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Cromer is a delightful coastal town in Norfolk famed for its beautiful beaches, gorgeous cliffs, and modest fishing tradition. Yet, it’s not simply the natural beauty that pulls people to this charming community….

Cromer also has a flourishing food scene that serves up a wide range of gastronomic pleasures, from fresh seafood to contemporary fusion cuisine, often in restaurants with great seaside views.

And to help you out if you’re new to town, below we share some of our favourite restaurants in Cromer. All so you can find the best place to eat! (Related: The Best Pubs In Cromer)

Bon appetit!

Aerial view of the town of Cromer with the sea to the left and houses to the right, Cromer, Norfolk, England, Britain
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The Best Restaurants In Cromer: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Amber Bar and Restaurant

A classic eatery serving up great English flavors with a unique interior and a well-stocked bar!

If you’re looking for a chic, cosy, and comfortable dining location that comes with a full-service bar then you’re in luck!

Amber Bar and Restaurant, one of Cromer’s most popular restaurants offers just that, and feels like a luxurious getaway full of delicious food, and decadent drinks. Just what you need on vacation!

Located conveniently, this eatery brings all the vibes you need! With mood and ambient neon lighting and a stylish interior, it’ll put you in the right frame of mind for some amazing food.

So, sit back, enjoy being waited on by their exceptional staff, and look forward to some of the tastiest food Cromer has to offer.

As for what we recommend, order their Homemade Steak & Ale Pie, Homemade Lasagne, or Hunters Chicken as entrees.

You can also stick to the basics if you like as they also make some mean pizza and burgers. Make sure to order some wine to complement your meal and you’ll be good to go!

Amber Bar and Restaurant is open every day from 5 pm to 10 pm, apart from Sundays when they are open the entire day from 12:30 to 9 pm and have a special Sunday menu.

Address: Within Cromer Country Club, 127 Overstrand Road, Cromer.

Professional Chef Cooks Flambe Style. He Prepares Dish in a Pan with Open Flames. He Works in a Modern Kitchen with Different Ingredients Lying Around.
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2. Upstairs at No.1 Cromer

Traditional English Fish and Chips served in a great restaurant with picturesque views!

As always, we have to bring you at least one restaurant specializing in fish and chips! And in Cromer our favourite is Upstairs at No. 1 Cromer

Whether you come for the food or the views, you’ll find both in abundance! Plus, their friendly staff and great environment will surely make it one of your favourite restaurants to visit when in Cromer.

Awarded ‘UK’s Top 10 Fish & Chip Restaurant Of The Year’ in 2023, you know you’re going to get some of the best fish and chips around at this award-winning restaurant.

Plus, it’s not just the food that’s amazing, but the interior is lovely and the views are as scenic as can be. Simply put this is not your usual seaside chip shop!

Try their Cod and Chips, Catch of the Day, Norfolk Steak Burger, or Whitby Whole Scampi & Chips if you want to try one of their best dishes.

They also have a great children’s menu full of child-friendly favorites. 

Then end your meal with their Homemade Chocolate brownie and ice cream!

Upstairs at no.1 Cromer is open seven days a week, usually from noon to 7 pm.

Address: 1 New St, Cromer

Fish and chips with beer
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3. Bann Thai

Authentic Thai cuisine served in a traditionally decorated space with professional service!

Cromer’s international culinary scene is pretty impressive considering the size of the town. And if you’re looking for flavours from around the world, then Bann Thai – a restaurant serving authentic Thai food in the heart of the city – is a great option.

From their exquisite Thai-inspired decorations to the delicious food they serve, Bann Thai is a local and tourist favorite, and it’s not hard to see why.

Luckily they also have a very comprehensive menu, so there’s plenty to try out.

However what we recommend is trying their Tom Yum Goong soup, Chicken Red Curry, Pork with Cashew Nuts, Beef in Oyster Sauce, of the Sweet & Sour Prawns. Get some Coconut Rice and Spicy Noodles as sides and you won’t be hungry again for quite some time!

Bann Thai is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but open on all other days from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Address: Norfolk County, 1A Church St, Cromer.

beef pad thai and chicken satay dinner viewed from above
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4. The Garden Street Grill

Family-owned restaurant serving classic English dishes in a delightful interior. They have a vegan/vegetarian menu too!

