Shortlist: Eight Restaurants In Salida That Locals Love!

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Salida with its sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains and dreamy spots for camping beside the Arkansas River, is one of those places you want to revisit again and again. And considering this historic little city in Colorado is filled with art, architecture, and natural beauty, there’s plenty to explore here.

And with lots to explore, you’re going need some good food to keep you going!

Luckily we know this slice of Colorado like the back of our hand. So to help you out, we’ve put together a collection of what we believe are the best restaurants in Salida.

You’ll find restaurants with great views, live music, and of course some fantastic food. Bon appetit!

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Our Top Eight Restaurants In Salida: Unforgettable Food & Experiences

1. Boathouse

We’re not surprised that Boathouse is one of the most popular restaurants in Salida. With exceptional food and an enviable location right on the riverbank, Boathouse keeps tourists and Salida residents coming back time and time again.

Stepping inside, you’ll find a spacious dining area with various knick-knacks that adorn the walls – all of which just give off a warm, welcoming vibe.

But in our opinion, sitting outside on the deck, which is situated right beside the Arkansas River, offers the best dining experience. After all who doesn’t want to sip on some cocktails while listening to the water gush by and watching the trees sway as the sun sets? 

While the views are knockout on their own, the food is just as good.

With a menu spanning American classics and comfort food like beef burgers and fish and chips to Baya Mexican cuisine, there really is something for everyone here.

Being right beside the river, we would recommend their Special Blackened Trout which is a real treat – it’s fresh, seasoned beautifully, and served with garlicky mashed potatoes, veggies, and a compound butter that just brings everything together.

For any taco-fanatics, we suggest their Ahi Tacos – the Ahi Tuna, Jalapeno slaw, and Asian sesame sauce make the perfect bite that can put any taco lover to rest.

And if you’re dining al fresco then you must enjoy a drink in style. So order their special Red Sangria while you watch rafters pass by on the river.

Add all of that together and you’ve got yourself one heck of a lunch or dinner experience. 

Although open every day of the week from 11am to 9pm, our favorite time to visit Boathouse is definitely for dinner when the sun is setting, or during one of their regular comedy nights.

Address: 228 N F St, Salida, Colorado

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2. The Biker and the Baker

Located just a block away from the river, The Biker and the Baker is the perfect spot to grab a meal after a stroll along the river bank. This place has a small, cozy, chic dining area (they’ve been featured in Vogue after all), but if the weather is nice you’ll likely want to dine outdoors on the rooftop where you can take in panoramic 360º views of the city and surrounding mountains!

While their menu isn’t huge, the dishes they specialise in are fantastic and the presentation is Instagram-worthy. It’s like fine dining but without the huge prices and pretentiousness.

The Biker and the Baker is primarily a popular brunch and breakfast spot in Salida, so you’ll find a great breakfast menu here. But be warned – you’ll likely forget any healthy breakfast aspirations you have once you lay eyes on their breakfast platters! Our go-to is the Hot Mess – poached eggs, hash browns, Mexican pulled pork (carnitas), and some green chili with tomatoes. A chaotic plate of tasty that can only be loved.

They’re also open for dinner from Thursday to Saturday from 4pm to 10pm. The evening fare remains upmarket yet filling.

One of their star dinner dishes is the elegant Cheese and Charcuterie Board – a French classic. Not only is the taste and presentation excellent, but the portion size is generous and filling, making the whole experience worth every buck.

They’ve also got an impressive collection of wine, which is good news because anything French has to be accompanied with a glass of vino – it’s the unwritten rule.

Oh, and let’s not forget their ever-changing dessert menu which is full of enticing pastries (this is a bakery after all) and other delicacies.

Address: 129 W. Sackett Ave St, Salida, Colorado

3. The Patio Pancake Place

If you’re looking for one of the best restaurants in Salida for breakfast or lunch, then the Patio Pancake Place is a down-to-earth, hearty little diner located in the upper Arkansas River valley.

It’s the perfect pit stop before heading to the ‘S’ mountain, a selection of fantastic hiking trails. Those are situated across from this restaurant, so expect scenic views while enjoying a meal here.

