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Deer Park is one of the quaint villages near the windy city, Chicago. Now we all know that Illinois is famous for its Italian beef sandwiches, but you’re not on our page to read about what you already know! You’re here to discover new cuisines and expand your palate and the restaurants in Deer Park are just the place to do that.

The diversity of food scene in and around Deer Park is astounding. You can expect great restaurants and authentic flavors from various cuisines in this little pocket of the U.S. And right here we’ve curated a list of our favorite Deer Park restaurants to make your life just a little bit easier.

Let’s dig in!

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The Eight Best Deer Park Restaurants: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill

Highly rated restaurant that specializes in steaks that are cut in-house and are certified Angus beef.

This high-end steakhouse is all the rage for their carefully curated hand-cut steaks, along with their other specialties, such as a fresh seafood collection. The restaurant emanates a cabin-like feel that instantly makes it warm and inviting.

It’s a no-brainer that you should order from their steak menu which is the best in Deer Park. And if you’re looking for a lighter cut with a fine-grained and buttery tender texture, we highly recommend the filet mignon oscar-styled with lump crab, béarnaise sauce, and asparagus. The béarnaise sauce, which is regarded as the mother sauce of French cuisine and one of the finest sauces to serve with steak, undoubtedly goes beautifully with the medium-rare filet mignon, with its herb-infused shallots and acidic white-wine vinegar flavor.

For those who enjoy a classic, hearty, and potent steak, their New York strip steak is the perfect choice. It delivers a prime charred beef flavor and its signature chewy texture. It is a dish prepared quickly to keep the meat tender, ideal for those impatiently waiting for their food to arrive.

Both steaks are somewhat simple dishes, but executing them like a dream requires skill that this restaurant carries out effortlessly.

Stoney River also offers private dining and dinner parties for groups of up to 24 people. It comes with a separate menu offering $70-$90 per person options.

They also hold a happy hour from Sunday-Thursday, 4pm-6pm, so head along then if you’re looking for a deal and great dining at one of the best Deer Park restaurants around!

The dining room is open Monday-Thursday from 4pm-9pm, Friday 4pm-9:30pm, Saturday 12pm-9:30pm, and Sunday 12pm-9pm.

Address: 20504 N Rand Rd, Deer Park, IL

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2. Tokio Sake

Japanese restaurant serving fresh sushi, seafood, Asian tapas, and cocktails.

Tokio Sake is easily the best sushi spot in Deer Park, with delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant has a cute sushi bar, so you can look at your meal being intricately prepared, or you can chose to sit outside on the charming patio to enjoy your meal on a clear and beautiful day.

Their dishes are prepared so gracefully and precisely here, but we think so you should start with their small bites. We especially suggest ordering the dumplings. Both their meat and veggie dumplings are fantastic, with well-seasoned fillings and an optimal dough to filling ratio.

The tempura udon, which are Japanese thick noodles served in a hot broth with tempura, are a must-try too. The noodles have a slight flavor with a unique springy and doughy texture and are engulfed in a light and savory broth.

The fun doesn’t stop there because we still haven’t talked about their specialty rolls. Their spicy tuna crunch, as the name states, is filled with spicy tuna, kanistick, avocado, tempura crumbs, potato crunch, wasabi mayo, and unagi sauce, is nothing short of delicious as every flavor blends together and creates the absolute perfect bite.

As for the sushi, you can choose whether you prefer nigiri (with rice) or sashimi (without rice) and make up your own sushi platter from their ample choices. We recommend trying something different, such as their octopus, sea urchin, or Japanese snapper sushi.

For something a bit familiar, you could also try their sweet shrimp, snow crab, and scallop sushi. Tokio Sake also offer a vast selection of Japanese drinks. The Junmai Kigen sake, with a refreshing body and fruity flavors of pear and apple, is a particular favorite.

Tokio Sake is open to visit on Sunday-Thursday from 4:30pm-9:00pm and Friday-Saturday from 4:30pm-9:30pm.

Address: 20330 N Deer Park Blvd Suite 112, Deer Park IL

3. Consume

A cozy, relaxed and adventurous gastropub with excellent craft beers, spirits and food.

