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Warwick is a city full of history and a unique charm. While visiting it you will see many buildings and monuments that belong to different eras, including medieval and Georgian times. It’s also home to one of the most beautiful and captivating castles in the UK.

Yet this city has a lot more to offer, and you’ll find there’s many things to do in Warwick if you just know where to look.

Luckily we do! And here we’ll show you a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, great destinations for children and lots more wonderful and unique things to do in Warwick.

So read on to banish your boredom!

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50+ Unique & Fun Things To Do In Warwick: No More Boredom!

1. Warwick Boats

Warwick Boats offer a chance to get a glimpse of the city and the magnificent castle from the water. You can hire any water vehicle you want – from canoes and kayaks to dragon boats, swan boats, and paddle boards!

This activity can be booked for large groups and families and is a wonderful way to spend a fun weekend together as well as sightsee!

2. Warwick Castle

The defining Warwick experience, this castle is definitely a must-see.

This ancient medieval wooden fort that has been developed into a castle was originally built by William the Conqueror, and since then major historical events have been happening here.

Find yourself immersed in the beautiful architecture and history as well as some events and performances the castle offers. 

A rower sculls along the River Avon overlooked by Warwick Castle

3. St Mary’s Church

One of the biggest churches in England, this place should definitely be on your list of things to do in Warwick.

The mesmerizing beauty and grandeur of its architecture won’t leave anyone indifferent, and the church also provides many regular services that include enchanting musical performances from its choir. 

4. Charlecote Park House

The Lucy family has resided at this house since the 12th century, and it was remodelled during Victorian times.

Throughout the decades the family has collected different portraits and items from all over the world, and much of this art is on display for the public. Enjoy a walk in the gardens where a herd of deer finds its home. 

5. St Nicholas Park

This vast green park is the perfect place for those who just want to enjoy a lovely day outdoors.

The well-kept paths are open to runners and cyclists; there is a lot of space for those who want to bring their dogs, and the grassy areas are wonderful for having a picnic outside with the whole family.

You can play ball games and frisbee if you like, relax in the shadow of the trees or on benches and appreciate the beauty of nature around you.

Healthy vegetarian picnic with a delicious spread of fresh fruit and bakery products on green grass.
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6. Guys Cliffe House

Visiting this unique building is one of the most exciting things to do in Warwick!

Take a historical tour with the very friendly and knowledgeable guides and learn about the image archive consisting of rare and unique images and the stories of Warwickshire.

Plan for at least 2 hours to spend at this fascinating place. 

7. Warwickshire Museum

This landmark building celebrates the history of Warwick through its collections, galleries, and archives.

Both children and adults can learn about the lifestyle and culture of the people living in this region of the UK through the centuries starting from ancient times. Check their website to see what’s on! 

8. Hatton Locks

The lock was built years ago to overcome competition from road and railways and now the state-of the-art structures provide for a great site for long walks.

The paths have very easy access and will be comfortable for people of all ages. The surrounding area is green and inviting for a nice picnic, or you can grab a bite at the Top Lock Cafe!

9. Hill Close Gardens

Travel back in time by visiting these extremely well preserved gardens that locals used to frequent on Sundays centuries ago.

The detached garden was located further from the city center so they would come here to plant flowers and vegetables and relax. Now it’s open on weekdays and welcomes visitors for plant sales and special events. 

10. Charlecote Mill

One of the most recommended things to do in Warwick, Charlecote Mill is the last operating water mill in Warwickshire.

It still functions to grind flour, which is a fascinating process to witness!

The mill is open to the public on the second Sunday of every month from 11am to 5pm, and sometimes local bakers stop by during those days too, so you can get a chance to try some local produce! 

11. The Children’s Play Village

This playground is easily one of the best things to do in Warwick for children. They can immerse themselves in an imaginary world and become members of the village where they can try out different roles, characters and professions.

This environment will help them develop their imagination, communication and team playing skills!

12. Warwick Racecourse

The famous racecourse hosts jump races every year and provides a great opportunity to get introduced into the sport and the traditions around it. It is quite a unique experience, and you are sure to learn something new! Parking is accessible and the location is very convenient. 

Race horse with jockey before the race.

13. Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum

This regimental museum of the cavalry is run by volunteers who are passionate about preserving and sharing the history of the Warwick regiment, and it’s a wonderful hidden gem of a museum!

A guided tour will take you through the history and the different items on display such as uniforms, medals and other rare finds. 

14. Warwick Market

This vibrant and lively market takes place every Saturday and hosts up to 60 vendors. The tradition of having a market at this location has been running for many years and it was a place where locals gathered for centuries.

Now you can enjoy a weekend stroll here and buy some fresh fruit and vegetables and just enjoy the busy atmosphere!

15. Randolph Turpin Statue

While you’re visiting the city center, it is worth stopping by the monument to Randolph Turpin, a famous boxer and a world champion who has a connection to Warwick.

The statue testifies to the diversity and richness of this city’s more recent history. 

