Bora Bora is a darling island located in French Polynesia. It’s famous for romance, private cabanas, stunning views and of course those iconic overwater bungalows. Though only 11 square miles, and essentially in the middle of nowhere, Bora Bora still manages to offer up some incredible dining options, and the cuisine culture here is exceptional.

From seafood to steak, the meals here are sure to delight. As we know this slice of paradise well, here’s our list of the restaurants in Bora Bora that we think are well worth visiting.

Many should be reserved in advance (and before your holiday) as they are exclusive, popular fine dining spots. But we’ve also included a few that are more laid-back, casual and cheaper options too. Have a great trip! (Related: The Bora Bora Culture & Customs Guide).

1. Villa Mahana 

Seating just 25 guests at a time, you can count on the service at Villa Mahana at any time you dine. This exclusive restaurant’s romantic Tuscan aesthetic is sure to make you feel you’re in a piece of artwork.

The view of Matira Beach from outside is a unique one, as the restaurant sits 50m up a hill. The prices here range from moderate to very high, and you must book a reservation very far in advance during peak season.

Their eight tables fill up quickly but there’s no mystery as to why. Despite the need to plan a reservation so far ahead, the experience cannot be matched. You’ll forget about any hassle as you enjoy incredible dishes like seared Mahi Mahi or Langostino Risotto. If you’re looking for fine dining and exclusivity, this is one of the best Bora Bora restaurants for you.

Restaurants in Bora Bora

2. Le Corail 

With the most expansive wine cellar in French Polynesia, Le Corail is the perfect backdrop for any romantic island dinner with a loved one.

This is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Bora Bora and for good reason. The lit lagoonarium beside the open-air patio offers a beautiful view while you and your date savor your 7-course meal.

Offering delectable French cuisine and such a broad selection of French wines, this restaurant is one you won’t want to miss. We highly recommend the scallops, French Champagne, and coconut dessert, but you really cannot go wrong with this menu. You and your partner can only grow when engulfed in the atmosphere of this dreamy place.

Restaurants in Bora Bora

3. Lagoon at St. Regis 

Considered by many customers as the top restaurant in Bora Bora thanks to its mix of French-Asian cuisine, Lagoon is a must-visit for your trip to the island.

Even beyond the amazing food, the view of Mount Otemanu is right outside the door, with the turquoise lagoon undertow. The views are some of the best on the island. (Related: Hiking in Bora Bora).

A special feature of St. Regis is that you may see sharks going by the window seats as you dine. Talk about a special dining experience. The overwater terrace also opens up the space so you can enjoy an unforgettable evening outside and amongst the sunset.

The lagoon opens at 5pm for dinner, though you may arrive earlier for a cocktail at their bar. Watching the sunset over the mountain, you may fall in love. It’s definitely best to make a reservation in advance as this is a sought-after spot. If you want a restaurant in Bora Bora with breathtaking views, this one will do the trick.

Restaurants in Bora Bora

4. Bora Bora Beach Club and Restaurant

This independently-owned restaurant offers a personalized dining feel while sitting on top of one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

The service is exceptionally friendly, which only aids the amazing seafood and drinks. If you end up wanting to indulge in several cocktails, the restaurant will provide you with a taxi service to and from your accommodation. It’s those small touches which show us that they care for their guests and want them to have a great time in Bora Bora.

The Parrotfish, Chicken Schnitzel, and the Salad with a Goat Cheese Puff Pastry are among our favorites at the Beach Club. Come take a visit if you have a chance; you won’t regret it!

Restaurants in Bora Bora

5. Saint James 

You’ll find more stand-up dining at Saint James Bora Bora. Working with local fishermen and farmers, Saint James enacts gastronomy in their careful selection of products and plates.

On a small and isolated island, the local catch is plentiful, translating to the highlights on the Saint James menu. The Mahi-Mahi and Beef Tartare are superb, but the whole menu is packed with perfection – particularly the seafood dishes.

Pair your meal with a glass of French wine, some Crème Brulee, and enjoy the ocean view; it’s one of the best on the island and this restaurant enjoys a well-deserved high-class reputation.

Restaurants in Bora Bora

6. Bora Bora Yacht Club

The perfect place to dock your boat and have a Mai Tai while watching the sunset, the Bora Bora Yacht Club never disappoints guests of this gorgeous island.

