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You can’t deny the unbeatable beauty of Invermere in gorgeous BC. This community rests on the northwest shore of Windermere Lake, with towering mountains as the backdrop and plenty of breathtaking scenery. 

With that comes some equally incredible restaurants, and we’re here to help you pick out the best ones!

Enjoy everything from comfort fare to skillfully crafted entrees with a side of sweeping views at our favorite eight restaurants – bon appetit! 

Our Top Eight Restaurants In Invermere: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Birchwood Restaurant 

Elevated global cuisine served in a casual yet refined atmosphere with a heated and airy patio 

At Birchwood Restaurant, seasonal veggies and local produce take center stage. This place has been around since 2011, owned by a local family who have strived to make it one of the best restaurants in Invermere. We certainly think they’ve achieved that.

The casual meets classy venue has a friendly and laid-back atmosphere on their heated patio dotted with flowers and greenery, while the small interior is comfy yet elegant enough to match the energy of their upscale dishes.

The menu is short yet features cuisines from all over the world. It’s comfort food with creative takes on it, so you can expect hot ramen bowls doused in fresh seafood with a twist of roasted corn and broccolini or tuna poke fused with nachos.

Their appetizers are super popular too, with stuff like escargot, fresh oysters, Korean bbq chicken, and chickpea-battered calamari on offer.

Mains have more rich offerings like a beef tenderloin burger topped with smoked cheddar, short ribs, and caramelized onions, or a citrusy lamb shank served with some airy goat cheese whipped potatoes.

All that paired with a bright cocktail makes for the perfect summer dinner date. Get your reservations for this hotspot for any day between Tuesday-Saturday from 5 pm onwards. 

Address: 722 13th St, Invermere, BC

Chef adding drizzle to fine dining plate
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2. The View Restaurant 

Elevated entrees and burgers served in a casual atmosphere with sweeping hill views from a terrace 

Golfing season in Invermere brings with it fantastic lunches and dinners at The View. Located inside the Copper Point golf course, the eatery pays special emphasis on dishing out elevated comfort fare and classy entrees to match the scenic backdrop it provides.

From their spacious veranda, you have sweeping views of the rolling green hills and trees, and while the inside space is quite simple and informal, it’s the view from within the windows that makes up for everything.

Unlike many restaurants that boast patios with great views but fall short of food quality, the dishes here are actually good and feature local produce with creative takes on the classics.

Executive Chef Thijs Boersma ensures every dish is just as impressive as the atmosphere – guaranteed!

Comfort food like po’boys, fish and chips, and gourmet-style burgers are up for grabs, while entrees that are served only for dinner are classy and imaginative.

Expect dishes like tender BBQ braised pork belly and seared scallops with an onion and apple chutney and miso glazed butternut squash served with some carrot and cardamom waffles. Just reading the menu gets you curious to try some of the stuff.

Of course, there are plenty of wines and cocktails that are always generous pours. You could walk in, but we recommended reservations for securing a spot on the gorgeous veranda as this is one of the most popular restaurats in Invermere.

They operate from 10 am onwards daily, but opening hours tend to change often.

Address: #651, Hwy 93/95, RR#3, Invermere, BC

Fish and chips with beer
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3. Huckleberry’s Family Restaurant 

Long-running eatery serving hearty homestyle meals in a cozy log cabin-like ambiance 

There’s something about Huckleberry’s that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Maybe it’s the homemade comfort food, the rustic interior, or perhaps the wonderfully friendly staff. But one thing’s for sure – it’s a staple among locals and for good reason.

With 30 years of experience in providing people with homestyle meals, this spot hosts a heartwarming, family-friendly atmosphere in its spacious wood-paneled dining space.

It’s the perfect setting to enjoy some of their hearty Canadian food, such as the smoked salmon omelet (a fan-favorite), the crabcake egg benedict, or some good ol’ ham and eggs for breakfast.

For lunch, you can try everything from huge sandwiches and burgers to steaks and liver and onions. There’s even pasta, stir-fried noodles, and new specials every other day, so it’s safe to say their menu is comprehensive and inclusive.

As a family restaurant at heart, they also have an expansive kids menu. And the best part? Everything on the menu is served all day long, so you can have fish and chips for breakfast and waffles for dinner – there’s no stopping anyone! 

Oh and, come with an empty stomach because the portions are enormous enough to have leftovers. They’re open daily from 8 am onwards (9 am on Sundays). 

Address: 205 Laurier St, Invermere, BC

Chef is stirring vegetables in wok
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4. Peppi’s Pizza 

Popular local pizzeria with an extensive menu and a patio with mountain views

A good way to satisfy your craving for hearty food while supporting local eateries is to stop by Peppi’s Pizza for their cheesy and mouth-watering pies that can put the biggest of appetites to rest.

This thriving family-owned and operated pizzeria has been in business since 1995, so you know their stuff is really good. The place has a casual little dining space and a sunny sidewalk patio with a clear view of the mountains beyond, which makes dining here all the more worthwhile.

Every good pizza must have a great crust, and their fresh homemade dough gives their crust just the right amount of thickness and fluffiness while being light.

Just as amazing are the toppings, sourced locally and sprinkled generously on all pies, turning them into irresistible delights.

And the menu? Boy is it extensive! You’ll find 30 different pizza varieties ranging from the fiery Mexican Meltdown loaded with banana peppers to the daring smoked ham, coconut, and pineapple-topped Costa Rican.

We can’t recommend just one because pretty much everything here leaves guests raving, including the very Italian appetizers and vibrant salads.

Swing by this local gem any day between Thursday-Sunday from 4 pm onwards, and don’t forget to say hi to the wonderful owner! 

