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Woolacombe is a beachside retreat in North Devon. This stunning sandy paradise is a drawing card for tourism throughout the summer. And while it stretches just a mere 3 miles, plenty is hidden in this quaint town – including an impressive dining scene.

From the beachfront hotels, the quirky, fun entertainment, and the world-class restaurants, Woolacombe is a gorgeous and unforgettable destination.

And speaking of restaurants, there’s no better way to immerse yourself into the stellar culture of the town than by indulging in their cuisines.

This gorgeous beachfront town is lined with out-of-this-world venues catering to many different cuisines, from seasonal British produce to French cafe fare and even Sri Lanken-inspired curries!

So when you’re soaking up the sun and need help deciding where to go to cure your cravings, look no further than Wandering Our World. We’ve delved into the crème de la crème and found you the top best restaurants in Woolacombe to enjoy.

Beach at Woolacombe, North Devon, UK
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Our Eight Favourite Restaurants In Woolacombe: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. The Beach House Restaurant

Bright, airy and laidback with plenty of fun events happening throughout the season, Beach House is Woolacombe’s own slice of paradise.

Get a taste of the laidback local scene with the Beach House Restaurant. Found in the Beach House Hostel, known for its patronage of young surfers and beach fanatics, This airy restaurant is a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the scenery of Woolacombe beach while tucking into a divine array of food.

The restaurant seems well suited to its beachy surroundings, using washed wood and bright, light colours to accentuate the decor. If you choose to sit front-of-house, you can watch the holiday town foot traffic bustle past through big bay windows. Or enjoy the view from the terrace if you prefer the open air.

You’d be surprised to find the natural light doesn’t diminish the deeper into the venue you sit. Partially because of the sweeping skylight that gives you a reprieve from the summer heat while still letting you enjoy that warming sunlight.

They also have a small bar, catering all the necessities to make brunches and dinners quite the fiesta, if you catch our drift.

Beach House Restaurant specializes in “casual,” which still translates to delicious meals. The food is noteworthy and certainly high-end, with locally sourced ingredients and fresh-from-the-ocean seafood like mussels available throughout their menus.

Catering both lunch and dinner, their small and concise menu is carefully altered to match each season. You can enjoy fresh Seafood Pasta or even a Thai curry if that suits your tastes. Each dish is finessed and plated to look like artwork, and the taste is even better! So make sure to put that in your Instagram hashtags.

And if you keep a watchful eye on their social media, you’ll also be the first to know about whatever fun events they have planned for the season. From karaoke, a stunning venue, and mouth-watering food, it’s easy to see why Beach House is one of the best restaurants in Woolacombe!

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 11 pm Mon – Sat; 12 pm to 6 pm Sun
  • Location: Granville Terrace, 3 West Rd, Woolacombe
Mussels and fries display
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2. The Porthole

A quaint beachside coffee hut serving delicious lunches, with a panoramic sea view.

The Porthole should definitely be your next stop if you’re looking for a cosy beachfront spot. This lovely little cafe is situated sand side, with the crisp ocean air flowing around their terraced seating.

It’s a quintessential hole-in-the-wall, tucked amongst the green banks leading down to the ocean. To say the view is panoramic is an understatement. It’s absolutely encapsulating.

The quaint little building might not look like much, like a small wooden beach hut, it’s been worn down by years of sun and salty air, but that simply adds to the charm! It’s the perfect little spot to settle down for a quick bite and an organic coffee before continuing to holiday to the sound of beating waves.

There’s not much in the way of seating; occasionally, if the weather permits, you’ll find a few small cafe tables plonked around their minute patio. But luckily, the majority of their menu bodes well for grab-and-go takeaways. What’s better than enjoying a picnic on the beach? Nothing!

They serve a bite-sized menu of essential lunch items. If you like sandwiches, they have a selection to choose from, including vegetarian options. As for the savouries, they’re a real treat! From the famed Porthole Sausage Roll to the Kimchi & Pork Scotch Egg, it’s a taste of homely British cuisine in a picturesque setting.

And, of course, in true beachfront cafe fashion, you can find a bevvy of organic coffees, hot beverages and cold drinks to satisfy your thirst. Pair it with one of the delectable pieces of cakes or pastries they sell at the counter, which are freshly baked daily.

  • Opening Hours: 10 am to 4 pm Mon – Sat; 9 am to 4 pm Sun
  • Location: Marine Dr, Woolacombe
cafe coffee and food selection
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3. Noel Corston

A unique dining experience in an award-winning venue serving seasonal tasting menus to limited patrons each evening.

Now moving on to an award-winning experience. Noel Corston is a Michelin-guide, award winning tasting restaurant found in the heart of North Devon’s UNESCO Reserve.

Their menu is based seasonally, uses local produce, and directly reflects the changing world around it. But because of this and the nature of where they’re situated, their opening days vary. So we’d advise calling well in advance to ensure a seat for this unforgettable dining experience.

