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Cobham is a thriving village located just outside of London. Part of Surrey, it is surrounded by scenic countryside and packed full of historical charm. Luckily for us Cobham is packed full of fantastic restaurants too.

The town is fast growing and is known for its diversity of activities that draw attention from tourists throughout the year. And with that comes a versatility of culture, which only adds to the fruitful food offerings of Cobham.

This is why you can find some incredible eateries around the town that explore global cuisines. Each venue has something unique to offer, making it sometimes overwhelming to decide where to go.

Don’t worry though; here at Wandering Our World we’ve taken on the task of finding the best restaurants in Cobham, so you don’t have to.

So sit back, relax, and let us introduce you to the culinary delights of Cobham!

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The Best Restaurants In Cobham: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. The Old Plough –  Stoke D’Abernon

Where the countryside meets the chic urban flow of a gastropub and beer garden.

If you’re familiar with Sherlock Holmes, you’ll know “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”. But, what you may not know, is that part of the book’s setting just so happens to be The Old Plough in Cobham.

Based in a 3-centuries old courthouse, this quaint gastropub has taken magnificent strides to ensure the legacy of its historical site. With extensive renovations being made back in 2011, they brought a youthful glow to the rustic, charming old building and haven’t looked back since.

They “wanted to create a community pub with quality home-cooked food” but still maintain their restaurant’s old-age charm and character. By adding a few new features and giving a simple facelift, they’ve created a stunning indoor-outdoor space where foodies and barflies can indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience.

The place is always bustling with activities and hosts a medley of events throughout the year. “We do regular wine tastings and dinners, live music on bank holidays and festive entertainment,” The Old Plough told Wandering Our World. All of which is announced via their website and social media.

And, of course, they serve some of the most indulgent pub grub this side of London. The menus vary seasonally, and daily specials are available to shake things up for the regulars. As they told us, “All our dishes do well,” which is a tribute to the delicious quality that makes each bite unforgettable.

In addition, as a pub, you are well within your rights to expect a stellar selection of beverages, in which case you won’t be disappointed. Their fully equipped bar serves up a mean set of cocktails, ranging from a classic Old Fashioned to a more indulgent Espresso Martini.

Undoubtedly, The Old Plough is one of the best restaurants in Cobham. Although we should warn you, they are one of three of the same name in the area, so be sure to look for Stoke D’Abernon.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 9 pm Mon – Sat; 11 am to 8 pm Sun
  • Location: 2 Station Rd, Stoke D’Abernon, Cobham
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2. A Casa Ristorante

Family-friendly Italian restaurant with a sunny outdoor patio and rustic interior.

A Casa Ristorante was named for the concept of home-style Italian cuisine. They were inspired by Italy’s intimate relationship with traditions and food and aim to bring a genuine taste for this heavenly slice of the Mediterranean to the bustling village of Cobham.

While Italian cuisine is widespread and well known, there’s no such place as A Casa Restaurant, especially not in Cobham.

The family-friendly restaurant features a dated style of decor that’s encapsulating and comfortable. The rustic style of exposed stonework helps create the cozy dining area.

Light floods through big bay windows on one side of the venue, and the moody appeal at night also sets the mood for intimacy and romance to spoil tuo amore. And those who prefer outdoor dining can dine on their down-to-earth patio and enjoy the fresh air.

You may feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices available to eat. But luckily every taste is catered for on an expansive menu featuring every type of Italian cuisine you could stomach.

Each recipe is carefully curated and refined to perfection using locally sourced ingredients and long-standing cooking techniques. You won’t be disappointed by the selection of dishes available, and may even resent that your stomach isn’t bigger!

Classic pasta dishes are slathered in rich, flavourful sauces, and their pizzas are topped to perfection and carefully baked to provide that much-beloved cheese pull. But the ultimate, and our favourite, is the mouth-watering options of meat and fish that create their entrees.

In our humble opinion, you can’t go wrong with the Saltimbocca Di Romana, which some say is so tender that it melts on your tongue.

A Casa Restaurant provides an enamouring wine list to pair and enhance the flavours of your meal. And an exciting array of sweet desserts and liqueurs to end off your visit.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 3pm, 5 pm to 10pm Mon – Fri; 12 pm to 10 pm Sat & Sun
  • Location: 221-223 Portsmouth Rd, Cobham
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3. The Ivy Cobham Brasserie

A happening British restaurant with a fully equipped bar and a refined yet cozy dining space and outdoor terrace.

If you prefer something more upmarket, The Ivy Cobham Brasserie might just be for you. Luxury knows no bounds when your sister restaurants nestle in the bosom of Soho. So a similar concept was brought to Cobham, offering a relaxed fine-dining experience unlike any other.

Their kitchen serves various meals, all taking inspiration from classic British cuisine. All this means is that you’ll also be able to indulge in Afternoon teas and traditional Sunday Brunches.

