Camping In Jersey: Best Campsites, Things To Do, Wild Camping & More!

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Known as the largest of the seven Channel Islands, this stunning island is full of charm, rich history and mesmerising bioluminescent beaches (more on that later!) – making camping in Jersey a great holiday.

Situated in the Bay of St Malo, Jersey is only nine miles wide and five miles long, but whether you are planning to hike, cycle, visit on a day-trip, or are just looking for an inexpensive way to visit, camping in Jersey can be a cost effective and fun way to do that. It’s also a truly unique opportunity to lose yourself in the quiet scenery that makes this place so special.

There are four campsites in Jersey to choose from. We give our thoughts on all four below, alongside our recommendations for places to eat near each. We then show you some of our favourite walks and things to do in Jersey. We also look at wild camping in Jersey later in this article too.

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Camping In Jersey

Famous for having the third largest tidal movement worldwide – with waves reaching over 40 feet – Jersey is also special inland too, with astounding views and walks.

There are some great campsites to choose from that are located close to some of the main walking and cycling routes in Jersey – we give some of our favourites below.

A good quality walking in Jersey book – like this one – can help you plan what area you may want to visit and walk in, and therefore what campsites might be of interest to you.

However if you’re looking for impartial information on Jersey’s campsites, we have you covered below!

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Camping In Jersey: Some Of The Best Campsites In Jersey

Rozel Camping Park

Beautifully situated in the parish of St Martin, Rozel Camping Park is a well-established campsite in the north east corner of Jersey.

Known for being the sole campsite in the Channel Islands to gain an AA Gold Pennant award, this charming spot has great views across the sea over to the coast of France – when booking ask for the pitches with the sea view!

We love the heated outside pool on-site, games room, crazy golf, well-stocked small shop and amazing play area for kids.

The beautiful fishing village and harbour of Rozel, and the famous Durrell Wildlife Park are all within walking distance from the site. There’s loads of food spots too. We recommend the nearby Hungry Man, Entwistle’s Chip Shop, The Royal, and Archirondel Beach Cafe.

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The Palms Campsite

Situated in the west of the island, The Palms Campsite is a great base to recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature thanks to an exceptionally relaxed atmosphere and stunning views of the local countryside.

Nestled in the heart of St. Ouen, this site has some of the best views of Jersey’s sister islands Guernsey and Sark as well as the coast of France. You can even opt for the morning yoga classes available in July and August on site, or treatments like reflexology and Indian head massage!

The Palms Campsite is also ideal for surfing enthusiasts due to its close proximity to the stunning St Ouen’s Bay – a famous surfing spot. The dazzling Greve de Lecq Bay and Plemont Bay are nearby too, and both are ideal for exploring rock pools and swimming.

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Beuvelande Campsite

This charming family run campsite offers a warm welcome and great service, alongside amazing on site facilities such as a swimming pool, a well stocked shop and bar, and a café with outdoor eating area.

Set among narrow, tree-lined lanes, Beuvelande Campsite offers good food options too. We recommend trying their scrumptious breakfast.

Set in northwest Jersey, the campsite is a great base for discovering the mesmerizing medieval fortress Mont Orgueil Castle, which is located just 1.4 miles from the site.

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Durrell Wildlife Camp

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience which involves waking up to the sound of lemurs and orangutans, this enthralling site is the perfect option.

Set within the 32 acre Durrell Wildlife Park, this outstanding luxury glamping getaway offers you unique opportunities to wake up to the sight of flamingos already roaming around (the flamingos like to party late!).

Located in the rural parish of Trinity, this award-winning site is set in the sunniest spot in the British Isles and even has a butterfly sanctuary – what’s not to love!

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Wild Camping In Jersey

DISCLAIMER: Below we give general advice, but we always recommend staying in an official campsite. If you choose to go wild camping/dispersed camping, then make sure you do so with someone who already knows the area where you’re planning on camping for your own safety.

Like other areas of the British Isles, wild camping in Jersey isn’t officially allowed. Although campers are allowed to pitch their tent if they have the permission of a landowner.

