8 Restaurants In Oak Brook (IL) That Locals Love for Food & Vibes!

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Oak Brook is a predominantly residential area, and while that may sound pretty boring, this small suburb is a complete package when it comes to its food scene. 

Known for its fancy steakhouses and fine dining, you’ll absolutely love splurging in Oak Brook, IL.

So to help you choose the right places, we’ve put together a list of what we believe are the best restaurants in Oak Brook – experience everything from rustic Italian fare, artisan pizzas, marbled steaks, and more in slick and splendid settings.

Bon appetit! 

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Our Top Eight Restaurants In Oak Brook, IL: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse 

Well-known Chicago steakhouse with a fancy atmosphere, a relaxed bar, and a charming patio 

As a gold standard among steakhouses in Chicago and having its own USDA certification program, Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse has been dishing out mouth-watering slabs of beef since 1979.

What makes them special is their high-quality meat that is wet-aged for many weeks to develop a deep beefy flavor. Every batch is tested (or more like tasted) before it’s ready to be cooked. The result? Guests are left wanting to lick their plates clean.

But of course, you’ve got to be more classy than that at this dimly-lit venue of dark wood panels, leather seats, and white linen on candle-lit tables. The atmosphere may not be quiet, as this place is the go-to spot for celebrations, but it’s still pretty elegant.

Even their spacious patio is breathtaking, with seats among trees and a waterfall that’s lit at night, making it a romantic setting to gaze into each other’s eyes over dinner.

In contrast to this upscale vibe, their bar area is more relaxed and easygoing, where you can order the full menu, watch some sports, and enjoy the occasional live music.

Whether you opt to splurge on the Prime Angus or the 75 days wet-aged Australian grass-fed beef, you’ll be awed at just how insanely good these steaks are. Choose from options like the WR.’s Chicago cut or NY strip, or go big with either the 32 oz tomahawk chop or the comically large 48 oz big porterhouse.

These well-marbled bad boys dripping with juice and flavor will have you rolling your eyes in delight either way. Equally praise-worthy are their seafood entrees, such as the miso-marinated sea bass in soy and lemon butter with Tobiko. 

Don’t forget the carrot cake or chocolate mousse pie – they come in monster-sized portions, so one slice might be enough for the entire table. They’re open every day from 11 am onwards, and reservations are necessary to avoid long waits. 

Address: 2105 Spring Rd, Oak Brook, IL

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2. Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse 

A sleek steakhouse with a menu and drink list inspired by Chicago icon Michael Jordan 

Combining Chicago’s two most legendary things, i.e Michael Jordan and steakhouses, brings you an unforgettable meal of beefy goodness and a flight of tequila crafted by the star himself.

At Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, steaks are celebrated in their own glory without any need for marinades or sauces, and this leaves people swooning in delight. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Oak Brook for celebratory dinners as the dining area (and the prices) scream upscale and modern.

Dark wood workings and modern light fixtures studded with sports memorabilia adorn the dining rooms, alongside a splendid bar and patio seating under the glow of string lights.

From grass-fed to 45-day dry-aged Prime, these steaks are seared to perfection and simply put – look and taste absolutely divine.

Start your meal with some of their nationwide famous crab cakes stuffed with pure, sweet crab meat. Next, your options range from a USDA NY strip with a bit of smoked sea salt to a bearnaise buttered filet mignon, though if you and your group are serious carnivores, the best way to go is the ‘Steakmanship’. This is a flight of steak meant to be shared with the table, featuring everything from Australian wagyu to a butter-poached lobster tail.

Complement it with sides like roasted garlic mushrooms or brûléed sweet potatoes, and of course, a flight of the signature Cincoro or some Zombie Sangria. There are plenty of entrees for the non-steak folks too, which are equally indulgent and splurge-worthy.

Finish off with their 23-layered chocolate cake for the G.O.A.T steak experiences by the G.O.A.T icon himself. Make a reservation for any day between Wednesday-Friday from 11 am onwards and 4 pm onwards on weekends and find out why this is among the best restaurants in Oak Brook, IL.

Address: 1225 22nd St, Oak Brook, IL

3. Antico Posto 

Cozy trattoria with an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere and a patio serving traditional Italian fare and brick-oven pizzas 

Antico Posto is one of the most successful restaurants in Chicagoland, and it’s pretty obvious why from the moment you step in here.

From the service and ambiance to the food and drinks, everything is a solid five stars at this Oak Brooks staple. As a business that’s been around for decades, this Italian restaurant is an easy-going and casual option for lunch picks by day and a romantic spot for rich delicacies by nightfall.

The ambiance is cozy and quaint inside, with chandeliers, white tablecloths, and soft jazz in the background. Oh and, there’s outdoor seating at the front porch fenced in by flowers – it’s quite a charming setting!

