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Monett is the largest metropolitan area in the Missouri counties of Barry and Lawrence. The city lies in the Ozarks, located south of I-44 between Springfield and Joplin and whilst home to just over 9000 people, this small town is big on food!

With a variety of dining options to pick from, including Tex-Mex, BBQ, Italian and Asian cuisines, the people of Monett sure do know how to do great food.

So, if you’re going to be in Monett and aren’t sure of where to dine out, we’re here to help!

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The Best Restaurants In Monett, MO: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Big Baldy’s Bac-Woods Bar-B-Q

A classic American BBQ joint with bold flavors and a rustic vibe, great for the whole family.

Easily one of our favorites, Big Baldy’s Bac-Woods Bar-B-Q has been voted one of the best restaurants in Monett, in terms of BBQ! Making it a must-visit place for any true BBQ and meat lover.

With slow-cooked Texas-style BBQ and mouthwatering homemade secret BBQ sauce, it’s no wonder this eatery is a big hit with locals and tourists alike. Not only does it have something for everyone, but it also never disappoints, making it a reliable option when one is hangry.

Big Baldy’s has been around since 2007. It used to be just a concession stand but its flavors quickly made it a fan favorite, and with patrons lining up every day, the family made enough money to move to a bigger place that it has been housed in ever since. So, if you support Big Baldy’s, you support small business owners in Monett, and the town is thankful for that.

The interior is simple, promoting a casual, family-friendly vibe that complements the food well and lets it shine. Also, there’s a large fish tank and aquarium, with plenty of fish inside, in the center of the place that’s bound to keep the little ones’ attention occupied too.

Known for their enticing home-style sauces and “cooked to perfection” meats, it’s a safe bet to try any of their BBQ dishes alongside their BBQ Nachos which are a house specialty. Their loaded tater tots are also quite famous amongst patrons, so make sure to order those for the table too. For those of you staying away from BBQ, there’s a comprehensive seafood menu that you can experiment with as well.

Big Baldy’s Bac-Woods Bar-B-Q is open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am – 8:00 am, with it staying open till 9 pm on Fridays. It is closed on Sunday so make sure to visit it during the week.

Address: 814 E US Hwy 60, Monett, MO

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2. Acambaro Mexican Restaurant

Traditional Mexican cuisine with a lively atmosphere and great staff, open everyday.

Acambaro Mexican Restaurant opened its doors in 2001 when the Reyes family lovingly created a space to celebrate their proud Mexican culture and heritage with the people of Monett.

Since then, this local hotspot has become one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Monett. Known for its delicious food, lively ambiance and friendly staff, you’ll be in great hands if you head over to spend a day or evening here with the family.

If traditional and authentic Mexican food is what you’re looking for on your vacation, then Acambaro will hit the spot. From nachos and tacos to enchiladas and burritos, as well as salads to drinks, you’ll get a great overall, well-rounded experience here that will surely have you coming back from more.

Their Fajita Tacos are a crowd favorite as are their mocktails and cocktails. Plus, their happy hour is from Monday to Friday 5-6 pm, if you’re looking to add a splash of fun to your day.

The way the restaurant is set up also adds to the festive mood that the food creates. Lime green and blue walls and windows make the space pop, while the extremely comfortable wood and straw chairs add a dash of whimsy and magic to the overall aesthetic. A great place to take pictures and make memories!

Acambaro is open every day from 11 am to 9 pm so you can always rely on there being room whenever you choose to pop in for a visit.

Address: 505 Plaza Dr Monett, MO.

3. Rocco’s Pizza of Monett

Cozy, locally owned Pizza Place, big on flavors and family.

Family is always at the heart of this local eatery opened by some heartwarming Monett locals who had a dream to share their family recipe with the world. Their pizza will feel like you’ve traveled all the way to Italy and back, so be prepared for a fresh and truly irresistible feast.

This Monett family restaurant is a big crowd-puller as well, attracting locals and tourists alike, so no matter who you are or where you’re from, you’ll always be welcome at Rocco’s Pizza of Monett.

