Shortlist: Eight Superb Restaurants In Wilmslow That Locals Love!

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Wilmslow is far from a shy civil parish. As small as the town may seem, it is flooded with an itinerary of fun adventures. The streets are packed with designer and artisanal retailers, giving this little patch of Cheshire a big personality.

It also happens to play host to a bevy of masterful chefs at several fantastic eateries scattered throughout the town. Every taste is catered for by passionate restauranteurs, itching to bring exotic as well as local flavours to the people of Wilmslow. Foodies will be delighted to have the opportunity to run rampant here, where even the most unassuming cafe offers something fantastic.

So if you’re on an adventure of your own and happen to be passing through, you’re in luck. You’ve just stumbled across our list of the best restaurants in Wilmslow that are a definite must-try before you leave!

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The Best Restaurants In Wilmslow: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Potyo

Inspired by the coastline of India, Potyo creates a one-of-a-kind authentic Indian experience for those who enjoy exotic flavours.

Situated in the heart of Wilmslow, is a gateway to the golden coasts of Goa. Inspired by a holiday to the Malabar of India, the owners had the ingenious idea to bring their destination’s hospitality and vibrance to the UK with them. Thus Potyo was born, and the refreshingly exotic flavours of the Goan region were brought to life.

Inventively recreating the shell of what was once an old Tailor’s store, they’ve built a two-storey paradise to share their story and a passion for excellent cuisine with their neighbours.

The restaurant is dainty but packs a lot of personality. Finely decorated with royal blues and soft sand-hued woods, it feels suiting for a restaurant inspired by an oceanic getaway. Up the spiral staircase, you can find another area suitable for additional dining space, which also acts as an event space for yoga classes and more.

The Malabar is a stunning feature of India. It is renowned for its food and vibrant culture, so it’s only fitting that the same applies to Potyo. The dishes bring the warmth and aromatic flavours of an untapped niche, possibly unlike any other Indian restaurant you’ve ever experienced.

With signature dishes like Meen Pollichutto and Chicken Caffreal, you will be delighted by an ancient and artistic cooking style rarely seen outside its country of origin. Each ingredient featured in their dish is meticulously selected to bring a depth of flavour and rich quality to your meal that will make it unforgettable.

Luckily, the restaurant is in good hands and has a bright future, as its stellar ratings have already implied. Owners Jason and Milena have years of experience in the industry and throw their heart and soul into displaying it with pride.

One thing’s for sure; you will leave here feeling like a Greedy Boy, which is, incidentally, what Potyo translates to!

  • Opening Hours: Closed Mon; 5 -10 pm Mon – Thurs; 12 – 3pm, 5 – 11pm Fri & Sat
  • Location: 9 Bank Square, Wilmslow
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2. Casa Italia

A throwback to traditional Italian cuisine in a relaxed contemporary venue.

There’s so much to say about the refined taste of Italian cuisine. The versatility has made it one of the most in-demand cuisines globally. As a result, it has seen variations spring up in abundance over the years.

However, Casa Italia digs deeper into its roots to offer diners an authentic experience based on the home-grown habits of real Italian-blooded restauranteurs.

It can get fairly busy here, especially towards the weekend, so a reservation is encouraged to guarantee your chance at diving into Casa Italia’s rich and delicious meals.

The menu offers the familiar comfort of an overwhelming abundance of choices to suit any taste. But, mostly they pour their masterful talents into creating an assortment of pasta dishes and some additional mains for good measure.

You can find familiarity in the lasagnas and cannelloni and an exciting fresh arrangement of pasta built around the complex flavours of imported Italian cheeses and sauces.

However, suppose you’re not pasta inclined. In that case, you’ll be ecstatic to tuck into one of their mains. They celebrate farm-fresh sustainable meats and elevate their tender tastes with mouth-watering flare.

End it with a dessert wine or a sweet treat from their dessert options and feel the meal settle into your stomach.

The owners pride themselves on an authentic Italian experience, which brings about one undeniable fact. Patrons are treated as friends and the staff like family, which bodes incredibly well for the calibre of service at what is easily one of the best restaurants in Wilmslow.

  • Opening Hours: Closed Mon; 10 am – 9 pm Tues – Thurs; 10 am – 10 pm Fri & Sat; 11 am to 6 pm Sun
  • Location: 12 Alderley Rd, Wilmslow
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3. Wood Fire Smoke Restaurant

Hand-made pizzas, brick and mortar rustic, what more could you want in a trendy pizzeria in Wilmslow?

There’s hardly a more popular comfort food than a pizza. So when the crew behind the Wood Fire Smoke Restaurant was offered an opportunity to open up a brick-and-mortar venue, they couldn’t resist bringing the delicious fast-paced world of Naples pizzas to Wilmslow.

Their pizza is a slice above the rest. Using cutting-edge cooking techniques, the Italians have mastered creating incredible pizzas that are ready in just a short minute.

It’s all about the dough, which is hand-made and rested for 48 hours before being rolled out into a thin “circle” to catch all the toppings. It’s a soft, pliable dough that cooks incredibly quickly, known as “Sourdough.” This dough is specific to the Naples region of Italy, and it truly is an indulgent treat.

