Shortlist: The Eight Best Restaurants In Farnham That Locals Love!

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Farnham is a bustling market town within the rolling green hills of Surrey. Its close proximity to London and historical standings make it a perfect getaway filled with beautiful sights and incredible experiences. The town thrives on its diverse culture that has seen the rise in many influences, especially when it comes to its food!

Of course, it helps that they’re surrounded by farmlands that produce delicious ingredients which the restaurants in Farnham certainly use to their advantage.

As a result, you can find a versatile mixture of global fare in Farnham, from Asian to classic British. The whimsical venues here are bound to take your breath away and bring something new and exciting to your culinary adventures.

So without further ado, here’s our favourite restaurants in Farnham!

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Eight Fantastic Restaurants In Farnham: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Veena’s Kitchen

A casual and chic cafe that serves home-inspired dishes from Thailand. It also doubles as a small Thai grocery store selling exotic imported wares.

Veena’s Kitchen was grown from a home passion for authentic Thai cuisine. Praveena, the owner, was born in Bangkok, raised amidst the bustle of Thai restaurants, and discovered a love for the flavour and complexity of the dishes. What started as a small home catering business flourished, and Veena’s Kitchen was opened to bring the taste of Thailand to Farnham.

They’ve built a small but chic venue that’s brightly lit and down-to-earth. Cute little quotes litter the venue and are sure to bring a smile to your day. While the dining room may be cozy, there’s still plenty of space for you and your family to enjoy an unforgettable venture.

Chef Veena was inspired by the home cooking she was raised with and brought the same gusto to her restaurant. Enticing delicacies cover the pages of the menu.

The delicate balance of sweet, sour and spicy are brilliantly mixed to create an unbelievable taste adventure. Delicious appetisers will help soften your palates for the main course.

Depending on your tastes, you can indulge in an aromatic Curry (just keep an eye on the spice levels!). Our recommendation is definitely the Noodles which are a succulent delight full of heavenly-tasting blends. And, what’s better, is you can select your choice of protein, including tofu, if you prefer meatless.

While there’s not much in the way of desserts, they can undoubtedly pique your interest with a fruity Thai tea! They’re sweet and packed with jellies and boba, perfect for a quick treat. Or, if you’re looking for something of a nightcap, then be sure to check out their imported wines and beers.

The entire cafe is surrounded by a joyful and friendly atmosphere, and the staff embrace their patrons like family. It’s truly a wonderful experience if you’re looking for something casual but still want top-quality meals.

  • Opening Hours: Closed Sun & Mon; 12 pm to 9 pm Tues – Sat
  • Location: 1 South St, Farnham
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2. Daniele Sicilian

A hotel-based Italian restaurant with a sprawling outdoor patio; indulge in divine pasta and pizza in a magical setting just outside of urban Farnham.

No town would be complete without a classic Italian restaurant, and luckily for the residents of Farnham, it doesn’t get much better than Daniele Sicilian Restaurant.

Located in the Daniele Sicilian Hotel, this brick-and-mortar venue is a down-to-earth hideaway that bustles with activity throughout the week. Some travel from quite a distance to get a taste of their meals best enjoyed in their outdoor courtyard, enjoying the sunshine during lunch or the whimsical twinkling of fairy lights at night.

You will be presented with a different menu depending on the time of day, with set menus for Lunch and Sunday Brunch and an Ala Carte selection too.

The Lunch and Brunch menus can be enjoyed in either 2 or 3-courses with an arrangement of curated dishes available to choose from. Each is packed full of rich flavour, and the menus feature some of the best and most popular dishes, including pasta, lamb, pork and more.

Dinnertime allows a turnover that opens up the Ala Carte menu, and the options seem limitless. Of course, small antipasti are available to kickstart your meal, but the real treat comes with the selection of entrees. You can find just about everything your heart (or rather stomach) desires, which are generously plated for your enjoyment.