Everything on the menu is absolutely divine, their subs, lasagne, and pizzas are all scrumptious, so if you’re struggling to order the right thing, make sure you ask the staff for recommendations and get your order just right. They also have a dessert counter that showcases the daily, freshly baked, home-style goodies that will taste just as good as they look, so make sure to take a look after your meal (or before!) and don’t miss out on your chance to taste some local delicacies.

The interior is simple, clean, and cozy. The establishment isn’t very large, since it’s run by the family, but it adds to the homely charm that the place has going on. There’s still plenty of space to choose from and lovely pictures of the owners on the wall, so you feel like you’ve stepped into a loving place full of warmth, where everyone knows each other. It’s a great vibe to be a part of, honestly and it’s what makes Rocco’s one of the best restaurants in Monett.

Rocco’s is closed on Sundays and Mondays, it opens from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am to 9pm. Making it a perfect lunch or dinner option.

Address: 301 San Hickory St, Monett, MO.

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4. Lai Lai Asian Buffet & Dining

Authentic Asian food with a buffet option, staggered lunch and dinner service timings, outdoor seating available.

Having a good, local Asian eatery is a must in any city these days, as it adds some much-needed diversity to the cuisine offered by a place. Lai Lai Asian Buffet & Dining is just the place that Monett needed to tick that box. Bursting with flavor and spice, this gem will be one establishment you won’t forget quickly.

Lai Lai’s came into being almost 20 years ago, which means they’ve been perfecting their craft for decades and the locals have been enjoying this spot since it first opened its doors. There’s a big menu to choose from with the likes of stir fry dishes, traditional rolls and several rotating specials, and the restaurant also has a buffet option for days when you don’t want to spend time choosing and thinking and just want to get straight down to business.

Plus, if you’re a health-conscious person, then you’ll appreciate that they have a very good vegetarian selection that you can choose from too.

With a simple, no-frills interior, the restaurant’s inside might not be anything to write home about but it certainly amps it up with the food that it delivers. With this being said, the space is clean and lively and the staff is professional and courteous. Everything you’d expect from a well-established and long-running business.

There’s also some outdoor seating for days when you wish to enjoy the weather outside.

Lai Lai’s is open from Mondays to Thursdays, 11 am to 2:30 pm for its lunch service and from 4:30 pm to 9 pm for its dinner service. On Fridays and Saturdays, it’s open throughout the day from 11 am to 9 pm. It’s closed on Sundays so make sure you don’t leave it till the last second to visit.

Address: 601 Bridle Ln, Monett, MO.

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5. Angus Branch Steakhouse

A family-owned BBQ joint that’s locally run with a lunch buffet service and great Sunday brunch.

A family-owned, proudly local steakhouse that serves bold, rich, and mesmerizing flavors, you will never regret a trip to Angus Branch Steakhouse.

The owners are natives who settled in the region many years ago and so are the perfect people to talk about the city and learn more about Monett. So, if you want to experience what it truly means to be from this part of the country, a trip to Angus’ will provide you with all the answers you need, with a side of some great midwestern hospitality.

Known for its BBQ, this Missouri eatery delivers on its promise of being the best BBQ place in town. With an extensive menu, full of numerous options including favorites like steak, burgers and ribs, you’ll surely have plenty to choose from.

They also have a lunch buffet that can help simplify the experience, if you feel overwhelmed. The buffet is available Monday – Saturday, 11 am to 2 pm, and on Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm.

And if you’re looking for a nice weekend brunch, then they have that too!

Their breakfast buffet service is widely popular with the locals so head on over on Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 am to 10:45 am and taste the best they have to offer.

Just as the food has a lot of flavors, the interior has a lot of character with traditional midwestern ornaments like horns and horseshoes hanging on the walls and pictures depicting BBQs age-old heritage. This traditional-meet-modern approach makes the ambiance a great atmosphere to enjoy and revel in.

Angus Branch Steakhouse is open Sunday to Thursday 7 am to 9 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 7 am to 9:30 pm so there’s plenty of time to drop by what is one of the best restaurants In Monett!

Address: 114 Chapel Dr, Monett, MO.

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6. Mo Wings 

Custom, made-to-order chicken wings with bone-in and boneless options, lively vibe and friendly staff.

