8 Restaurants In Kleinburg Locals Love For Views, Food & Vibes!

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It’s no wonder people often choose Kleinburg in Ontario for a quiet weekend getaway – who wouldn’t want to spend time in a quaint yet upscale village nestled in a hilly area near the Humber River? 

The cherry on top is the incredible food some of the impressive restaurants dish out in this neighborhood. So if you’re looking for either fine dining or a quick and satisfying meal, here’s a list of some of our favorite restaurants in Kleinburg to help you choose.

Enjoy plenty of Italian delicacies, steaks, and easygoing pub grub in this gem of a town – bon appetit! 

Chef cooking in kitchen
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Our Top Eight Favorite Restaurants In Kleinburg: Food Worth Waiting For! 

1. Villagio Ristorante 

Contemporary Italian fine dining establishment with a polished ambiance and a roomy patio

As one of the most popular restaurants in Kleinburg, Villaggio Ristorante attracts a well-dressed crowd looking forward to trying imaginative and elevated Italian entrees.

The 2004-established restaurant hosts a classy and modern atmosphere in an airy interior of folded napkins and comfy seats, alongside a shaded patio, which is why it’s a highly sought-after wedding venue too. 

Served in this wonderful atmosphere are a variety of Chef Antonio Barbiere’s creative takes on the traditional Italian spread. The menu rotates seasonally, so you can expect fresh seasonal ingredients well worth the splurge. 

Starters may include stuff like grilled Spanish octopus with a spicy ‘nduja aioli or chunky polenta fries sprinkled with parmesan. For mains, there are dishes made with fresh, soft, and perfectly al dente pasta doused in premium sauces made of truffle, seafood, and just the right amount of tomato.

The pizza dough (also made in-house) is created with authentic techniques and spread with San Marzano tomato sauce and all the right toppings before being baked to crispy thin perfection.

People leave raving about the 10/10 taste and presentation, and the extensive selection of fine wines. Could you ask for more?

Also, make sure you have a reservation before arriving at this busy spot – they’re open from Wednesday – Friday from 12 pm and 5 pm onwards on Saturdays. 

Address: 110 Nashville Rd, Kleinburg, ON

Italian pastas with different kinds of sauce
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2. Sughetto’s La Pizza Shoppe

Family-owned pizzeria with baked-to-order Neapolitan pizza served on an airy patio

Since 2020, Sughetto’s La Pizza Shoppe has been Kleinburg locals’ one-stop shop for all things Neapolitan pizza.

It’s dedicated to the art of crafting the most authentic pies from Napolita, thanks to Chef and owner Jesse’s passion for traditional Italian cuisine. You can see him busily maneuvering his way through the place, ensuring his customers are happy and that the kitchen maintains high-quality standards.

The place is mainly geared towards takeouts, but the patio season brings with it happy patrons soaking in the sun on the sprawling and spacious outdoor seating area.

What makes their pizza special is the authentic fermentation techniques they use to create the dough. After a 72-hour-long process, the dough is ready to be baked to soft yet crispy perfection. The ingredients and sauces they’re topped with are premium too, including the tomato sauce made with San Marzano tomatoes from Italy.

Also, the fact that these artisanal gems are baked to order makes them super fresh and an absolute delight to feast on.

We suggest trying the Carbonara pizza topped with garlic crema, smoked bacon, mozzarella, and a sprinkle of spring onions, or the spicy Testarossa that’s topped with a rustic cacciatore sauce and chili peppers. 

Fresh, authentic, and made from scratch – we think that’s well worth the price. Find it open from Wednesday-Saturday from noon onwards, though hours change during summer/winter.

Address: 10462 Islington Ave Unit 6, Kleinburg, ON

wood fired pizza on table
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3. XXI Chophouse 

Upscale steakhouse featuring expensive cuts of USDA Prime beef and seafood served in an upbeat atmosphere and airy patio 

Located inside a gorgeous convention center, XXI Chophouse is the perfect place to feel exclusive with VIP treatment and classy food.

You can even shell out hundreds of bucks here over premium cuts like Tomahawk and Porterhouse in an equally high-end ambiance.

