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With its undisturbed white beaches, a glistening blue sea, and tropical palm trees softly swaying in the trade winds, Bonaire is a true natural wonder. Whatever you're searching for, Bonaire has it all, from coastlines and dive spots to hotels and restaurants and everything in between. Whether you want to explore the brilliant reefs bursting with tropical fish, locate a sandy beach to consider your own, or delight in the delectable food, you'll find it in Bonaire. You'll find everything you're searching for, from swimming in the warm, tropical waters to exploring every inch of its natural setting to enjoying beautiful meals. Travel to the waters near Bonaire to experience the exhilaration of new white sails, catch the wind, or listen to the gentle lapping of the water on the edges of your vessel as the evening sun illuminates the night sky. Bonaire provides deeper dive sites for both inexperienced and expert divers, including the well-known Windjammer wreck, in addition to the shallow reefs perfect for scuba diving. Lac Bay, a lagoon encircled by mangrove trees that create naturally beautiful tunnels and fauna, is on the island's windward side. Join a sunset cruise beneath the deep purple of the tropical skies or visit the Washington Slagbaai National Park to reconnect with nature. On the Bara di Karta hiking trail, admire the island's breathtaking beauty. Visit the Mangazina di Rei Museum to learn more about its geography and history. You can even get to know a few of the island's native donkeys at Donkey Sanctuary. Check out all of our articles on Bonaire below!
  • If you’ve read anything on Wandering our World before, you’ll know we love Bonaire. This pretty little island has some of the world’s best snorkeling, the Caribbean’s quietest beaches, and the region’s friendliest locals. It has some lovely stretches of coastline too! Here’s what we believe […]

  • Stunning Bonaire is the epitome of paradise, with its gorgeous beaches, incredible snorkeling opportunities and friendly locals. Yet Bonaire doesn’t get the same attention that other Caribbean destinations receives, and is often ignored by holidaymakers who travel to this beautiful region of the world. However this […]

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