This aesthetically pleasing gastropub, just north of Deer Park, is popular for good reason. It is carefully decorated with a wood-based interior and floor with a plethora of low-hanging, warm and welcoming lights. They also have a climate-controlled outdoor tent whose white ceiling is wrapped around with lights and vines, making it into another cozy space. But maybe the most important reason for visiting is that everyone loves their burgers, and it’s about time you hopped onto that bandwagon too!

We recommend their smash burger, which consists of 2 thin burger patties flattened until they’re crispy, juicy, and caramelized with grilled onion, pickle chips, American cheese, and their glorious burger sauce, all on an onion bun. It will, frankly, be one of the best burgers you will ever eat. They also have vegetarian and vegan options with plant-based burgers and gluten-free buns, which are equally great.

If you’re looking for something different, get their pan-seared Atlantic salmon with quinoa, lentil, argula, and bell pepper salad tossed in a sweet and tangy blueberry and jalapeno vinaigrette.

Since you’re there, you can’t miss out on their drinks. We recommend their “botany at best” cocktail with Fords Gin, Lemon Juice, Cranberry Juice, and Rosemary Sage Syrup, whose woodsy sweetness compliments the thickness and piney juniper flavor well.

They also have a trivia night every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! You can play solo or with a team while sitting back with your food and drink.

They are open Friday-Saturday from 12pm-10pm and Sunday from 12pm-9pm. Head on down for the best burgers at one of the best restaurants in Deer Park and the surrounding region.

 Address: 569 W State Rte 22, Lake Zurich, IL

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4. Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano

Casual Italian restaurant serving gourmet homemade Italian food.

Biaggi’s takes pride in not only serving the best Italian food in Deer Park but also in providing exceptionally attentive service.

The restaurant has an old-school vibe to it with the dark brown wooden flooring, ceiling elements, and seating, which are all tied together with off-white walls, creating an intimate and relaxing environment.

They have an impressive and well-organized menu list too. Their menus offer options for lunch, dinner, kids, desserts, a lighter side (items under 600 calories), cocktails, wines, and an entire menu for gluten-free options! That in itself is one of the reasons Biaggi’s made our list of the best restaurants in Deer Park.

From their lunch menu, ordering their braised short rib ravioli and crab-stuffed cod will leave you with no regrets. The ravioli is fresh and generously filled with soft, juicy, and well-marbled braised short rib with a sage-brown butter sauce, spinach veal reduction, and a hint of horseradish.

Homemade pasta here is special too, while the cod is cooked amazingly, achieving the ideal flaky texture and light and mild milky flavor, stuffed with the most gorgeously glistening and flavorsome crab. All of that goodness is topped up with a lemon-thyme butter sauce, enhancing each flavor even more.

You can also sign up to join Biaggi’s club where you can receive their latest promotions and specials with great prices. They are open Sunday-Thursday 11:30am-8:00pm and Friday-Saturday 11:30am-9:00pm.

Address: 20560 N Rand Rd, Deer Park, IL

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5. Brunch Café

Family-owned and operated restaurant serving enjoyable brunch all day.

This restaurant may appear all too simple visually, but it has one of the greatest brunches in the region!

If you want to totally spoil yourself, order their waffle stuffed with homemade strawberry brunch cream, fresh strawberries and bananas with strawberry glaze and whipped cream—we don’t think we need to explain why that would be appetizing! Another popular favorite is their Berry Explosion Belgian Waffles which are topped with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and drizzled with a berry glaze.

However, if you don’t prefer an intense sugar rush in the mornings, there are healthier options such as one popular favorite, the salmon toast. That’s made up of rustic whole grain bread, smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, capers, red onion, and a side salad. It will be a refreshing breakfast that will jolt you away from any sleepiness.

However no breakfast is ever complete without eggs either. That’s why we fully recommend an egg skillet, namely their sweet potato tots, ham, apple, and gouda, all nested under 2 eggs.

Another egg recommendation is their wonderfully seasoned garden omelet filled with mushrooms, onions, green pepper, spinach, asparagus, and tomato, served with toast or pancakes and a choice of diced potatoes, hashbrowns, or fruit.

Make sure to order a drink to compliment your breakfast too. For those who can’t function without coffee, we’re happy to mention that their coffee is fresh, delicious, and plentiful.

Set your alarms bright and early and visit Brunch Café, which is open Monday-Sunday 7am-2pm.

