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Even though Cameron may be known for all its historic landmarks and buildings, there’s nothing old about their dining scene. Serving fresh, high-quality food full of flavor in some of the most amazing ambiances in the state, this place is a breath of fresh air.

So, experience all that this town has to offer, from Italian eateries to the BBQ that Texas is known from and everything in between, by checking out our favorite restaurants in Cameron, TX.

You’ll be spoiled for choice, wherever you go! 

Chef cooking in kitchen
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The Best Restaurants In Cameron: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Ginno’s Italian Restaurant

Classic Italian restaurant serving some all-time Italian favorites in an exquisitely decorated space with exceptional service.

We start our list with easily one of the best restaurants in Cameron, TX, Ginno’s Italian Restaurant. Why is Ginno’s one of the best? Because the food they serve tastes like it was brought to you straight from Italy.

Not only from Italy but from someone’s nonnas house – it tastes authentic, homey, and comforting. So, if you’re looking for a place that feels like home, Ginno’s is your best bet.

This cute little eatery has unique character not only from the outside, where it’s all done up in classic Italian colors, but even inside where they continue the theme of dining in Italy. With lovely mango-colored walls, hanging plants, and pictures full of Italy’s most picturesque locations, you’ll literally feel like you’re dining in a café in Italy. No other place does décor and food as well as Ginno’s so it’s worth a visit.

As for their food, Their Chicken Parm, Fettuccine, Cannelloni, and Pizzas are the stuff of dreams, so make sure you order at least some of those. Apart from that, they have a huge variety of other menu items that are very popular too, so you can’t go wrong with anything you order.

Everything is made fresh from scratch daily, so you’re in good hands at Ginnos. They also have a separate kid’s menu, for anyone who has little ones accompanying them.

Ginno’s Italian Restaurant opens every day from 11 am to 9 pm, apart from Tuesday when it’s closed and Friday and Saturday when it’s open from 11 am to 10 pm.

Address: 113 N Central Ave, Cameron, TX

wood fired pizza on table
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2. Tex Miller’s Hamburgers

Iconic burger and chilli joint that’s been around since 1936, great for the entire family!

If you’re looking for a place that symbolizes all that Cameron stands for and has stood for, then a visit to Tex Miller’s Hamburgers should be number 1 on your list.

This family owned and operated eatery has been passed down like an heirloom to generations of locals living in the area. So, not only have they perfected their recipes, but they’ve been delivering the same quality of food ever since they opened!

Small and unassuming from the outside, you’d never guess that the city’s best burgers are being prepared inside. Even on the inside they have just a few seating options in the style of a long bench, where you can choose to indulge in the food while it’s hot or take it to go.

They have some outdoor benches for when the weather’s nice and you’d rather have your food outside too.

Clean and efficiently run, the place has been around so long that they also sell some merch. If you want to remember the yummiest burger you’ve ever had, grab a couple of T-shirts on your way out.

As far as their menu goes, they only do burgers, Chillidogs, BLT and grilled cheese sandwiches but they do these so well that you’ll forget you’ve ever had anything quite like their version.

Made from fresh ingredients that are locally sourced, on the same griddle that’s been around since 1936, the food tastes out of this world. So, if you’re in the mood for burgers and quality burgers at that, you definitely should go to Tex Miller’s Hamburgers.

The restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday its open from 11 am to 2 pm, while on Thursday they are open from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 7 pm.

On Friday they again open from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm. So, whether you want to go for lunch or dinner, they have you sorted.

Address: 104 N Fannin Ave, Cameron, TX

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3. Central Avenue Bistro and Marketplace

Amazing American cuisine served in a restored 1920s house with dotting owners and efficient staff, outdoor seating is available too!

Want to dine in one of the most historic locations in town? Then having a meal at Central Avenue Bistro and Marketplace should be something you don’t want to miss. The restaurant was opened in a restored 1920s home, which makes for an ideal location if you’re wanting to see how residents used to live back in the day.

The food is superb too, with great options for the entire family. Definitely an unmissable location in our opinion.

A great ambiance to enjoy and take in, the restored venue adds an element of surprise and authenticity to the food. There are so many things to see, from the rooms to the light fixtures to the ceilings. From everything that’s been renovated and things that have stayed the same. Plus, they also have an outdoor seating option, if you want to enjoy your meal alfresco. Whatever you decide, it has all the makings of a great dining experience.

