Shortlist: The Eight Best Restaurants In Esher That Locals Love!

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Esher is a sleepy suburban town on the outskirts of London and was once the home to George Harrison from the Beatles, so the town often saw the bandmates tear up the district musically! While most of the town caters to a suburban population, you can still find a thriving town centre.

With the short commute from London, it’s not uncommon to find people coming from further afield just to get a taste of the lifestyle. And speaking of taste, the restaurants in Esher are a pure treat.

Surprisingly, this town has a refreshing dining experience around every corner. So if you ever find yourself in the area, prepare for the taste adventure of a lifetime and make sure to visit a few of our favourite restaurants in Esher – which we introduce you to next!

A waitress serving customers food at a restaurant

The Best Restaurants In Esher: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Sherpa Kitchen

Spread over two stories, Sherpa Kitchen is a relaxed formal Nepalese restaurant serving an array of exotic delicacies.

Sherpa Kitchen is inspired by the unique culture and cuisine of the Nepalese regions of Asia. Their meals are hand-prepared using traditional methods, working tirelessly to ensure they maintain the utmost quality and authenticity.

While they’ve recently undergone a change in ownership, their methods and passion remain unwavering, and bring the taste of contemporary Asian cuisine to the town of Esher.

The restaurant takes on an air of luxury. White-clothed tables dapple the two-story dining area, and beautiful decorative pieces hang from the walls and ceiling. The venue is large and accommodating, with ample room to host groups on a walk-in basis.

The friendly staff will lead you to your table and settle you to peruse an extensive menu. Their meals cater to various tastes, with vegetarian options available. However, we suggest calling ahead to find out about catering to other dietary requirements.

Whether you’re looking for seafood or lamb, they’ve got an elaborate range of meals for you. Each dish is cooked with care and concise attention to detail. The flavours are known for being unbelievable and genuine, using a mixture of imported and local ingredients to maintain a fresh and authentic appeal.

We’d suggest going for any of their Chef Specials, but we’ve been told that the Methi Lamb is the one to beat. Succulent enough to fall off the bone, it’s balanced with fragrant spices and can be paired with any number of their sides.

It’s understandable why the locals consider Sherpa Kitchen one of the best restaurants in Esher; it’s unique and brings a lovely change of pace to the culinary assortment in town.

  • Opening Hours: 5 pm to 11 pm Tues – Sat; 1 pm to 9 pm Sun
  • Location: 132 High St, Esher
Chef cooking in kitchen
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2. Averna

A laidback Italian eatery in a beautiful setting with great views, an extensive menu and plenty of plant-based options.

Situated in the picturesque Claygate village on The Green awaits an authentic Italian experience in the form of Averna. This beautifully refined establishment prides itself on traditional and homely Italian cooking while giving its guests the best possible service.

It’s a stunning venue, with large bay windows opening up to a suburban view. The restaurant is urban and trendy, with warm copper tones transporting you to the rustic Tuscan countryside. Despite the classy atmosphere, this place is casual and laidback, welcoming groups and families for a good evening out.

As with any Italian restaurant, their menu is immense, with an unbelievable range of versatile and rambunctious dishes. The chefs behind the helm create each meal from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. And nothing bodes better for quality than homemade pasta.

Depending on your cravings, they have a boatload to choose from. Pasta, pizza, fish and meat, with an additional plant-based menu to accommodate vegetarian guests. And if you find yourself in the area on Sunday, we suggest swinging by for a taste of their roasts!

To end your dining experience with a bang, not a fizzle, look at their expansive drinks menu that features everything from imported Wines to an indulgent mixture of cocktails. And don’t forget to order a dessert from their selection; Tiramisu, Vanilla Ricotta and more are just waiting to cure your sweet tooth.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 2:30 pm, 5 pm to 10:30 pm Mon – Fri; 12 pm to 10:30 pm Sat; 12 pm to 9 pm Sun
  • Location: The Green St Leonard’s Rd, Esher
Italian pastas with different kinds of sauce
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3. Hummings

A quirky, conceptual Gin Bar and Cafe with a terrace, serving brunches, lunches and incredible cocktails throughout the week.

Hummings offers a culture clash, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. During the day, they host a quiet, peaceful suburban cafe. But by night, the entire venue is transformed into an upbeat concept Bar.

The venue itself is transformative and gives off a vibe that feels like it belongs in The Secret Garden. Of course, we expect nothing less from a hideaway Gin Bar, and the botanical murals that dot the wall make it all the more fitting. Sit inside at their contemporary booths, or enjoy the finer weather on their sprawling terrace.

When Thursday hits, the neons come out and feature pieces around the restaurant to become a vibrant attraction. Who said suburban living had to be boring?

