8 Restaurants In Swift Current That Locals Love For Food & Vibes!

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Although it may not be the most touristy spot in Saskatchewan, Swift Current is worth a stop if you want to check out some of the local attractions. 

This, of course, includes dining at some incredible eateries, which may not be the most trendy, but are certainly full of that small-town charm and wonder.

So to help you pick the right places, here are some of our favorite restaurants in Swift Current, offering everything from Indian, Greek, and Korean fare to classic comfort food.

Bon appetit!

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Our Top Eight Restaurants In Swift Current: Food Worth Waiting For! 

1. Nightjar Diner 

A seasonal menu of refined classics focused on local produce served in a relaxed and chic dining area 

It might have the word diner attached to its name, but Nightjar Diner is more than just burgers and milkshakes.

It’s a culinary experience unlike anywhere in town, featuring a seasonally rotating menu of fresh local produce and elevated classics.

It was established in 2018, though they’re always so busy (and even have a new location in Regina) that you’d think it’s been around for a few successful decades. With a tastefully decorated interior, their dining space is quite comfortable but still chic, with comfy booths alongside four bar tops at the counter. 

We’d say it’s quite a stylish little place to enjoy a gourmet quality entree, made from scratch and served on patterned vintage china. Everything is prepared meticulously and with painstaking care, but we promise you’ll devour it all in just a few minutes.

And although the menu changes seasonally, you’ll find super hit staples like chicken and waffles drizzled with garlic honey butter, a fantastic Korean fried chicken sandwich with kimchi slaw, and a classic cheeseburger with some homemade bacon jam and pickled shallots in it.

Splurge-worthy dinner entrees include handmade pasta, juicy steaks paired with complex complementary elements, and grazing boards spread with premium ingredients. Do pair it with some of their creative cocktails.

You might have to get a reservation for dinner though, as this place has limited seating and is one of the busiest restaurants in Swift Current. They’re open between Monday-Saturday, 11.30 am onwards.  

Address: 325 Central Ave N, Swift Current, SK 

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2. Curry Town

Authentic Indian fare served in a casual yet stylish dining space with traditional art 

As one of Swift Current’s most popular restaurants, Curry Town serves up a vast menu of refined Indian fare.

Established in 2019, this little slice of India in southern Saskatchewan will dazzle you with its bold curries, spicy street food, and fluffy naans, all served in a small but pretty dining space.

Traditional art grace the walls and some cute decor here and there make dining here very pleasant, not to forget the phenomenal and professional staff. 

The food is even better, of course, and locals and passersby find themselves delighted every time they dine here. Everything always tastes fresh with big flavors and comes in heaping portions so you might have leftovers to take away.

Try the ginger-infused mango chicken curry, the ultra-creamy butter chicken, the soulful and comforting lamb coconut curry, or some juicy tikkas.

Alongside vegetarian entrees like aloo gobhi and paneer tikka masala, you’ll also find traditional street food such as samosas, pakoras, and papadums.

It’s a gastronomic experience you definitely don’t want to miss out on, so catch them open every day from 11.30 am onwards and noon onwards on Sundays.

Address: 1081 Central Ave N #12, Swift Current, SK 

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3. Akropol

Greek fare and other comfort foods served in a contemporary setting with a lounge area and patio 

As one of the more polished restaurants in Swift Current, Akropol has remained in business (and under the ownership of the same family) since 1962, thanks to its delectable comfort fare with an unmistakable Greek flair.

With its spacious lounge area, trendy layout, comfy upholstery, and a very contemporary vibe, it’s a staple among locals who wish to kick back and chill over good food and drinks.

They’ve even got a nice little patio – something uncommon in this town – as owner John goes out of his way to make people feel welcome and comfortable in every area of his restaurant.

Very few places can have an extensive and eclectic menu while keeping the food standard high, but this place is clearly one of them.

The Greek side of it features favorites like souvlaki and homemade tzatziki, spanakopita, gyros, and some homemade honey-filled and liquor-drizzled baklava.