Their steak, shrimp, Tomato Basil soup, and crab cakes are some of the most hotly sold menu items. As are their desserts that locals simply adore. So, if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely enjoy their German Chocolate cake or their Strawberry kiss. So, save room for dessert because you don’t want to miss out on them.

Central Avenue Bistro and Marketplace is closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It opens Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 10 pm. They encourage reservations because they’re only open three days a week, so you can call ahead and book a table when you’re ready.

Address: 312 N Central Ave, Cameron, TX

beef steak display
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4. Big Bob’s Steakhouse

Locally owned and family operated Steakhouse big on flavors and huge on community spirit.

It can’t be Texas without a few steakhouse joints and we went through the trouble to find you some of the best steak restaurants that Cameron has to offer.

Starting off with Big Bob’s Steakhouse, this family owned, and locally operated steakhouse serves some of the most flavorful meat in town – whether you’re a steak fan or not their food has the power to convert anyone into a meat lover. So, make sure you try it out at least once on your travels through town.

The interior of the place is cosy and warm. With lots of interesting wall art and multiple table and chairs arranged in an open seating plan, there’s plenty of room for everyone, no matter how crowded they get – and as one of the most popular restaurants in Cameron, TX they do get busy at times!

The restaurant is clean and the staff are very hospitable, always trying to help their patrons get the best experience out of a visit. So, if you have any questions regarding the food or Cameron in general, they’re a great source of information.

The BBQ is absolutely divine. They have a daily menu that they make from scratch, so you know that you’ll always get fresh food. From their fried chicken to hamburger steak or from their grilled shrimp to catfish, everything they serve is made from love. They make limited quantities of everything as well, just so that they can assure the quality of food that they serve is absolutely unmatchable so make sure to get their early to enjoy it fresh.

Big Bobs Steakhouse is closed on Sunday. Its open Monday to Thursday from 5 pm to 9 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays its open from 5 pm to 10 pm. Making it more of a dinner place or a supper place.

Address: 1710 industrial Cameron, TX

Selection of bbq items
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5. Circle S Bar-B-Que

Traditional BBQ joint that serves meat and other specialty dishes in a warm and loving environment.

Barbecue has always been a very famous Texas cuisine and so our list would be incomplete without us mentioning a few of the best BBQ restaurants in Cameron, TX.

And one of the local’s absolute favorite places to swing by to is Circle S Bar-B-Que. This is due to the fact that not only is there BBQ fresh, juicy and flavorful but also because they cater to a variety of different palates and make sure their menu is full of non-BBQ related goodies as well.

The first thing you notice about the restaurant is all their outdoor cooking supplies, and the fact the kitchen and their grills and stoves are all placed outdoors. So even before you’ve left your car delicious BBQ aroma wafts up to you, making your mouth water!

The inside of the place is nice too, with a rustic vibe that goes well with their warehouse aesthetic. Tables and chairs make up all of the seating with televisions on to the latest game. So, if you’re looking to have great food and not miss the game, Circle S will provide you with both.

Their brisket, sausage and chicken are all mind-blowing, and definitely some of the most requested dishes on the menu. Apart from that, their Goulash, Chicken Spaghetti, Dorito Casserole and nachos are also all supremely popular, so make sure you get a good mix of meat and other menu items to really enjoy all of their specialties.

Plus, their cinnamon rolls are delicious too and serve as the perfect dessert option, so grab some after the meal or to go.

Circle S Bar-B-Que is only open 2 days a week on Friday from 10:30 am to 7 pm and on Saturday from 10:30 am to 5 pm, so make sure you check em out on the days and time they are open.

Address: 2201 N Travis Ave, Cameron, TX

Full rack of BBQ grilled pork spare ribs on a marble board
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6. El Charro Mexican Restaurant Bar & Grill

Traditional Mexican food served in a lively ambiance with great flavors, huge servings and a professional staff.

Craving some great Mexican food? Then El Charro Mexican Restaurant Bar & Grill will surely satisfy your appetite. As one of the best restaurants in Cameron, this locally owned Mexican place delivers high quality food, huge portions and some spectacular drinks. It’s always bound to be a good time whenever you head on over, and it’s one of those spots that’s always full of doting patrons.

