8 Restaurants In Port Elgin That Locals Love For Food, Fun & Vibes!

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Thanks to its prime location on the Saugeen shores, Port Elgin is a picturesque tourist town with a thriving downtown scene and a whole lot of stuff to do for the outdoorsy folks. This includes dining at some really good eateries!

That’s why to help you out, we’ve curated a bunch of our favorite restaurants in Port Elgin and show you what makes them unique below.

Experience everything from rustic Italian cuisine to hearty seafood, burgers, and even some fine wining and dining in this charming little town.

Bon appetit! 

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Our Top Eight Restaurants In Port Elgin: Food Worth Waiting For! 

1. The Berkshire 

Locavore eatery serving scratch-made fare in an elegant yet casual environment with patio seating during warm months

What used to be known as Andres Swiss Country Dining transformed into The Berkshire when Joel and Julie decided to fulfill their dreams of running their very own restaurant in 2019.

Just a few years later, it now stands as one of the most charming fine dining restaurants in Port Elgin, popular among those looking for a quiet date night and great food.

Just from the outside, it looks like a quaint little cottage, and dining in their cozy and homey dining rooms feels quite intimate and warm. Folded napkins grace the tables for that fine dining feel, but the vibe is relaxed and even casual.

When weather permits, they’ve even got a wonderful patio with shaded picnic tables and pretty flowers.

Chef Joel uses local produce and sources his meat from Beefway – Bruce County’s favorite spot for locally grown meats. Everything he creates is made from scratch-made ingredients and made-to-order, which is a big plus point.

He’s got a rotating menu of seasonal produce that sees many additions throughout the year, but some stuff sticks around.

Appetizers like the black pepper-crusted beef carpaccio with parsley puree and pickled oyster mushrooms, or the roasted bone marrow with caper salad sets the bar for the rest of the meal. Entree options are few, but each of them is well-thought-out and paired with various elements to create unusual yet exciting flavor combos.

Whether it’s the catch of the day, the melt-in-the-mouth braised pork shoulder, or the schnitzels – an all-time favorite, you’ll be left captivated and impressed with these dishes. 

Pair these high-end-looking plates with some of their wines, and you’ll feel like you’re in some bougie Toronto eatery rather than in little Port Elgin.

Do reserve tables in advance as they get booked fast – they’re open Wednesday-Saturday, 5 pm onwards, though timings may change seasonally. 

Address: 442 Goderich St, Port Elgin, ON

Chef adding drizzle to fine dining plate
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2. Lord Elgin Fish and Chips 

Long-running restaurant serving fish and chips in a spacious, casual, and family-friendly space with some outdoor tables 

How good can fish and chips get? Turns out, it can be one of the most memorable things you’ll ever taste when you dine at Lord Elgin Fish and Chips.

Known for its exceptionally good batter thanks to an age-old family recipe, this mom-and-pop eatery has been around since 1980.

They have since expanded into bigger venues to accommodate the flocks of hungry locals and tourists, and the original owners have now decided to retire after 26 years. They still have the same top-tier quality food and service, though, and continue to impress folks all over Bruce County.

Inside their dining area, there’s plenty of seating and fun nautical-themed decor, with very friendly and accommodating staff to further enhance the experience. You can also settle on their outdoor tables under umbrellas when the weather is nice and sunny.

It’s a very fast-casual vibe here, but let’s be honest – you’re not here for the atmosphere, but rather that beautifully crispy bite of fish and chips, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Light, non-greasy, and perfectly seasoned, this batter is what makes the fish such an irresistible crispy-golden delight. Whether it’s the halibut that’s hand-cut in-house, cod, or even shrimp, you’ll be in fried-food heaven tasting these.

Get some crispy fries or baked potatoes to go with it, and some of their incredibly good coleslaw and homemade tartar sauce, and you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

Other menu highlights include a homemade seafood chowder that’s thick, creamy, and oh-so-rich.

Pair it with some of the beers or wines, and don’t forget to take home some of the frozen fish and chips they’ve got for the at-home Lord Elgin experience. 

Find them open Wednesday-Saturday, 12 – 7.30 pm for some of the best fish and chips you’ll ever have (no kidding!).

Address: 5128 ON-21, Saugeen Shores, ON

Fish and chips with beer
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3. Ristorante Rosina 

Classy local eatery serving Southern Italian cuisine featuring local produce, live music, and a casual patio setting 

As one of the few upscale restaurants in Port Elgin, it’s no surprise that owners Steven and Barb’s Ristorante Rosina remains fully booked on most nights.

Serving modern Southern Italian fare using local produce, they offer a seasonal menu featuring some of the best Italian food in and around Bruce County.

The place is the perfect example of casual meets classy because as much as their dining room is modern, bright, and sleek, you’ll find yourself in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere to tuck into some delicious food.

