Shortlisted: 8 Restaurants In Limon (CO) That Locals Love!

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Located between Denver and Colorado Springs is the tiny, unassuming town of Limon. Away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, this eastern Colorado town has a bunch of friendly people and chilled out vibes. And although limited, there are some charming little restaurants here that serve up unbelievably good food for locals and passersby alike.

So, we’ve rounded up some of the best restaurants in Limon, Colorado, where you can fall in love with the small-town vibe here over a gigantic plate of something unforgettable.

Enjoy hearty plates of delicious food along with warm and hospitable service at these local favorites. Let’s dig in! 

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Our Top Eight Picks For The Best Restaurants In Limon, Colorado: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. The Hipstir Wagon 

Sometimes you just want a quick grab-and-go without compromising on quality and taste. Luckily for those passing through Limon, The Hipstir Wagon is a bright little food truck offering hungry passersby some quick but positively delicious bites.

But in case you’re looking to settle down for a meal, they also have indoor seating inside a tiny little building, right beside the food truck. It’s a surprisingly enchanting little spot with a couple of bright tables and chairs, fun knick-knacks that adorn the walls, and a rest room for the guests. 

If we’re honest, their food is probably the best you’ll ever have from a food truck – they’re just that good! Breakfast includes omelet, burritos, and toast, but frankly, their French toast donut steals the show – topped with blueberry or raspberry compote and whipped cream, this french toasted delight is a must-try.

Lunch offerings here are equally satisfying. Take their Paninis for example. Not only are they made with homemade bread and stuffed with the freshest of ingredients, but they also throw in a huge bag of chips and one of their freshly baked cookies for your meal – all for a very affordable price tag! 

Don’t miss out on their numerous baked goods either. Everything is made from scratch by the hard-working folks inside the wagon, and the lovely little cream puffs or scones are better than any bakery you’ll come across! No wonder they made our list of the best restaurants in Limon, CO.

They open up as early as 5.45 am – ready to crack some eggs and steam the coffee for the early birds – and remain open up to 2.45 pm for lunch.

Address: 1098 Main St, Limon, CO

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2. South Side Food and Drink

South Side is the oldest restaurant in Limon – a place where the staff know customers by their names and if you walk in, the friendly locals are likely to say hi and chat with you.

Family-owned and operated, this place opened up way back in 1972, and it’s still a favorite amongst residents of Limon for its reliably good food and fun vibes. It’s easy to drive past it, but once you discover it, we bet it’ll become your go-to restaurant in Limon.

Sit inside their family-friendly dining room that has the cozy atmosphere of a neighborhood eatery. Dotted with an eclectic selection of wall art, their interior feels homey and relaxing, along with a humble-looking full-service bar. They even have outdoor seating on their patio, which, by the way, is dog-friendly!

Their menu has a bit of every cuisine, from American steaks and pizza to Mexican food and some delicious burgers. But we recommend trying their crispy-crusted Taco Pizza – one slice of this chaotically delicious pizza, drenched in green chili (hot or mild – your pick), mozzarella, meat, salsa, and sour cream will have you hooked!

For those who like their steaks hearty and cooked to perfection, the hamburger steak makes for an excellent choice, as it’s smothered in gravy and served with veggies and homemade mashed potatoes. Speaking about steaks, Friday nights are prime rib nights here – a steak that has somewhat of a cult following among locals. 

Live music and karaoke nights are frequent at South Side, so you’ll likely find people cheering and singing along when you walk in! It’s definitely one of the funnest restaurants in Limon, CO.

This place opens every day from 11 am to as late as midnight to serve late-night guests, so do consider giving them a try if you want some homestyle meals and a fun vibe! 

Address: 680 Main St, Limon, CO

3. Oscar’s Bar and Grille

Serving everything from plates of steak and pasta to comforting dishes like meatloaf and pot roast, Oscar’s Bar and Grille is easily one of the best restaurants in Limon, CO.

Whether it’s a casual meetup or a romantic date, locals love dining here – mostly for the amazing food, but also for the unique ambiance. The whole place is adorned with Oscar-winning movie posters and photos of stars, along with fun movie-themed decor. Unique? We think so too!