Their restaurant is based around the land it’s built on and only uses ingredients that call the reserve home. Most of their dishes consist of game meat, fresh fish and plant life outside their doors.

Don’t worry, though. Noel Corston is adamant about maintaining the delicate biosphere around it; everything is sourced humanely and with care.

The menu itself is a tasting menu consisting of seasonal delicacies that rarely repeat themselves. Instead, the carefully curated meals are rotated every few weeks. As we’ve mentioned, it directly reflects the reserve around it. As a result, with seasonal variances, their dishes change too as time passes.

The small venue only hosts dinners of up to 8 patrons. Seating takes place around a bar-like setup, with romantic lighting and a contemporary urban design. Guests have the additional option of adding a wine flight to their meals, which are chosen to pair delightfully with whatever delicacies are on offer at the time.

The chefs prepare each dish in front of their guests, making for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. It’s dinner and a show if you’re positive enough!

The ratings bode well for Noel Corston’s reputation. As the only Michelin-Guide restaurant in town, it only seems fitting to include Noel Corston as one of Woolacombe’s best restaurants.

  • Opening Hours: Vary Seasonally; Not Set
  • Location: South St, Woolacombe
Chef adding drizzle to fine dining plate
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4. Meraki Coffee Co.

A small town coffee shop with a big heart, serving cups of steaming espressos and delicious pastries on the daily.

When it comes to getting your morning fix in Woolacombe, it doesn’t get better than Meraki Coffee Co. They’re here to indulge your latest craving with delicious coffees and mouthwatering pastries.

Their menu might be small, but they’ve made a strong impression on locals and tourists. With a delectable assortment of rich and creamy coffees to pick from, you can be sure to get the caffeine buzz going.

And to add to that morning sunshine is their selection of sweet and enticing pastries for the perfect breakfast in Woolacombe. They’re known for their Croissants, available to-go or for sit-down meals. You can have it sweet or savoury, and there’s an Emmental and Mushroom-packed option that will have you craving more!

But it doesn’t end there. They sell a range of pies, muffins, granola bowls and more. And if you’re in town on the right night, you might be lucky enough to catch them open late when The Street Porter brings the rambunctious tastes of Mexican Street Foods to the beloved cafe.

With a quaint and dainty shopfront that betrays their true character, you’d be surprised to find a rather expansive interior that stretches far beyond the counter.

It’s light and airy while maintaining a cosy feel that serves well for cold winters. And let’s face it when the days are short and snow’s falling, you want nothing more than a good cup of Hot Chocolate to keep those winter blues away.

For what it’s worth, they’re a quirky cafe with plenty to give the community. The staff are friendly, and you’ll often find regular patrons sitting around their favourite tables. It’s a short walk from the beach and has all the charm you’d want from a small-town coffeehouse.

  • Opening Hours: 8 am to  4 pm Daily
  • Location: 12 South St, Woolacombe
Selection of breakfast items
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5. The Jube

A hideaway pub with contemporary flare serving up gourmet cocktails and unforgettable pub grub.

You wouldn’t think it by looking at it, but The Jube in Woolacombe has been around for generations. It’s a fundamental part of the town’s history; the only thing that’s changed is the style.

Named after the Queen’s Jubilee, it’s a happening gastropub that’s provided locals and tourists alike with a slither of paradise for decades.

It’s a fresh and urban take on old traditional pubs with a contemporary style that’s bound to turn heads. From dark walls littered with art-deco mirrors to the swanky “leather” seats, it’s a luxury upheaval to what classic British Pubs used to be.

It’s spacious, with booths and tables aplenty to choose from. Pendant features give a romantic glow, while neon signs remind us of cutesy sayings to brighten our day. An expansive bar lined with golden taps creates a magical setup where expertly mixed cocktails, fresh beers, and ales are ready to be served up to eager patrons.

As for the food? They’ve paired up with The Lush Food Company to bring Gourmet Pub Grub to the table. Start with a selection of Tapas, which can be shared comfortably at the table. But as for the main course, we would recommend something other than sharing. It’s too darn good. Gourmet Burgers, Mac’n’Cheese, Tex Mex Chilli and more await their patrons.

It’s a vibrant, beating heart in the centre of Woolacombe and has often been likened to being one of the town’s best-kept secrets. We’re still determining that, but we are sure that The Jube is one of Woolacombe’s best restaurants and worth every adventure to find it.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 11 pm Sun – Thurs; 11 am to 12 am Fri & Sat
  • Location: The Jubilee Inn, South St, Woolacombe
bartender making cocktail
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6. Bar Electric

A terraced bar and restaurant with a globally inspired menu. You can always find something going on at Bar Electric, and are welcome to bring the dog along too!

We’ve always been fans of all-rounders, and Bar Electric is just that. Not only is it a Bar, but a cafe and restaurant too, with a delicious concoction of recipes on its menus waiting to be explored by the humble diner.

