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New Mexico has a thriving dining scene that has some of the most unique eateries that you’ll ever experience, and that’s extended to the restaurants in Hatch, NM.

So whether you enjoy Mexican food, American food, or even a blend of the two, they have it all here and then some in the self-proclaimed ‘Chili Capital’ of the world!

If you’re visiting Hatch for the first time then make sure you check out some of our favorite restaurants below. You won’t be disappointed!

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The Best Restaurants In Hatch, NM: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. The Pepper Pot Restaurant

Classic American and Mexican cuisine served in a themed restaurant with a gorgeous outdoor patio area!

Claimed to be the chili capital of the world, Hatch, NM brings a lot of Mexican-inspired restaurants into its dining scene with some of the best making their way on our list.

The Pepper Pot is one such restaurant that serves some of the best chili in all of New Mexico. Being a family-owned affair, you can always feel the love that the owners and the staff have for their food, culture, and their town. It’s a very heartwarming place to be.

The interior speaks of their passion for their heritage and food, and it’s a bright and airy space that’s full of themed ornaments and decorations, as well as many tables to choose from.

Apart from this, they have one of the best outdoor patios in Hatch which is perfect for enjoying your food in. Good food and sunbathing? That sounds like a deal to us!

This place is essentially a Mexican and American restaurant, so all your favorites associated with both cuisines are on the menu.

However, they are most known for their Chili and Red Enchiladas, the latter has even been tasted by renowned travel documentarian and chef Anthony Bourdain! He deemed it to be ‘perfect’, which says a lot about it. So, we’d definitely encourage trying either or both of those two dishes to see if it lives up to his claims!

The Pepper Pot is open seven days a week, so drop by whenever is convenient for you! Their operational times are between 6 am to 2 pm every day. You can order takeout till 3 pm though. Making it a great lunch place to frequent!

Address: 250 W Hall St, Hatch, NM

Vegetarian vegan mince chili con carne served in cast iron skillet pan.

2. Pepe’s Cocina

A popular Mexican-inspired fast food eatery with a healthy twist! Grab some to go or eat outdoors!

Pepe’s Cocina is a great new addition to Hatch restaurant scene, bringing with it a much-needed variety of fast food to the town.

The twist is that it might be fast food, but it’s a healthy alternative, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients from scratch, daily. So, even though you get that typical fast food flavor, you get the added benefit of it being healthy as well. A win-win combination!

Pepe’s started out in a food truck and now has a small takeaway space that people can order from. The eatery also has some tables outside where you can sit and enjoy the food. However, if you want to grab and go and eat on the way while sightseeing or shopping, that’s a great idea too! What matters is that you try it, not how or where!

Their most famous items on the menu are their Tortas, Hamburgers, and Hotdogs, so make sure you order one of each to enjoy what they’re best at. Apart from this, their salads are also very popular with locals and usually have a heaping helping of one kind of protein or the other, making them a complete meal too.

Pepe’s Cocina is closed on Monday. They are open all other 6 days of the week from 10 am to 9 pm, making them a great spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Address: 1015 NM-26, Hatch, NM

3. B&E Burritos

Arguably the best burritos in town paired with fresh, homemade salsa? Yes, please! Open for breakfast and lunch only.

Next, we have a place that sells some of the best burritos in Hatch, NM, B&E Burritos. So if you’ve been craving the large stuffed roll full of awesome goodness, then this is your chance to have one that’s been handcrafted to perfection, made to order, from fresh ingredients from scratch daily.

There’s honestly nothing like a freshly made burrito that’s bursting at the seams with fillings, is there?

B&E is another lovely decorated place that has a lot of interesting features and clearly thought and attention has gone into creating the space and making it feel so homey and comfortable. It’s the perfect place to come to if you want to unwind and relax.

Their Burritos are surely their most ordered and hotly selling items but they also serve other Mexican delights such as Tacos and Nachos. They also make their salsa from scratch and the blend is supremely popular with locals so make sure you grab a few bottles of their legendary salsa before leaving so that you can enjoy a little bit of New México’s festivity and flavor from the comfort of your home!

B&E Burritos are only closed on Sundays. They reopen on Monday from 7:30 am to 3 pm, which are the times they retain every other day as well, so you don’t have to remember different schedules for each day. Head on over for breakfast or lunch!

