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Greece, the country of gods, heroes, and stunning beaches. It’s also a place of natural wonders and beauty where gorgeous blue clear water meets turquoise skies.

Greece is regarded as one of the top vacation destinations in the Mediterranean, and no wonder. In this nation you have the ability to swim and wallow in some of the best water on the continent. 

The beaches in Greece are full of color, have crystal-clear waters, and are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. But it’s not always easy to know where to find the clearest and bluest water in Greece….

That’s where we can help!

Below we introduce you to the best that Greece has to offer. From pristine beaches on barely visited islands, to pink sand and shipwrecks, our eight beaches below are the best places to go if you’re looking for the clearest and bluest water in Greece.

Let’s dive right in!

Corfu sea view
iStock.com/Balate Dorin

The Bluest & Clearest Water In Greece: Eight Gorgeous Beach Spots You Can’t Miss!

1. Elafonisi Beach, Crete

If you’re tired of the same old sun-tanning spots, consider heading over to Elafonisi Beach. Technically, Elafonisi is just one of several beaches around the Chania area in Crete, and it does get busy sometimes, owing to the island’s popularity,

But don’t worry – this beach offers a long stretch of sand, so you’re bound to find a suitable spot to park your umbrella and towels! 

About 75 kilometers from Chania, on the southwest coast of Crete, is where you’ll find the lovely Elafonissi. Its untampered, natural atmosphere is a real delight for nature enthusiasts – especially for those searching for one of the world’s rarest beaches – the pink beach!

This magnificent beach offers encounters with raw, organic beauty: white lilies, dunes, clear blue water, and pinkish-white sand line the coast. Because of the pink and coral tones created by the small crushed shells and fragments of broken coral here, it is often referred to as “the pink beach.”

Coast of Crete island in Greece. Pink sand beach of famous Elafonisi (or Elafonissi).

Alongside being an Instagram-worthy beach, this place features great water sport options and you’ll find many local and foreign kitesurfers and windsurfers enjoying the sea here. Fancy joining them? There’s a few shops close to the beach that rent equipment!

Elafonsi also has many fun options for young kids or adults who aren’t fond of windsurfing. For example, children can enjoy playing racket sports or volleyball along the wide shoreline!

Elafonisi’s shoreline is also shallow and the water very clear, making it an excellent snorkeling spot. You can easily purchase or rent snorkeling equipment from local shops too.

However, avid snorkelers should consider buying their own kit from back home, especially if you’re on a budget. Buying a snorkeling kit from a popular tourist spot can often prove pricey! 

Recommended Accommodation Near Elafonisi 

Elafonisi Rooms For Rent is located in Elafonisi, close to the beach and provides lodging with a restaurant, free private parking, a bar, and a garden.

Elafonisi Paradise sits near to the beach and offers lodgings with a garden, a terrace, and room service for your leisure and is only an 11-minute walk from Elafonissi Beach. There is complimentary WiFi and private parking.

Tropical sandy beach with turquoise water, in Elafonisi, Crete, Greece

2. Voidokilia Beach, Peloponnese

Most people when they think of the word “beach” imagine sand and swaying palm trees. While such imagery isn’t necessarily incorrect…it also isn’t the only type of beach setting out there! 

So, if you’re looking for a gorgeous beach unlike any other, this is your sign to head over to Voidokilia – an incredible horse-shoe shaped beach that sits in a nature reserve and is surrounded by several historical sights.

This place offers a beautiful view, is pristine and has crystal clear turqouise blue water. In fact this is one of the most popular beaches in southern Greece and it’s well known for its natural beauty. It’s a great place to swim, dive, or even get out on a boat. Children can also enjoy making sandcastles while watching the dolphins that visit the lagoon!

At the breathtaking Voidokilia beach, there are a variety of activities available for all to take part in.

Swimming is an excellent option, of course, and you can often swim alongside many unique fish species here. If you want to explore the local marine life, try taking a pair of deep-water goggles with you for the trip!

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famous Voidokilia lagoon beach with crystal clear waters

Swimming in blue, remarkably clean water is a real treat here considering how the majority of the world’s waterbodies are now severely polluted. So, if you get a chance to add Voidokilia to your trip itinerary, don’t miss the chance! 

And if you enjoy snorkeling then visit close to the north side rock. It’s exciting to snorkel close to the rocks and observe how the waters have eroded them to their current shape – just be careful when doing so and only do it in calm waters. 

You should also consider sailing to this wonderful beach and taking in all of its beauty from your boat if possible – the view is quite spectacular from the water.

Or why not go hiking? You can try exploring the nearby sand dunes at Voidokilia while you hike. 

And on the beach’s south side, directly above the shore, you can find King Nestor’s Cave and the remains of the Old Navarino Castle.

Recommended Accommodation Near Voidokilia

Petrochori Beach House in Voidokilia offers beachfront lodging with a bar, a garden, a private beach area, and free WiFi. This holiday property has free private parking and is located in a place where visitors can easily go biking, hiking, and snorkeling.