Modern decor and accent walls grace the otherwise rustic interior, with plenty of ambient lighting, fine cutlery on tables, and a live Dj playing upbeat music. There’s also a patio surrounded by green gardens open on sunny days. Dress to impress because it doesn’t get more bougie than this! 

Choose from a concise but all-rounded menu of refreshing appetizers and indulgent steaks, and pair that with some of the excellent wines their knowledgeable servers suggest.

Beginning with something like their scallops over cauliflower puree and bacon jam is a good idea, or go the French route with escargot and wild mushrooms.

Next up, choose from some imaginative seafood entrees or a splurge-worthy piece of steak that’s grilled to a pink center with a delicious sear. 

Finish off with some of their heavenly cake, and you’ve got yourself a meal to remember. Do remember to make reservations as this is one of the most popular and exclusive restaurants in Kleinburg – they operate from Wednesday-Sunday from 12 pm onwards.

Address: 21 Nashville Rd, Kleinburg, ON

delicious tomahawk steak
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4. Avenue Kleinburg

Upmarket authentic Italian eatery with a modern ambiance, classy atmosphere, and a heated patio

There are three things you can expect at Avenue Kleinburg: authentic Italian cuisine, contemporary ambiance, and service that makes you feel like royalty.

Their staff truly goes beyond your expectations in terms of hospitality and creating fine dishes, which makes it the perfect spot for celebratory dinners.

You’ll find yourself within a modern and classy ambiance here, with floor-to-ceiling windows, white tablecloths, and luxurious seating. The covered and heated patio is just as spectacular, dotted with decor and cute palms. 

What makes their eye-watering price tags worth the splurge, though, is the world-class chefs behind the authentic Italian dishes. Everything is made with fresh and vibrant produce with authentic techniques, and served in filling portions that leave you exclaiming ‘mama mia!’.

Appetizers include everything from fresh Maison Beausoleil oysters with sherry vinaigrette and horseradish to imported prosciutto di parma with 24-month-aged parmigiano reggiano.

Mains have housemade pasta, some of the best pizzas in town, and melt-in-the-mouth Australian lamb chops in white wine and sage. 

Get some wine by the glass and you’ll know why this is one of the top restaurants in Kleinburg. Reserve tables for any day between Tuesday-Saturday from noon onwards.

Address: 10519 Islington Ave, Kleinburg, ON

Wine and pizza display
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5. McMichael Cabin 

Modern cafe integrated within the McMichael art gallery serving a seasonal menu of refreshing dishes

The McMichael art gallery is undoubtedly one of the town’s top attractions, which is why the McMichael Cabin is the perfect place to grab a bite after touring the museum.

In fact, it’s one of the most aesthetic restaurants in Kleinburg, designed by the Denizen of Design who built the space keeping in mind its heritage and “tradition while reflecting contemporary ideals”.

The large windows keep the space sunlit, while the modern architecture and airy design feel super refreshing to dine in. 

Keeping in theme with the ambiance, the food is carefully crafted to reflect the state-of-the-art surroundings. Of course, the produce is vibrant and fresh, and worth the extra few bucks, with a regularly rotating menu.

Start with something like the Tataki slaw with yellowfin tuna, crispy rice, and yuzu ponzu before honing into the mains. Try the rigatoni coated in a traditional Genovese pesto or an elevated prime beef burger stuffed with tomato-onion jam, brie, arugula, and bacon.

You can also get vegan and gluten-free picks, but one thing is for sure: the beautifully-presented food in the relaxed atmosphere is unlike anywhere in town.

The best part? You don’t even need a reservation – swing by any day from Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. 

Address: Grand Hall, 10365 Islington Ave, Kleinburg, ON

Chef adding drizzle to fine dining plate
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6. La Barraca 

Intimate fine dining establishment serving modern Italian cuisine in a stylish and elegant ambiance with a beautiful garden-patio 

Although La Barraca looks like a quaint little cottage from the outside, stepping inside transports you to a 5-star experience you will remember for a long time.