Their dishes maintain authenticity, taking very little influence from Western techniques if they can. Fresh ingredients are sourced daily to bring the most refreshing quality to each dish, which has been carefully created to capture the spirit of Italy.

So if you’re seeking Tuscan sunshine on a plate, Daniele Sicilian Restaurant has you covered and can even offer you a comfortable bed to rest after a well-deserved meal. No wonder they’re one of the most popular restaurants in Farnham.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm – 2pm, 6 pm– 10:30 pm Mon – Fri; 12 pm – 2 pm, 5:30 pm –10:30 pm Sat; 12 pm – 2:30 pm Sun (Brunch only)
  • Location: Daniele Sicilian Restaurant, Lower Hale, Farnham
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3. Caffe Piccolo

A quaint Italian cafe that reminds us of a cottage in the woods from old storybooks.

One place locals can’t seem to get enough of is Caffe Piccolo. Another one of Farnham’s best restaurants, this Italian venue is sure to transport your tastebuds across country lines. So we hope you have a passport ready because this is one journey you won’t want to miss out on.

The atmosphere is always buzzing with the chatter of ravenous patrons. The place is a thrum of activity all year round and bodes well as a family-friendly venue. With its double-story dining area, you bet there’s ample space for you and the entire brood to enjoy a meal.

The venue looks like something out of a fairytale book, sharing a cottage-esque appearance that’s dainty and charming with floral decor draped from ceiling timbers. Small paintings dot the wall, while statues stand stoic amidst the white-cloth tables.

The staff move around gracefully between tables, distributing meals to hungry patrons. They’re experts at what they do and knowledgeable about the cuisine, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Speaking of the food, as most Italian restaurants are, the menu is an extensive collaboration of generous meals, ripe for the picking. In addition, they are constantly updating the menus, introducing new meals that pay homage to their roots and keep things exciting.

If you feel overwhelmed by choices, you can order from their Set Menu, which gives you a 3-course meal at a set price and limits the options, so you’re not left reeling.

Of course, we’d highly recommend ordering Ala Carte as you can explore the flavours of every Italian region through their diverse menu. We’d recommend the pizza, which far surpasses anything you’ll find at Dominos. But you can also choose from a healthy selection of pasta and some succulent choices of prime-cut meats.

This is easily one of the best and most beautiful restaurants in Farnham.

  • Opening Hours: 5 pm to 10:30 pm Mon & Tues; 12 pm to 3:30 pm and 5 pm to 10:30 pm Wed – Fri; 12 pm to 3:30 pm and 5 pm to 11:30 pm Sat; 12 to 4 pm and 5 to 9:30 pm Sun
  • Location: 84 West St, Farnham
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4. Thai Lotusland

A stunning, upmarket restaurant dealing in authentic Thai cuisine.

Thai Lotusland offers guests the unique opportunity to experience the extraordinary vibrance of Thai cuisine without leaving the UK to find it. Opened in 2018, they’re still fairly new to the food scene of Surrey but have fast become one of the best restaurants in Farnham.

The delightfully rich aromatics encapsulate your senses as you walk through the door. Soft, decorative wooden furniture brings a gentle warmth to their dining room, accompanied by wild pops of vibrant colour from exotic flowers. The walls are decorated with delicate pieces that mimic the refined artistic stylings of Thai homes.

The friendly staff will greet you upon entry and lead you to your seat. The venue is relatively large and provides ample space for you and a group to enjoy the experience. It hosts a slightly upmarket feel while the atmosphere remains light and bubbly.

Depending on your mood, you can order any of their cleverly curated set menus. They have carefully selected each dish to compliment the next and create a flow of collaborative tastes that display genuine Thai authenticity.

If, however, you prefer to choose for yourself, they have an expansive range available on their A la Carte Menus. It’s highly recommended and encouraged even to order a plethora of options to share amongst the table. That way, you can enjoy versatile flavours from sweet to spicy, all with the company of people you love!

