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Belize provides you with every chance to enjoy an incredible vacation. It’s a tropical location that is both reef and rainforest, old and young, exciting and peaceful, and home to exotic animals and hospitable people, among other things. Whether ziplining across the woods, lounging on the beach, drumming on a Garifuna drum, or scuba diving beneath the water, you will enjoy every moment in Belize. There are multiple vacation activities in this modest nation sure to please everyone, from thrill-seeking explorers to chill beach bums to culture and history buffs. Nestled in some of Belize's most picturesque towns, visiting famous villages should be on your travel bucket list because of the beautiful scenery and entertaining events they host. Hike to the top of Antelope Falls, then rappel down a waterfall. Go caving in Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave by channeling your inner "Indiana Jones." Get away from everything by visiting one of the offshore islands, or cays, some of which are essentially abandoned. Take a leisurely snorkeling trip in the shallow, clear water, and then unwind on the beach while seeing the exotic seabirds that soar with the wind. Embark on a caving adventure. After lazing on the beach all day, treat yourself to some delectable regional fare at a beachside restaurant and take in a Belizean sunset. Check out all of our articles on Belize below!
  • Friendly locals, palm trees, pina coladas, colorful carnivals and lively music come straight to our minds when we think back to Belize and Aruba. But the truth is these Caribbean destinations are actually pretty different from each other, which means making the right decision for your […]

  • At the western edge of the Caribbean Sea lies the Central American nation of Belize, at the bottom of the Yucatan Peninsula. And if you are looking for a chilled Caribbean island for your vacation, you should definitely check out Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, two […]

  • Ah, good ol’ Belize… the home of the Great Blue Hole, the Capital of the Ancient Maya Empire, and the country with the only jaguar preserve on the planet. It’s also the home of hundreds of different species of animals, and of course, many Belize bugs […]

  • Costa Rica and Belize are both Central American holiday destinations that will inspire awe and appreciation for nature and its beauty, leaving you feeling thoroughly relaxed and amazed – and desperate to stay a bit longer.  Belize and Costa Rica each offer such unique and unforgettable […]

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