Proudly decorated in a range of Mexican themed elements and ornaments, El Charro Mexican Restaurant Bar & Grill is a visual extravaganza. It’s a great place to take some pictures to remember your visit by.

Everything about the place feels like a fiesta, from the wall art to the food, the attention to detail showered over every small corner of the eatery goes a long way to show the love and passion the owners have for it.

Their most famous entrees are their Menudo, Tacos, and Quesadillas. They also serve an authentic Mexican breakfast so if you’re looking for a scrumptious breakfast place in town, then try out there’s and you wont be disappointed.

Locals also rave about their drinks, so make sure you order a cocktail or a mocktail that goes with your order. If you’re unsure of what to pair with the food, the staff can help out and make the meal a perfect evening out.

El Charro Mexican Restaurant Bar & Grill is open from 6 am to 10 pm everyday of the week, making it a reliable place to go to especially when other places on this list are closed.

Address: 406 N Travis Ave, Cameron, TX

Many types of tacos on the table.
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7. Clem Mikeska’s BBQ

Great BBQ and catfish served 7 days a week in a rustic setting with lovely staff and kid friendly menu items.

Another crowd favorite pit BBQ and steakhouse place that locals absolutely adore is Clem Mikeska’s BBQ. So if you’re wanting to try all the good BBQ places in town, this should be on your meat lover’s checklist for sure.

Known for their homestyle family recipes, fresh ingredients and quality meat, Clem’s just knows how to make food taste exceptional. It’s a must visit for any tourist, especially if you’re only here for a few days.

The interior is a lovely rustic mix of all things Texas, from horns and horse hoes to checkered tablecloths and wood bench seating – the eatery is as inviting as it is comfortable. Huge windows let in a lot of light as well, making the place look bright and airy.

Apart from this, the service is what makes a difference between them and their competitors. The staff always have a smile on their face, making the overall experience a very positive one.

Their most popular items are their burgers, fried catfish, sausages and brisket sandwhich. So, get some of those when you order. For picky eaters, their mashed potatoes and mac & cheese can be very fulfilling and delicious so keep that in mind too.

Everything is made fresh to order, so no matter what you end up getting, it’ll probably become your new favorite meal.

Clem Mikeska’s BBQ is open everyday from 9 am to 9 pm. Apart from Saturdays and Sundays when its open from 10 am to 9 pm. Due to the fact that its open 7 days a week, you really have no excuse to miss it!

Address: 1005 E 1st St, Cameron, TX

Top view of home made tasty burgers on wooden table.
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8. T’s Sports Bar and Grill

Neighboorhood bar open daily, serving flavorful burgers and pizzas, with pool tables, dart boards and many other entertainment opportunities to enjoy.

There’s always that one bar in town that’s the best hangout spot around, and for Cameron that’s T’s Sports Bar and Grill.

With the best atmosphere in town, some of the greatest food and constant action and activity because of all the community events they host, there’s never a dull day in this establishment. So, if you’re looking to alleviate some boredom or checkout the nightlife of Cameron, head on over!

Even though it looks like just a normal, ordinary restaurant from the outside, the inside is simply magical. With lots of neon lights, long wooden bars and benches, TVs, Pool tables, Dart boards, and televisions there’s a whole host of entertainment opportunities for you to explore when you’re inside.

Play darts or pool with the locals, your friends or even sign up for one of their community tournaments and you’ll probably have one of the best nights of your life. This is definitely one of the most fun restaurants in Cameron, TX!

Their food is also spectacular too! Their Pizzas and burgers are amongst the most popular menu items on the menu, but if you’re more interested in having a drink and getting something to nibble on, then they have numerous appetizers to choose from too, which are bound to leave you full and happy.

They also have some rare, imported beers that are worth trying and probably not available anywhere else in town, so try some if you dare!

T’s Sports Bar and Grill is open every day from 2 pm to 12 am, apart from Saturdays where its open from 2 am to 1 am, making it a great late-night place to be to enjoy all the action that a town like Cameron has to offer.

Address: 273 Farm to Market 845, Cameron, TX

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The Best Restaurants In Cameron, TX: Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap! All the best restaurants in Cameron, TX, that you should try when you’re in town.

All of these restaurants represent the best flavors and service in town, so we wouldn’t skip any if we were you.


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