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Bad Axe, MI may be a small town but it sure knows how to woo visitors with some amazing food and culinary experiences.

So, if you’re around town during vacation or just passing by, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. But to help you out, here’s a few of our favorite restaurants in Bad Axe.

Chef cooking in kitchen
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The Best Restaurants In Bad Axe, MI: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Peppermill Restaurant

Quaint little eatery with a relaxing and cozy environment, delicious food, professional staff and service.

Small towns often have the warmest and most inviting restaurants to visit, and Peppermill Restaurant is definitely a great place to start while in Bad Axe.

Plus, they have an amazing menu and an awesome atmosphere that will make you want to come back again and again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The restaurant has a charming vibe with a stylish interior and lots of seating options – their tables next to the bay windows are the best seats in the house. So, make a beeline for those if they are empty.

As far as their food is concerned, they serve a variety of different items but are mostly known for their sandwiches, burgers, and seafood, all of which are freshly made from scratch on a per-order basis, so rest assured you’ll be getting some of the best food in town.

Catch Peppermill Restaurant from Monday to Thursday from 6 am to 8 pm or on Sunday from 7 am to 8 pm, it’s up to you.

Address: 685 N Port Crescent St, Bad Axe, MI.

2. Steakhouse

Meat lovers unite! Some of the best meat in town is served at this popular, casual local steakhouse that’s open seven days a week.

If you’re looking for some of the best meat-based dishes in town then Steakhouse is a restaurant that should be at the very top of your travel itinerary.

Whether you want to make reservations before you even reach Bad Axe or go the very day you reach, it’s an unmissable culinary experience like no other!

The interior showcases and highlights the American spirit and has a lot of patriotic elements like flags used in their decorations, especially in the pictures that adorn the walls. They also have a lot of seating, with booths, bars, and tables to choose from.

Just as their name suggests, they specialize in steaks but they also make a mean Pork Chop and Ribs, so those are worth considering when you go.

And if you’re with someone who’s into eating healthy, they also have salads and chicken dishes as well, so you can enjoy your time there too.

Plus, they have fresh desserts that they come up with daily, so make sure to ask your server about the Dessert of the Day to finish things on a sweet note.

They are open from 11 am to 9 pm on most days, with happy hour being from 2 pm to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

Address: 113 S Port Crescent St, Bad Axe, MI.

Selection of bbq items
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3. Rachel’s of Bad Axe

Classy, casual eatery serving homestyle recipes with a twist! Perfect for date night. Outdoor seating is available!

The brainchild of locals Chun and Rachel Siev, Rachel’s of Bad Axe is easily one of the best restaurants in the region. But not just because of their food, but also because the atmosphere is just full of warmth, making it a real friendly experience, whenever you go.

With the perfect indoor and outdoor setup, it’s both a great spot for a quick lunch with friends, or for a romantic evening with your partner when you can enjoy all the lights they have set up outside.

Order their Signature Rice Bowls or something from their Fusion Menu to really understand the depth of their craft. They also have burgers, steak, ribs, soups and even tacos! It’s a diverse menu.

Plus, you can even pair your meal with a cocktail from their comprehensive beverage menu that has all kinds of drinks.

Rachel’s is closed on Sunday only, and opens from 11 am to 9 pm every other day.

Address: 754 N Van Dyke Rd, Bad Axe, MI

Full rack of BBQ grilled pork spare ribs on a marble board
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4. The Gathering Place

A unique one-stop shop for all comfort foods that you could possibly crave!

Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, burgers, Mexican or wraps, The Gathering Place is one eatery where you’ll find some variation or the other of all your favorite American and Mexican goodies.

Their tagline is ‘Good Food Served with Good Spirits’ and we really agree with that summary of the entire experience.

Gathering Place has been a town staple for a long time, so although it might not have the most modern or updated interior, you can see that the place is well-loved. It’s also obvious that the owners have set it up with passion and love. And with loads of room and plenty of tables, you’ll always be welcome!

Their pizzas, so-called ‘samitches’ and wraps are super popular with locals, so why not try one of those when you go. They usually have deals on pizza and drinks during the weekend too, so try going then!

The Gathering Place is open every day of the week from 10 am to 12 am. So, if you want some midnight snacks, you know where to go.

Address: 898 N Van Dyke Rd, Bad Axe, MI.

Top view of home made tasty burgers on wooden table.
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5. China King

Authentic Chinese food served in a traditional environment with exceptional service!

There’s nothing like Asian food when you’re on vacation, is there? If you share our love of Chinese food then you’ll enjoy dining at China King while you’re in Bad Axe, it’s one of the best Asian restaurants in town and so it’s an experience definitely worth trying.

China King has a great aesthetic, with a lot of cultural decorations adorning the walls and ceiling. The use of traditional ornaments really brings an air of authenticity to the place.

As for food, not only do they serve buffets but they also have an ala carte option where you can choose to order your absolute favorites. You can also order combination plates or sharing platters, depending on how hungry everyone is.

China King are known for their flavors and spices, so this place is known for its tasty dishes. In particular, we highly recommend trying their Almond Chicken and Shrimp Lo Mein.

China King is another of the restaurants in Bad Axe that’s open seven days a week! Catch them from 11 am to 8 pm any day of the week.

Address: 162 E Huron Ave, Bad Axe, MI

Table with typical Chinese food as seen from above
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6. Lugos Taco Street

Mexican-style street food housed in a lively atmosphere with friendly staff!

We simply couldn’t put forth a list without mentioning Mexican cuisine, could we? Lugos Taco Street deserves a spot because of how amazing their food is and how unique the restaurant it is too. So, if you want your weekly Mexican fix, head on over!

Lugos Taco Street has a comfortable and modern interior, with colorful walls and many Mexican-inspired decorations and artwork. It’s definitely a great place to take some pictures commemorating your trip so bring your camera with you!

Bring your appetite as well, because they serve some of the best tacos and burritos in town, so make sure you come on an empty stomach!

They also have a separate kids menu, which parents of picky eaters’ will really appreciate.

The eatery is closed on Sunday, so go on any other day apart from that from 11 am to 9 pm.

Address: 801 N Van Dyke Rd, Bad Axe, MI.

Selection of tacos
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7. Samuel Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders

A family-friendly restaurant serving tasty Italian flavors that you know and love!

Last up on our list of restaurants to dine at in Bad Axe is Samuel Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders.

A classic Italian bistro featuring some mouthwatering delights. This is definitely a place to enjoy with family and friends and make the most of all the treats they have to offer.

The vibe of the place feels nostalgic and comforting, almost as if you’re at your grandma’s house for dinner, so it’s the perfect place to kick back and relax while you let the staff take care of all your culinary needs.

Try their grinders since they are most known for those, but the locals also recommend checking out their Calzones, Baked Lasagna and Cinna Bites for dessert.

It’s a wonderful place and you’ll probably be back for more because of how extensive their menu is and how many things you’ll probably want to try next time.

Samuel Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders is open from 11 am to 2 pm for lunch and from 4 pm to 8 pm for dinner, six days a week, as they are closed on Sunday.

Address: 610 N Port Crescent St, Bad Axe, MI

wood fired pizza on table
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That’s everything, guys! All our favorite restaurants to try out when you’re in Bad Axe, MI. Have a great time whenever you go!


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