This classic restaurant serves large portions for great prices. Their service is renowned, and we can attest for the attentiveness of their servers. The atmosphere here – sitting by the lagoon at a covered table, occasionally seeing fish swim along the shore – is sure to add warmth to your visit.

We recommend The Trio of Tahitian Fish and the Mahi-Mahi burger, as they are some of the best items on the menu. You won’t want to miss out on a stop at the Yacht Club. Easily one of our favorite restaurants in Bora Bora.

Restaurants in Bora Bora

7. Restaurant Tama’a Mai Tai 

Close to Matira Beach and right in the center of tropical gardens, Mai Tai offers a Tahiti-style setting right on the sand.

They offer some light food options during the day, such as pizza and salad. At night, they open up a menu with more seafood. Some of the highlights are Poisson Cru, Sashimi Tahitian, and Tuna Tartar.

Guests here can truly enjoy the solitude of the island thanks to the private beachfront location and tranquil atmosphere. The availability of Mai Tai throughout the day is another draw, as they have cocktails and beer available throughout the afternoon and into the evening. It is a perfect spot to get away from the more crowded areas of the island and enjoy an afternoon.

Restaurants in Bora Bora

8. Restaurant Matira Beach

This simple yet elegant outdoor restaurant offers some lower-priced options for guests that don’t want to empty their wallets at one of the higher priced and more exclusive establishments.

This dining spot is located at Matira Point, some of the most revered land on the island. The restaurant is spacious and raised above the sand, able to accommodate a variety of groups. The blend of Asian influence with the Tiki Bar feel brings an eclectic and fun experience to the restaurant.

There are a wide variety of snacks and cocktails for whoever walks through the door. They prioritize local ingredients when planning the cocktails they put on their menu, which is a big draw for us.

Restaurants in Bora Bora

9. Lucky House

This place basically houses the island’s population during televised sporting event! The Lucky House provides a relaxed feel compared to most other island restaurants in Bora Bora. But it’s definitely not like any sports bar we’ve been before – this place has its own pool!

They have a widescreen 4K TV and a variety of cable channels to choose from so sports enthusiasts can watch anything from football, soccer, rugby, basketball, or tennis. So this place is perfect if you’re vacationing in Bora Bora but you’ve a game to watch.

This spot has a real local feel thanks to its hospitality and hands-on ownership, so it comes highly recommended for a low-key laid back meal and drinks. It’s best known for its pizza and convenient afternoon hours. We recommend the Pizza Thon Chevre with a house cocktail on the side. The food is excellent.

Restaurants in Bora Bora

10. Snack Matira

Situated right on Matira Beach, this place has a laid-back atmosphere where guests can kick back and enjoy their meal. It’s a lovely walk from many of the tourist attractions, taking you along the beach on the way.

Their offerings include a wide range of appetizers and they’re open for much longer than most eateries on the island. The long hours and large menu make Snack Matira a popular spot on weekends and holidays, and locals often swarm the spot at lunchtime to grab some burgers and pizza.

If you’re craving some takeaway food, or looking for a cheat meal, this is one place you can go without worrying about dressing up or spending much.

11. Bloody Mary’s 

Right on the white sands of the island, this Bora Bora staple offers an easy-going lunch menu, and then takes on more elegance by night.

Lunch options range from quesadillas to mouth-watering burgers. By night, the prices of entrees nearly triple, but you do gain far many options. The spare-ribs and the catch of the day are delectable.

Every evening, they display the fresh catch on ice. The servings here are sure to fill you up and the menu will cater to most diets, particularly vegetarian diners. Bloody Mary’s also offers – as one may expect – some great cocktails. Their own Bloody Mary’s are as delicious as you may expect, so make sure you enjoy for yourself!

12. Aloe Café 

Aloe Café is in the main town of Vaitape in Bora Bora. It’s a great place to enjoy some time working or socializing while sipping on a cold drink. The Aloe Café is well known for its homemade pastries and ice cream, often drawing in customers looking for a sweet treat.

However this is also a lovely place to grab some cuisine other than seafood since they have many options available. A bacon and egg sandwich or some Spaghetti Bolognaise are great homely options!

If you want to kick back with a drink as well, their Mai Tais and Pina Coladas are served in large glasses, and really pack a punch. It is one of the quintessential restaurants on Bora Bora and you will not want to miss it!

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