It’s understated but quirky, with printed wallpaper and the occasional wall hanging that makes you look twice. And at night, the name becomes apparent when blue fluorescents shower the dining room in a funky glow. Which looks rather awesome when staring at their “The Great Wave” mural.

And as one of the best restaurants in Woolacombe for outside dining thanks to their terrace, Bar Electric certainly wins first prize in our eyes.

That expansive terrace stretches out and offers panoramic oceanic views. It also provides a pet-friendly space, so people and their pups can enjoy a day of fun, and it often transforms into a stage for live music during the warmer months!

If you start feeling peckish, don’t worry, they’ve got plenty on offer. Their dishes take inspiration from global cuisines. Japanese Gyoza dumplings, Chicken Schwarma Flatbread and Gourmet Burgers are merely a handful of what they serve.

But notably, we have to mention their esteemed Stone-Baked Pizzas. Each is hand-crafted from imported Italian flours, rolled and spun to create something perfectly imperfect. And with the option to add your own toppings, you can make a finite menu seem endless by creating your own extraordinary pizzas.

When the sun starts setting, and you see that famous blue hue come to life inside, know it’s time to head to the bar and grab one of their freshly prepared cocktails too.

There’s always something going on at Bar Electric. They add a dash of vibrant nightlife to the small town, which is why they’re one of our favourite restaurants in Woolacombe.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Location: Beach Road, Woolacombe
wood fired pizza on table
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/JulyProkopiv

7. Barricane Beach Cafe

A pop-up beachfront restaurant famed for their incredible Sri Lankan curries.

If you chat to locals about the best restaurants in Woolacombe to visit, Barricane Beach Cafe will be a name you hear often.

Like a mythical creature, they pop up throughout the summer season to bring insanely decadent Sri Lankan delicacies to Woolacombe before disappearing in winter like a ship in the night.

Yes, the little shanty shack overlooking Barricane Beach doesn’t look like much, but they’re one of the best places in North Devon to get your hands on Authentic Sri Lankan curries.

They’re very much a pop-up restaurant, operating out of a refurbished shipping container where the dining is always open air. Their tables are set on the beach, so your toes can wiggle in the sand while you tuck into a feast fit for a king.

But we must let you know that because of the nature of the restaurant, they depend entirely on good weather. So you need to watch their social media to see when the curries are cooking. They’re extremely popular, and while they might be open until 7 pm in season, they only serve curries for as long as they have stock.

And you’re in luck; if you come through around lunchtime and aren’t in the mood for a curry, they have plenty of other options too, including stuffed baguettes and ciabatta bread.

So find your way down to this small strip of beach, bring a picnic mat and your friends. Set up a little spot near the wall and settle down to enjoy a delicious and famed Barricane Beach Cafe curry while people-watching until the sun sets.

  • Opening Hours: 10 am to 7 pm Daily; In Season
  • Location: Woolacombe Rise, Woolacombe
Assorted curries on table
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Roxiller

8. Bay Brasserie

A laidback, inspired venue in Woolacombe Bay Hotel that caters for the whole family, even the dog!

Part of the Woolacombe Bay Hotel, Bay Brasserie brings a refined taste to the local town for all walks of life. They serve up Brasserie cuisine, which for those who don’t know, simply means down-to-earth, casual eats.

The setting is perfect, with a beautiful and comfortable dining area, a terrace and a dog-friendly atmosphere. The whole family is welcome to enjoy a laidback meal at Bay Brasserie.

They cater for Lunch, Tea and Dinner, with a delectable selection on offer. Their inspiration is broad, and while the term “brasserie” may be French, the cuisine is not. Instead, you’ll find a selection of Mediterranean dishes shared amidst pages of delicious British classics.

The ingredients are fresh and catered for by local suppliers, making each dish refreshingly wholesome, and packed full of flavour.

You can indulge your senses in a few of their small plates like gorgeous Smoked Ham Hock or even Deu Loch Salmon. If you have a large party, be sure to see their platters to share, which include an eclectic mix of Mediterranean favours we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

When you’re ready for the main course, be prepared for a bevvy of delicious options. While you could play it safe and order a pizza, we’d suggest diving further into the menu. For example, catch of the day fish served with seasonal veggies or even one of their delectable pasta.

Finish off with one of their sweet desserts or a cheese board if you’d prefer, and sit back to watch the sun dip over the horizon while sipping on a glass of wine.

The Bay Brasserie is here to cater to families too. Note that the little ones also have specific menus for the same wonderful flavours in smaller packages.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 8:30 pm Daily
  • Location: South St, Woolacombe
Cheese board
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The Best Restaurants In Woolacombe: Our Final Thoughts

So when you’re on your next summer vacay to the white sandy beaches of Woolacombe, try out the local cuisine.

Whether you’re looking for something high-end, or a laidback vibe with an ocean view, the restaurants in Woolacombe have it all, and the food is delicious too!


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