Other highlights include maple-glazed salmon skewers, buttered lobster tail, hefty burgers, and juicy steaks.

They’re also known for some of the best pizza in town – try the Spinach and Cheese or the spicy Thai Chicken option – alongside plenty of beers and cocktails.

Gluten-free folks will find themselves spoilt for choice too.

Swing by between Monday-Saturday, 11 am onwards for clinking glasses together in one of the most aesthetic restaurants in Swift Current. 

Address: 133 Central Ave N, Swift Current, SK

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4. Miso House 

Humble family-run place serving authentic Korean and Japanese fare including sushi

Miso House may not be the most stylish eatery in town, but it definitely has some of the best Korean and Japanese food in a 100-mile radius.

Unassuming, no-frills, and down-to-earth, it’s a small family-run business that strives to serve the freshest of home-cooked meals. So grab a seat in their quaint little dining area that’s roomy, clean, and full of those friendly neighborhood eatery vibes, and prepare to be amazed.

Whether it’s sushi, bibimbap, or some bulgogi, they’ve got you covered for pretty much all the Korean and Japanese staples.

For starters, we recommend the tempura – veggie or prawn, your pick – and some edamame too. Sushi includes an apple sauce drizzled deep-fried california roll, chicken teriyaki with apple roll, and vegetarian varieties like the yam, avocado, and cucumber roll.

Meanwhile, the loaded bowls of vibrant poke and various bibimbap are enticing as anything, and the unagi BBQ, spicy bulgogi, and deep-fried pork cutlets will have you ditching all your calorie-burning plans.

Better yet, taste a bit of everything with their neatly-arranged bento boxes that come with miso soup, tempura, and their special homemade kimchi. 

Pair it with some liquor or some Korean ginseng tea, and you’ll be planning your next visit here before you even leave. Find them open Tuesday-Sunday, 11 am onwards.

Address: 285 North Service Rd W, Swift Current, SK

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5. Casey’s Dining Room

Buffet of authentic Chinese food and Canadian fare served in a beautiful and spacious dining space with traditional Chinese decor 

Downtown Swift Current’s most popular Chinese restaurant happens to be Casey’s Dining Room – a family business run by Doug and Kerry Lam since 1993.

This isn’t your average Chinese eatery – they’ve got a buffet of fresh-off-the-stove authentic Chinese entrees every day, exceptionally accommodating service, and a rather grand-looking dining space.

The interior is fully carpeted with an oriental flair and an enormous piano often played on special occasions. Although casual and relaxed, the place is well fitting for a dinner date or celebratory dinners. 

A plethora of Chinese delicacies that grace the menu means you’ve got seemingly endless choices here. Pork dumplings, wonton soup, salads, and much more can be savored as appetizers, while mains have everything from stir-fried beef, chicken, pork, or seafood with fresh veggies tossed in intensely-flavored savory sauces.

Chow Mein, Singaporean fried noodles, curries, and specialties like Peking duck are also up for grabs. If you opt for the buffet (like most people do here), you’ll have lots of choices between fresh hot food that’s unlike any buffet in the area.

There are plenty of gluten-free items on the buffet too, and they’ve also got comfort classics like beef sliders, chicken fingers, and hearty roast beef sammies. 

Find them open Monday-Saturday, 11 am – 2 pm for lunch and 5 pm – 8 pm for dinner.

Address: 245 Central Ave N A1, Swift Current, SK

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6. Montaha’s Bistro

Cozy little place specializing in authentic Lebanese fare prepared from scratch and served in huge portions

Lebanese cuisine has never tasted better in Swift Current, thanks to the love and passion Montaha’s Bistro pour into their food.

This quaint little eatery is family-run, so expect soulful and authentic dishes so good that you’ll want seconds and thirds.

Although the dining space is small, the vibe is homey and cozy, and it’ll feel a lot like discovering a hidden gem in an oasis of chains. There are some outdoor tables at the storefront too for those who’d like to soak in the sun.

