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Mendham has some truly unique dining opportunities that everyone should visit at least once when they’re in the region. From converted speakeasy bars to restaurants that are 300 years old, this place truly has it all.

Plus, there are many cuisines to choose from as well, like Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and many American options as well. Mendham and its restaurants really are a food lover’s paradise if you know where to go and what to order.

And lucky for you, we did all that research for you as below you’ll find our eight favorite restaurants in Mendham, NJ.

Bon appetit!

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Our Favorite Restaurants In Mendham, NJ: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Dante’s Italian Restaurant

A classic Italian eatery with a modern and sophisticated décor, exceptional food, and amazing service. Outdoor seating is available too!

If Italian food makes you happy and you’re always on the lookout to find the perfect spot that serves every kind of Pasta, Pizza, and baked Italian goods, then you’re in for a real treat.

That’s because Dante’s Italian Restaurant will make your mouth water and your stomach rumble as soon as you walk through their doors. It’s also very family-friendly, making Dante’s a great spot to bring the entire clan to, perfect for the holidays or special occasions!

The restaurant’s interior is marvelous, full of black-and-white pictures of Italy and other thematic works of art that adorn the walls. Their lighting adds another feature to the place by making the space appear cozy – perfect for that date night you’ve been promising your partner. Plus, the use of plants in and around the restaurant is also a nice touch.

Apart from this, the attention to detail from the napkins on the tables to the tablecloths all add a level of sophistication and elegance that goes really well aesthetically. They also have a great outdoor space to enjoy when the weather permits!

Their food is also just fantastic. Their Pasta, Ravioli, and entrees are known throughout Mendham to be some of the finest dishes in the region. And with a variety of vegetarian and meat-based items on the menu, they have flavors and dishes that will appeal to anyone and everyone.

We think the best part about the place is its dessert menu though. Full of classic Italian sweets like Tiramisu, Cannoli, and many other decadent surprises, you simply have to order some after dinner to really seal the deal and finish your evening in style!

Dante’s Italian Restaurant is open every day of the week, leaving you with plenty of time to visit and enjoy its finest. They are open from 3 pm to 9 pm apart from Friday and Saturday when they open from 11 am to 9 pm.

Address: 100 E Main St, Mendham Borough, NJ

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2. Sammy’s Ye Old Cider Mill

A multicourse dining experience unlike any other opened in an old 1920s speakeasy bar with a great interior and wonderful service.

A restaurant experience like no other. Opened in an old speakeasy bar, this truely is one of the most unqiue restaurants in Mendham, NJ.

Not only because of the way they do things and the whole set up, but also because of how good their food and service are. Sammy’s Ye Old Cider Mill really is one of the best places in New Jersey to spend an evening so make sure you add it to your list.

The ambiance of the place is great! They make you order right as you enter and then show you to a bar where you relax and unwind till your food is prepared, after which they escort you to your table where you enjoy delicacies made by their award-winning chef.

The entire experience is novel and almost luxurious, making you feel like you’ve gone back in time to the 1920s. With the same interior, it really isn’t a stretch to imagine.

Their most famous dishes are their steaks and chops, which are hand cut and dry aged so the flavor is just super intense and deep. They are also known for their signature lobsters as well as the Sirloin Burger.

Everything is made fresh from locally sourced ingredients that are of the best quality available, making your food irresistible. Plus, each entrée that they serve comes with salad, vegetables, fries as well as dessert, making it a proper multi-course meal.

Sammy’s Ye Old Cider Mill is closed on Monday and Tuesday. They are open on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5 pm to 9 pm. On Friday and Saturday, they are open from 5 pm to 10 pm. So, essentially this is a dinner place, great for date nights and special occasions. 

Address: 353 Mendham Rd W, Mendham Township, NJ

3. Aoyama Chinese & Japanese Restaurant

Traditional Japanese and Chinese treats served in an elegant space with professional service.

Chinese and Japanese food, with their spices, herbs, and flavors are simply delicious, so if you’re like us and crave some authentic Asian food while you’re traveling in and around New Jersey, the best place to try for your weekly or monthly Sushi fix is Aoyama Chinese & Japanese Restaurant.

This place is super popular with locals and no wonder too – it has some amazing food and a lovely ambiance. If you’re looking for a place to go to with friends or family, then this is a great venue to choose.