It may come as a surprise, but there isn’t really a patio at the Patio Pancake Place – just a very straightforward, no-frills, simple exterior. But once you indulge in their pancakes, you’ll forget all about whether it has a patio or not!

This family-owned place has been thriving for nearly six decades, and while the menu spans pancakes to burritos, it’s their renowned pancakes that come in a multitude of flavors that’s won this place generations of loyal customers.

Those pancakes are huge, fluffy, and just as tasty as you can imagine. But the Belgian waffles are an absolute winner in our eyes too. They also do a gluten free pancakes, which is an added bonus.

If you’ve just been hiking and visit for lunch, then Patio Pancake Place also have a wide array of sandwiches on their lunch menu. But what we really love is their Burrito Plate, not just because it’s a delicious Mexican classic, but also because of this restaurant’s decades-old special green chili which the burritos come slathered in!

Though they’re closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you’ll find Patio Pancake Place open every other day of the week, serving breakfast and lunch from 7am to 2pm.

Address: 640 E. Rainbow Blvd.

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4. Currents Restaurant 

Currents Restaurant sits somewhere between upscale and casual, so if you want top-quality service and even better food but in a laid-back, friendly atmosphere, this is a good place to be.

Located amongst many other eateries near the river, Currents stands out thanks to its rustic yet sophisticated dining area and very cute little patio. We’ve found the staff here to be super friendly and helpful too, which just adds to the overall good vibes.

If we were you, then hone in on the steaks at this place, because they’re some of the best Salida has to offer! The aged Angus Sirloin is a mouthwatering plate of grilled melt-in-the-mouth beef, with seasonal veggies on the side and the carbs of your choice (our tip: get the sweet potato fries).

Yet while the steaks steal the show, Currents also specialise in seafood and the Linguini Pescatore is another hit. It’s a mix of sautéed seafood, spinach, tomato, and linguini in a garlic butter sauce. Mama Mia – that’s one delicious plate of pasta! 

Currents also serves some really nice desserts, like the Berry Shortcake, which is made in-house with seasonal berries.

To top it all off, you can choose from an impressive collection of wine, and you can even ask the staff to whip up some cocktails to end your dinner in style.

Open every day from 11am to 9pm, Currents is one of the friendliest and best restaurants in Salida. It’s definitely worth a visit (or two).  

Address: 122 N F St, Salida, Colorado

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5. Bunny and Clyde’s Corner Cafe

Want good food in an equally nice atmosphere? Look no further than Bunny and Clyde’s, a sweet little cafe located just a few blocks away from the river on 203 W 1st St.

It’s small but cozy, and you can’t help but walk inside and feel at home. This place is a pretty popular lunch spot in the neighborhood, but not just because of the delicious food, but also for the friendly, lively vibe. On some days you’ll even find live music in their outdoor seating area, where you can listen and sing along in the sun.

While you hum to tunes, one of their salad bowls (we love the Curried Chicken Salad with its creamy dressing) will be a refreshing way to start your lunch. They’ve also got a whole load of vegan options, like the Thai Peanut Tofu or Bunny’s Broccoli Crunch, so if you eat plant-based this will be one of the best restaurants in Salida for you.

As for mains, you may be pleasantly surprised to find Indian curries on the menu. We especially recommend the Chicken Makhani – chunks of chicken in a buttery red sauce over some basmati rice – it’s bursting with flavor.

And oh, the puff pastry they do! One bite of this flaky, light, and sweet treat will take you straight to heaven and back. Pair that with one of their delicious smoothies and you’ve got yourself a satisfying lunch without shelling out too many bucks. 

Owner Ashli is also proud to serve some of the best soups in Salida, and you’ll usually see something different on the soup menu every other week.

Open every day from 8am to 4pm (but only till noon on Sundays), Bunny and Clyde’s is great for anything from a pre-hike morning pit stop to a lazy, late afternoon lunch.   

Address: 203 W 1st St, Salida, Colorado

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6. High Rockies Cuisine

You don’t always have to go to swanky, posh restaurants for good food – sometimes the little places can surprise you, and that’s exactly the case with High Rockies Cuisine.