Even their patio is quite relaxed and available when the weather permits. Top it off with the live music they’ve often got, and you’ll be hooked in no time.

Their food, though, is far from casual. You’ll experience modern takes on rustic Italian flavors at this Saugeen shore staple, where local produce takes center stage.

Everything is scratch-made here, down to the pasta, pizza dough, and sauces, so you know you’re in for a treat.

Dinner features a tight-knit menu of seasonal delicacies, though their appetizer list is quite elaborate. The ideal way to start is with a charcuterie board highlighting seasonal cheese, focaccia bread, nuts, dips, meats, and more.

Next up, try their authentic stone-baked pizzas, which are also available in a crispy thin and GF crust.

The pasta dishes are pretty innovative, such as the lobster carbonara that features guanciale (cured pig cheeks) and corn. Entrees are just as impressive, so expect stuff like elk wellington and seasonal fresh seafood paired with flavorsome elements.

Get some of their fantastic wines to complement all this great food, and you’re all set.

You can also come for lunch on Friday (11.30 am – 2 pm). And in case the prices are a little high for you, check out their weekly features, such as pasta for two Wednesday nights. Find them open Tuesday-Saturday from 5 pm onwards, and do get reservations! 

Address: 698 Goderich St, Saugeen Shores, ON 

Italian pastas with different kinds of sauce
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4. Saffron 

Family-run eatery serving International cuisine in a casual and quaint atmosphere with vegan options and a spacious patio during summers

Serving an eclectic menu of international cuisine, Saffron is easily one of the most popular restaurants in Port Elgin. It has that wonderful mom-and-pop eatery charm, where you can come for everything from breakfast to hearty homestyle meals with global influences.

Owners Dev (the creative wizard of a head chef) and Jen (the friendliest server ever) run the place, and they ensure that everything that goes out of the kitchen is freshly cooked, prepared with scratch-made ingredients, and heaped with enormous portions.

Inside this very diner-like eatery, you’ll find checkered floors, red tables, and a very friendly and casual atmosphere. Even their shaded and fenced-in patio is oh-so-pretty and quaint during the summers when lush greenery grows around.

It’s their food, though, that keeps everyone coming back for more at this restaurant. Their menu is as concise as ever, featuring dishes from all over the continents with the chef’s own little twists on them. This allows them to focus on putting out the best quality stuff without worrying about too many menu items.

Everything from a thick West African peanut stew and Lebanese falafel wraps to pad Thai and Moroccan chicken is up for grabs here.

Daily specials are just as wildly varied and delicious, so don’t forget to check them out.

While on Sundays from 9 am to around 1 pm, you can come for one of the most unique breakfasts that include stuff like the Bollywood Benedict with spiced tomato sauce and paneer and an Iranian herbed frittata with mint yogurt and parsley. Sounds too good not to try! 

Almost every dish has a vegan/vegetarian and GF version – they’re super accommodating about dietary restrictions.

Find them open Wednesday-Saturday from 4 pm onwards, and do consider making reservations as they’re quite often very busy! 

Address: 522 Goderich St Suite 2, Port Elgin, ON

beef pad thai and chicken satay dinner viewed from above
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5. The Garage Sandwich

It’s often those little unassuming places that serve the best kind of food, and that’s exactly the case with The Garage Sandwich.

With its delicious house-roasted meats and spongy bread, these are some of the thickest, juiciest, and freshest sammies in town. It’s quite popular since its establishment in town since 2014, especially among the kids from the nearby school who swarm the place during lunch break.

There’s barely any place to sit down at this tiny little restaurant, though, with just a small counter and kitchen where the delightful staff busily build made-to-order sandwiches. So it’s a good idea to pick up some stuff from here and head towards the beach to enjoy it.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, though – you’ll be drooling over these ridiculously good sandwiches (with gluten-free bread available). They’ve got over a dozen varieties filled with the freshest local produce and scratch-made sauces.

We suggest trying their best-seller – the Sunbird – stacked high with house-roasted turkey, roasted yams, veggies, and honey mustard. You can also go for more heart-healthy and creative picks like the Firebird stuffed with chicken, avocado, hummus, sprouts, and even more veggies.

No matter what you get, you’ll love these big, juicy, hearty sammies. We must also point out two other menu highlights that are an absolute must-try: their vegan soups made in-house with a different variety each day, and their oh-so-rich poutine – it’s seriously one of the best in town.

Find this gem of a sandwich shop open from Monday-Saturday from 10 am onwards

Address: 602 Gustavus St, Saugeen Shores, ON 

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6. The Wismer House 

Lively gastropub featuring a bar area, patio, terrace seating, and live music 

As one of the hottest restaurants and pubs in Port Elgin for good food, drinks, and vibes, The Wismer House (lovingly known as the Wiz) has gathered a cult following among locals over the years.

