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Equatorial Guinea

It's not a country that many people think about when it comes to choosing their next vacation spot, but Equatorial Guinea may just be that off the beaten track destination that you've been looking for. You have to be an adventurous traveller to want to use your vacation time in this country which sits on Central Africa’s western coast, but you will be well rewarded if you do make the flight here. This former Spanish colony still retains much of the architectural charm from those times, but it's the landscape, wildlife, and people of Equatorial Guinea that really make this African country worth visiting. Off the coast you can find the stunning Bioko Island, one of the hidden gems of the continent. This is a place barely visited by tourists, and so untouched and pristine that it remains a nature and wildlife enthusiast’s dream. While that island is worth visiting for anyone that travels to Equatorial Guinea, it's the wildlife on the mainland which is the main draw. This is a country of elephants and gorillas, jungles and volcanic landscapes. It's a place where bucket list ideas can be ticked off, yet still very few people think about visiting. Find out more about Equatorial Guinea by reading our previous articles below!

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