Located inside Centennial Park in the heart of Salida, this little food truck is the perfect place to grab a quick but delicious bite while you’re out touring the city. There’s even nice places in the park where you can enjoy your meal surrounded by greenery. Sounds good right?

You may be surprised at the variety of food this truck can dish out from its little window. They’ve got juicy, delicious sandwiches with a whole load of options, but our favorite so far is The Bootsie. It comes with a mouth-watering blend of green chili, sausage, spinach, pepperoni, cheese, and honey mustard – a hearty, filling sandwich you can’t resist. Wash it down with a lemonade and you’ve got what we can only describe as a satisfied stomach! 

While the sandwiches here are great, you would be doing this little spot an injustice if you don’t try one of their breakfast pizzas. The Vinci, a mix of scrambled eggs, bacon, chili, cheese, and sunflower shoots, is the pizza we’d recommend and one that’s sure to make your stomach growl just by looking at it. Besides, who doesn’t want pizza for breakfast? 

With great flavor, large portions, reasonable prices, and quick service, High Rockies Cuisine is a lovely place to grab a bite. They’re open every day from 9am to 4pm for breakfast and lunch.

Address: 410 West Rainbow Blvd, Salida, Colorado

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7. Moonlight Pizza and Brewpub

When in town and craving pizza, Moonlight Pizza should be one of the first Salida restaurants on your list. Operating for over 25 years, they know their way around pizza which is why this has been a local’s go-to pizza place for years.

The spot is comfortable, laid-back and has a pretty straightforward interior, but that’s because they’ve saved all their fancy for the unbeatable pizzas. 

Since the dough is made in-house every day, their crusts are extremely good – just the perfect amount and cooked to perfection every time. The pizza itself comes loaded with toppings, so every bite is a mouthful of flavor.

The menu has a hefty list of pizzas to choose from – like classics such as Pepperoni and Cheese to more daring creations like the Hawaiian Cosmic. What’s our recommendation? The Spicy Moon Chicken, for sure. There’s something about that spiced chicken and mozzarella combo that we just can’t resist!

Along with the pizzas, you can also order sandwiches, calzones, and salads. All their sauces – even the salad dressings – are prepared in-house too, so you can expect freshness from every item on their menu.

Oh and, did we mention their in-house brewed beers and sodas? Those are well worth trying to. Prepared and stored with utmost care, this place even serves its beer at cellar temperature without any ice to provide the best flavor possible.

So on your next visit, don’t forget to cross Moonlight Pizza off your list of best Salida restaurants to try out. They’re open every day from 11am to 9pm.

Address: ​​242 F St, Salida, Colorado

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8. Mo Burrito 

Craving some Mexican food? Then drop by Mo Burrito, located in the heart of Salida, and you won’t be disappointed. We think this place is probably the best restaurant in Salida for getting your burrito fix and Mexican food cravings – think of it as a Chipotle, but only better, more homely, and tastier.

There’s plenty of seating so it doesn’t feel cramped, and they’ve got a full bar where there’s a wide array of cocktails and beer available for lunch and dinner. There’s also an outside patio where you can munch away while taking in views of the mountains!

But the real star is, of course, their burritos – a heavenly wrap that’s bursting with flavor and fresh ingredients. And when we say bursting, we mean it literally. Their burritos are huge and jam-packed with fillings.

They have a whole build-your-own-burrito concept too that is convenient and helps you get the best burrito for your taste. And if you love some heat, get the hot version of their salsa – it’s super spicy and enough to put all your heat cravings to rest. 

With sauces, salsas, and everything else made in-house daily, we think Mo Burrito does justice to Mexican cuisine. Whether you want to sit down and have a nice meal or need just a quick grab-and-go, this is a great spot and is open every day from 7 am to 8 pm. 

Address: 311 H St, Salida, Colorado

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The Best Restaurants In Salida: Our Final Thoughts

Salida is a great outdoor location for camping and hiking, but it has some equally impressive restaurants and cafes as well.

So the next time you’re driving through or planning to tour the city, why not drop by one of our favorite Salida restaurants and see exactly why we’re raving about them!


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