Address: 1018 8th Ave, Invermere, BC

Hand grabbing a slice of delicious artisan pizza
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5. Black Forest Restaurant

Popular eatery specializing in refined German fare and steaks served in a traditional and rustic atmosphere with occasional live music

Known for its steaks and schnitzels, Black Forest Restaurant is one of the more unique restaurants in Invermere.

They specialize in Bavarian cuisine, and the atmosphere within is just as authentic. Expect waitresses to be wearing dirndls, hand-painted murals and animal heads on the walls, and a rustic ambiance that transports you to the Old World.

The atmosphere is relaxed and so is the dress code, but walking in with flip-flops and tank tops is discouraged.

As for the food, it’s as close as it gets to authentic German food with huge portions and perfectly balanced flavors.

Begin with the shrimp mignonette that’s sauteed in garlic butter and white wine or some traditional German lentil soup. Move on to the hot picks that include the schnitzel Scandia (sauteed pork tenderloin) served with homemade spatzle and bratwurst served with homemade sauerkraut and veggies.

Of course, a major part of the menu revolves around steaks and seafood – try the fan-favorite NY steak and lobster tail platter and you’ll be swooning in delight.

Oh and, you have to get their German beers on tap and finish off with some apple strudel – a must-try.

Reserve a spot for any day between Wednesday-Sunday from 4.30 pm onwards, and we promise it’ll be an experience worth waiting for.

Address: 540 HWY 93, BC-95, Invermere, BC

Fried pork chop with French fries and fresh vegetable salad on wooden table
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6. Blue Dog Cafe

Small and cozy cafe focusing on homemade food for breakfast and dinner with a charming backyard patio

A locally-owned spot situated in the heart of this town, Blue Dog is a cozy little cafe that started with just soups back in 1998, but quickly grew in popularity and expanded to a hearty eclectic menu.

The owner is all about homemade food, so almost everything from the patties and fillings to the sauces and chutneys is made in-house here.

You won’t just love the fresh food, but also the quaint and cozy atmosphere. The dining area has blue furniture and walls (are you even surprised?) with a very friendly neighborhood eatery vibe, and the backyard patio with blue fences and towering trees for shade is just as cute. 

Breakfast here comes with standard fare like eggs, pancakes, and an overstuffed burrito. And even though that might not sound like anything special, the fresh homemade goodness of it really makes it worth a try.

Lunch is all about sandwiches and wraps, but nothing beats their huge chicken-guac-cheddar sandwich served on the freshest of slices of bread – it’s been a best-seller for decades and is well worth the price.

The falafels with lime-mayo and a refreshing yogurt sauce, the chicken and cranberry chutney sandwich, and the Thai wrap with a spicy peanut sauce are other popular picks. Everything is served with soups of the day, which are just as hearty and oh-so-delish. 

Find them open from Wednesday-Sunday from 11 am onwards, and don’t forget to check out the incredible coffee, teas, and decadent pies!

Address: 1213 7th Ave, Invermere, BC

Pancakes with banana, walnut and caramel.
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7. Spice Hut 

Traditional Indian food with GF options served in a comfy space with a cute and spacious patio 

Nothing beats soulful curries and fluffy naans with a view of the mountains, which is why Spice Hut is the go-to spot for flavorsome food in Invermere.

Located a stone’s throw away from the lake, the place offers cozy and comfy seating inside an interior dotted with traditional and desi decor. They also have a sunny and spacious patio that’s perfect for breezy days.

What makes experiences here special, though, is the fact that their food is as close as it gets to India – fragrant, intensely flavored, and in huge portions.

Yet, their spice levels aren’t nearly as spicy as you’d expect, so even those who don’t have a spice tolerance can enjoy their food. 

Start with something like their handmade samosas and pakoras, then hone in on the curries. There’s a sprawling list to choose from, but we highly suggest going for the vindaloo and mango curries. Pair that with an order of their garlic naan (which, by the way, is almost stretched out to arm’s length!) and you’ll be drooling by the end of your meal.

They’ve got plenty of vegetarian and GF options too, alongside fragrant biryani rice and desserts as sweet as honey. 

Don’t forget some beer or mango lassi to go with it. Swing by any day from 11 am onwards on weekdays and 12 pm onwards on weekends. 

Address: 1321 7th Ave, Invermere, BC

Assorted curries on table
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Roxiller

8. Fuze 

Health-centric bowls and smoothies served in a small but vibrant space with a few outdoor tables

For anyone looking to grab a quick and healthy bite to eat, Fuze is the place to be among restaurants in Invermere.

Relying on locally-sourced and strictly organic produce, this place has been catering to all sorts of dietary restrictions since 2012, so it’s highly sought after by those on a vegan or GF diet.

What started as a food truck quickly turned into a small but super cute brick-and-mortar location nine years ago, where you can now settle onto tiny tables and stools among brightly colored walls.

Since this place is health-centric, expect everything to be super refreshing, vibrant, and absolutely mouth-watering, with the menu revolving around bowls, wraps, and smoothies.

It’s the perfect example of how healthy food can also be delicious food – just take their best-sellers for example.

The butter chicken bowl with garlic yogurt and feta, the overstuffed burrito made with whole wheat flour and house-made salsa, and the highly sought-after Thai salad are prime examples of this. 

Find this adorable little restaurant open every day from Monday-Saturday, 8 am onwards, and do grab an iced tea on your way out – it’s one of the best in the area.

Address: 315 3rd Ave, Athalmer, BC

Two berry smoothies on a surface
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Our Favorite Restaurants In Invermere: Final Thoughts 

Yes, there are plenty of incredible restaurants in Invermere. But if you don’t have enough time to spend in the town and want the best of the best experiences, just drop by our favorite eight picks on a whim – you won’t be disappointed.


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