A Guide To Camping In Weston-Super-Mare: Best Campsites, Rules, Wild Camping & More!

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Weston-Super-Mare, located on the coast of North Somerset, England, is one of the UK’s most iconic seaside resorts.

Its 2-mile-long beach has been a place of family fun since the Victorian era, and it has traditional amusements, great restaurants and modern attractions both on and off the coast, and many natural wonders are to be experienced. All of which makes it’s a great place to choose for your camping holiday.

Luckily if you’re planning your own Weston-Super-Mare camping adventure we have everything you need right here. From what to expect at each campsite and any rules that exist, to the best places for food, and even what wildlife you could spot and what time of year is best to see them!


  1. Getting To Weston-Super-Mare
  2. The Best Campsites In Weston-Super-Mare
  3. Camping In Weston-Super-Mare: Rules, Regulations & Advice
  4. Things To Do When Camping In Weston-Super-Mare
  5. Places To Eat
  6. When To Go Camping: Weather, Wildlife & Events
Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare
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Getting There

Weston-Super-Mare is a popular place for camping so transport channels are easy to find and use.

That being said, you should still time your journey well, so you beat the rush – during summer, leaving earlier might be a good idea.

Journey planners such as this one can help you coordinate your journey if you using more than one mode of transport.


Weston-Super-Mare is not out of the way, so you should not have too much trouble getting there by road.

From Manchester, get there via the M6 and M5, which will take you just over 3 hours. Via the M4 you can get there from London which will take 2 hours 40 minutes.

From Edinburgh, it’ll take 7 hours via the M6 and M5. It’s only one hour from Cardiff via the M4, and from Belfast, get a car ferry to Holyhead and then drive via the M6. It’ll take about 10 hours altogether.


Weston-Super-Mare is in close proximity to Bristol – a city that is easily accessed by train in virtually every major city in the UK.

From there, you can get a train from the same station (Bristol Temple Meads) straight to Weston-Super-Mare. There are even trains from London Paddington that go direct.


There are buses that go directly to Weston-Super-Mare from Bristol. Buses like the X1 will drop you there.

There are also National Express coaches that depart from Birmingham and London. You can get multiple National Express coaches if you need to, for example, if you’re travelling from Manchester, you’ll need to make a change. Plan the journey here.

colourful image of sea in weston super mare, view from knight stone island,

The Best Campsites In Weston-Super-Mare

All the Weston-Super-Mare campsites below mention welcoming dogs, but extra fees may occur. Details can be found on the websites linked.

1. Gorselands Leisure

Gorselands Leisure offers scenic views wherever you decide to pitch your tent as it overlooks the town of Weston-Super-Mare, as well as the rolling hills of Somerset.

Many attractions are nearby too, such as Weston Pier and Cheddar Gorge.

Tents, caravans, and motorhomes are welcome. Facilities include toilets, showers, disposal points, water, hook-ups, and dishwashing.

Prices start from £22 a night.

Camping in campervan at campsite
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/doble-d

2. West End Farm

West End Farm Caravan Park is made up of 15 acres of land and is the perfect place to experience the West Country.

It’s only a few miles from the centre of Weston-Super-Mare, and there’s also a pub 15 minutes away by foot. Tents, caravans, and motorhomes are accepted.

Facilities include wi-fi, disposal points, toilets, showers, and parking.

Prices depend on the season, but they start from £20 per night.

3. Country View Holiday Park

Country View Holiday Park is set in Sand Bay, where the beach is right on your doorstep, as well as all the attractions of Weston-Super-Mare.

Pitches for caravans and motorhomes are available, and there is a range of recreational facilities such as a pool, games room, and picnic sites. There are also showers and toilets.

Seasonal pitches are on offer too.

Motorhome RV Park Camping at night, person outside
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/welcomia

4. Cypress Farm

Cypress Farm is a small campsite just a few minutes away from the nearest beach.

In the surrounding countryside, you will spot a plethora of wildlife, and it’s just a 15-minute drive away is Weston-Super-Mare’s centre.

Tents, caravans, and motorhomes are welcome, and hook-ups are available. Other facilities include toilets and showers.

Prices start from £27 a night.

5. Carefree Holiday Park

Carefree Holiday Park only has pitches for caravans but features wonderful views of Sand Bay and the surrounding National Trust land.

It’s right by the seaside which is great for sunset walks, and Weston-Super-Mare is just a short drive away.

First-person view of a barefoot man relaxing inside a camper van and enjoying the view over the sea at sunset through the open sliding door with wild grasses in the foreground.
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/olrat

Camping Rules, Regulations & Advice

The following advice will help you camp responsibly in England, but make sure that you follow any of the individual rules or regulations of your chosen campsite.

Free Camping In Weston-Super-Mare

Wild (free) camping is not allowed under UK law, unless you have permission from the land owner if you’re on private land, like a National Park.