We would also like to note that the menu comes with a handy spice guide that lets you know the heat of the dish you order before it reaches the table. Personally, we don’t mind the taste of a rich Moo Pad, but if you can’t handle too much chilli, you may want to order something like a Pad Nam.

  • Opening Hours: 12–2:30pm, 5–10:30pm Sun; Tues – Thurs; 12–2:30pm, 5–11pm Fri & Sat
  • Location: East St, Farnham
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5. Sushi Jun

A down-to-earth Japanese restaurant that specializes in traditional and western Sushi.

We can’t deny the appeal of a good sushi dinner, and in Farnham, there’s only one place for it. Sushi Jun is a down-to-earth spot that offers what can only be described as an art form on a plate.

The restaurant lets the food do most of the talking and has used a very simplistic approach to decor that is livened up by the colourful sushi that the kitchen serves. It’s nothing shy of comfortable, and the casual atmosphere makes it a fantastic spot for a quick bite or celebration.

The venue may seem small from the outside, but it is surprisingly spacious. Depending on your mood, you can find an intimate spot at one of the individual tables. However, if you prefer dinner and a show, we recommend sitting by the sushi bar to watch the chefs at work. 

As the name would suggest, Sushi Jun specialises in, well, sushi! And while they maintain the delicate balance between traditional and westernised sushi rolls, the one undeniable fact is it’s so undeniably tasty you’ll be rolling out the door yourself.

Their seafood is always fresh and carries the subtle flavours of the oceans. As a labour of love, each roll is packed to the brim with ingredients that complement and elevate the dish and create a beautiful balance.

And if the idea of seafood doesn’t tickle your tastebuds, the kitchen is also well-equipped to serve a selection of Japanese small plates. So you can still get your fill on Gyoza and Miso soup if that’s what your heart desires.

Maybe we’re biased, but our inherent love of sushi has swayed us into listing Sushi Jun as one of the best restaurants in Farnham.

  • Opening Hours: 6 pm to 10 pm Tues – Fri; 12 pm to 3 pm; 6 pm to 10 pm Sat; Closed Mon & Sun
  • Location: 27 South St, Farnham
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6. Bloom

A gorgeous spring-themed cocktail bar with an outdoor patio serving bottomless brunches daily and tapas-style cuisine.

Bloom in Farnham is a seasonal paradise that combines the artistic interpretation of mixology and International cuisine at a rustic and cutesy cocktail bar.

Far from your average pub, Bloom is a dive into a parallel universe, where the name doesn’t only reflect the changing of the seasons but hints at the spring paradise awaiting beyond the doors.

To say the venue is breathtaking would be an understatement. They’ve combined a rustic approach with the concept of indoor greenery. Trees and flowers are scattered throughout the restaurant, making you feel like you’re sitting in a Secret Garden. It’s playful without being overbearing, and with a stellar selection of artisanal cocktails, you can guarantee the atmosphere is always vibing!

Bloom serves an array of international dishes inspired by the local British produce around them. The food is refreshingly refined and perfectly suited to every occasion. Their signature quirk is that their menu is solely a combination of small plates in a diverse tapas-like fashion easily shared amongst the table.

However, you can also indulge in heartier fare if you decide to head there for their Bottomless Brunch. With the mimosas flowing freely for 1.5 hours of pure bliss, you can gorge on a 2-course meal that varies seasonally.

As a social venue, they thrive on having people around, and the staff are well-equipped to handle the crowds. Often, you’ll find the venue hosting private events. After all, the food is delicious, the cocktails unforgettable, and the restaurant and patio make the perfect backdrop to any photo.

We can’t get enough of the concept, and Bloom has undeniably earned the title of one of Farnham’s best restaurants. So be sure to visit this hidden gem; you won’t be disappointed.