Their dining lounge is bright and airy with huge bay windows letting in views and light. With wooden floors, exposed brick walls, high bar, and hanging red lights, the interior is modern enough to not overshadow the food, yet classy enough to add a lot of character to the space.

Their soups, sushi, seafood, and dumplings are some of their most highly rated items so make sure you get enough of those to satisfy your appetite.

However, their menu is very extensive so if you want to experiment and order something new and different then we’d highly encourage that, you never know you might end up ordering your next favorite meal that you simply love.

The place also serves tasty Mochi ice cream and bubble tea if you want to just grab some to go on your way out!

Aoyama Chinese & Japanese Restaurant is open every day of the week. On Saturday and Sunday, they are open from 12:30 to 9 pm. From Monday to Thursday, they are open from 11:30 am to 3 pm for their lunch service and then from 4 pm to 9 pm for their dinner service. On Friday they open at the same time but close half an hour later at 9:30 pm.

Address: 86 E Main Street, Mendham Borough, NJ

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4. The Black Horse Tavern & Pub

An eatery that’s been around since 1742! This iconic restaurant serves some all-time American favorites in a historical setting with an amazing outdoor patio.

The Black Horse has been a part of New Jersey’s dining scene for the last 300 years!

This iconic eatery is such a big part of the town’s history that it just doesn’t make sense not to visit it while you’re in town. It’s not every day that you can dine at a restaurant with a heritage as ancient as The Black Horse Tavern & Pub, so enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you won’t regret it.

The place has a unique aesthetic, being as old as it is, and while some of the eatery’s sections have been redone some of them remain the same making it as much a museum as it is a restaurant. It’s mind-blowing to be able to see some of its original features and we’d recommend taking a fully charged phone to take pictures of it.

They also have a large outdoor dining space, a pub, and a restaurant space, so whichever part of it you end up sitting in, you’ll surely enjoy all that this tavern has to offer.

Their soup, bowls, burgers, seafood and pasta are some of their most notable items on the menu with recipes going back generations, so you must try them if you want to taste what the place is all about. Apart from these, they also have a great vegan menu.

Plus, their New York Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse cake, and Key Lime Pie are known for being absolutely mesmerizing so make sure to take those with you to munch on later.

The Black Horse Tavern & Pub is open seven days a week. Monday to Wednesday they’re open from 11:30 am to 10 pm.

On Thursday and Friday, they’re open from 11:30 am to 11 pm. On Saturday they’re open from 11 am to 11 pm and on Sunday they’re open from 11 am to 9 pm. So, drop by whenever you want for whichever meal you want, it’s entirely up to you!

Address: 1 W Main St, Mendham Township, NJ

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5. Mendham Bagel and Coffee Shop

The perfect healthy option for lunch and breakfast! A bakery selling the best bagels, coffee, muffins, and sandwiches in town!

Looking for kettle-boiled, hand-rolled bagels that melt in your mouth? We’ll you’re in luck because Mendham Bagel and Coffee Shop is not only one of the best restaurants in Mendham to have breakfast at, but it’s also a great place to grab a bagel to go during mornings when you’re late for sightseeing or shopping.

It’s a really cute little eatery with a whimsical interior that focuses on showcasing everything it makes, front and center. So, there are plenty of shelves and counters showcasing their food, alongside their menu being shown on some televisions right above, so you can always see exactly what to order from and don’t require a menu card. It’s a tiny place with a big heart and a great community spirit that the locals love to frequent.

Their bagels are supremely popular, as are their sandwiches and subs, especially their Grilled Chicken Sub, their Hot Roast Beef sandwich, and their Breaded chicken Panini. So, grab some of those options when you’re over. Pair them up with a smoothie, coffee, or ice cream and you’ll have the perfect meal.

They also have a great selection of freshly baked muffins that everyone loves, so have one of those with their signature coffee to enjoy your morning to the fullest!

Mendham Bagel and Coffee Shop opens super early, which is great news for early risers. They are open every day of the week, so drop by whenever.

Monday to Friday, the restaurant is open from 6 am to 3 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, they are open from 6 am to 2 pm. Making it the perfect breakfast and lunch place.

Address: 88 E Main St, Mendham Township, NJ

Assorted variety of different flavored freshly baked bagels in a full frame background on burlap viewed from above in an abstract pattern
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6. The Claremont Tavern

A tavern opened by two chef friends in a remodeled building, serving great food, amazing drinks, and wonderful service in a chic atmosphere.