Free camping in Weston-Super-Mare might be tolerated if you’re on a multi-day hike and need somewhere to rest for the night.

Make sure you only pitch your tent somewhere out of the way and just as it gets dark, and make sure you’re gone without a trace (see below!) before dawn.  

These days wild camping is possible with the help of organisations like this one. Just pay an annual fee and they’ll find landowners who allow camping on their land for a nightly fee.

camping under stars
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Anatolly_Gleb

Looking After Yourself & Nature

Here’s how to leave no trace of your stay when camping in Weston-Super-Mare: take all rubbish with you or put it in a bin; fully put out any fires by using water, stirring it, and watering it again; using any designated fire rings or pits for extra safety, and by leaving anything natural like rocks, stones, wildflowers, burrows, nests (watch out for underfoot nests), trees, frogspawn etc. alone – anything endangered might incur a fine if disturbed or damaged.

Ensure you wash at least 30 metres away from any natural sources of water so as to not disturb surrounding wildlife by scaring it away from drinking and eating.

Don’t wash yourself, your clothes or anything else in waters like rivers and lakes as the soap obviously isn’t healthy for the environment. Bury any waste except for tampons and pads as these will be dug up by animals.

Take extra steps to avoid contaminating the environment by using organic and plant-based products to wash and clean, which are easily found in UK stores.

Avoid using single-use plastics by buying shampoo bars and soap bars, and use biodegradable baby wipes.

Take any spare biodegradable supermarket bags with you as you can put food waste in these and then place them in a compost heap.

Be considerate of other campers around you and stick to smaller groups. Use an indoor voice at all times, and whisper once the sun is down.

During summer you’ll have to watch out for gnats, midges, and mosquitos which bite. Keep bites to a minimum by wearing long sleeves and insect repellent. You can also stay somewhere well-drained, like on a hill, as these insects like dampness.

Your tent should be facing away from the direction of the wind so you don’t get a face full of insects every dawn and dusk.

Finally, make sure your products aren’t fragranced and seal away any food waste and rubbish as the scent will attract them. Biting insects are most active at dusk, so be prepared. Smoke deters them, so any fires you light will help.

Ticks aren’t as common in the UK but they’re still about. Wearing long sleeves and insect repellent will help stop them from latching on and burrowing into your skin, causing irritation and the risk of long-term health problems.

If they do find their way, use tweezers close to the skin to steadily pull them out. Clean the area with antiseptic or rubbing alcohol.

Under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, you may walk through fields of cattle. Just keep a good distance so as to not disturb grazing animals.

tent in the dunes of a beach
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Ralf Geithe


Read this overview of freshwater fishing rules in England. You need a rod licence if you’re over 13 years old and you should follow the rules of privately owned bodies of water.

Things To Bring When Camping In Weston-Super-Mare

Here are some essentials you should bring with you when camping in Weston-Super-Mare:

• Water

• Food

• A water filter

• Rubbish bags

• A filtered torch

• Warm clothing

• Waterproof clothing

• Insect repellent

• Suncream/SPF

• A fire pit

• First aid kit

• Binoculars

• Camera

• Plant-based/organic and non-fragranced toiletries

• Plant-based/organic cleaning products

• Tweezers

camping gear in the forest
Photo for illustrative purposes only. iStock.com/rai

Things To Do When Camping In Weston-Super-Mare

1. The Helicopter Museum

The Helicopter Museum is a popular attraction due to its large collection of helicopters – there are over 100 on display from throughout aircraft history! There’s also a gift shop to explore.

You’ll find it near the former Weston-Super-Mare Airport. Tickets start from £6.00 and family tickets are available. What’s more, this ticket is valid for 12 months.

2. Weston-Super-Mare Beach

Clean, sandy, and with beautiful views (on a nice day!): Weston-Super-Mare’s beach is what it’s all about – that’s if you don’t fancy swimming.

Facilities are always at hand and places to grab an ice cream or a drink are never too far away. Dogs are allowed.

Just be careful not to go past any warning signs as there are some muddy parts and patches of quicksand if you wander out too far.

You may also find that the sea is quite far away at a low tide – don’t try to reach it as it gets very muddy, and the tide will come back in faster than you can move!

Tide's out at Weston-Super-Mare

3. The Grand Pier

The Grand Pier is one of Weston-Super-Mare’s main attractions. This Grade II listed build boasts a great choice of arcade machines to pass the time with your family, and a few indoor rides for smaller children, as well as some older rides.

You’ll also find places to grab some fish and chips or a snack. You’ll need a wristband, which costs around £10.

4. Puxton Park

Puxton Park is an adventure playground in the countryside of Weston-Super-Mare. Families can enjoy indoor play areas, tractor rides, tasty food, and outdoor High Ropes courses.

Tickets start from £9.95, going up to £54.95 for a family of four visiting during the high season. There are also options for 7-day memberships and weekday memberships. Late entries (after 3:30 pm) only cost £5.00.

