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Shortlist: 8 Best Restaurants In Fillmore That Locals Love!

The tiny town of Fillmore in Utah lies right between Salt Lake City and St George, so naturally, there are lots of passersby through it. And if you’re staying here overnight or for a couple of days, there are plenty of outdoor activities and some great dining in this town for you to make the most out of your road trip.

You’ll also come across some fantastic little restaurants here, where everyone works hard to serve delightful, home cooked meals to their customers. From classic American dishes to tasty tacos and even healthy acai bowls, there’s a surprising range of food in Fillmore.

So to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in Fillmore, Utah – experience satisfying, mood-lifting food at these charming small-town eateries. Bon appetit! 

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Our Top Eight Restaurants in Fillmore, Utah: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Cluff’s Carhop Cafe

Long-standing eatery serving burgers and ice creams in a vintage setting with a shaded patio

Cluff’s Carhop Cafe is arguably one of the busiest and best restaurants in Fillmore, Utah, with a retro charm unlike any other eatery in the area. Established back in the 1950s, this family-owned gem is like a haven for those passing through, with sizable burgers and sandwiches to put to rest to the hungry beast inside travelers on road trips.

Despite being quite a compact little place, they’ve managed to maintain a fun and memorable atmosphere inside. The car-themed vintage decor adds lots of character to the tiny dining room, where you order at the counter and settle down on one of the few humble tables. Or, if you want to enjoy the warm breeze of summer, they’ve got lots of shaded picnic tables on their patio, and we have to admit it’s one of the most charming settings we’ve seen in this town! 

As for the menu, it’s full of all your fast food favorites. Appetizers include battered onion rings and perfectly crisp criss-cross fries, along with light bites like hot dogs and BLTs.

The rest of the menu mainly involves huge (and we mean very generously portioned!) burgers, including a Mexican-style Sante Fe burger with a tangy salsa on the side. Other items worth checking out are the ham and fried chicken Malibu sandwich and the turkey wrap served with a delicious ranch sauce.

You can also devour loaded plates of vibrant salads, and lots of ice creams to beat the heat and end your meal on a sweet note. 

Open between Tuesday-Saturday from 11 am onwards, Cluff’s Carhop Cafe is that friendly local watering hole that’s a must-try! 

Address: 270 N Main St, Fillmore, UT

hot dog and hamburger buffet.
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2. El Amigo 

Humble food stand inside a garage serving authentic, home-cooked Mexican specialties and desserts  

You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Well, we don’t know about other stuff, but we can vouch that it stands particularly true for El Amigo.

Located in a residential area off the main street, this tiny food stand is nestled inside the garage of a house owned by a Spanish family. It’s not very easy to find, and not many people know about this hidden gem, but take it from us: your taste buds are in for a roller coaster ride if you dine here! Order at the window, where the friendly folks cook up delicious stuff in their little commercial kitchen, and take it away or enjoy it on one of their humble outdoor seats that they often set up.

Although their menu isn’t very expansive and varies from day to day, they usually have many of your Mexican favorites available. We suggest trying out their made-from-scratch pork tacos – they’re some of the best, most authentic-tasting tacos around, and can take you right back to the streets of Mexico.

Other offerings include decadent burritos, enchiladas, a zesty shrimp cocktail, red and green tamales on some days, and if you’re lucky, you can get your hands on their flavor-packed, crave-worthy Menudo too.

Oh and, don’t forget to ask about drinks and dessert – those home-baked Tres Leches cakes and berry-flavored lemonades are worth a second trip to Fillmore! 

El Amigo is open only on Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm, so if you happen to be in town on this day, don’t miss the chance to grab a bite here! Note: it’s a good idea to call them up before dropping by. 

Address: 80 W 200 S St, Fillmore, UT

Selection of tacos
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3. The Yard Cafe 

Newly established food truck serving cafe eats like sandwiches and coffee

Derrick and Jacob run The Yard Cafe – a food truck/cafe serving drool-worthy sandwiches and drinks to Fillmore folks. This bright blue little truck was established in 2022, yet already they’ve garnered a city-wide following of fans who keep coming back for more of their stuff.

The truck’s usually parked in Fillmore at different places (check out their socials for weekly schedules) and on some days you can find it in Delta, Utah as well. 

Although their menu isn’t very expansive, we bet you’ll love everything on it that they meticulously prepare with attention to detail.