They cater to all preferences, including a separate menu for their vegan and vegetarian clientele. However, their versatile options can appear overwhelming, so if you’re not inclined to making choices, we’d recommend ordering their Set Menu, which is served in either 2 or 3-courses.

You’ll be able to indulge in both healthy breakfasts or more gut-busting options like their acclaimed Full English. For lunch and dinner, artisanal mains are available, and we cannot recommend the Shepherd’s Pie highly enough. But you can also find the likes of Rib-eye steak, a succulent Duck Curry and tantalizing Steak Tartare.

The restaurant itself exudes an air of quality. The stunning venue is filled with colour, and beautiful artwork adorns every wall. Every corner feels like a new space, inviting diners to create their own memories and experience.

The light, airy space is terrific for groups to indulge in a new experience. While The Ivy can often get busy as they’re one of the most popular restaurants In Cobham, they ensure to keep tables reservation-free for walk-ins.

Their encumbering hospitality and upmarket feel makes them a unique addition to the dining scene. And their delicious food and enrapturing atmosphere have earned them the title of one of the best restaurants in Cobham.

  • Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 12 am Mon – Fri; 9 am to 12:30 am Sat; 9 am to 12 am Sun
  • Location: 48 High St, Cobham

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4. The Tea Terrace

Bring some excitement to your afternoon tea with this beautiful Tea Room offering delicious breakfasts and lunches and the occasional live event!

There’s nothing more unique to the UK than the concept of afternoon tea. And owners Ehab and Rowena Shouly noticed a gap in the Cobham market to open up a new dining experience that allows their guests to experience tea in a cozy teahouse setting.

The Tea Terrace is a unique answer to an abundance of coffee shops. It celebrates the concept of a country-wide beloved tradition. So there’s no wonder it flew onto the radar as one of our list of the best restaurants in Cobham.

Of course, it also helps that they have a boatload of delicacies available on their menu. It’s an early bird’s delight where breakfast is served with a piping hot teapot of your favourite steeped choice.

They cater to a range of different tastes, including a gluten-free and vegan range that ensures everyone can be a part of the experience.

You aren’t limited to finger foods and sandwiches; instead, there are flavourful pies, tarts and pasta for you to enjoy. For something a little more familiar, we recommend the paninis and artisanal sandwiches, which are a cut above the rest.

As for their tea selection, it knows no bounds. Earl Grey sits alongside fruity choices of pomegranate, white pear, and sweeter dessert-inspired options too!

And when it comes to venues, you’re bound to be tickled pink, literally, by the creatively boisterous interior of the Tea Terrace. They aren’t your typical restaurant and use only the finest vintage china and silverware to serve their meals.

Pink high-back chairs surround tables that can host anywhere between 2 to 8 people. If you like a crowd, you can even sit in their 12-seater cinderella carriage, which acts as a functional feature piece in the centre of the room.

  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 6 pm Mon – Sat; 10 am to 6 pm Sun
  • Location: 39-43 Oakdene Parade, Cobham

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5. The Juice Smith

An entirely vegan dedicated health cafe that’s known for its freshly pressed juices.

The Juice Smith was born out of a journey of discovery. Former professional Rugby-star Richard Smith-Bernal was amazed by the difference in his health after indulging in cold-pressed juices which helped to improve his quality of life.

So armed with a single juicer and a dream to bring healthy food to the town of Cobham, he opened the doors to The Juice Smith in 2013.

The market has since expanded, and a real set of roots was put down. The lovely venue is a breath of fresh air. The light, airy, urban style spreads its reaches onto the pavement outside. This outdoor area also ensures a quaint little spot for you to bring your four-legged friend too.

The interior is packed with bohemian charm, rattan chandeliers and statement pieces pop from every corner, and the ceilings are draped with vines and leaves.

For a small and reasonably young venue, they are thriving! And, of course, it’s all thanks to the divine selection of meals on offer.

The kitchen serves a collection of organic, plant-based meals packed with nutrients. While we all have the misconception that health food is bland, The Juice Smith has done its utmost to prove us wrong, and in the process has staked its claim as one of the best restaurants In Cobham.

They’re open for breakfast and lunch daily and also offer a variety that’s great for on-the-go meals. In addition, they source all their ingredients locally, which creates a sustainable restaurant all around.

Vegetables, plant-based proteins and the sweetness of fruit create mouth-watering dishes that anyone can fall in love with. One favourite is the Venice Health Bowl.

But, of course, you’re not just here for the food. You’re here for the cold presses, of which there are plenty to choose from. And can be purchased to order as a cleanse, alongside vegan cakes and confectionaries too!

  • Opening Hours: 7:30 am to 6 pm Mon – Sat; 9 am to 4 pm Sun
  • Location: 15 Oakdene Parade, Cobham

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6. 63rd and 1st

Where New York style and British collide to serve up delicious American cuisine in a casual, fun setting.

Food is about exploring new places through taste, and 63rd and 1st is a great way to bring the flavours of The Big Apple to the town of Cobham.