Montaha bills itself as ‘Feeds You Like Family’, and the locals couldn’t agree more. With homemade fare that’s served in the heartiest of portions in an unpretentious manner with such friendly staff, you’ll really feel like family here.

Although the menu has classic burgers and pizza too (which are just as drool-worthy), you’ll want to hone in on the Lebanese delicacies.

Start with something like the cumin-infused lentil soup or some refreshing Batata Harra (skillet potatoes). Shawarma, gyros, and a juicy chicken souvlaki wrap are all excellent choices, and if you feel adventurous, a butter chicken sandwich with chili aioli is available too.

A more wholesome choice would be their Lebanese BBQ platter with beef and chicken shish kebabs and a garlic sauce that’ll have you licking the container clean. There are vegetarian options with falafels and gluten-free picks too.

Drop by between Monday-Saturday from 11 am onwards, and don’t forget to grab a cup of their strong Chai once you’re done.

Address: 321 Central Ave N Suite 1, Swift Current, SK

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7. Pizza Stop

Popular family-run pizza parlor offering hearty and sizable pizzas in classic flavors for takeout and delivery

Owned by a lovely and hospitable family, Pizza Stop is easily one of the best restaurants in Swift Current for the most satisfying pies you’ll come across in the area.

When we tell you people absolutely rave over their pizzas, we mean it. They only offer take-out and delivery at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped them from being one of the town’s best pizzerias.

Their menu doesn’t have any out-of-the-box pizza creations and mainly sticks to the classics. Even so, you’ll find everything to be ever-so-delectable. The secret lies in the homemade sauces and quality ingredients, all topped over the fluffiest of thick crusts that are perfectly crispy on the outside.

They don’t skimp on toppings either – something they’re well-known for – and you’ll find your pies loaded to the brim with cheese, thick-cut meats, and fresh veggies while still being able to taste the crust.

Try the spinach and feta pizza, the Canadian bacon and pepperoni loaded one, or a teriyaki chicken and pineapple pie that might not be your first choice but will definitely surprise you with its flavors. 

The creamy lasagna and baked spaghetti have never really disappointed anyone either. Find this hidden gem open Monday-Saturday, 11 am onwards, and 3 pm onwards on Sundays. 

Address: 144 1 Ave NW, Swift Current, SK

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8. Springs Garden

Long-running eatery serving homestyle classics in a vibrant and family-friendly atmosphere 

Nothing sounds better than home-cooked comfort food when you’re on the go, and Springs Garden has kept everyone’s cravings satisfied with fresh and hot meals for decades.

Serving hearty Canadian classics from dawn to dusk, they are one of those neighborhood eateries that have generations of loyal customers and warm friendly vibes that make you feel at home.

Despite being an age-old establishment, their newly renovated interior is bright, spacious, and welcoming and will certainly add to the overall experience.

As for the menu, expect everything from finger foods, pasta, steaks, and sandwiches, alongside hearty breakfast picks. Everything is scratch-made, so they’re always more than willing to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

Hits from among the appetizers include cheddar bacon and sour cream-loaded potato skins, or some Superbowl nachos served with homemade salsa.

Their burgers are crowd-pleasers too, as is the Manchurian sizzler that includes beef, chicken, and veggies tossed in a sweet and savory sauce.

Heartier picks like liver and onions, lasagna, and a beautifully juicy NY steak with a mushroom demi-glace are pretty great options too. It’s not fancy food, but it’s definitely really, really good food. 

Pair it with some beers and wines, and it’s a wholesome and fulfilling meal of home-cooked goodness. They operate every day of the week from 8 am to 9 pm. 

Address: 1 Springs Dr, Swift Current, SK

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The Best Restaurants In Swift Current: Our Final Thoughts 

You’d be surprised at just how incredible some of these restaurants in Swift Current can be. Give our favorite places a go and you’ll know what we mean!


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