Focusing on comfort foods infused with authentic Italian flavors, their menu is short yet splendid, featuring hearty picks that remind you of summers in Tuscany. A bowl of some refreshing minestrone or lightly grilled calamari with a dash of chili flakes makes for excellent appetizers.

Next up, there are brick-oven pizzas made with housemade dough and hearty pasta (also scratch-made) with familiar yet fantastic flavors. Oh, and the gnocchi – they’re the airiest and very cloud-like and come in three innovative varieties.

Entrees like the pesto-roasted salmon and eggplant parmesan are equally drool-worthy and have kept the locals coming back for more over the years.

Don’t forget the specials of the day like Italian pot roast and chicken marsala that are great for date nights, especially if you pair them with their much-lauded cocktails and wines.

It goes without saying that reservations are a must at this busy establishment, especially for dinners. Find them open Monday through Sunday from 11.30 am onwards (noon on Sundays). 

Address: 118 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL

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4. The Table at Crate 

New American fare, coffee and drinks served inside a spacious home decor retail store with a patio

Lunch has never looked better in Oak Brook with The Table at Crate’s beautifully-plated and well-crafted food.

This collaboration between the Cornerstone Restaurant Group and Crate and Barrel envisioned light and refined food in sophisticated surroundings, and that’s exactly what they deliver.

Located inside the Oak Brook center, this is the place to be when you’ve shopped till you’ve dropped and crave something refreshing for lunch.

Savor scratch-made food by Chef Bill Kim at this airy venue of well-spaced-out tables, minimalist colors, modern lighting, and shiny tabletops.

There’s a bougie bar perfect for drinks with the girls, and seating near the huge windows so you can capture photos for the gram. And if you’d like to dine al fresco, they’ve got a semi-enclosed, roomy patio for that.

As for the menu, it’s short but inclusive, and everything is made using locally-sourced, vibrant-looking produce and scratch-made ingredients.

Start with a light tomato basil soup or some waffle fries and aioli, then move on to the delicious-looking mains. Their flavor-packed ramen topped with house-made kimchi is the perfect fix on a cold day while the vegan Mediterranean platter is great for those on dietary restrictions.

The Korean BBQ salmon served with roasted brussels and coconut grits is another house favorite worth trying, along with a decadent banana bread pudding to finish off with. 

Of course, you have to try their coffee and cocktails too (the lavender lemonade is a good choice if you’re the designated driver!). Reservations are recommended, but not necessary every time. Find them open every day from 11 am onwards for lunch and dinner.

Address: 35 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL

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5. Roka Akor

A Michelin guide-recommended steakhouse serving Japanese-influenced meals in an upbeat atmosphere with a patio 

Celebrating Japanese fare and Asian-fusion cuisine, Roka Akor is one of the nation’s most lauded steakhouses, with three locations in Chicagoland itself.

Come here for a rich wagyu steak prepared on a robata grill, an Omakase experience created separately for every individual, or some premium seafood and sushi.

This swanky spot is perfect for celebratory dinners, though there’s no reason why you shouldn’t savor their high-end meals on a Tuesday afternoon either!

Earthy colors studded with chic decor and an overall contemporary design make up the dining area, alongside bar seating and a view of the open kitchen where you can watch meals being prepared in front of you. There’s also a covered and heated patio offering year-round outdoor seating.

As for the menu, it mainly revolves around Prime, domestic, and Japanese A5 wagyu steaks grilled to absolute perfection so it melts in your mouth like butter.

The rest of it features premium sushi rolls, such as the ever-so-popular hamachi serrano chili roll, and fresh-out-of-the-water sashimi. Highlights from the entrees include Korean spiced lamb cutlets and roasted King crab in chili-lime butter.

We highly recommend you treat your taste buds with luxury by trying the Omakase menu – it’s worth every penny and curated with high-end ingredients.

With halal meat options and plenty of wines, there really is something for everyone here. Try out this Michelin guide-recommended restaurant any day from 12 pm onwards, and do come with reservations, although the gracious staff is highly accommodating either way.

Address: 166 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 

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6. Violi 

Elevated Greek eats served in an upbeat and spacious venue along with a bar and heated patio

As a nod to Mykonos culture, Violi is the formidable Lyra’s sister restaurant in Oak Brook, IL, serving Greek eats in its finest form to the Western Suburbs.

It’s a very welcome addition to the town’s dining scene, as it’s barely opened and the locals are already raving about it. The menu and atmosphere are very similar to Lyra, where you can munch on classic and shareable Greek platters in a casual yet polished ambiance.