16. Hatton Country World

Explore the Warwickshire countryside with a variety of activities for the whole family! The adventure world offers a great dinosaur show for children as well as a chance to see and learn about many different animals.

Adults can enjoy a unique shopping experience at the Garden Center & Shopping Village, where many local goods and gifts can be found. This is an adventure you can experience in any kind of weather!

17. Smith Street

This is the oldest shopping street in Warwick and it is located right in the heart of the city center! Visit while you’re checking out Warwick Castle, as they are really close to each other.

This street has a variety of different shops, including small independent brands. Many restaurants and charming cafes can also be found here, so it’s perfect to take a break after sightseeing.

Half-timbered buildings, typical English architecture. Warwick town in Warwickshire - West Midlands, England.

18. The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum

For those who are interested in military history, this would be one of the best things to do in Warwick! This museum preserves the city’s military heritage and its history.

On top of that, it’s located in a beautiful building and the staff are very friendly and always open to educating visitors about the items on display. 

19. Warwick Antique Centre

One of the most prominent antique shops in the area, it is located right in the city center and is very easily accessible.

The owners have been in the jewelery trade business for decades and they are very good at finding and selecting the most exciting antique items. Even if you don’t plan to purchase anything, it is a fantastic and unique spot to visit in Warwick. 

20. The Bridge House Theatre & Warwick Hall

This theater is a vibrant cultural space for the local community and visitors. They showcase professional theater productions and host public events.

The students from Warwick school perform their productions here as well, making it a wonderful spot for young artists to share their work.

21. Adventure Sports Warwick

If you are up for something really active and exciting with your friends or family, this is the perfect thing to do in Warwick!

Here you can try such activities as clay shooting, pistol and rifle shooting, laser tag, karting and quad bike trekking. Book an activity for the entire group on their website and enjoy an adventurous day outdoors.

22. Historic Warwick Walks

For those who would like to dive deeper into Warwick’s history and discover hidden gems and places tourists don’t usually go, a guided walk is a great option.

Friendly and knowledgeable guides will give you a wonderful tour on any day and at any time that works best for your schedule. 

23. Moores of Warwick Distillery and Gin School

This small but charming distillery produces its own local gin that has qualities that are unique to Warwickshire.

At their Gin School, the experienced distillers will help you create your own bottle of the drink based on the selection of botanicals they offer. It’s a great experience that also offers a great gift to bring home at the end of it!

24. The Mill Garden

One of the most relaxing and aesthetically pleasing things to do in Warwick is visit the Mill Garden.

Situated on the banks of the River Avon and right next to Warwick Castle, this garden is a sanctuary of beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. The garden is open to the public from 1 April to 31 October, every day from 9am to 6pm. 

River Avon and Bridge in Warwick
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25. The Old Post Office

This award-winning pub is situated in a former post office, and it has a traditional yet refreshing and modern atmosphere.

They offer a selection of beers and ales that are uniquely sourced from independent breweries of Warwickshire and beyond. Enjoy the cozy interior and friendly staff along with some quality drinks. On top of all of this, it’s dog-friendly! 

26. The Square Warwick

A wonderful independent bar right in the center of Warwick, The Square is a place where you can enjoy excellent drinks and superb customer service. And thanks to their small outside patio which sits right in the center of the action, this place is great for people watching!

The staff are remarkably friendly and welcoming, and they will offer you a range of cocktails – all of which are exceptional. Have a great evening out with friends and a friendly Warwick atmosphere! 

27. The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club

A hotel, a golf club, a health & wellness center and a spa, this place is a great way to spend an entire weekend full of both indoor and outdoor sports as well as relaxation rituals.

If you only plan to stay for a short while, you can book an afternoon tea and enjoy some excellent service and a wonderful time away from the busy city center. 

28. Get Cooking!

Looking for some unique and fun things to do in Warwick? This cooking workshop might just be the right option for you.

There are individual one-to-one classes as well as group workshops for all ages! This activity will reignite or inspire a passion for cooking delicious meals from a variety of international cuisines and provide for a fun afternoon for you and your family or friends. 

29. The Knights of Middle England

The Knights of Middle England will make the historical exteriors of Warwick come alive for you in the form of a captivating stunt show.

The team of professional performers will leave you enchanted by the mastery of their craft, and if you wish to try it out for yourself, they provide workshops and classes as well! Visit their website to find out the details. 

30. Go Jump In!

For a day full of fun indoor activities, this entertainment center will be a perfect option.

Kids will enjoy the trampolines and open jump sessions and an adventure park, and if they’d like to try something a bit more challenging, there is also a spot for climbing! On top of this, the center offers activities for toddlers. 

31. Rigsby’s Cellar Bar

This small and quirky little bar is very cozy – it’s a perfect place to enjoy with a small group of friends or as a couple.

Select from a menu of great beers and ales, as well as a good collection of cocktails and gin, and sit outside to admire the view and the atmosphere of Warwick (if the weather allows). 

