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Grenada, known as the ‘Spice Isle’, is a Caribbean destination with untainted beauty. It’s special and safe, and an adventure here is excellent for families, couples, and even lone travelers. Expect gorgeous white-sand beaches, unforgettable dive sites, spectacular waterfalls, rum breweries, chocolate factories, the World's First Underwater Sculpture Park, and a culture and food scene like no other. Ancient monuments and natural areas are rarely packed here unlike other Caribbean islands, allowing you to really soak in the pristine nature. But one of the country's main draws is the people, so get ready for a friendly, fun island culture. There are many activities here, from diving excursions to touring old forts or trying spices on plantations. Or take the chance to meet friendly Mona monkeys or hike to the beautiful Mt. Carmel waterfalls. Grenada is full of breathtaking moments. See more about Grenada below!
  • When it comes to dream getaways, Grenada and St Lucia are two destinations that won’t disappoint. Both of these Caribbean paradises can offer amazing experiences, especially if you’re looking for sun, sea, sand and a bit of adventure. However these islands, despite their similar size, are […]

  • If you’re looking for white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and that laid-back island vibe, then Barbados and Grenada are both great destinations. However these islands, despite their similar size, are actually quite different. For example Barbados is a very tourist-orientated island well catered to visitors, with […]

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