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Stunning Indonesia deserves to be on your bucket list. Check out our previous articles to see why we love this Asian nation!
  • When people dream of paradise islands, Bali and Fiji are the kinds of places they’re thinking of. Soft sands, warm waters, sunny skies, peaceful vibes, and tropical wildlife define these two incredible destinations. They’re the perfect places to escape to when you want to leave regular […]

  • The sun-kissed beaches of Bali have been on the bucket lists of backpackers. Long before the term ‘The Banana Pancake Trail’ was coined, the Bali section of a second-hand copy of The Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia On A Shoestring guidebook—the S.E.A. backpacker’s Bible of yesteryear—often contained […]

  • If you’re looking for a tropical island fringed with palm trees and soft-sand beaches for your next vacation, then Indonesia’s Bali or the US’s State of Hawaii may already be on your radar. After all, both destinations are bathed in tropical sun and are known for […]

  • If you’re looking to spend a nice, cheap vacation under the sun, Bali and Lombok are two of the best options out there. However despite both islands being part of Indonesia, these destinations are actually quite different… Bali is the more popular island, and has become […]

  • Bali is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world, filled with stunning beaches, unique wildlife, and lush foliage. There are beautiful mountains, great beaches and rice terraces you can explore when you’re planning a trip here, but the wildlife is spectacular as well. […]

  • Beyond its glorious temples and pristine oceans, Bali brims with stunning scenery, jungles, and rich culture. You are guaranteed to have a fantastic vacation in the ‘land of the Gods’, soaking in the splendid lush greenery, glorious temples, and gorgeous waterfalls.  Bali can be a paradise […]

  • Going on vacation is exciting and fun, but when you have a family made up of children of different ages, then things can get challenging when it comes to deciding which resort or hotel will provide the best experience for you and your family. We know […]

  • Bali is a stunning province of Indonesia and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It is renowned for its hot climate and beautiful scenery, and has an array of natural wildlife and biodiversity to see. Due to Bali’s reputation for its incredible wildlife, […]

  • Bali boasts a captivating blend of exotic beaches, tranquil lakes, active volcanoes, scenic river valleys and stunning waterfalls that cascade down dozens of meters. All of which makes Bali the epitome of paradise. The most famous vacation spot in the Indonesian archipelago offers unforgettable experiences, particularly […]

  • When it comes to bucket list getaways, Bali and Phuket are two destinations that should be near the top of everyone’s list. However choosing which one to visit for that once-in-a-lifetime holiday can be exceptionally difficult. Both of these tropical paradises can offer unique varied experiences. […]

  • With a captivating blend of tranquil lakes, forested mountains, active volcanoes, scenic waterfalls and exotic beaches, Bali is the epitome of paradise. The most famous vacation spot in the Indonesian archipelago offers unforgettable experiences, particularly for nature and wildlife lovers. Below we show you some of […]

  • Southeast Asia is one of those regions of the world everyone wants to visit at some point in their lifetime. The vibrant cultures, incredible food, breathtaking landscape and exotic wildlife sum up the lure of this part of the globe – the Philippines and Indonesia are […]

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