Address: 303 N, Franklin St, Hatch, NM.

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4. Sparky’s

A funky eatery full of amazing characters and awesome décor, known for its burgers, shakes, espresso, and barbecue. Occasional live music too.

Easily one of the best restaurants in Hatch is Sparky’s. This eccentric burger joint is known for its barbecue, espresso, and of course, burgers. So, if any of those 3 things tickle your fancy, this palce definitely worth checking out. Their theme, décor, food, and service are all commendable so, you’ll be in great hands when visiting.

Sparky’s is as quirky from the inside as it is from the outside. Definitely, a restaurant that you will want to take a million pictures of.

From recognizable characters to other knick-knacks on the walls and on the façade, it really is a visual feast. There’s so much to take in and enjoy, that by the time you’re done snapping pictures of everything, your food will be ready! A great place to enjoy a meal in.

Their food is some of the best in town, so don’t be shocked when you bite into a burger and feel yourself ascending to Cloud 9! That’s just how good they are.

Order a burger, grab some BBQ and a shake to go along with it – those are the dishes that the locals love the most. They also have live music sometimes which just adds another layer of awesomeness to the entire experience.

Sparky’s is closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They reopen on Thursday through Sunday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, making them a great lunch or early dinner place for the entire family.

Address: 115 Franklin St, Hatch, NM

Top view of home made tasty burgers on wooden table.
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5. Valley Café

American and Mexican classics served in a homey and comfortable atmosphere with kind and courteous service!

If your family has opposing voices and you can never decide on where to go to make everyone happy, Valley Café is a great place to head on over to because they provide the ideal blend of Mexican and American favorites that are bound to make every member of the family happy. No more arguments about where to dine anymore. Peace, at last…..

This restaurant has a very homey feel to the interior, putting you at ease the minute you walk through the doors. The staff, owners, and service are exceptional, and they make sure they treat everyone as family, adding to the comfort and warmth of the place.

There are plenty of tables and chairs to choose from, which are usually full of regular patrons ordering their ‘usuals’.

They are best known for their Green Chile Cheeseburger, Enchiladas, and Beef Fajitas, so keep those in mind while deciding what to order. Apart from this, their Chili Verde is also a close favorite of the many locals that frequent the place, so that should be worth trying as well.

No matter what you end up eating, it’s bound to be full of flavor and taste absolutely delicious, because that’s just the kind of legacy they have.

Valley Café is closed on Monday. They are open from 8 am to 3 pm, every other day, so make a plan to go one day for lunch!

Address: 360 W Hall St, Hatch, NM

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6. Mexican Restaurant

Traditional and authentic Mexican delights offered at a great price point with spectacular service and a lively atmosphere!

Located inside the Village of Hatch Museum, Mexican Restaurant has the ideal location as not only can you tour the museum and see what it has to offer, but on your way out you can have an amazing Mexican meal that’s bound to rejuvenate you and make you ready for more sightseeing or shopping around town. Finally the perfect pitstop exists!

The interior of this place is simple and clean. The effort that the staff puts in to keep the place neat and tidy is evident as soon as you enter. With plenty of wooden seating to choose from, they can accommodate a lot of people at once, so you never have to worry about going during rush hour.

They serve some scrumptious Beef Red chili, Salsa & Chips, Green Salsa, and Burritos. So, grab those if they sound like something you’d enjoy, or look through the menu and order something completely new and different!

Why not experiment with flavors, textures, and spice, because at this restaurant you’ll probably get something that’s going to become your new favorite meal – they’re known for being that good!

Mexican Restaurant is closed on Tuesdays. They are open every other day apart from that from 8 am to 8 pm. On Sunday though, they open at 8 am but they close at 4 pm, so make sure you keep that in mind if you’re making plans to go there over the weekend.

Address: 112 School St, Hatch, NM

Mexican food display
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The Best Restaurants In Hatch, NM: Final Thoughts

That’s everything from our side, guys! All of our favorite restaurants in Hatch, New Mexico. So, if you’re ever in town, you’ll definitely know where to go and what to eat.

And why not share this list with other friends or family who might be heading there to make life easy for them!


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