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Maybe it’s the caves full of wonder or the scenic mountains covered in white, but Collingwood certainly has something magical about it.

With a good mix of nature, outdoor activities and urban hustle and bustle, this town has all sorts of tourist attractions, which of course, includes some incredible local restaurants and great breakfast spots.

And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in Collingwood, so you can treat yourself to the best food when visiting. Enjoy cuisines from all around the globe, including Japanese, Italian, and Greek fare at these eateries – bon appetit!

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Our Top Eight Restaurants In Collingwood: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Fig & Feta 

Authentic Greek fare served in a relaxed atmosphere with a small patio. 

Fig & Feta is owner Bessie Lewis’ and her husband’s brainchild, where they serve up some of the most refreshing and authentic forms of Greek food in all of Collingwood.

The restaurant has only been around since 2018, but it has already garnered a fan following of visitors and locals. It’s a small place with a minimalistic approach to design and decor, with an equally tiny but pleasant patio out at the front.

And when we tell you their food will get you excited, we mean it. Keeping it simple and fresh with just the right amount of seasoning, the Greek flavors in their dishes are very much accentuated.

Start with some ultra-crispy calamari and tzatziki sauce which you’d want to slurp up on its own – it’s that good. For mains, expect mounded plates of Greek classics like souvlaki, moussaka, or falafels served with tzatziki, rice, and a refreshing Greek salad. There are gyros and lamb burgers also up for grabs as light lunch options.

Oh and, don’t forget to check out the pantry items they have for sale in their shop, including some fantastic Greek wines. They’re open Monday-Saturday from 11 am onwards – reservations are encouraged. 

Address: 65 Hurontario St, Collingwood, ON

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2. Lakeside Seafood and Grill 

Classy eatery by the lake serving elevated food with a patio overlooking the bay and a sleek dining area alongside live music. 

Located inside the Living Water Resort and Spa is Lakeside Seafood and Grill – one of the few waterfront dining restaurants in Collingwood.

The place features elevated fare in an atmosphere that’s bougie yet still relaxed enough for you to feel comfortable.

Settle down inside their sleek and modern dining area with candles and folded napkins on the tables and a bar area that feels like the perfect place for a girl’s night out. Of course, the patio on the deck is the most popular area of the restaurant, overlooking the beautiful Georgian Bay. 

As for the food, expect beautifully put-together entrees and drool-worthy appetizers alongside many wines served by the glass.

The menu is pretty global, with stuff like ceviche lettuce wraps, crab arancini, and charcuterie for appetizers. Entrees feature everything from light picks like haddock and chips with pickle aioli and a scrumptious fried chicken sandwich, or more rich offerings such as the perfectly seared local grass-fed NY striploin.

You can also just come by for some apps and drinks during the happy hours (3-5 pm) on weekdays and enjoy the live music they’ve got going on every other day.

Reservations are highly recommended – they’re open every day from 11.30 am onwards on weekdays and 9 am onwards on weekends when you can also indulge in a glorious brunch.

Address: 9 Harbour St E, Collingwood, ON

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3. Brunello at 27 on Fourth 

Intimate and upscale Italian eatery with a full bar and a charming patio. 

The now-owner of Brunello at 27 on Fourth chef Adriano proudly serves up some of the most authentic Italian dishes that are just the right amount of cheesy, tomato-ey, and hearty.

This Italian gem resides inside a historic house, so you’ll be dining in a warm, rustic, and super cozy atmosphere fit for a romantic date night. The tables are set with delicate tableware and folded napkins, even the ones outside on their gorgeous weather-protected patio that seems like a secret garden of sorts.

Meanwhile, soft Italian music plays in the background – it’s an intimate Italian fine dining experience not to be missed. 

Although the menu isn’t very extensive, everyone will find something to love here, especially since it’s all scratch-made with painstaking care in the small kitchen.

Start with some steamed mussels with your choice of sauce or some crispy frittura di pesce with the Chef’s signature dip.

Once you’re done building the appetite, hone in on pasta that is homemade from scratch and doused in perfectly balanced sauces.

Highlights from the mains include the Vitello pizzaiola featuring melt-in-the-mouth veal medallions served with gnocchi gorgonzola and the beautifully grilled sea bass served with linguine al olio and caponatina.

Finish off with Chef Adriano’s famous tiramisu and you’re all set. Go ahead and reserve a spot for dinner between Tuesday-Saturday, 5 pm onwards, and lunch on Fridays and Saturdays from noon onwards. 

Address: 27 Fourth St E, Collingwood, ON 

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4. Tremont Cafe

Classy upmarket establishment featuring an 8-course tasting menu in an elegant setting and a beautiful patio.

The 2017-established Tremont Cafe is one of the town’s most sought-after fine dining establishments and for good reason.

Known for its elaborate multi-course tasting menus, the restaurant focuses on European cuisine with special attention to detail and presentation.

As you can imagine, the atmosphere here is quiet and peaceful in a dining room dripping with elegance.

The patio is just as charming, and they even have private dining booths outside. With the occasional live music in the background, this place is an obvious date night favorite among locals. 

Unlike most tasting menus, the portions here are plentiful, with each dish carefully crafted with balanced textures and flavors. Even simple dishes like spaghetti carbonara are elevated to their level best, so there are unique flavors on every plate.

Everything is made with premium ingredients, and they even have the occasional Ozaki wagyu on the menu. Of course, we can’t recommend a single dish since the menu changes frequently, but if you see ‘Hen of the Woods’ on the menu – a recurring and unique appetizer made of mushrooms – get excited! Do get wine pairings and savor the Michelin-level flavors and service.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll have to get a reservation for this hotspot – they’re open every day from 5 pm onwards. 

