Shortlist: Eight Restaurants In Bishop’s Stortford That Locals Love!

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Bishop’s Stortford sits at the helm of Hertfordshire and has been rated as one of the best places to live in the UK. It’s easy to see why, with this historical town being a hub of activity from tours all the way down to its High Street retail and everything in between.

We’ve always lived by the motto that you never truly experience a place until you’ve had its food, and for Bishop’s Stortford, this statement couldn’t be any more true. The creative nature of the town spreads far beyond paint and canvas and incorporates itself into eclectic restaurants lining the streets. As a Market Town, you can expect nothing less than the finest local produce being used to create mouth-watering menus.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at where to dine, we don’t blame you. But take our hand and let Wandering Our World guide you to the best restaurants in Bishop’s Stortford.

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The Best Restaurants In Bishop’s Stortford For Food, Views & Fun!

1. The Toaster

Serving up the best breakfasts in Bishop’s Stortford within a pup-friendly, casual restaurant.

There’s no doubt about The Toaster’s sterling reputation over the past few years. “There was nobody else trading in the mornings, so we saw an opportunity,” owners Charlotte and Colin told Wandering Our World. Thus, in 2020 The Toaster was born.

From humble beginnings as part of the Eat 17 foodie paradise, they’ve branched out and opened a self-standing restaurant on South Street worth waking up early for.

They’ve earned the name “the best breakfast in town” amongst their many fans, and we couldn’t agree more! Serving up a bevy of unbelievable breakfasts, including a fan-favourite English Breakfast that’s simply put: a cut above the rest.

“The Hash Brown Nachos are also a must try,” according to the owners, “they are dangerously good.”. Their menu exceeds expectations with a delicious array of breakfast foods with Vegan-Friendly options, including Charlotte’s favourite: Halloumi Avocado Toast.

And don’t get us started on the coffee, which is sourced locally by the phenomenal Hertfordshire Roastery. “We take pride in every single cup of coffee we serve,” which is probably why they serve a unique blend that’s delectable with hints of chocolate and cherry.

They pride themselves on family-friendly service and provide a lovely venue where even your dog is more than welcome! Rumour has it that the staff have some of the warmest smiles around and truly embody the cosy, casual atmosphere that The Toaster offers.

So if you’re looking for the perfect breakfast nook in Bishop’s Stortford, head down to South Street and sniff out the freshly baked Sourdough. You won’t be disappointed.

Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 3 pm Wed – Fri; 9 am to 3 pm Sat; Closed Mon & Tues

Location: 82 South Street, Bishop’s Stortford

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2. Smoke BBQ

BBQ restaurant providing mouth-watering BBQ with a dash of South African flair in a quirky and casual venue.

Smoke BBQ was built on an old South African principle, “fire and food that brings people together.”.

Owners Charles and Sofia created their signature venue after years in the hospitality industry. “We felt it was time for us to work for ourselves and do things our way,” they said to Wandering Our World.

Of course, with Charles being a South African native, he’s no stranger to open-flame cooking. So it seemed obvious, after finding the perfect venue, to open a Smokehouse dishing some of the finest American-style BBQ in town with some unique flair for good measure.

Their specialty is meats, so if you love slow-cooked brisket, there’s no better place to find it.

If you prefer to sample a variety, then their Trays are our best advice. With a selection to choose from, you can experience many taste sensations in one sitting. Sofia recommends “The Smoke Feast – a sharing tray loaded with our signature meats and sides. “

Keep an eye on their website and social media for all the delicious specials that pop up throughout the week; they’ve always got something to share! They also go mobile and can be found attending private and public events in their food truck.

The venue is rustic and quaint, making it cosy when busy but offering an intimate setting on their quieter evenings.

Smoke BBQ has earned the local stamp of approval. According to the owners, “we have a lovely base of regulars coming in – they have become friends of ours (and each other!).” This simply drives home their motto, good food and open flames genuinely bring people together.

Opening Hours: Closed Mon & Tues; 5 pm to 8:30 pm Wed & Thurs; 5:30 pm to 11 pm Fri & Sat; 1 pm to 9 pm Sun

Location: 17-19 Hockerill St, Bishop’s Stortford

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3. Peach

A trendy, Fido-friendly gastropub serving Korean delicacies and complex new-era cocktails.

If you’re strolling along Church Street, you may just stumble upon a standout venue painted a notorious pink. Peach is a quirky eatery that meets the #lifegoals of a bougie market.

The brainchild of an unlikely duo, Peach is set to become one of the best restaurants in Bishop’s Stortford not only from the creative delicacies on their menus but the top-quality service they provide.

It may be small, but this restaurant packs a big personality. Their aesthetic is as bright and vibrant as the neon that hangs on their walls. It’s casual, fun-loving, and Fido-friendly, so be sure to bring the whole family.

They’re one of the few venues in town open throughout the day, serving tasty brunches and lip-smacking dinners from dawn to dusk. So you can switch from coffee to cocktails in a heartbeat if you don’t feel like venturing anywhere else.