Balcony With View in Korifásion has free WiFi, fantastic sea views, air conditioning, a garden, and a terrace in addition to lodgings that are 2.6 kilometers from Tragána and 3 minute walk from Pisáskion. Romanós and Petrochori are both 3.5 kilometers and 2.6 km from the property.

Amazing tropical sandy beach of Voidokilia, Peloponnese, Greece.

3. Perissa, Santorini

A Greek guide to blue water getaways isn’t complete without including somewhere from the world-famous island of Santorini!

This must-visit destination is on almost every traveler’s bucket list and attracts close to two million visitors a year. 

The island itself is home to just 15,500 residents, most of whom run small family businesses. That actually makes Santorini an excellent spot to visit if you’re keen on indulging in traditional Greek cuisine – you’ll find lots of delicious home-made food at family-run taverns on every street.

Perissa, where we recommend visiting, is an excellent seaside village well worth stopping by.

It is widely regarded as one of the island’s top beaches because of its glittering black volcanic sand. Perissa also features a stunning backdrop of magnificent mountains, yet luckily it isn’t as crowded as other neighbouring beaches. 

On top of that, Perissa has a fun nightlife scene. So, if dancing and hanging out at bars is your thing, head right over!

And as an added bonus, you’ll be happy to hear that this beach offers relatively cheaper accommodation compared to other places on Santorini, too. We’ve covered some great options below: 

People relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sunset in Perissa beach at dusk, Santorini, Greece
iStock.com/Kayode Fashola

Recommended Accommodation Near Perissa

Villa Dima is an excellent budget option that’s just 1 kilometer away from central Perissa beach. It offers a cozy, home-style stay and is ideal for tourists who need a warm, comfy place to retire to after a long day. 

But if you’re looking for a luxury hotel, consider staying at the Anastasia Princess Luxury Residence and Spa. Though pricey it’s well worth the money, and offers free breakfast, a large pool for guests, and in-house spa facilities.

It’s only open to adults, and is an exceptional option worth considering if you’re planning your honeymoon. Why not stay here, catch some much-needed downtime at the spa while you stare out at the gorgeous Greek sea? Bliss!


4. Paleokastritsa Beach, Corfu

The six beaches that surround the town of Paleokastritsa are often referred to collectively as “Paleokastritsa Beach.” However, Paleokastritsa Beach is the name given to one prominent beach, also known as Agios Spyridon. The majority of bus lines will stop at this beach.

Even though the sea may seem tempting here, and the water is certainly one of the most pristine, clear and blue places in Greece to have a dip, you should be warned that Paleokastritsa Bay’s water is infamously chilly all year round! 

This may be ideal if it’s a hot day of course, which it often is on this Greek island. So to swiftly cool off, dive in!

Locals can actually be seen switching back and forth throughout the day between the beach and the water, so you’ll be in good company.

Corfu, Greece. View of Paleokastritsa beach, Corfu, Greece.

You can also bring snorkeling gear and explore the gorgeous marine life in Paleokastritsa’s crystal-clear waters. Just take care when putting your feet down – there’s plenty of spiky sea urchins hiding in there!

And if you’re looking for a little history between swimming, then Paleokastritsa Monastery is nestled beside the main shore and a smaller beach close to the parking area, just a short distance uphill. You can freely walk up to this charming monastery and have a look around. And if you enjoyed the visit why not drop a euro or two in the donation box as a polite gesture to help support this friendly local community.

You’ll also find many gorgeous flowers blossoming inside the monastery’s courtyard throughout the summer, making this place an excellent stop for photos. 

Recommended Accommodation Near Paleokastritsa

Aliki Apartments in Paleokastritsa offers apartments with sea views and a terrace that is conveniently located near several beaches. The hardwood-floored, air-conditioned flats come with a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV, free WiFi, a closet, a living area, a kitchen, a terrace, and views of the garden. 

Beautiful beach and boat in Paleokastritsa, Corfu island, Greece
iStock.com/Balate Dorin

5. Kolymbithres, Paros

Even though Paros is in the same Cyclades island region as Santorini and Mykonos (the two most well-known Greek islands), it is much less visited by cruise ships and low-cost flights. But that just means you’ll have more privacy here than on other islands.

The best beach in this area is Kolymbithres, which has a number of private coves surrounded by striking, light-gray granite boulders. 

Although Kolymbithres is made up of sandy coves, it’s those rounded granite rock formations that are the beache’s most famous natural feature. We think they would even appear quite at home in a contemporary art gallery, as the wind and sea have sculpted them into such amazing shapes!

But once you catch a glimpse of the shallow, crystal-clear water here, these rocks won’t hold your interest for very long.

That’s because the water at this destination is amongst the most beautiful and clear in all of Greece! The water here really is perfect for a dip because of the fine, soft sand and the relatively shallow water. 

Scenic bizarre rocks of the Kolymbithres beach, Paros island, Cyclades, Greece.

Luckily, you’ll also find many beach bars in the area making it a great option for a cocktail in the sun. And the picturesque panorama of the island of Agia Kali, which lies directly across from the beach, completes the setting. Imagine basking in the warm sand with a cool drink in hand – that’s what dreams are made of!