Sometimes a hearty lunch is just what you’re looking for when vacationing, especially if you’ve got plenty planned for the day. Well The Garden Street Grill is perfect for that, as this great, family-owned local restaurant serves up English classics alongside some great healthy choices.

Garden Street has a cosy and aesthetic vibe, with flowered centerpieces on every table, black and white pictures scattered on the walls, and fairy lights on their indoor archways – it’s a picturesque place to dine in.

As for what to order, try their Homemade Cottage Pie, Whitby Scampi, and Beef Burger if you’re looking to try some of their most popular meals.

They also have a vegan/vegetarian menu, as well as a children’s menu, which is a big plus point.

You can also ask your waiter for details about daily specials and desserts so you don’t miss out on anything new they’re preparing that day.

The Garden Street Grill is open every day from 12 noon to 8 pm, making it a great place to go to when other restaurants in Cromer are closed.

Address: 16 Garden St, Cromer.

Top view of home made tasty burgers on wooden table.
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5. Indian on the Cliff

Stunning views and amazing Indian food? What more could you ask for?

Another great restaurant selling some superb international flavours is Indian on the Cliff.

And that name is a great way to describe exactly what you get when you visiting: Indian food, right at the cliffs of Cromer, all of which means breathtaking views and some of the best food in town. Sign us up!

You simply can’t miss this restaurant; it’s bright yellow façade and blue door make it somewhat iconic in Cromer.

The interior is every bit as exotic as the food too thanks to the lovely traditional Indian paintings and motifs lining the walls that give this place a very authentic vibe.

Plus, the food is superb too! Order their Tikka Masala, Korma, Curried Pork, Saag and Lamb, or Dhall of the Day to try some of their most popular dishes.

They also have some traditional Indian sweets that you can try and we definitely recommend doing that. We recommend either the Gulab Jaman, Rasmali or Kulfi to finish your meal off in style.

Indian on the Cliff is only open 4 days a week from Wednesday to Saturday, so make sure to check them out then between 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Address: 2 Brook St, Cromer.

Assorted curries on table
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6. Lily Mai’s Bar & Grill

Upscale bar and grill with one of the best views in town. Perfect for date night!

Looking for a great view of Cromer Pier and the sea but don’t know where to go? Well, you’re in for a real treat, because one of the best restaurants in Cromer has just that, as well as some amazing food too. So head on over to Lily Mai’s Bar and Grill and thank us later!

With large bay windows, cute décor, and very warm and inviting staff, Lily Mai’s is a great place to dine out in, especially if you’re spending the weekend sightseeing and need a pitstop for lunch.

Try their Steak, Classic Burger, Whole Scampi, or Fish Platter for a great entree. And then consider ordering their Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding, Raspberry Crème Brulée or Apple Crumble for dessert.

They also have a kid’s menu to help parents pick out something for any picky eaters. All in all, it’s a great place to stop by!

Lily Mai’s Bar & Grill is only open on Saturday from 12 pm to 1 am, and on Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm, so make sure you make reservations before you go!

Address: New St, Cromer

beef steak display
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7. Hot Rocks

Your favourite meal, the way you want it! Cook whatever you desire on hot volcanic rocks, right in front of your eyes.

Have you ever been to an eatery that lets you cook your food on volcanic rocks? If not, you must check out Hot Rocks when you’re in Cromer. This new concept has been taking England by storm and is the new ‘in’ thing to do. What better time to experience it than now?

With a chill and laid-back vibe, this no-fuss restaurant has a simple yet elegantly done décor. Their service is also great and if you have questions about their unique concept, feel free to ask the staff!

In a nutshell, basically you order whichever protein you like, add some other aspects to it and sauces, and then you get to cook it right in front of your eyes, on volcanic hot rocks!

This gives you the opportunity to control the temperature you cook it at, how long you want it done and what you want to put on top or pair it with. It’s also makes for interesting conversation, and is perfect to stop any awkwardness on a first date!

Experience it every day from 12-3 pm for lunch or 5-7:30 pm for dinner, except on Sundays and Mondays when they are closed.

Address: 9 Garden St, Cromer.

That’s it, guys! All our favourite restaurants in Cromer. We hope you get a chance to visit them all. And why not share this list with friends and family heading that way too. See you there!  


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