Address: 100 Pine St, Collingwood, ON

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5. Fish and Sips 

Popular family-run fish and chips place with a tiny and warm interior and a large patio.

Ditch the upscale seafood spots and visit Fish and Sips instead. This little family-owned gem is located in the downtown area and serves up some of the best fish and chips you’ll find among restaurants in Collingwood.

In fact, most of their menu is seafood-based and they pretty much knock all of it out of the park. Owners Paul and Tanya have decades of experience in the restaurant industry, which is why this place has seen raging success since its opening in 2015.

The small, cozy, and cute dining area makes it a great spot for a quick and casual lunch/dinner, and they also have a spacious patio for bright and sunny days.

As for what you should try, start with their tzatziki-marinated calamari that will get you absolutely hooked on it. Next up are a variety of lightly-battered fish, including black tiger shrimp and scallops, served with hand-cut fries, sauce, and coleslaw. None of it is greasy and is fried to absolute perfection, with everything from the sauces to the batter made in-house.

They also happen to have some good beers and an incredibly delicious homemade key lime pie in case you want to end things on a sweet note.

Drop by any day between Tuesday-Saturday from noon onwards, and you’ll never look back on any other fish and chips restaurant – guaranteed! 

Address: 206 Hurontario St, Collingwood, ON

Fish and chips with beer
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6. Poppy’s French Bistro 

A beautiful bistro serving authentic French cuisine in a relaxed but elegant environment and a sunny patio 

Located inside the quaint Tremont Studios building, Poppy’s French Bistro is a dining destination not to be missed.

Owned and established by the Turner Hospitality group in 2021, it’s one of their many successful restaurants where the atmosphere and food speak for themselves.

It’s cozy and intimate here – a very French atmosphere if you will. With brick walls, delicate glasses, large windows, and chandeliers, the place is truly a work of art.

The patio is equally gorgeous when the sun is out, so it’s safe to say it’s one of the most stunning locations to dine at among restaurants in Collingwood.

Their executive Chef Francis Bermejo planned a very authentic French menu featuring classics like steak tartare and pate maison elevated to their level best.

The soups, the salads, and most of the appetizers are infused with complex flavors and elements, while the mains albeit few are just as impressive.

But we highly suggest trying the ever-so-popular poulet roti – a 24-hour brined roasted chicken served with a rich au jus and squash ratatouille. Bon appetit indeed!

The wine and cocktail list is just as fantastic, and you can even ask their talented bartenders to create a new concoction for you.

On Saturdays and Sundays, you can savor delicious plates of duck nicoise and egg benedict during their brunch hours (11 am – 3 pm). They’re open between Tuesday-Saturday, 5 pm onwards for dinner, and 12 – 3 pm on Fridays for lunch. 

Address: 80 Simcoe St, Collingwood, ON

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7. Bent Taco

Chic Mexican eatery specializing in tacos served in a small dining area and a large patio. 

Owned by Dan Lennox and his business partners, Bent Taco was established in late 2016. Since then it has taken over the Mexican food scene among restaurants in Collingwood with its authentic, fresh tacos and superb service.

It’s unlike your typical Mexican eatery that has traditional decor, rather, a very hip and trendy vibe prevails in its bright little dining area that very often requires reservations. There’s a spacious and lush green backyard patio open during summer too.

What makes them special, though, is that most of the ingredients are prepared in-house, including the chips and the salsa. The balanced textures and authentic flavors also add to the unbelievable deliciousness.

We highly recommend trying the baja fish tacos stuffed with bits of pickled cabbage, radish, and apple, and topped with chipotle lime crema.

They’ve got loads of vegan options too, such as the fried cauliflower taco doused in homemade buffalo sauce. Burrito bowls, a tuna ceviche tostada, and vibrant cocktails are also up for grabs.

Join the fun Mexican style by making a reservation for any day between Tuesday-Saturday from 12 pm – 9 pm, though the wonderful staff will try their best to accommodate you without one. 

Address: 48 Pine St, Collingwood, ON 

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8. The Hungry Sumo 

Cozy eatery serving sushi and other Japanese delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere with a small patio.

Sushi aficionados should head straight towards the ever-so-popular Hungry Sumo – don’t even look left and right.

This place by far serves the freshest and best kind of sushi in the area, where you get the perfect bite with just the right ratio of rice to fish.

You’ll find yourself cozied up and comfortable in their warm dining area with a nice little bar or soaking in the brightness on their little patio. It’s the kind of place one wants to go for a quick yet satisfying meal without compromising on quality and service. 

A plethora of rolls and sashimi grace their exhaustive menu, alongside bento lunch boxes which are some of their best-sellers. Choose from a selection of sushi alongside something like spicy bulgogi or chicken katsu, all of which are served with a flavor-packed miso soup, spring rolls, and salad.

With staples like the spicy tuna roll and california roll, you’ll also find house specialties that include torched butterfish, asparagus, and garlic mayo inside crispy nori or the ‘Drop the Beet’ roll stuffed with tofu, shitake, beet sauce, and more. 

Don’t forget to pair all that with some of their drinks – we hear they whip up some mean cocktails! Find them open every day from 11.30 am onwards – no reservations needed.

Address: 188 First St, Collingwood, ON

Sushi platter arrangement
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The Best Restaurants In Collingwood: Final Thoughts 

Don’t think too much – these local restaurants in Collingwood do a great job of whipping up drool-worthy food and being hospitable, so go ahead and visit our eight picks. You won’t be disappointed! 


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