If you’re in the mood to keep things light, then Mo Wings is the right place to end up at. With tender, juicy, handmade wings that melt in your mouth, Mo has everything a top restaurant needs to offer. Their drinks and dessert options make it a fabulous addition to the dining scene in Monett.

Who doesn’t like chicken wings? Seriously, one of the most flavorsome and light lunch or dinner options. And here they are one of the best meals that a family can truly customize according to individual preferences. If someone wants boneless, that’s all right, if someone wants spicy sauces, that can be arranged. So many customizations are hardly possible at any other eatery.

So, if your family is full of differing personalities looking for spectacular flavors and customization options, then you will have a great time at MO. We also highly recommend their fried raspberry cheesecake as the perfect finisher for a night out. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

The inside of the restaurant consists of an open seating plan with plenty of booth or table style seating options to choose from. There are plenty of wall-mounted TVs to catch up on whichever game is playing and the place is usually full of locals so it’s nice to see some town spirit as well.

The staff is exceptionally friendly, as well. Making it a great overall culinary experience to enjoy with friends and one of the best restaurants In Monett for families too.

Mo Wings is open from 11 am to 8 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays, with it being closed on Sundays and Mondays, so make sure you check ahead of schedule and choose a day and time its open.

Address: 301 S. Kyler Monett, MO.

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7. Mocha Jo’s Coffee Café

Quintessential coffee house with plenty of caffeine-free options as well, sandwich bar is also available.

A town is truly incomplete without a local coffee house and for Monett that local hangout spot is Mocha Jo’s Coffee Café. A perfect, upscale, trendy and chic coffee place to sit back and unwind after a day spent sightseeing.

The restaurant’s exquisite interior will surely have you pulling out your smartphone to snap a few dozen pictures. The walls have old-style doors hanging on them, adding a level of charm and whimsy. The overall aesthetic of a naked stone-brick wall and hardwood floors give the place a posh and sophisticated outlook. This is not to say that the place doesn’t look comfy.

In fact, the entrance has some extremely comfortable sofas and a great bay window where you can perch and forget about the worries of the day.

Mocha Jo’s has a huge coffee menu, so if you’re a coffee connoisseur, this place will be heaven for you. Try any of their hot coffees and you’ll surely feel like you’re sipping the nectar of the gods!

If you have people in your family that aren’t too fond of coffee, then the place also has a large caffeine-free menu that they can enjoy. Alongside this, they have some super flavorful sandwiches as well, their BLT and Grilled cheese are very popular and worth trying at least once.

Mocha Jo’s Coffee Café is closed on Sundays, but is open on weekdays from 7 am to 3 pm and on Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm.

Address: 404 E Broadway St, Monett, MO.

group drinking coffee
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8. Romy’s Restaurant

Home-style Tex-Mex cuisine with a twist, recently renovated with a warm and homey vibe.

One of Monett’s best-kept secrets is Grandma Romy’s Restaurant. This unassuming little eatery packs a punch when it comes to flavor and best of all everything is made from scratch, fresh, daily, adding some of grandma’s love to everything they serve. So, if you’re looking for a place that feels like home, this restaurant will do just that.

Romy’s Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind Tex-Mex style restaurant that does traditional flavors with a homestyle twist. Their entrée meals also come free with chips and salsa, so make sure to ask your server for some when you’re ordering.

Some recommendations that we can enlighten you about are Quesadillas and Burritos both of which are sure to go down well with the entire family and are their specialty.

As for desserts, their fried ice cream is as unique as it sounds and a meal is incomplete without a helping of it, so make sure to save space.

Recently renovated and renewed, Romy’s has a cozy and warm interior. It’s a colorful space full of plenty of seating options, including booths and tables. There’s also bar-side seating available if you want to enjoy a cold one with the game. The staff is efficient and kind, so if you have concerns or questions, they’ll gladly provide you with any assistance required.

Romy’s is open from 7 am to 9 pm Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, it’s open from 7 am to 2 pm, making it a very popular spot no matter what the time.

Address: 107 3rd St Monett, MO.

The Best Restaurants In Monett: Our Final Thoughts

That’s all for today, guys! Our roundup of some of the best restaurants in Monett. We hope you have a truly amazing time and get to drop by at least some of the places on this list.

The local dining and culinary experience in Monett is really something to immerse yourself in.


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