature, it is still just a 15 minute drive to town. So you’re close to shopping centers, restaurants, gas stations and more.

So look no further if you’re wanting a Chilliwack camping adventure which revolves around fishing on the banks of the majestic Fraser River!

Amenities and Services:

There are 55 campsites for tent camping and RVs. All have designated barbeque areas, fire pits, picnic tables, power outlets, and water hookups. There’s spacious parking suitable for all kinds of vehicles, including larger RVs.

They also have a free boat launching site, so you can enjoy rafting or kayaking on the river.  

On-Site Activities and What’s Close By:

This campground permits campfires, BBQs, and picnics. There are several ongoing events in the village and the property also has a beach and a playground for kids to keep active and have fun.

Nearby attractions include golf at Falls, Harrison, and Sandpipers’ golf courses. Then there’s mountain biking, motor boating, river rafting, and water sports at Chilliwack Lake and the nearby rivers. There’s many hiking trails nearby too.

Best Months to Visit: From Mid-March till September

Rates: Starting CA$30

Address: 630 Appel Rd, Agassiz, BC V0M 1A0, Canada


Photo via Unsplash+

Backcountry Camping In Chilliwack & In Canada

DISCLAIMER: Below we give general advice, but we always recommend staying in an official campsite. If you choose to go backcountry camping/dispersed camping, then make sure you do so with someone who already knows the area where you’re planning on camping for your own safety.

Wild camping, also known as backcountry camping, is generally tolerated in Canada. Although there are certain areas you are prohibited from camping in. Rather you must stay in a designated campsite. These include:

  • National Parks
  • Cities
  • Provincial Parks

It’s worth mentioning that rangers and conservation officers do patrol regularly and will hand out hefty fines to people wild camping in these prohibited areas.

Sometimes it is possible to purchase a ‘backcountry’ camping permit. That would then allow you to camp in a park outside of a campground. Not all parks offer them – and they’re not widely advertised. If there’s somewhere you wish to camp, then get in contact with local authorities to see if these are available.

As for where you are allowed to camp, Canadian residents can camp for free on Crown Land – which is publicly owned land. Thankfully 89% of land in Canada is classed as ‘Crown Land’. However much of that is still off limits – National Parks, for example, are also Crown Land.

In general: If land is publicly owned, it’s not one of the prohibited areas that we listed above, and you are far from settlements – you’re likely to be on Crown Land that can be camped on for free. However, keep an eye on local maps for confirmation, and obey any signs that say camping is prohibited

There are rules for free camping on Crown Land, however:

  • You may camp in the same place for 21 days only in one calendar year.
  • After 21 days you must move to a place at least 100m away if you wish to continue camping.
  • While free for citizens and Canadian residents, non-residents must obtain a permit to wild camp on Crown Land.

In British Columbia it’s always worth looking out for  ‘Recreation Sites.’ These are free campsites that can be used. Facilities will be limited, or non-existent, however.

Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Eshma

Camping In Chilliwack: Bear Safety

Like many areas of Canada, there are bears roaming around the Chilliwack area. While encounters are rare, you must take steps to avoid attracting them to your campsite. 

With that being the case we advise:

  • If you have a vehicle nearby, store food there rather than in a tent.
  • Use a bear box or bear canister to store food, rubbish, and anything with a scent.
  • Don’t pitch your tent near where food is being stored.
  • Never approach any bear, regardless of its size.
  • Don’t spray anything with a scent – that can attract bears.


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