The cocktail lounge is a dive into New York Luxury, serving a delicious arrangement of small plates that occasionally feature the works of guest chefs too!

They were inspired by the original Fridays of New York and have created a stunning venue that’s the perfect social hub. Even their food is built for sharing, where you can order a plate of Cauliflower wings or dripping Chicken Lollipops to share with your friends.

But suppose you’re set on a meal for yourself. In that case, you can also indulge in artisanal burgers and tender, succulent meats from the grill.

Sundays, they serve an eye-popping brunch that features everyone’s favourites. Creamy Eggs Benedict goes down a treat with the tangy and refreshing mimosas served by the bar.

Speaking of which, nothing screams cosmopolitan more than a diverse range of premium cocktails, of which 63rd and 1st have you covered. Depending on your mood, why not enjoy a sip of the delicious Watermelon Daquiri.

The venue is reminiscent of the architectural stylings of the big city, and the interior does nothing but drive home the idea of a picturesque American cocktail lounge.

Juxtaposing metal feature pieces dot the space and give us that Gatsby vibe. Murals bring pops of colour to the royal blue walls, and the sprawling outdoor area means you have ample choices for perfect seating.

Maybe we love the idea of feeling transported to a different era. Still, the undeniable truth is 63rd, and 1st is one of the best restaurants in Cobham and somewhere you won’t want to skip!

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 11 pm Mon – Thurs; 9 am to 12 am Fri & Sat; 9 am to 10 pm Sun
  • Location: 22B High St, Cobham
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7. The Bear

A chic and inviting country-style pub that offers private dining and outdoor seating, alongside mouth-watering pub grub.

Situated in the heart of Cobham, The Bear unapologetically brings country pub charisma to the urban High Street and has become one of the most sought-out locales in town.

They’ve been a hangout since the 1700s and have a lot of history behind their name. In fact The Bear think of themselves as “a home away from home” and indulge their patrons in a fun-filled atmosphere where great food and drinks flow freely.

They’re far from old-fashioned though. Instead, the place accentuates dark timbers and broody blues, making it relaxed yet intimate. The dining area is spacious, and there’s ample space around the bar if you’re just coming for a nightcap.

They’re classic British cuisine through-and-through which is excellent if you’re looking for a hearty portion of deep-fried Haddock, a signature The Bear burger or a homemade pie that oozes with sumptuous fillings.

Specials are available every so often, so be sure to keep an eye on their social media to see what tempting dishes are up for grabs.

And what’s better is the menu is never dull, why? Well, it changes seasonally, and as The Bear sources its ingredients locally, they change its dishes to flow with what’s available at the time.

The Bear wouldn’t be considered one of the best pubs and restaurants in Cobham if they didn’t have a versatile range of drinks available. You’ll be able to find some of the best local ales, and it serves up a selection of over 20 award-winning gins.

They even have a stunning pub garden and patio, often sun-drenched in the summers. This creates a welcoming place for patrons who can’t leave home without their loyal furry friends.

The friendly and enthusiastic staff here are ready and waiting to welcome your guests and treat them to divine local hospitality.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 11 pm Daily
  • Location: River Hill, Cobham
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/karandaev

8. Fego Restaurant

An artisanal, pup-friendly cafe where the coffee is always freshly brewed.

Consider your Monday blues whisked away with a simple trip to Fego Restaurant in Cobham. It’s the perfect one-stop spot for any of your coffee house needs. It is sure to perk up any morning with the arrangement of mouth-watering meals they have available.

They are well-known for their selection of artisanal breakfast and lunch foods that beat all expectations. But, over and above, they are suited to a range of patrons. They include a plant-powered menu that offers tasty vegan and vegetarian options too.

We recommend indulging in one of Fego’s bevy of available coffee options, brewed from speciality Climpson & Sons blends, to start your day. And adding in a stack of their Summer Berry pancakes couldn’t hurt, either.

You’ll be pleased to note that you can also spend a few extra hours lounging in bed as their breakfast options transform into an all-day Brunch.

Their heartier fare available for lunch includes an eclectic mixture of handhelds. Wraps, sandwiches and burgers in all varieties are available to soothe your hunger. In addition, you can also find internationally inspired dishes like Poke Bowls and Falafel Salads.

Depending on your mood, they’re the perfect place to settle down for a quick bite or grab something on the go. Their counter has efficient and prompt service, ready to help those early-morning commuters get their fix, and has an army of excellent staff ready to serve their guests.

The venue spills onto the pavement, allowing guests to choose between indoor and outdoor seating. It’s a cool, ambient cafe that’s both trendy and casual. Providing a relaxing atmosphere that won’t leave you wanting.

The air is always alive with the sound of chatter, and their prime location makes them a popular restaurant of choice in Cobham.

  • Opening Hours: 8 am to 4 pm Mon – Wed; 8 am to 8 pm Thurs – Sat; 9 am to 4 pm Sun
  • Location: 14 Anyards Rd, Cobham
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