7 Restaurants In Albia (IA) That Locals Love For Food, Fun & Vibes!

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Albia is a delightful little town with a long history and a vibrant food culture. The place really does have something for everyone’s taste and budget, from traditional restaurants to sophisticated bistros.

Whether you’re looking for a juicy steak, a wonderful pasta dish, or a fresh salad we guarantee that you’ll find local eateries making it all here.

So, without further ado, here are the top restaurants in Albia next time you’re in the area.

Let’s get started!

The Best Restaurants In Albia, IA: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Highway Restaurant

Comfortable and casual local eatery serving American favorites with friendly staff!

If you’ve just reached town after a long day of travel, then you should energize yourself by having a meal at one of the best restaurants in town: Highway Restaurant.

Not only is it a popular place, giving you a chance to interact with locals, but the food is known for being absolutely delectable as well. It’ll be just the mood booster you need!

The restaurant itself is a cozy and inviting space done up in a classic style, full of tables and booth-style seating with large bay windows, making the place appear especially warm and bright. They also have some of the friendliest staff in town, so they’ll make you feel right at home.

However as far as the food is concerned, they are mostly known for their breakfast but their lunch and dinner dishes are amazing too. In particular check out their steaks and pasta to get a taste of what they’re best at and what many regulars order.

Highway Restaurant is open every single day of the week, making it a reliable and convenient location to go to! Visit between 6 am to 9 pm.

Address: S Florence St, Albia, IA

beef steak display
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2. Casa Agave

Authentic Mexican food served in a colorful and bright environment with professional service!

As always, no list of ours would be complete without bringing you one of the best Mexican restaurants in the area, and for Albia, that place has to be Casa Agave.

So, if you’re looking for your regular fix of all things Mexican, then check out this cute little family-owned eatery and you’ll be sorted for the rest of your trip.

The restaurant has a lively and festive interior all done up in different colors. The owners have also made a great effort in decorating the place, so there are a ton of flowers and other interesting décor pieces that really add character to the space, making it a great atmosphere to dine in.

Speaking of food, their Fajitas, Burritos, and Agave Enchiladas are amongst the locals’ most popular menu items, so do try one of those when visiting.

They also make a mean Margarita, so make sure to order some to complement their food. Lastly, finish the meal up with a helping of their Fried Ice Cream – there’s no such thing as calories when dining out anyway!

Casa Agave is open seven days a week too, from 11 am to 10 pm.

Address: 24 Washington Ave E, Albia, IA

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3. InspireU All Good Things

Coffee, bakery items and shopping, all under one roof! Come for the coffee and stay for all the other things this café has to offer.

A store and coffee shop unlike any other. InspireU All Good Things is a popular, local one-stop shop for all things fashion and food.

Whether you want to support local businesses that stock their stuff there or head over for a coffee and some delicious baked goods, it’s just a perfect small-town location to visit to buy trinkets and have a cuppa.

The interior is exceptionally cute too with a rustic mix of old and new, alongside exposed brick walls on one side and baby pink walls on the other. The café just looks like something out of a movie!

With a lot of seating options and plenty of shelves to roam through, we suggest having a browse before you sit down to have something to eat.

As for that food, they have a weekly menu displayed upfront, and all their baked goods are stocked on the counter, so try whatever’s fresh and out of the over. And of course get a mug of hot coffee too, because small town coffee places always have the best brews.

InspireU All Good Things is closed Sunday to Tuesday but is open all other days from 10 am to 5 pm, so put it in your schedule!

Address: 114 S Main St, Albia, IA

cafe coffee and food selection
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4. Brick Street Grille

Classic American cuisine served in a well-loved community favorite bar and grille!

Another locally operated place in Albia which we think is unmissable is Brick Street Grille. This restaurant is big on community spirit and is often full of loyal patrons ordering their usuals. So, become a local for the day and grab one of the best burgers in town when visiting.

The eatery seems to always be full of friendly hustle and bustle, with people having drinks with friends in the evenings or leisurely lunches during the day.

Some of the reason for that is, of course, the great food. In particular their burgers, wraps, and salads are very popular.

If you aren’t that hungry you could always pick an appetizer to enjoy as they’re known for them in town. Regardless, they have a comprehensive menu, so this is a great place to drop by if anyone in your family is known for being a picky eater.

Brick Street Grille is closed on Sunday and Monday. They are open all other days from 11 am to 9 pm.

Address: 24 A Ave W, Albia, IA

Top view of home made tasty burgers on wooden table.
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5. Bogies Steak House

All things meat and more at this popular, family-owned steak house located in the heart of the city!

Calling all steak lovers and meat connoisseurs! If you’re looking for the best place to have some steak or meat, then you have to go to Bogies Steak House to try out their famous steaks and chops!

The interior at Bogies might not be much to write home about, but it just goes to show that they have their attention and energy firmly fixed on their food.

The place is clean and simple, with lots of seating, plus you will also get to see them grill your meat right in front of your eyes! What could be better?

For first-timers, we recommend trying their steaks, chops, prime rib, or baked loin. If you’re not a big beef or pork fan, then we suggest trying their fish dinner or chicken breast.

They also have beer and wine to accompany your meal, plus a kid’s menu as well.

Bogies is closed from Sunday to Tuesday but they open all other days from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Address: 1425 S Clinton St, Albia, IA

Selection of bbq items
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6. Godfather Pizza

Local pizza parlor serving the best wings and pizza in town, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Having a great locally-owned pizza joint near you while you’re on vacation is nothing short of a blessing. And luckily Godfather Pizza is the go-to spot for pizza in Albia, and incredibly, it’s one of those rare restaurants that’s open 24 hours a day!

Just don’t let their small and unassuming shop near the gas station make you lose sight of how great their pizzas are. There’s a reason why this place has a stream of regulars.

The place is neat and clean and they also do take out and delivery, so are especially convenient.

Try their wings, cheese sticks, all meat pizza, veggie pie, and the monkey bread for the best of what they create.

Godfather Pizza is open 24 hours a day, making it a great place to visit when everything else in the neighborhood is closed, or the midnight munchies hit!

Address: 107 N Main St, Albia, IA                     

wood fired pizza on table
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/JulyProkopiv

7. Murph’s Sports Bar

Typical local dive bar with an entertaining atmosphere, lots of drinks and exceptional service!

If you like hitting the bar at night when you’re on vacation or in a new place, then Murph’s Sports Bar is going to fast become your go-to spot for a late-night drink with friends.

It’s the neighborhood’s most popular bar and no wonder too. It has a great atmosphere, lots of entertainment, and all the drinks you could possibly want.

Neon lights, pool tables, music, and drinks, that’s what Murph’s is all about, so if you’re new in town and want to mingle with the locals and make some friends, this is the place to be.

They also have all the typical bar-style food that you’d expect from a dive bar, but in particular make sure to try their wings when you go.

Murph’s is definitely one of the most fun restaurants in Albia, and is luckily only closed on Sundays. They’re open all other days from 3 pm to 2 am, so it’s another great late-night option.

Address: 17 S Clinton St, Albia, IA

That’s all our favorite restaurants in Albia, IA. We hope you have a fabulous time when you go and get the chance to visit a few of them when visiting.


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