Their meals are inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean. You’ll be able to sip a G&T alongside Avocado on Sourdough or a Mediterranean Breakfast, which we highly recommend for its variety of tastes.

The drinks menu is where the fun really starts. Served all throughout the week, this menu is the drawing card for their Secret bar evenings from Thursday to Saturday. Creative Cocktails and expertly refined Gins are served in variety, so come thirsty!

We can certainly understand why locals and tourists alike flock for the Hummings experience; as one of Esher’s best restaurants, it’s unforgettable. And as an added bonus, Hummings often hosts events you can discover by following their Social Media!

  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm Sun – Tues; 9 am to 2 am Wed – Sat
  • Location: 51 High St, Esher
two cocktails on a bar
Photo for illustrative purposes only: Biascioli

4. Lemongrass

A rustic Thai restaurant offering both indoor and outdoor seating, serving authentic Thai cuisine made using traditional methods.

Food is the epitome of each country, and there’s no better way to immerse yourself in a foreign experience than trying their cuisine. Of course, with the cost of travel these days, we don’t blame people for staying at home. But you can still explore, or at least your tastebuds can.

So when Lemongrass opened in Esher, that was exactly what they aimed to do! This restaurant strives to bring an authentic Thai experience to their guests, no passport needed.

Lemongrass hosts an immersive menu featuring both street-style foods and homely dishes with elaborate and complex flavours. Using local and imported ingredients, they aim to recreate the vibrant tastes of Thailand as genuinely as possible.

You can order from an extensive Ala Carte Menu, which features everything from off-the-grill meals to spicy curries and seafood.

But if you’re looking to embrace the tradition of sharing, or you’re just overwhelmed by choices, their set menus are perfect for catering to parties of two and larger. They often feature their best dishes, including the Lemongrass Platter, to start.

Each dish is made using elaborate techniques by expert chefs trained to give the most authentic experience possible. From their use of bamboo shoots to presenting their rib eye still sizzling on the plate, it’s dinner and a show, guaranteed!

The venue is hard to miss, with a blue shopfront often accompanied by outdoor seating in the summer. However, don’t let looks fool you; while it may seem small from the outside, the inside stretches out and has ample space to seat large parties.

It’s rustic and tropical, with decorative room dividers offering a more intimate setting in this warm and inviting restaurant.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 2:30 pm; 5:30 pm to 11 pm Daily
  • Location: 45 High St, Esher
beef pad thai and chicken satay dinner viewed from above
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5. Siam Food Gallery

Sublime Bangkok-style dishes served in a large, welcoming dining room and patio.

Siam Food Gallery is another one of the Thai restaurants in Esher, but this time they bring the taste sensations of Bangkok right to the doorstep of residents. This easy-going restaurant has been a favourite for years, with an unapologetically growing fan base.

Serving an exotic menu of Thai cuisine, you can discover a whole new world of flavour. Guests adore the Panang Curry, with its zesty lime notes, but you also can’t go wrong with one of their sublime Stir fries. Their Ala Carte menu caters to all dietary requirements, with a special section for Vegan and Vegetarian patrons and plenty of Gluten-free dishes to choose from.

They believe that meals are meant to be shared in good company, so it’s only fitting that Siam Food Gallery also offers Set Menus, which are made to be a shared experience amongst their guests.

The restaurant is simplistic and stretches over two stories. The sweeping staircase leads you to the private dining area upstairs, which is perfect for intimate meals. While the large downstairs room hosts enough space to comfortably seat big parties and even joins onto a large patio for the warmer months.

The service is impeccable and a tribute to the excellent hospitality of Thai culture. Welcoming staff usher you to your table and are happy to help guests take in the best possible experience while at Siam Food Gallery.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 3 pm; 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm Mon – Sat; 12 pm to 3 pm; 5:30 pm to 9 pm Sun
  • Location: 95-97 High St, Esher
Chef is stirring vegetables  in wok

6. Parade + Albany

A community cafe and deli with a pet and family-friendly atmosphere where you can find delicious breakfasts and local-brewed coffees.

If you’re looking for a community coffee hub, look no further than Parade + Albany. Founded in Esher’s Claygate Village, it’s a quintessential cafe and deli, serving the works in a casual and carefree environment.

Having been around for years, they’ve built their own vibrant little family. Most of their staff are locals and have grown up in Esher, so it’s not unusual to see friendly interactions with regulars. They’re mostly youngsters and have a fun-loving attitude that exudes into their service. You won’t feel more at home anywhere else.

They’re a pet-friendly venue, with outdoor seating available curbside. The indoor seating is quirky, with ample seating available at colourful shabby chic tables. A deli and coffee counter stretches along the wall, offering a perfect spot for patrons to pick up a quick to-go cup and meal.