For when you’re hungry, try catching a quick meal at one of the family-run tapas bars situated around the island. The catch of the day is prepared at Taverna Kolymbithres and Taverna Anemos, two seaside restaurants off Kolymbithres, so definitely check those two out.

Recommended Accommodation Near Kolymbithres

Porto de Calma is a lovely hotel offering air-conditioned rooms and a balcony in Naousa. Free WiFi, room service, and private parking are all included in this property. The apartment offers a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, a balcony with sea views, two bedrooms, one bathroom, bed linens, and towels.

Santa Maria No9 in Santa Marina, Paros, offers lodgings with free WiFi, air conditioning, and a garden. Lageri Beach is a 5-minute stroll away, while Stefano Beach is a half-kilometer away. The lodgings in this holiday property also include a terrace!

Kolymbithres, Paros Island

6. Navagio Bay, Zakynthos

This breathtaking bay is now one of the most photographed in the world, but it’s also known for its notorious history.

Many smugglers frequented it in the past, including a ship carrying illegal cigarettes about thirty years ago that became famous as it’s believed to have arrived with empty crates because the men on board had smoked them all! 

But enough about that – let’s talk about the beach and that unbelievable blue water!

Named “Shipwreck Bay,” which comes from the fact that the same ship’s rusting hull still lies on the dunes, this beach is as Instragrammable as you can get.

Zante beach

It’s actually only accessible by boat, but there are several boats in Zakynthos town that will take you there. However despite being a little inaccessible, it’s well worth the effort; this really is a world-class beach.

Tourists seeking both an undeveloped beach with beautiful deep blue waters and the photo opportunity of a shipwreck will love it here. The bulwark of the vessel is currently rusting away, giving the impression that the hull is sinking into the dunes while the majority of the ship remains on the beach.

Even though this place is frequently visited by hundreds of people during peak hours, this beach still remains one of Greece’s finest, and the water some of the bluest in the nation.

Recommended Accommodation Near Navagio

Eden Villas is just a short distance from the top of the famous shipwreck bay and comes with a gorgeous outside pool and garden. It’s as photogenic as you can get.

View of Navagio beach, Zakynthos Island, Greece. Vacation time. Aerial landscape from drone. Blue sea water. Rocks and sea. Summer landscape from the air.

7. Myrtos, Kefalonia

You may have seen Nicholas Cage seduce Penelope Cruz on this beach in the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – not the best movie scene in our opinion, but important to the beach’s history, nonetheless. 

As a result, consider this to be an A-list stretch of coastline: especially as it’s a broad, gorgeously unspoiled, snow-white strip of sand that is flanked by enormous forested cliffs on one side and the azure Ionian Sea on the other. 

Spend some time observing what appears to be a hidden cove frozen in time here, and then explore the nearby sights. These include Myrtos Cave, a relatively small grotto you can swim through and back out to the shore, as well as the Myrtos Viewpoints, headland vantage points with breathtaking views of the surrounding water.

This Ionian Sea beach is in the nicest location, although the cliffs just above the beach are known for being a great area to catch the sunset so it may be worth heading there just before the sun sets. Just be careful of the edge.

Recommended Accommodation Near Myrtos

Myrtos Bay Apartments has a seasonal outdoor pool, a garden, air-conditioned lodging with a balcony, and free WiFi, and is 17.7 kilometers from Cave Melissani.

A Man standing and enjoying the view of beautiful Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, Greece.

8. Plaka, Naxos

On the southwest coast of the island of Naxos, you’ll find Plaka, one of Greece’s longest beaches. Tourists, locals and nudists alike enjoy this notably straight stretch of coast.

Just remember to be mindful of the nudist lounging spots – especially if that isn’t your scene! Remember, roaming nude isn’t illegal at this beach. So, don’t visit if you plan on policing the locals and tourists about their choice of clothing – or rather, lack of it! 

Along the shoreline there are many places to stay, as well as shops and restaurants. For those who want to spend some time outside, but also have amenities close by, this beachfront is the perfect getaway. It also provides a glimpse of nearby islands and is dotted with trees for shade.

The picturesque setting is also perfect for strolls, tanning, and swimming in crystal clear water. You can also dine at one of the open-air terrace restaurants or rent chairs and umbrellas to relax on the beach. 

Beautiful Plaka beach in Naxos Island, Cyclades, Greece

Since the weather is perfect for lounging on the beach, swimming in the ocean and tanning, the months of June through September are usually the best for visiting the island of Naxos.

Luckily Naxos doesn’t get particularly busy, especially in the summer months of July and August, compared to other Cycladic islands that are more well-known, like Mykonos and Santorini. Plus Plaka Beach has a long stretch of shoreline, so you can always find a peaceful spot there.

Recommended Accommodation Near Plaka

The Cyclades neighborhood of Plaka is home to Villa Sorella I, which offers free WiFi, BBQ grills, a garden, and free private parking. Plaka Beach is a 17-minute walk away.

Mikri Tranquilla Beach Heated Pool And Jacuzzi in Plaka offers lodgings with a private pool, a pool view, and a balcony. This home has a balcony that overlooks a garden.


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