Coming to this pub automatically puts you in a good mood, thanks to its fresh food and pleasant atmosphere. Housed inside a cozy little building, you’ll find yourself within a warm and friendly space inside with a nice bar upstairs, but it’s the patio scene that really hauls in the crowds here.

Picnic tables in the front yard and more tables up on the terrace surrounded by soft lighting and pretty plants sets the mood, alongside the live music that very often booms through the place. It’s quite a cheerful vibe, so if you’re ever feeling a bit blue, you know where to come in Port Elgin.

As for the food, it’s far from your average pub grub. In fact, some of their stuff like the fish and chips platter that’s coated in crushed potato chips instead of regular crumbs really gets people swooning in delight.

Their sauces and meats are prepared in-house too, and many of the dishes can be served vegan and GF.

Begin with some of their shareable appetizers, like the ever-so-popular Wismer wings or the sizable brisket tacos with homemade BBQ sauce.

Next up, you can either go for some of their juicy sandwiches or the many different pizzas that are hand-rolled to perfection.

Do keep in mind that they don’t skimp on portions, so come hungry! With many tap beers, cocktails, and a late-night menu, there’s never a dull moment at this Bruce county staple.

They’re open every day from 11.30 am onwards and remain open well near midnight on weekends. Reservations aren’t needed – just hop in and the friendly staff will take care of you.

Address: 705 Goderich St, Port Elgin, ON 

wood fired pizza on table
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7. Allan’s Fireside Grill 

Vibrant spot serving an eclectic menu including steaks and BBQ in a casual atmosphere with a patio 

Allan’s Fireside Grill is where you go for a hearty, satisfying, and fulfilling meal of whatever you may be craving that day – steaks, pasta, burgers, wings – they’ve got it all.

Come to this establishment for freshly made food, but stay for the fantastic atmosphere. It’s got a casual, warm, and cozy vibe inside, with a dimly-lit ambiance and a nice little sports bar area with lots of TVs.

It’s even more vibrant and lively during the summers when the garden patio is open with shaded tables and cute plants around. The live music every now and then really amps up everyone’s spirits too.

Allan’s has a pretty eclectic menu, but they’re most widely known for their steaks and BBQ. Get a delicious surf n’ turf platter, or enjoy an AAA-certified Angus cut in its own glory.

And those Southern-style hickory smoked baby back ribs are worth a trip alone, especially if you get it with some of their incredible crab cakes.

There’s plenty of other stuff like sirloin beef burgers, seafood, pasta, and more, and you’ll be blown away by just how good it all tastes, especially since it’s all made to order.

Get a pitcher (or two) of beer to chug, and you’ll be coming here way more often than you realize!

Find them open from Monday-Wednesday 3 pm onwards, and Thursday-Sunday from noon onwards.

Address: 623 Green St, Port Elgin, ON 

Full rack of BBQ grilled pork spare ribs on a marble board
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8. Tang’s Kitchen

Take-out-only restaurant with an exhaustive menu of Chinese and Asian dishes alongside vegetarian and GF options 

There’s nothing some good ol’ Chinese takeout can’t fix, and Tang’s Kitchen has got the locals’ back with its authentic and flavorful food.

This humble little place just offers take-out at the time of writing, and that works well for them with the huge amount of orders they receive every day. The owners and staff are super friendly and efficient at what they do, and they make sure they accommodate any dietary restrictions and package the food well. So it pretty much ticks all the boxes of a good take-out restaurant.

With an exhaustive menu of Chinese savories, you’re spoilt for choice here. The crunchy spring rolls and wontons work well as appetizers, as well as the spicy hot and sour soup.

Among the mind-boggling list of entrees, we highly recommend the Lo Mein and Chop Suey with the springiest noodles smothered in sauces.

The usual suspects like General Tao’s chicken, fried rice, Szechuan, King Pao, and Cantonese style entrees also grace the menu, alongside other Asian delicacies like Pad Thai.

Of course, there are plenty of vegetarian options and you can also request gluten-free preparation. Fresh, packed with flavors, and in hearty portions – Chinese food doesn’t get better than this in Port Elgin. 

Swing by or place orders from Tuesday-Saturday, 11.30 am onwards, and Sundays from 3 pm onwards. 

Address: 379 Goderich St, Port Elgin, ON 

Table with typical Chinese food as seen from above
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Our Favorite Restaurants In Port Elgin: Final Thoughts 

Although few in number, the restaurants in Port Elgin have that local neighborhood eatery charm and serve the best kind of scratch-made fare that’s worth a trip or two.

So if you ever find yourself by the lake, do check out our favorite dining spots here!


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