The rest of the place has comfortable booth seating, a bar, and plenty of tables for large parties. If you’d like to soak in the sun, they also have lots of tables on their spacious patio surrounded by romantic hanging lights.

As for the menu, there are dozens of creatively-named dishes to choose from. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ appetizer is truly the lord of all onion rings – they’re that good! Handhelds include decadent sandwiches like the French Connection, which has slow-roasted beef, Swiss cheese, and Au Jus inside, and made-to-order juicy burgers like the Slopper, smothered in green chili and sour cream, are swoon-worthy.

Don’t miss the pizza either – they’re one of the only three places in Limon serving it, and they’re darn good at it! If you’re extra ravenous, get the ‘Godfather’ – a 20-ounce porterhouse steak cooked to perfection and served with housemade, creamy mash. Yum! 

Oh and, their impressive collection of over 400 different whiskeys can take you to far-flung lands, so don’t forget to get something from the elaborate drink menu. This Limon must-visit is open every day from 11.30 am to 9 pm.

Address: 2295 9th St, Limon, CO

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4. La Posadita Mexican Grill

When in doubt, some Mexican food can satisfy the biggest of cravings, and that’s when you should head to La Posadita Mexican Grill.

Located near the I-70, this place is the perfect pitstop for a quick but filling bite when passing through this highway in Limon. With bright red awnings, it’s hard to miss this place from the outside, and the interior is well-lit and with colorful decor as well. A cheery, lively, and casual vibe prevails here – perfect for feasting on the festive and flavorful food they serve. 

Unpretentious plates of enormously portioned authentic Mexican food (with pretty affordable price tags too!) make for a comforting and satisfying meal at La Posadita. There’s plenty to choose from the vast menu, but no matter what you get, don’t skimp on their Burritos – they’re always stuffed to the brim with fillings and smothered with a mighty flavorful green chili!

The green chili burger is a sloppy and juicy delight too, loaded with cheese and green chili for those looking for that spicy kick.

Apart from handhelds, they also do shrimp cocktail and Carne Asada served with some fresh guac that also has a little bit of heat to it. Tip: get a side of their queso – it’s some of the best you can get in Limon! Oh and, don’t forget to try one of their authentic Sopapillas for a post-meal sweet treat. 

La Posadita is open every day except for Tuesdays, from 11 am onwards, so do consider dropping by and saying hola to one of our favorite restaurants in Limon, CO!

Address: 2455 6th St, Limon, CO

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5. Jenny’s Mexican

Sometimes it’s the little places that can surprise you, and that’s exactly the case with Jenny’s Mexican. Tucked behind another restaurant, this inconspicuous little eatery is a hidden gem, serving some of the most flavorful and authentic Mexican food around here.

The consistent quality and reasonable prices keep the crowds coming back for more at this humble little joint. With a handful of tables inside, the place feels down to earth with colorful, Mexican-themed decor here and there. And even though it’s a no-frills place, they’re pretty big on flavor and quality! 

Apart from the chips and salsa served as soon as you’re seated, there’s pretty much every Mexican food item on their menu.

Start with the very cheesy cheese and meat quesadillas, stuffed with chicken, pork, and beef and drenched in cheese.

From the main attractions, the shredded beef tacos, made with homemade flour tortillas, are very crave-worthy, while their huge chimichangas are loaded with toppings and can satisfy the biggest of appetites!

If you like things extra hot, just request it – the friendly staff can always add that spicy kick to your meal. And if you’re confused between all the decadent offerings, try one of the combo plates that include everything like enchiladas, tamales, burritos, and more. Oh and, don’t forget to get some of their beer or the fantastic margaritas to kick it up a notch!

They’re open from Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 9 pm, so don’t hesitate to go in and enjoy a big meal of Mexican savories! If you’re looking for Mexican food, this is definitely one of the best restaurants in Limon, CO for you.

Address: 2275 9th St, Limon, CO

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6. Ahimsa Coffee 

If you’re looking to recharge yourself with a steaming cup of well-made coffee amid your road trip, there’s no place better than Ahimsa Coffee in Limon for that.