Woodworking reminiscent of violins played in the streets of Greece and fancy lights are strategically placed at this airy venue, so dining here feels like a breath of fresh air. It also features a gorgeous bar and an even better patio that’s heated and weather-protected. Upbeat music plays in the background to maintain a trendy and relaxed vibe.

Meanwhile, the menu has scratch-made fare highlighting local ingredients infused with authentic Greek flavors. Many of these are served tableside with exquisite service that makes you feel like royalty.

Start with the shareable Mezze such as the soft and juicy grilled octopus and the roasted eggplant, or go fancy with the Breads and Spreads platter featuring home-baked goods and Tarama with black caviar. Then hone in on the decadent mains, like the Moussaka made in cast iron or the slow-roasted lamb gyros which are must-try classics.

As a bonus, get their shareable Souvlakia (meat on skewers) such as the pork shoulder with Florina peppers and tzatziki or the beef tenderloin, both of which are fall-off-the-bone tender.

Lunch comes with additional items – gourmet sandwiches, chicken gyros, zucchini falafels, and more – for a light yet delicious meal. 

Innovative cocktails also grace the menu, including an olive-dominant Violi Martini with olive juice and feta-blue cheese olives. If your mouth is already watering, go ahead and reserve your table for any day from 11.30 am onwards.

Address: 260 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL

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7. Brook’s Kitchen and Tap 

Refined eats with global influences served in a polished yet casual setting with a patio 

Just off the beaten path in Oakbrook Terrace is Brook’s Kitchen and Tap – a local hidden gem serving an eclectic menu of refined seasonal eats. It was only established in 2018 but has managed to quickly climb its way to the top as one of the best restaurants in Oak Brook, IL.

The vibe is classy-casual here, so it’s great for anything from laidback lunches to a round of drinks and fancy dinners. You can choose to settle at the bar that has TVs and a good selection of beers, or in the roomy dining area that’s polished yet relaxed at the same time.

Even better is the half-covered patio with plenty of seating – perfect for sipping cocktails on sunny days with some of the occasional live music.

The place brings imaginative and palate-pleasing dishes to the table that are made with obvious care and attention, with a concise menu that changes seasonally. Apps include things like a wonderful summer burrata and Italian beef egg rolls stuffed with giardiniera and au jus.

Meanwhile, the entrees can range from a refreshing keto bowl with Baja sauce to a rich demi-glace NY strip and Faroe Island Salmon in Maui sauce over risotto and pineapple salsa.

Every element of the dishes marries together perfectly to create uncommon yet delicious flavors. They’ve also got plenty of handhelds – the Baja fish tacos being a house favorite – and of course, some fantastic cocktails, beers, and wines.

With vegetarian and gluten-friendly options and free meals for kids every Monday, you’ve got every reason to try out this Oak Brook gem. Find them open every day from 11 am onwards (4 pm onwards on Mondays), with the bar open as late as midnight on weekends.

Address: 1919 S Meyers Rd, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 

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8. Labriola Bakery Cafe 

Long-running counter-service cafe offering gourmet sandwiches, pizzas, and more in a sophisticated setting with a bar and patio  

If what you’re looking for is a quick bite that’s just as good as the fancy places around here, we suggest you check out Labriola Bakery Cafe.

This neighborhood staple has been around since 2008 – a place where owner Rich Labriola showcases his passion for artisan bread and pizzas.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, brunch, or coffee and pastries, this place has got you covered for everything. Order at the counter, find a seat and wait for the food to be brought out to you.

And no, this isn’t any plain old cafe – it’s a refined yet laid back atmosphere of dark wood panels, rich red leather booths, and warm lighting, with the added coziness of a fireplace and a semi-circular bar. There’s even some outdoor seating for the alfresco diners.

With a comprehensive menu featuring a bit of everything, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice here. But the obvious star of the show is their Neapolitan pizzas baked inside stone ovens and made with fresh house-made dough for the perfect crispy crust.

Other highlights include the Richie Burger with Black Diamond cheese and veggies, a decadent meatball sub served inside an artisan baguette, and fluffy ricotta gnocchi.

Breakfast here is an equally pleasing affair of sandwiches made of freshly baked bread, alongside hash browns and burritos. You can also savor a glorious brunch spread on weekends, with stuff like eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, and huge omelets up for grabs.

Finish off with some gelato or get one of the enticing pastries on display to-go, and you (and your belly) will leave satisfied. Oh and, kids eat free on weekdays from 3-6 pm! They’re open every day, 7.30 am onwards from breakfast to dinner. 

Address: 3021 Butterfield Rd, Oak Brook, IL

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Restaurants In Oak Brook – Our Final Thoughts 

Dotted with bougie restaurants, Oak Brook, IL offers fine dining similar to that of downtown Chicago without you having to drive all the way there.

So do try our favorite eight picks – we promise they’re worth the splurge! 


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