You’ll be happy to note that the menu is a concise tribute to the usual bistro food but with a unique Parade and Albany twist.

Breakfasts, cakes, sandwiches and paninis are all available throughout the day. In addition, they can be paired with your choice of coffee, which is supplied by Union Hand Roasted, or if you’re feeling for something different, perhaps a tea or smoothie.

Guests rave about the P+A Full English, which is available in a meat-lovers and vegetarian version, depending on your diet. And the cakes are said to be out-of-this-world!

There’s no denying that Parade + Albany is one of the best restaurants in Esher for breakfast and lunch, and definitely worth the trip to Claygate village to immerse yourself in the community.

  • Opening Hours: 8:30 pm to 4:30 pm Mon – Fri;  8:30 pm to 4 pm Sat; Closed Sun
  • Location: 19-21 The Parade, Claygate, Esher
cafe coffee and food selection
Photo for illustrative purposes only: Korolevskaya

7. Don Luis

Where Spanish cuisine meets contemporary dining for a one-in-a-million experience.

Another High Street must-visit venue is Don Luis. Relatively new to the Esher restaurants scene, this Tapas bar and Steakhouse has created quite the name for itself and has locals raving over how good the food is.

Specialising in divinely prepared Spanish cuisine, Don Luis has brought an interesting and unique experience to the residents of Esher. While exotic cuisine is nothing new, we can say for certain you won’t find any place quite like this.

The dishes are beautifully spiced and flavourful, using traditional ingredients and aromatics to create the epitome of Spanish cuisine. From Paellas to Pollo Con Romesco, there’s a versatile selection of delicious meals on offer.

Our best advice is to arrive hungry. Start by ordering a variety from the tapas menu, mixing seafood, chicken, and vegetables and creating a platter of flavour. Be sure to leave space for an entree, though. We’ve heard nothing but excellent reviews on their steaks, where the premium ribeye, sirloin and fillet can be paired with your choice of side and sauce.

For beverages, their bar supplies beautifully prepared cocktails, imported wines and beers, and a wonderful assortment of spirits.

The venue is small and gorgeously decorated. You’d be pressed to remember you’re sitting in Surrey, with the lavish Tudor-style venue easily encapsulating the energy of Spain. The atmosphere is incredible, and as this is also one of the most popular restaurants in Esher it can get fairly busy, so we’d suggest reserving a table ahead of time.

  • Opening Hours: 5 pm to 11 pm Tues – Thurs; 12 pm to 11 pm Fri & Sat;
  • Location: 10 High St, Esher
Spanish tapas
Photo for illustrative purposes only:

8. Bombay Social

A well-designed Indian restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere. Serving delicious curries and are known for their incredible cocktails and social setting.

Bombay Social is a classy restaurant specialising in regional Indian cuisine. Situated in the heart of Esher, they’ve built a dynamic eatery with a picturesque interior and a menu that locals can’t get enough of.

The expert chefs are responsible for cooking authentic Indian delicacies, hand-crafted and plated beautifully, for an enriching experience. While the menu and set menu predominantly consist of curries, a stellar array suits every diet and taste.

Kickstart your meal with an assortment of their starters, or order a sharing platter for your table. Their Bang Bang Shrimp is the talk of the town, so whatever you do, make sure you get a helping of that!

Then, when you’re ready for your main, choose from various curries. If you’re new to the cuisine, you might feel more comfortable with a milder option like Butter Chicken or Moilee. And to kick up the spice level, you can’t go wrong with a Gunpowder curry.

However, some of their most highly recommended dishes are their Lamb curries and the succulent Lamb Chop starter.

With a large bar in the centre of the venue, you can bet they also come in clutch with a delicious assortment of beverages and cocktails to soothe the curry heat a bit.

The staff are friendly and welcoming, building a wonderful atmosphere that thrives on socialising and good food. With ample seating around a romantic and urban venue, you’ll thrill your guests with a meal at Bombay Social, easily one of the best restaurants in Esher.

  • Opening Hours: 5.30 pm to 11:30 pm Tues – Sat; 5.30 pm to 10 pm Sun; Closed Mon
  • Location: 44 High St, Esher
Assorted curries on table
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Our Favourite Restaurants In Esher: Final Thoughts

Despite being a quaint area on the outskirts of London, Esher has an air of class and urban zest that rivals London districts. It’s a little town with a big personality, which reflects beautifully in the cuisines and the boisterous restaurants throughout this part of Surrey.

Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy or a classic English breakfast, you’ll find more than enough options. But when it comes down to it, we all want the best of the best, so don’t be shy and refer back to our helpful list of the best restaurants in Esher next time you visit.


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