Located just off the l-70 highway, this place serves some of the best coffee drinks you can get around, along with scrumptious pastries, sandwiches, and burritos to accompany your drink.

You’ll likely love sitting inside this adorable, cozy place, complete with comfy couches, charming tables, and homey decor that makes you feel like you’re right in your lounge. They’ve got free wifi, lots of space for those who’d like to work, and an atmosphere that’s relaxing and casual. Heck, they even have a cute little patio with a couple of seats surrounded by plants! What more could you ask for?

Ahimsa Coffee offers a ton of delicious pastries, such as donuts, muffins, croissants, and similar baked goods, but they also have a short and sweet breakfast menu for those who’d like to fuel up well. Their delicious bagels are smothered in cream cheese, with fried egg, and a choice of meat, while the breakfast burritos come packed with hash browns, beans, egg, and green chili, and you can choose your meat or go vegetarian.

Oh and, they even serve up build-your-own acai bowls – a very refreshing treat for those living or passing through Limon!

As for the coffee, there’s everything from basics like Americanos to specialties like a lavender latte and CBD coffee. The friendly and talented baristas here can help you decide between the options and cater to all sorts of preferences.

Big plus: they open every day at 5 am to serve hungry and half asleep passersby and stay open till 5 pm with warm and delicious baked goods on offer. Don’t forget to grab some of their sticky cinnamon buns to-go when you come! 

Address: 580 V Avenue, Limon, CO

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7. Country Pride 

Located inside the unassuming TA truck stop is Country Pride – TA’s full-service restaurant. Here, you’ll find all sorts of homestyle-cooked comfort food, along with burgers, sandwiches, and a hearty breakfast menu for hungry patrons.

Even though the place is based in a truck stop, it’s pretty spacious and clean, with plenty of seating, and even a bar for the solo diners, along with friendly staff that is always welcoming towards tired travelers. 

Admittedly, the food is nothing fancy – no classy plating style and no chef-y drizzles or garnishing. But what they offer is always in hearty portions and tastes pretty darn delicious!

From the breakfast menu, try their gigantic omelets (the Philly cheese steak is absolutely delish) that are loaded with fillings. Seriously – they don’t skimp on the fillings! Juicy burgers and club sandwiches are all worth trying too, but the made-to-order Pork Chops that are coated with southern breading can make any meat lover swoon.

There’s plenty of other stuff like chicken teriyaki and spaghetti and meatballs, along with more indulgent dinner plates like blackened salmon over rice pilaf. Oh and, they also have an all-you-can-eat salad and soup bar where you can eat your weight in delicious salad ingredients and warm soups! 

You can always count on them for a filling meal, as they’re open every day without fail from as early as 6 am to 8 pm. 

Address: 2200 9th St, Limon, CO

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Breakfast for dinner, anyone? If you too crave fluffy pancakes at night, IHOP – America’s favorite breakfast chain – has got your back.

Unlike all other restaurants in Limon, CO, including chains, this is the only place that’s open 24 hours. This means waffles and eggs at 2 am, and no one will judge you for your cravings! This particular location is pretty roomy, with bar seating and TV screens for you to muse over.

The all-day and all-night-long breakfast menu has everything you could ever want for breakfast, and as popular as their buttermilk pancakes are, we suggest going for the Colorado omelet.

Filled with pork sausage and ham and served with a side of salsa, this fluffy and substantial omelet is a treat for the palate, whether for breakfast or dinner – doesn’t matter.

And if breakfast isn’t your thing, they’ve got your back with stuff like BLTs for lunch and plates of juicy grilled chicken with mash for dinner. 

So whether you’re looking for a late-night dinner or a super early breakfast, hop towards IHOP for a reliably good and satisfying meal – any day, any time! 

Address: 2495 Williams Ave, Limon, CO

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The Best Restaurants In Limon, CO: Our Final Thoughts 

Although there’s not much to do in Limon, you can always rely on this town for some hearty meals to fuel up on the go.

Whether it’s a quick grab-and-go, a dine-in meal, or just a cup of coffee – stop by one of these top eight restaurants in Limon, CO, and you won’t be disappointed. Bon appetit! 


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