Selection of beer
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32. Trivia Trails

Offering exciting and educational trivia tours around Warwick for all ages, this is a great way to explore the city and enjoy a screen-free activity with a group of people.

The quiz will take you around different parts of Warwick in search of answers to a range of fun and historical questions. Book a spot and enjoy some quality time socialising! 

33. Little Monkeys Funhouse

If you are traveling with small children, this playhouse will be the perfect spot for them to enjoy engaging games and the company of other kids.

It is a lively and cozy place with great visibility, so you can keep an eye on the young ones all the time while also enjoying some coffee at the cafe. 

34. Mary’s Sweet Memories

This charming little candy shop is one of the most unique specialty vendors in Warwick.

The Edwardian design will enchant you with its details and the collection of sweets will take you back to your childhood.

The nostalgic atmosphere and delicious candy make this shop one of the most fun things to do in Warwick!

35. The Wild Boar Warwick

A hidden gem outside of Warwick’s city center, this bar is a wonderful spot to spend a fun evening out with friends.

An old-fashioned and charming interior creates a unique and friendly mood; the staff are welcoming and the drinks are excellent! In the summer you can enjoy the lovely garden that lights up beautifully at night.

beer with friends outdoors
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36. Encore Clothing Agency

For those interested in eco-friendly fashion, this lovely vintage shop will be an exciting spot to visit.

A mix of both pre-owned and pre-worn items makes for the perfect designer hunt for rare items that possess a unique charm.

There is a range of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing as well as accessories and jewelery. 

37. Unlocking Warwick – Court House Tours

These 45-minute tours are organized by volunteers on Saturdays. Their aim is to take visitors on a leisurely walk around the Town Hall building and tell the story of the Great Fire of Warwick – a major event in the history of this region.

The tours are usually held in the morning, giving you the perfect opportunity to start your cultural exploration of Warwick. Check their website to see when the tours are available. 

38. ScoobaBoosta

This scuba diving school offers both introductory lessons for beginners and specialty courses for more experienced divers.

You might not have thought that water sports were one of the things to do in Warwick, but this school offers a great opportunity to kick-start your diving skills while enjoying the historical surroundings of this ancient city!

39. Warwick Hot Air Balloon Ride

With a station at St Nicholas Park in the very heart of the city, this is an extremely convenient outdoor activity you can enjoy with friends or family.

Take a ride on an iconic bright red hot air balloon to take in the majestic views of the city from the skies, including the beautiful castle and the stunning River Avon. This is easily one of the most exciting things to do in Warwick.

40. Mr Karting

A karting experience open 7 days of the week, no matter what the weather conditions are, this is one of the most active and thrilling things to do in Warwick!

There are lessons and races available for visitors with any experience level, and you can even book a spot for a special occasion. Enjoy an active and adventurous day of karting, and don’t forget to pre-book here

41. La Mesa

If you want to enjoy a top quality dinner and an overall premium dining experience in Warwick, La Mesa is a perfect option to consider.

Stylish interiors provide a great atmosphere and the hospitality of the staff is incredible. The fabulous dishes are made from locally sourced ingredients and it’s a visit to this place is guaranteed to be a pleasurable journey for your taste buds. 

42. Mead Gallery at Warwick Arts Centre

This gallery is a vibrant space where people can meet to connect through art while partaking in lively discussions.

One of the most exciting exhibition spaces in Warwick, this gallery always has something unique to offer its visitors.

The permanent collection of the University of Warwick contains some major works by contemporary artists, is always on display, and is worth a visit!

43. Brethrens Kitchen

A great lunch spot not far from the castle, this restaurant – housed in a historic building – is a bit of a hidden treasure.

The friendly staff contribute to the overall friendly atmosphere of this place where you can enjoy delicious mince pies, fresh quiches and scones and perfect cakes to go with your afternoon tea. 

afternoon tea
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More Things to Do in Warwick:

  • Have a nice meal at the colourful Cork & Tile Portuguese restaurant. 
  • Visit the Picturesque arts shop.
  • Visit East Gate and admire its impressive architecture.
  • Check out the old victorian pillar post box while you’re visiting East Gate. 
  • Take a nice photo at the Old Castle Bridge.
  • Go on a supernatural ghost tour with Ghosts Unlimited. 
  • Enjoy horse riding at Warwick International School of Riding.
  • Play a game at Warwick Gold Centre. 
  • Taste some good wines and cocktails at Iron Works.

Things To Do In Warwick: Our Final Thoughts

Warwick is a great destination for the whole family, a city where both history and modernity live side by side.

Admire the architecture of its castle, cathedral and churches and take a guided tour if you feel like learning about this city’s rich heritage on a deeper level.

You can also take a boat tour or rent a kayak to admire the cityscape from the beautiful River Avon. Outdoor activities include karting, hot air balloon riding and even scuba diving, while places like the Play Village and Little Monkeys Playhouse will offer great activities for children.

Enjoy some great restaurants, bars and distilleries and check out the local gallery and specialty shops – you will find so many great things to do in Warwick. Get out there and have fun!


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