Address: 935 Route 22 Fox River Grove IL

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6. Palm Court Restaurant

American cuisine fused with European influence served in a timeless ambiance with a piano bar.

With a Las Vegas feel through moody and funky lighting, a piano lounge and a fireplace dining room, Palm Court creates an electric vibe where you can eat delightful food and listen to live performances by captivating musicians.

Start your fantastic dinner by ordering their crispy seared scallops appetizer in a silky garlic white wine sauce with pine nuts. Then for your entree, we recommend their macadamia-crusted, tender and mildly sweet Alaskan halibut with a buttery and lemony meunière sauce.

Also order their twin French-cut Berkshire pork chops; they’re so succulent and have a smooth flavor that melts on your tongue but is still crispy and firm on the outside.

All entrees are served with a choice of soup or salad, vegetables, and a choice of rice or potato (prepared to your liking). From these choices, you must order their baked French onion soup, made with syrupy caramelized Spanish onions and a beef broth overall, having a savory yet sweet taste. The soup is grantinéed, achieving that quintessentially stringy, melty, gooey cheese.

How can someone not be instantly comforted by that?

Palm Court often hosts live music events too, which are marked on a calendar posted on their website, so make sure to book your reservations to see your favorite artists.

They are open Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm, and Sunday 12pm-9:30pm.

Address: 1912 N Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, IL

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7. Tacos El Norte

Freshly made Mexican food made from beloved family recipes and occasional live music.

If you are craving quality and authentic Mexican food, El Norte is the best spot near Deer Park. They are confident in serving you food that is “just like Abuela made”. This restaurant also honors Mexico’s rich tradition of muralism with its radiant painted walls.

As for the food, there’s a wonderful menu at your disposal. They have breakfast, which they serve all day, and their chilaquiles con pollo, with an egg cooked with chicken, crispy chips, and a ranchero sauce, has the perfect spice and smokiness to it.

For a main course, definitely order the enchiladas that are served with rice, beans, and sour cream. Choose a steak filling that bursts with flavor, and the dish is covered with a just as good, umami-rich tomato sauce that ties the dish together with warmth and complexity.

Of course, ordering their tacos is a necessity too. We recommend their tacos with chicken a la Coca-Cola, which is braised chicken with glossy savory, sweet, and hot Coca-Cola sauce. It sounds made up, but it’s so good it might as well be fictional.

Another fantastic choice would be rajas, which is roasted jalapeo-poblano peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro, all cooked in a delicious creamy and cheesy sauce.

El Norte occasionally has a mariachi band playing traditional Mexican music. They are open Monday-Wednesday 10am-8:30pm and Thursday-Saturday 10am-9pm.

Address: 213 S Rand Rd. Lake Zurich, IL

Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Elihu Castillo Ramirez

8. Lindy’s Landing Restaurant & Marina

Restaurant, bar, and marina located adjacent to Bangs Lake with great views.

With paradisal views of the shores of Bangs Lake, this restaurant – albeit a short drive from Deer Park – is a must-visit to enjoy good food with a stunning view and a vibrant atmosphere that’s been created by its staff and live events.

Their décor is just as stunning with their sleek black beach deck, seating offered right on the sandy beach, a colorful and lively pavilion, and classy indoor dining with floor-to-ceiling windows and an off-white interior.

As for the food, we recommend their spicy turkey burger, which has the tastiest patty with fresh vegetables and a sweet and spicy chipotle aioli sauce. Another popular favorite is their delicious Bacon Jam Burger, but if you want to get creative, feel free to choose your favorite fillings with their ‘Build Your Own Burger’ option.

However it’s absolutely mandatory to order their Cuban sandwich with the beer battered tempura barramundi and soft, golden fries that you’ll drench in their sweet chili sauce as you sit enjoying the sea breeze.

Not only is their food good, but they consistently have exciting events scheduled, whether it’s for Father’s Day or Labor Day. Events that tend to be accompanied by live music. They also have a breathtaking firework show for the 4th of July.

It doesn’t end there either. If you’re in town during September, make it a priority to head down to Lindy’s for their Oktoberfest Weekend where there will be live music, food specials, German beer, and German games. It’s the ultimate gathering!

Lindy’s beach club and outdoor bar is open Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm and indoor dining Wednesday-Friday 11am-9pm, so make your reservations asap!

Address: 115 Park St, Wauconda, IL

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