Their menu is a carefully curated mixture of classic Gastropub-style foods, with hints of Korean Streetfoods. Most of their dishes consist of small plates, which we can’t help but love as it gives you the opportunity to have a taste of everything. But one of the favourite has to be their Burgers. Of course, they’re a house specialty alongside Bao Buns and can be paired with your choice of fries. Sundays are also Bottomless Brunches.

As we said, they’ve got a vibrant personality and, as a result, fit in beautifully with Stortford’s nightlife. Occasionally DJs spin their decks live, and the venue comes to life with hilarious characters in costume for their Theme Nights.

You can find all the information on their social media and website, which updates regularly to keep their loyal patrons in the loop!

Opening Hours: Closed Mon & Tues; 8 am to 11 pm Wed & Thurs; 8 am to 12 am Fri & Sat; 9 am to 10 pm Sun

Location: 5 Church St, Bishop’s Stortford

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4. One Thai

A delightful dive into authentic Thai cuisine in the heart of Bishop’s Stortford’s High Street.

If you’ve ever craved exotic taste, One Thai in Bishop’s Stortford is for you. Owner Nuchee was driven by a “passion for food” and has taken a generational approach to One Thai’s fare. As a result, the recipes used are homegrown and show the authenticity of Thai cooking in a way you’ve never experienced before.

They pride themselves on using fresh, delicious ingredients. “You won’t find these flavours in other restaurants,” they told Wandering Our World. There’s nothing artificial to be found in their kitchen, which is even more impressive once you notice the rich complexity created by their expert chefs.

Their menu is constantly evolving, with new flavours being added often. If you’re not used to the tastes offered by Thai cuisine, the bevy of options may seem overwhelming. But we can guarantee you’ll find something to your liking!

Aromatic curries, gorgeous noodle dishes, and fragrant, savoury rice are prepared with an intense palate of other ingredients. “Mussaman curry is probably the most popular dish, a mild and reach curry with nutty undertones,” Nuchee recommends, but a hearty portion of Pad Thai can also do wonders!

And if you’ve been around the block a few times, you can still experience something new by ordering one of their delicious specials.

The venue is airy and bright, with eclectic pieces of artwork adding a natural vibrance that perfectly fits the theme. The restaurant may be small but can get busy, especially on weekends when the atmosphere is abuzz with the sound of happy chatter.

It may just be the best restaurant in Stortford to experience something unique and genuine. It also offers exclusive cocktails that go down a treat when you’re enjoying one of the tasting or theme nights, which you can find out more about on social media.

Opening Hours: Closed Sun & Mon; 11:30 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 11:30 pm Tues – Sat

Location: 7a Market Square, Bishop’s Stortford

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5. Cibo

A stunning venue that serves beautifully decadent Sicilian classics from old family recipes.

In 2013, the doorways to a Sicilian paradise opened up on South Street. They’ve now become a local signed, sealed, and approved venue of choice for nearly a decade. Cibo was born of a passionate venture to bring the colourful tastes of the Italian island to life in local Stortford.

The doorway to Cibo feels like a portal. Once you enter, you’re greeted with an unusually breathtaking venue that mirrors street cafes in Italy. Live trees add a vibrance to twinkling fairy lights and stunning feature tiles. It feels romantic and exciting and only takes it a step further by adding savoury meals you won’t soon forget.

Genuine Italian cuisine is made to be shared, and Cibo has created a divine menu that bursts at the seams with mouth-watering options. There’s something for everybody, and some choices are made specifically for sharing. Delicious cuts of imported cheeses and meats create fruitful platters to start your evening perfectly.

Not to mention the magnifico selection of entrees. Their fresh, homemade pasta in its variations are slathered with aromatic sauces, any of which we highly recommend. Their menu is well-curated and not overwhelming, with specialty dishes made to perfection, like their Parmigiana.

And if you adore comfort foods, you need to try their pizza. Neopolitan options, coated in mozzarella and mouth-watering toppings. You can add extras and overload that crisp base to meet your wildest cheesy fantasies.

The atmosphere is always alive with conversation as tables chat away over good meals. Wine and expertly mixed cocktails flow from the indoor bar and the staff dance around the restaurant enthusiastically catering to hungry patrons.

As one of the best restaurants in Bishop’s Stortford, you can expect nothing less than a beautiful evening out with friends and family indulging in decadent cuisine. [294]

Opening Hours: Closed Sun & Mon; 12 pm to 10 pm Tues to Sat

Location: 34 South St, Bishop’s Stortford

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6. Skew Restaurant

A fine-dining restaurant and Champagne bar overlooking the River Stort and offering a whimsical open-air experience.

Located on the stunning River Stort, Skew Restaurant is a fresh dining concept that combines open-air dining with a refreshingly bougie Champagne and Oyster Bar.

They pride themselves on bringing the taste of the Mediterranean to Bishop’s Stortford, and what an adventure they’ve created!

Carefully curated menus create the sensational experience of passionate food. Each dish is specially perfected to ensure the utmost quality.