The Pesto Provolone sandwich comes with a mayo-pesto sauce, provolone, and turkey on a fresh ciabatta, while The Coop is somewhat similar but with the addition of bacon, Swiss cheese, and a different sauce. Both are enormous sandwiches and always fresh, and you can even mix up ingredients to make your own creation.

Oh and, they have a gluten-free grilled cheese option, avocado toasts, a veggie sandwich, salads, and other specials that roll out every now and then. Don’t skimp out on the drinks, especially their ever-so-popular banana chai and iced coffees – an absolute delight right in the heart of little Fillmore! 

You can find this gem of a food truck beside Family Dollar on S Main Street on most days, so do give them a try for lunch from 11 am onwards. And don’t forget to call them up to confirm their operating days, as they tend to change. 

Address: 315 S Main St, Fillmore, UT 

cafe coffee and food selection
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4. Tacos Los Panchos

Mexican cuisine and drinks served in a quaint, family-friendly atmosphere 

Tacos Los Panchos started out as a bright red food truck handing out some of the most palette-awakening Mexican food from its tiny little window. Locals and passersby used to love devouring their massive burritos and tacos on their way through the town and kept coming back for more of it.

All of that has remained the same about this humble little joint except for one thing: they’ve very recently relocated inside the Garden of Eat’n building beside the Best Western Paradise Inn. The locals are over the moon to have their own little locally operated Mexican restaurant in Fillmore where they can sit indoors and munch on all that good stuff. Their dining room, though quaint and simple, is pretty relaxing to dine in, with stools and booths in a spotlessly clean environment.

And the old menu? All of those crave-worthy items are still up for grabs at their restaurant. We highly recommend trying out any of their tacos, such as the beef tacos or the Mixtos that come with shrimp and octopus.

And don’t even get us started on their enormous burritos jam-packed with all your favorite Mexican trimmings – they’re one of the best sellers and you’ll understand why when you bite into one. We also love the fact their flour tortillas are homemade (as is everything on the menu) but the price tags are still pretty affordable.

Other menu items include enchiladas, quesadillas, tostadas, and a wonderful seafood soup that feels like a warm hug on cold days. There have been new additions to the menu as well since they’ve expanded into the big kitchen, and don’t forget to check out their Mexican sodas and Horchata! 

Tacos Los Panchos is open every day, except for Sunday, from 11 am to 9 pm for lunch and dinner. Note: look for the building named Garden of Eat’n – they don’t really have a sign or banner (yet) that points out their new location, but we guarantee they’re one of the best restaurants in Fillmore.

Address: 915 N Main St, Fillmore, UT

Mexican food display
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5. 5 Buck Pizza

Highly affordable pizzas with generous toppings served in a quaint, low-key atmosphere 

Although 5 Buck Pizza used to be a large regional chain in Utah, there are just about four locations left now, and one of them is among the small group of restaurants in Fillmore, Utah, owned and operated by Fillmore locals Patricia and Matt Haupt.

Known for their very affordable pizzas, the owners of this location ensure they bake the best-tasting pizzas while keeping the prices fair. As a result, their business has continued to soar since its establishment in 2004 – a place where locals and passersby rejoice over delicious pizzas without breaking the bank. And although it’s a hole-in-the-wall, humble little joint, you’ll love sitting inside here where you’re greeted by the smell of warm, authentic Italian pizzas.

It’s truly unbelievable how good their pizzas are, especially considering the fact that they still serve a $5 pizza in this economy, standing true to their name! With doughs made in-house daily, their pizzas have that wonderful crispy crust all the way to the middle – you won’t find any sogginess here. Plus, they source fresh produce from nearby farms, so no wonder their food tastes so darn good.

And just because you’re paying fewer bucks doesn’t mean they skimp out on toppings. In fact, most of their toppings come at no extra cost, and all of their pizzas are pretty big and loaded with cheese and veggies. You can also devour pasta, breadsticks, wings, and salads, and the friendly folks in the kitchen might even throw in some complimentary cinnamon sticks with your order! 

5 Buck Pizza is open between Monday-Saturday, 11 am onwards. Pro tip: if you’re in a rush, call them up to place your order beforehand for pick up – there’s a bit of a wait when you dine in since they make their pizzas from scratch and stay very busy all week.

Address: 635 N Main St, Fillmore, UT 

wood fired pizza on table
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6. Ashton’s Burger Barn 

Burger joint which uses locally sourced ingredients and has a cozy ambiance  

If you want to know what freshly ground burger patties really taste like, come drop by Ashton’s Burger Barn. This no-frills, locally-owned burger joint is located on the outskirts of Delta – a town less than 30 minutes away from Fillmore.