With modern takes on classic Italian dishes, this local gem hosts a fine-tuned seasonal menu in an ambiance that’s posh, refined, yet very welcoming. The sunlit dining room is filled with neutral colors, luxurious seats, and white tablecloths with folded napkins, while the beautiful little garden at the back has tables for sunnier days.

Despite being a rather bougie and upscale establishment, the staff here treat you like family and make you feel super comfortable, so extra points for that! 

The food is even more incredible than the service and atmosphere, making it one of the best restaurants in Kleinburg.

Every dish has various elements that marry together to wow the taste buds. Keep it simple with appetizers by getting some salty warm olives or lightly fried calamari.

After that, expect stuff like airy gnocchi in an intense lamb ragu, pan-seared salmon with sour cream parsley oil and cauliflower puree, and tender sous vide tenderloin with salsa verde. 

They’ve also got plenty of well-lauded vintage wines to pair with the dishes. 

Go ahead and reserve a spot for an exquisite Italian treat any day between Tuesday-Saturday from 12 pm onwards.

Address: 10503 Islington Ave, Kleinburg, ON

Italian food with seafood
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7. Belsito Trattoria

Authentic Italian dishes served in a polished yet comfy dining area and a seasonal sunny patio

With Chef Gino’s childhood passion for his nation’s cuisine, Beslito Trattoria was founded in 2016 to provide Kleinburg locals with authentic Italian food in a refined yet comfortable atmosphere.

His well-crafted dishes have kept this place as one of the most sought-after restaurants in Kleinburg for everything from romantic date nights to get-togethers with friends.

The 76-seat venue offers a polished ambiance of accent walls, modern decor, a marble-top bar, and a sunny patio, but the atmosphere remains relaxed and friendly (thanks to the amazing staff) as soft music plays in the background.

Keeping in line with traditional flavors, the restaurant offers generously-portioned plates of beautifully presented food. We suggest starting with something light like their fantastic grilled calamari with Thai black tiger shrimp, or you could go ahead and splurge on their grazing board featuring imported cheese, spicy olives, and cured Italian meats.

Although pasta offerings are limited, every dish is stuffed with premium ingredients and is intensely flavored – we highly suggest the innovative linguine frutti di mare that comes wrapped in crispy pizza dough.

Other entrees worth noting is their authentic seafood stew served with a herbed fluffy focaccia. Don’t forget the pizzas either – they’re made with imported 00 flour and look absolutely phenomenal. 

Reservations are highly recommended – find them open from Thursday-Saturday from 11.30 pm onwards for lunch and Tuesday-Saturday from 5 pm onwards for dinner. 

Address: 10429 Islington Ave, Vaughan, ON

Different Italian dishes display
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8. The Burg Pub 

Chill pub with an eclectic menu, live entertainment, and a heated patio

When locals want good food and an easygoing and fun atmosphere, they head towards The Burg Pub.

The 2019-established spot has become a local watering hole, where people enjoy elevated pub grub alongside regular live entertainment.

Expect a trendy setting inside, with huge TVs, mood lights, and a lively bar, whereas the patio is spacious, sunny, and very casual. Even during colder months, you’ll find the patio heated up and very welcoming.

Depending on the day, you might find a quiet vibe surrounding the place, or a fun party atmosphere.

As for the food, expect everything from various handhelds to full entrees and shareable platters. Start with either some refreshing tomato bruschetta or a rich plate of poutine topped with homemade gravy.

Next, hone in on the hefty burgers that are made with an 8 oz homemade beef patty – the bacon and cheddar stuffed ‘Klein-burger’ is particularly good. Fresh tacos, fish and chips, wraps, and some grilled lamb chops are also up for grabs.

Of course, you have to choose something from their extensive beer and drinks list too for the ultimate satisfying meal.

Find this fun pub open every Tuesday-Thursday from 11.30 am onwards and 12 pm onwards on Sundays.

Address: 10512 Islington Ave, Kleinburg, ON

Selection of beer
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Our Favorite Restaurants In Kleinburg: Final Thoughts 

There may not be an abundance of restaurants in Kleinburg, but the few spots scattered around the area are absolute gems worth visiting at least once.

You’d have to try them out to see why we (and everyone else) is so hyped about them! 


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