Any aficionado of Mediterranean cuisine would tell you that their food is a celebration of togetherness. So, to start, we recommend getting a collection of mezze and starter items to share.

For mains, look at the House Specialties, which consist of variations of Lamb cooked to tender perfection and bursting with rich, aromatic flavours. You’ll be pleased to note the variety of options, from Seafood to Vegan dishes, that combine the best local ingredients into one unforgettable meal.

Depending on the day, there are variations in the menus that allow you the opportunity to try something new and exciting. But our favourite weekday is Free-Flowing Thursdays, where prosecco flows uninterrupted for the duration of your 3-Course meal.

As an Al Fresco restaurant, the ambiance is always serene and whimsical. Natural scenery embellishes the restaurant’s atmosphere, creating a vibrant, light space encapsulating the local scenery. Depending on where you sit, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the River Stort flowing past.

Live music occasionally further uplifts the mood and allows guests to sway away to classic tunes while enjoying freshly shucked oysters and bubbling champagne.

As far as romancing a lover, there’s no better restaurant in Bishop’s Stortford to blow their expectations away.

Opening Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm Daily

Location:  4 Adderley Rd, Bishop’s Stortford

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7. H@me & Eat

A spectacular venue with a gorgeous patio that’s always bustling with live events and brimming with delicious foods!

We love quirky and spectacular venues. So when you wander into a Home Store looking to buy yourself new pendant lights, the last thing you’re expecting to find is a fabulous eatery. Well, H@me and Eat in Bishop’s Stortford is just that.

Aside from the restaurant’s eccentricity, it makes for an exciting day. Pendant lights hang from the ceilings of an industrial warehouse, and a stunning outdoor patio is built from odds and ends. It isn’t shabby. It’s chic and bustles with activity throughout the day.

With live musicians, games nights, and more, H@me and Eat has made itself a local hub. Follow them on social media, or just keep a keen eye on their website. You’ll see all the fun-tastic events they have coming up, which often go hand-in-hand with unbeatable food specials.

Their kitchen generally only serves until 3 pm except on special occasions and dishes out a mesmerizing mixture of bistro and cafe-style foods from breakfast to lunch.

If you’re an early riser, you might appreciate the odds and ends breakfasts packed full of mouth-watering ingredients. Of course, coffee comes standard, alongside a lovely selection of teas.

For brunch and lunch, you can have your pick of some delectable classics. Our favourite, and a specialty of theirs, is a hearty portion of Bangers and Mash, but if you’re more for handhelds, don’t be shy to order a Burger, Bagel, or loaded Panini.

The staff are friendly and welcome every guest, including your furry friends, if you choose to bring them along. There’s always service with a smile, making H@me and Eat undeniably one of the best restaurants in Bishop’s Stortford.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 6 pm Mon – Sat; 9:30 am to 4:30 am

Location: Unit 3 4b Birchanger Industrial Estate, Stansted Road, Bishop’s Stortford

Photo for illustrative purposes only:

8. Eat 17

A grocery store with in house Street Food market serving all sorts of culinary delicacies.

You’ll never believe the secrets your local grocery store holds, and for residents of Bishop’s Stortford, Eat 17 is the worst-kept secret in town. Found amongst the rows of artisanal products is a secret hideaway home to multiple different food venues all rolled into one.

Each carries its own name and cuisine, but all share an undeniable passion for great locally-produced foods. Artisanal stalls serve up mouth-watering treats that can be carried to conveniently located tables along the sunny storefront.

Your options vary depending on your taste, so it’s only fair to introduce you to some of the names found here.

Petrucci’s is every food-bloggers pizza paradise, serving traditional Neopolitan pizzas straight from a stone-fired oven. We can promise you’ll be drooling over the cheesy goodness of any one of their mozzarella-packed creations. And they deliver too!

For something to soothe your sweet tooth, you’d absolutely need a sugar-fuelled shake from the Shaken Cow. Specializing in heart-stopping gourmet milkshakes and dairy treats, it’s your one-stop shop for the best sugar rush in Shropshire.

Or perhaps you’re a fan of exotic flavours? Don’t worry. The Yeerologist has you covered. Naturally catering to all your wildest Greek food fantasies, including a few divine fusion options built using local ingredients. Gyros, Souvlakis, and Pitas abound. You’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your taste buds.

While Eat 17 may not fit into the niche of your typical restaurant, they offer the same basic principle, excellent food, and a table to sit at while you enjoy the bustling atmosphere around you.

Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 10 pm Tues – Sat; 9 am to 9 pm Sun & Mon

Location: 23 Potter St, Bishop’s Stortford

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The Best Restaurants In Bishop’s Stortford: Our Final Thoughts

So there you have it, not only is Bishop’s Stortford a beautiful town to reminisce on UK history but a hub for global cuisine. You’re bound to have an unforgettable experience, especially if you heed our advice and visit any of the best restaurants in Bishop’s Stortford. So loosen your belts, and tuck in!


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