Adjoining the restaurant is their butcher shop selling all sorts of cuts of locally raised meats, so you can imagine how fresh and juicy their burgers truly are, and why this place is all the rage in Delta. Order at the counter and go settle in their charming, wood-paneled, very barn-like dining room with wall-mounted animal heads for decor and a casual atmosphere. 

Their menu mainly consists of a variety of burgers piled high with toppings. For instance, The Hometown burger comes with sauteed mushrooms, ham, and Swiss cheese on a perfectly charred patty. But if you’re feeling adventurous, try the peanut butter burger. Yep, you read that right – a burger smeared with a PB sauce on top of bacon and beef. Does it sound weird? Definitely. Does the flavor combination work? Absolutely!

Other items include dirty fries, salads, sandwiches, and shakes, and don’t forget to check out their super creative burgers of the month that are stacked high and enormous. 

No matter what you order, you can expect everything to be fresh and made with stuff sourced from nearby farms, so you’re guaranteed a memorable burger in this little town in the middle of nowhere. They’re open Monday-Saturday, 10 am onwards. 

Address: 304 North Highway 6, Delta, UT

Beer and burger display
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7. Roxberry Juice 

Smoothie chain offering healthy drinks and acai/pitaya bowls with outdoor seating under umbrellas 

You’ll find Roxberry Juice sprinkled across many towns in Utah, and for Fillmore, this place is the first on the list for healthy smoothies and Acai bowls.

Located at the Southern end of the town near the highway, Roxberry Juice is like a breath of fresh air from all the fried foods offered at other restaurants in Fillmore, Utah, as the menu is loaded with everything healthy, refreshing, and oh-so-delicious!

Although the place has a few tables and stools inside its low-key interior, there’s plenty of seating outdoors under umbrellas for you to soak in the surrounding scenery while sipping on health-centric drinks.

Using only the freshest of fruits, their acai and pitaya bowls are easily one of the best you can find around here. With around 12 different bowls, you can choose your favorite combination of berries and fruits topped with honey, granola, and coconut for a guilt-free meal that tastes just as delicious as anything.

And let’s not forget the smoothies; these thick, ultra-nutritious drinks are great for those on the go looking for something that keeps them on track with their diet plan. Try something light and refreshing like their Citrus Berry drink with pineapple sherbet, or go all out with the P-nut Butter that comes with non-fat yogurt, almond milk, chocolate, bananas, and a whole load of peanut butter. Yum! You can even add stuff like whey protein, multivitamins, and fiber to your drinks. 

Roxberry is open every day from 9 am onwards, so you can drop here for breakfast or a light lunch anytime and get yourself a break from oil-drenched finger foods. 

Address: 920 UT-99, Fillmore, UT

a selection of acai bowls
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8. Iceberg Drive Inn

Burgers and shakes served in a casual, fast-food atmosphere 

You know those neighborhood greasy spoons where you go for satisfying fried foods right in the comfort of your sweatpants? That’s Iceberg Drive Inn for Fillmore residents.

Known for its thick and rich shakes, this location offers a comfortable, easy-going atmosphere for you to scarf down juicy burgers and fries without a care in the world. The bright dining room has multiple booths for families to settle into, or you could just order at the drive-thru for your dose of delicious fast food.

Although you get fast food prices, their burgers come with fresh, bouncy, soft buns and a generous amount of fillings not very common among chains. Many recommend their rodeo burger that comes with an onion ring inside, BBQ sauce, and all the trimmings smashed into one big, mouth-watering lord of all handhelds.

Other must-tries include the fried zucchini and the sizable, perfectly seasoned onion rings that people rave about. Oh and, of course, let’s not forget their nationwide famous, ultra-thick, creamy shakes – they’re pretty much like cups of ice creams and come in hearty portions (so the mini size is definitely not mini!).

Open every day from 11 am onwards (noon on Sundays), this place is easily one of the best restaurants in Fillmore, Utah for families who like their burgers juicy and their shakes extra creamy. 

Address: 930 UT-99, Fillmore, UT 

The Best Restaurants In Fillmore, Utah: Our Final Thoughts

Although restaurants in Fillmore, Utah, and the surrounding towns aren’t exactly in abundance, you’ll come across some real local gems here.

So give some of the places we’ve listed down a try – you won’t be disappointed! 

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