Their menu consists mainly of a wide variety of pizzas, including a build-your-own option that allows you to pick from the bevy of ingredients available.

But we must admit, the one menu item that had us sold was the Arancini appetizers. Deep-fried rice balls packed with creamy, oozing mozzarella and served with a red pepper sauce. One is enough to tantalize your tastebuds for the entree, and two would just be over-indulgent but well worth it.

The restaurant mirrors a rustic Italian style and is squarely located amidst a bustling business hub. So be warned; it can get busy, but the wait time is hardly a problem with the speedy service.

They’re popular for private functions and often see the likes of business lunches and parties filling their tables throughout the week. They describe their restaurant as having a “Real atmosphere”; in this regard, we couldn’t agree more!

It’s passion, it’s fire, it’s pizza and it’s one of the best restaurants in Wilmslow too!

  • Opening Hours: 12 – 10 pm Mon to Sat; 12 – 9 pm Sun
  • Location: 31 Water Ln, Wilmslow  
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4. Nourish

Swanky cafe where the food is healthy and tasty, coffee is always hot, and it always buzzes with activity.

As the world endeavours to bring about a new age of healthy eating, Thomas Groves struggled to find a good, healthy food restaurant in local Wilmslow. After much thought, he decided to take this niche market by storm and opened up Nourish.

Nourish is reminiscent of the upmarket trendiness of London. Its cool and cozy interior is accentuated with lime green and white. Greenery springs from the walls and statement lanterns drape the well-lit tables to add to the appeal. The inspiration seems Scandinavian, which further cements the idea of healthy living.

Of course, the food is the real star of the show. As a cafe-style restaurant, you’ll be able to find a delicious selection of globally-inspired all-day breakfasts and lunches.

Word on the street is that Nourish is home to the best full English in Wilmslow, and it seems many agree! And, what’s better is that most of their menu items also come as vegetarian and vegan options. Personally, we can’t get over the idea of the Guilt Free Treat, a Soul Vegan Bronut that’s gluten-free. It just doesn’t seem right that something so healthy could taste so darn good!

And when it comes to their heartier fare for lunch, oh boy, are you in for a treat! The options surpass many expectations, with signature favourites like the Cashew and Avocado Pesto Pasta described as nothing less than extraordinary.

What started as a simple concept has fast-grown into one of most beloved restaurants in Wilmslow. With health freaks and foodies alike fawning over the delicious creations flowing from the kitchen.

It also helps that you get a stiff cup of coffee and freshly squeezed juice to quench your thirst. They’re busiest around lunchtime, so be sure to get there early! Definitely one of our favourite restaurants in Wilmslow.

  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 4 pm Daily
  • Location: 11 Bank Square, Wilmslow
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5. Hickory’s Smokehouse

A tribute to American BBQ with a stunning greenhouse terrace for the best slow-cooked meat experience in Wilmslow.

Hickory’s Smokehouse is undeniably one of the best restaurants in Wilmslow. Not just for the delicious take on Southern-style American cuisine but the absolutely gorgeous venue it resides in.

Located at the edge of Wilmslow, Hickory’s is a step outside the urban environment that’s welcoming and whimsical at the same time. When you come across the bright country-style home, the standout feature is the garden room that stretches out from the building. It offers a closed environment close to nature, where guests can still be encapsulated by the gorgeous scenery, all while being shielded by a greenhouse terrace.

As anyone who has ever visited America knows, Southern Hospitality isn’t just a concept. It exists to bring people together over incredible food and neighbourly charm, which Hickory’s Smokehouse has by the bucket-full.

The owners were inspired by a cross-country road trip that led to the creation of Hickory’s. Now residents of Wilmslow will be able to tuck into some sticky-sweet barbeque of their own. They even learned the tricks of the trade to ensure the utmost authenticity and quality of their meals.

The menu is packed full of American staples, with brunch items including the world-famous Chicken Fried Waffle and thick stacks of American pancakes dripping in sweet syrup. Then, with abundant curiosity, you’ll finally be able to taste a genuine Corndog and tuck into those whopping Pretzels you always see in movies.

Direct from the Smokehouse, you can fill up on generous portions of slow-cooked meats like a Texas Style Brisket that falls apart on the fork or slow-smoked Pulled Pork. If your stomach can handle even more, we recommend trying their infamously huge Smokehouse Platter, which allows you to indulge in all their finest smokehouse delicacies.

Overall, Hickory’s Smokehouse is a stunning venue that befits the family-friendly atmosphere! Welcoming staff and incredible food await you inside.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 11 pm Daily
  • Location: Boddington Arms, Racecourse Rd, Wilmslow
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6. The Clink Restaurant Styal

A charity kitchen aimed at giving prisoners a new lease on life, serving a cafe-style menu that’s simply delicious.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience, we recommend visiting The Clink Restaurant Styal. This charity kitchen is a surprisingly great initiative where serving prisoners are responsible for creating the delicious menu.