However as this island is a popular walking and surfing area, outdoor enthusiasts do sometimes wild camp here. If you are planning to wild camp in Jersey – and can’t be swayed to stay in a campsite instead – we’ve compiled the following guidelines to help keep you out of trouble and camp in a considerate manner:

  • You should camp in the same place for one night only, and pitch your tent discretely and in a remote place which will not be easily seen. Therefore don’t camp in or near settlements, someone’s farm or on cultivated land. If you think you’re on private land, always seek out the landowner and ask permission. They may request a small fee.
  • Campers should set up their tent at dusk, and take it down at dawn. A tent that is discreet, blends in with the landscape, and pitches quickly is best. Therefore a lightweight walking tent like this one would be a great investment for someone planning to wild camp in Jersey.
  • If you are walking a trail, make sure you choose to camp in a place that won’t be in any other hiker’s or walker’s way.
  • When wild camping in Jersey you must never make a campfire. Instead of building campfires, you could use a storm cooker for cooking – but check local laws first. Then there is much less wildfire risk and you can cook knowing that the fire is contained. We believe the best ones on the market are Trangia storm cookers. Portable solar ovens, like this one by GoSun, are also a good fuel-less option.
  • Take any rubbish with you, and leave your camping spot exactly the way you found it.
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Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Jersey

Plemont Bay

Exploring the pretty caves and rock pools on Jersey’s northern coast is a must. Plemont Bay has hidden beaches, as well as the island’s largest caves.

The sheltered crescent-shaped sweep of golden sand here is perfect for picnics, whilst the rock pools at low tide are great for kids to explore. Head to the cafe on the cliff top for lunch with a view!

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Jersey National Park

Home to amazing wildlife and outstanding flora and fauna, this huge national park is a must visit. Extending over approximately 30 miles of Jersey’s coastline, you will discover 18 of Jersey’s 23 beaches, alongside 13 ecological and 18 geological Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

La Mare Wine Estate

Beautifully nestled in the heart of the St. Mary countryside, this 20 acre working wine estate is a great spot for exploring the gardens, vineyard walks and taste testing delicious wines and Jersey Apple Brandy Cream. The on-site restaurant won’t disappoint either, with it’s selection of light lunches and quintessential English cream teas.

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Some Of The Best Walks In Jersey

Val de La Mare Reservoir

This three-mile circular path around the Val de la Mare Reservoir is a great walk to enjoy with your family. It’s an easy hike and perfect for an evening picnic as this area is especially spectacular at sunset. Nature enthusiasts will love the nearby Forgotten Forest Arboretum which is full of rare trees from around the world.

Seymour Tower

Seymour is a famous destination thanks to the bioluminescent beach here.

In what we can only describe as nature’s gift, bioluminescent plankton wash up on the shore, and can sometimes be seen on the breaking waves, near Seymour Tower.

We recommend doing a full moon walk at night during low tide to take in the beauty of the bioluminescent plankton. Children, as well as adults, will love the sparkling blue light that’s produced on the beach.

North Coast Cliff Path

This 12-mile long walk offers you dramatic scenery, green landscapes and great bird watching opportunities. We recommend walking the North Coast Cliff Path for the view of towering cliffs plunging down into secluded coves and beaches.

Keep an eye out for terns and skylarks as you walk too.

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Camping In Jersey: The Weather & Best Months To Visit

With mild to warm temperatures, spring is the perfect time to visit Jersey as kids and families can make the most of a full day exploring the historic towns, and Durrell Wildlife Park. Temperatures range from 10°C to 17°C, and visitors can see flowers in full bloom and wildlife can be spotted during walks.

Summer is a great time to visit as Jersey is the sunniest spot in the British Isles! With daytime temperatures reaching between 18°C and 22°C, summer is also a perfect time to undertake relaxing walking trails as the land will be dry and hikers can enjoy the long daylight hours.

With milder temperatures during autumn, it’s a fantastic time to avoid the peak summer tourist season, go on hikes, take in the majestic coastal views, and enjoy the beautiful medieval fortresses here. In particular, we love the atmosphere when visiting La Mare Wine Estate at this time of the year.

Winter brings the shortest daylight hours and coolest temperatures, but visitors can enjoy the crisp air during walks on the different trails on the island.

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