5. Weston Museum

Weston Museum is found within the town of Weston-Super-Mare and exhibits artefacts, documents, and pictures telling the story of this seaside town, starting from 400 million years ago.

There are many activities to keep the little ones entertained as well as a café. There is no admission fee.

Weston-super-mare view from the sea towards town

Places To Eat

1. The Ginger Pig Kitchen

The Ginger Pig Kitchen serves modern British food, and they use fresh and local ingredients to make their dishes. There are lunch, dinner, roast, dessert, and tapas menus available.

Dishes to expect include pork, pies, soups, salads, parfaits, and for lunch: hand-crafted burgers and sandwiches.

2. II Michelangelo Weston

Moving away from British food: II Michelangelo Weston is an Italian restaurant home to delicious appetisers like garlic bread or Olive Italiene for around a fiver.

Mains range in price from £17 to £25 and include steaks, chicken, and seafood. Pizzas and pasta dishes are all under £20 with a wide variety to choose from.

There are also risottos, side dishes, starters, dishes to share, and a children’s menu.

wood fired pizza on table
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/JulyProkopiv

2. The Old Thatched Cottage Restaurant

Situated by the sea is The Old Thatched Cottage Restaurant, serving steaks and seafood in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. There are menus especially made for children and for special occasions such as Mother’s Day.

The standard, all-day menu boasts yummy starters for only around £6.00 each: prawns, halloumi, and soups.

All the mains are under £20 and include steaks, pork belly, burgers, risotto, and fish and chips. Desserts are all around £6.

4. Nick’s Eatery

Nick’s Eatery is an American restaurant serving a wide range of wraps and burgers for £10 upwards, as well as starters for around £6, including squid rings and grilled halloumi.

You’ll also find Greek dishes, seafood, and chicken dishes like Chicago Chicken and Mexico Chicken.

5. Lasseter’s

Lasseter’s Restaurant in the Winter Gardens of Weston-Super-Mare serves satisfyingly filling meals right by the sea. You can also grab a coffee or a quick snack.

Vegetarian and vegan options are available, like soups, olives, and camembert.

Starters all cost £4.95, or you can get 3 for £12.95. Mains cost £12.95 each and you can choose from three types of meat or a nut roast (vegan), served with typical British sides like roast veg and gravy. Desserts depend on the day and cost £4.95.

Sunday roast display
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/CBCK-Christine

When To Go Camping In Weston-Super-Mare

Time your visit to Weston-Super-Mare well to avoid harsh weather or to avoid missing out on any seasonal wildlife and events.


The warmest months of the year are June, July and August, with averages of 20 degrees C. Keep in mind that the summer months can also be very humid, and heat waves can cause temperatures to reach 30-40 degrees C.

You’ll also find that it will rain quite a bit still, but most rainfall happens around November and December.

The coldest months are December through to February with average lows of 4 degrees C. Finally, the windiest period of the year is October through to March, with averages of 12mph.

Remember that averages are just that – things can always go higher or lower.

Sunset at the Pier in Westin Super-mare


From January through to December, you may spot the European otter handing around wetlands, rivers, and coastal areas in Somerset, like Weston-Super-Mare. They are rare, so keep your eyes open and go somewhere that is not crowded with beachgoers.

Also, from January to December, you can see the great white egret in many wetland areas, accessible through nature reserves in Weston-Super-Mare. They used to be quite rare, but more and more are seen each year.

The rare hazel dormouse is made even more difficult to spot by the fact that they only come out at night in woodland areas from April to October. You may see them climbing trees on the hunt for berries, nuts, and insects.

When walking along the beach you might see a mound made up of honeycomb-like holes – this is very likely due to the honeycomb worm, which build reefs along southern coasts in the UK.

Finally, birds to watch out for – especially in the spring – are kingfishers (around wetland areas), grebes, divers, seabirds (like seagulls), waterfowl, herons, cranes, eagles, pheasants, and ducks.

Pair of otters in grass
Photo via Unsplash+


  • Old School Hip-Hop Summer Festival – during the summer (usually a night in June) at The Tropicana, those 18 and over can enjoy a festival atmosphere with hip-hop acts.

  • Tribute Festival – also at The Tropicana in Weston-Super-Mare is this festival with lively tribute acts. This event is family-friendly and runs for one day in June.

  • Weston Carnival – this carnival is one of the biggest annual events in Weston-Super-Mare, taking place every November. As the spectacle passes by you will be treated to 2 hours of amazing costumes, dancers, and floats. You can buy necklaces and balloons from ‘WSM authorised traders’ for the little ones, knowing that these sellers have made a donation to the Carnival.

  • Christmas Market – every December there’ll be a handful of Christmas markets set up, selling festive food, decorations, and handcrafted gifts. There may also be a special visit from Father Christmas for the kids.


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