Owner and chef duo Pantano and Borton opened the doors to The Claremont Traven many years ago and since then the place has been enjoyed by loyal local patrons that have loved the food and brought life to the place. It’s located in another remodeled old building so its worth taking the time out to go and visit.

The place has a very old-school traditional and formal vibe mostly due to the building they renovated and how they wanted to maintain some of its original features. So, the aesthetic is very classy and chic.

With wooden floors, seating, and a bar this tavern has an inviting aesthetic that pairs well with the kind of food they serve. It also has one of the best outdoor areas we’ve ever seen, with umbrellas and fairy lights, so it really does look best at night!

Their burgers, salads, and small plates are what they are known for, so if you love meat then you’ll find the restaurant to be just in tune with your tastes.

They also have non-burger ‘burgers’ for people who want a meat alternative – these are also great to try and are popular amongst regulars. 

On top of that have a happy hour special from Monday to Friday, 4 pm to 6 pm. So, if you want to just drop by for that to mingle with the locals and make some new friends, then you know when to come!

The Claremont Tavern is closed on Mondays. They re-open Tuesday from 11:30 am to 9 pm. Wednesday to Saturday, the place is open from 11:30 to 10 pm and on Sunday they open from 11:30 to 9 pm.

Address: 121 Claremont Rd, Bernardsville, NJ

Beer and burger display
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7. Sorrento’s Pizza

A popular local pizza parlor that serves other Italian classics too, with a unique atmosphere and professional service. 

If you’re like us and think Pizza is always the best option when it comes to fresh quick food with an endless number of combinations, then you’ll definitely want to check out Sorrento’s Pizza when you’re in Mendham. The place also has other entrees if the people in your group want a variety of entrees, so it suits everyone. But the pizza is definitely the reason you should visit!

Sorrento’s is a bright space with a variety of seating options. Traditionally and simply designed, the place is cozy and comfortable and the delicious aromas wafting out of their open kitchen make this restaurant homely and warm.

You can also see their gigantic pizza ovens at the back and if you have little ones, you can show them their pizzas being made, which can always be fascinating to watch.

Their gourmet pizzas are some of the finest in town so if you’re in the mood for pizza, you can choose any from that menu. Apart from this, they also have soups, salads, strombolis, and calzones so there are plenty of different options to choose from depending on how hungry everyone in your party is.

Their baked pasta is also really popular amongst regulars and worth trying. Plus, they also have some unique desserts that you probably should save some space for!

Sorrento’s Pizza is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm, making it the perfect spot to go to any day of the week. They also have delivery and takeout options if you want to make use of those while you relax at home or at your hotel.

Address: 5 E Main St, Mendham Borough, NJ

wood fired pizza on table
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8. Bill’s Luncheonette

A locally owned breakfast and lunch place that has some amazing food, a fantastic interior and helpful staff!

For breakfast lovers, Bill’s Luncheonette will surely become one of their favorite restaurants in Mendham, NJ.

With a quirky interior, awesome service, and huge helpings, there’s nothing to dislike at Bill’s. Not only are you treated like one of the locals but you’ll probably come home with a smile on your face and a full stomach!

The vibe of this place is a cross between a diner and a restaurant, with diner-style stools and bar seating but with restaurant-style table options too, so there’s plenty to choose from when you’re there. The black and white checkered ceiling and black ceiling fans make it a memorable place to dine in, and there’s definitely plenty of ops to snap pictures and look back on when you’re back home!

It’s the perfect breakfast spot too, with plenty of eggs, omelets, and pancake options to choose from. However, if you want to stop by for lunch, they make some mean sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers as well. So, no matter when you come, you’ll probably have a fantastic time.

It’s family-friendly too and has many kid-friendly luncheon options as well, so you’ll find something for everyone.

Bill’s Luncheonette is closed on Monday and Tuesday. They open from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm on Wednesdays through Fridays. On Saturday and Sunday, they are open from 8 am to 1 pm. So, make sure you come according to their schedule to avoid missing out!

Address: 455 North Rd, Chester, NJ

Pancakes with banana, walnut and caramel.
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The Best Restaurants In Mendham, NJ: Final Thoughts

That’s all from us, guys! All the restaurants that we think are worth visiting in Mendham, NJ.

Not only does this town have a great blend of new and old restaurants, but it also has some unique dining options that really aren’t available anywhere else in the state. So make sure you try and visit every place on our list!


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