The concept behind The Clink is to allow prisoners to become NVQ qualified in the food industry, thus giving them a new life once their time is up.

The Styal venue is built in an old chapel, where light drips through big bag windows and illuminates a surprisingly refined interior. Everything you see, from the leather-clad chairs to the tables, is hand-made by the prisoners and are a classy addition to the converted chapel.

Their menu serves gourmet and artisanal meals that are part of the prisoners’ qualification modules. You’ll be able to indulge in mouth-watering breakfasts, brunches and lunches that even cater to vegan patrons.

The menus vary per season and as per the course modules to include the delicate treats that help their chefs earn their coats. Everything is made from scratch daily, including the bread. They even offer beverages menu featuring Seedlip which is a botanical spirit made from ancient methods.

On Sundays, you can join them for a classic Sunday Lunch that includes all of our favourite roasts alongside some rather bougie appetizers and desserts. The ingredients are all meticulously chosen to meet the utmost quality portrayed by the restaurant.

The restaurant is a friendly initiative that’s welcoming and open to everyone. Plus, you get the added bonus of knowing you’ve helped assist people in creating a new life for themselves at the end of their sentences.

  • Opening Hours: Closed Mon & Tues; 8:30 am – 2 pm Wed to Sat; 9 am to 3:30 pm Sun
  • Location: HMP, Styal Rd, Wilmslow
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7. Suburban Green

A trendy urban tapas bar and wine cellar that host live events in their stunning dog-friendly indoor-outdoor venue.

Now for something a little different. Although Suburban Green seems more suited to the high-end upmarket facilities in the heart of London, this bougie Tapas Bar is a step into new territory for small town Wilmslow.

We’re not complaining, though! Everyone craves a taste for the high life, and one of the best restaurants in Wilmslow to offer it would be Suburban Green.

This quaint venue oozes chic style and cool urban charm that’s bound to make it one of your favourite restaurants. Contrasting oranges and blues surround the bar, while the front of the restaurant opens up to create a bright and airy indoor-outdoor space for patrons to enjoy.

They’ve also introduced a private dining area known as “The Box” which is a perfect little space to host all occasions.

They specialise in small plates, offering up a mixture of tasty delicacies that pair perfectly with the insane collection of booze and cocktails the bar offers.

The ingredients are usually locally-sourced, and the menu offers a diverse range of choices to suit even the fussiest palate. Not limited to the traditional Mediterranean tapas, you’ll be able to tuck into bites of Buttermilk Chicken, Torched Feta and even a range of seafood!

While the menu centres around small plates, you’ll also be happy to know that more gut-busting meals like burgers and wraps are available for a fuller stomach.

And the drinks? Oh wow! We’re not just coming for the coffee but also the tangy taste of craft cocktails. The bar is a fully stocked heaven for social affairs and is well equipped to bring out your confidence with The Spice of Life or even a No-And-Lo for the designated drivers.

So dress yourself up and be ready to treat yourself to one of the most sociable restaurants in Wilmslow.

  • Opening Hours: 9:30 am – 11 pm Sun to Thurs; 9:30 am to 1 am Fri & Sat
  • Location: 4 Hawthorn Ln, Wilmslow
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8. The Easy Fish Company

A seafood paradise in a down-to-earth venue supplied by independent fish mongers, with a cool outdoor patio for summer days.

For foreign visitors, nothing screams the UK louder than a classic Fish’n’Chips. In Wilmslow, there’s only one place (or Plaice, should we say) to get your fix. The Easy Fish Company is a fish market that is simply the best seafood restaurant in town.

Supplied by local and independent fishmongers, you’re guaranteed the cream of the crop when it comes to ocean delicacies. Exceptional quality haddock, hake and shellfish line their cold section while the chefs passionately prepare an array of seafood dishes in the kitchen.

You can start off with a small bite to warm up your tastebuds. We’d suggest a Breadboard to share or even the Seared Scallops if you want the full experience.

For mains, you can indulge in a deep-fried Beer Battered Haddock paired with thick-cut chips and mushy peas. Or if you want something with a bit of zest, you can’t go wrong with fresh Seafood Paella!

The restaurant offers both a trendy interior dining room and a curbside patio where guests can soak up the good weather on the right days. The dark of the building contrasts the light and vibrant dining room, where the sun pours through the big storefront windows.

Colourful murals dot the walls, while an open wine rack hints at the bar’s collection of nightcaps that can pair wonderfully with the light flavours of your meal.

The friendly staff are there to help you every step of the way and offer unforgettable hospitality that simply adds to the quaint restaurant’s overall charm.

  • Opening Hours: Closed Sun – Tues; 12 pm – 12 am Wed – Sat
  • Location: 100-102 Water Ln, Wilmslow
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The Best Restaurants In Wilmslow: Our Final Thoughts

Don’t be fooled by Wilmslow’s small-town charm. It’s packed full of some of the best dining experiences in Cheshire.

So whether you’re passing through or planning on staying a while, we encourage you to visit our favourite restaurants in Wilmslow. After all, “Nothing brings people together like good food.”


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