  • Opening Hours: Closed Mon & Tues; 12 pm to 11 pm Wed & Thurs; 12 pm to 12:30 am Fri; 11:30 am to 12:30 am Sat; 12 pm to 5 pm Sun
  • Location: 7 The Borough, Farnham

7. The Donkey

A classic British pub just off the beaten path with a beautiful countryside backdrop, stellar outdoor area and delicious food.

Sometimes the only way to scratch an itch is by heading down to The Donkey for a taste of classic Pub Grub.

Located off-the-beaten path, The Donkey is a pinnacle point that sits a short 10 minutes outside Farnham, close to Elstead village. Don’t be discouraged by the drive, though. It’s well worth it, especially if you’re a fan of the countryside.

The restaurant is historical and has been a public house since the mid-1800s. Over the years, it’s gone through its own evolution. Although one thing has stayed the same, you can always find a donkey grazing along the fence line.

They’re known as a gastropub now and serve up some mean pub grub that goes down a treat with the right tap beer. The menu often evolves to reflect seasonal ingredients available with specific options, like the Fish and Chips changing daily.

Everything is a la carte, with a different menu available on Sundays to include a Classic British Roast in the flavour of your choosing. And the restaurant often hosts a variety of specials like Burger Thursdays and Ten Pound Tuesdays. As well as daily specials that offer a creative variation to the norm.

The restaurant itself bears a similar resemblance to the old days and is reminiscent of a countryside cottage. However, the interior is not too extravagant, with ample indoor and outdoor seating depending on your preference.

The restaurant has a pair of pet donkeys eager to greet their guests and especially love children. As far as the hosting skills those donkeys can sometimes be a bit of an ass! But all can be forgiven because their human staff provide efficient and friendly service.

  • Opening Hours: Closed Mon; 12 pm to 6 pm Tues; 12 pm to 2 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm Wed – Fri; 12 pm to 2:30 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm Sat; 12 pm to 3 pm Sun
  • Location: Charleshill, Farnham
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8. The Spotted Cow

One of Farnham’s worst kept secrets, this hidden pub offers a scenic escape from town life, where even the dog is invited to enjoy the sprawling woodside gardens and live music on offer.

“If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise” was an iconic line from Teddy Bears’ Picnic we all remember. Still, in the case of Farnham restaurants, it can only be fitting for one venue.

The Spotted Cow is a secluded, hidden pub discovered amid a 4-acre woodland. The serene surroundings and family-friendly nature of the place make it perfect for outings with the kids, and you can even bring Fido along too!

The pub has a tiny cottage and two sprawling gardens to enjoy, especially in the warmer months. It’s a beautiful place to waste away a sunshiney day, and the food is delicious too.

As a pub, you can expect nothing but the finest classic British Pub Grub, brimming with flavour and utilizing the best in local ingredients. Tuck into a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired platter to start before moving on to some rip-roaring portions of prime-cut beef, refined Fish and Chips or a pizza if you’d prefer.

The Spotted Cow takes pub grub to a new level, elevating the flavours and using some unbelievable ingredients to recreate classic dishes and make them entirely unique. And it doesn’t stop with their ala carte menu either.

Their Sunday Roasts are mouth-wateringly good and have crowds flocking at the mere thought of a succulent Pork Belly with crisp and fluffy roast potatoes.

And if you arrive on the right day, you’ll be happy to find the thrum of live music playing across the gardens. With so much to choose from, from your seating area to the tastebud tantalizing meals, we can easily see why The Spotted Cow is so beloved by Farnham locals.

As one of the best restaurants in Farnham, you can find nothing shy of excellent service and a well-stocked bar to keep the adults happy while the kiddies play.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm Daily
  • Location: The Spotted Cow, 3 Bourne Grove, Lower Bourne, Farnham
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Our Final Thoughts

Farnham is packed with exciting eateries waiting to be explored. So don’t hold back and bring your stretchiest set of trousers to tuck into the best restaurants Farnham offers. Bon Appetit!


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