The Best Caribbean Islands For Nightlife: Party Hotspots You Must Visit!

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A Caribbean island escape is not complete without the chance to party the night away! Bask in the sun during the day and as it sets over the horizon get hyped up as the Caribbean lights up with the buzz of tropical party life. 

The Caribbean offers some of the best islands to party hard with your friends. And with a plethora of nightclubs and beachside bars serving someof the best tropical cocktails you can get your handson, expectlotsof fun as the sun goes down!

We know this region like the back of our hand, so let’s check out some of the best party scenes that the Caribbean has on offer!(Recommended: The Best Caribbean Islands for Beaches).


  1. Barbados
  2. Puerto Rico
  3. Trinidad
  4. St. Martin
  5. Jost Van Dyke
  6. St. Kitts & Nevis
  7. Aruba
  8. Jamaica
  9. St. Barths
  10. Antigua

1. Barbados

Party like a pirate as the pink beaches of Barbados tempt you in with some of the best nightlife hotspots in the Caribbean.

Takingour top spot isoneof the world’s biggest hubs of rum and reggae – a match made in heaven. If you thought Barbados was fun during the day, you are in for a treat as the island comes alive as the sky darkens.

This energetic Caribbean island lifts spirits with amazing nightlife experiences. From bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels dotting the island and beaches, groove to the beat as the tunes of calypso and reggae fill the air. Barbados

If you love to party, Barbados is the place to be thanks to its beachside clubs and open-air parties! The many live music showson the island spice up the night as the region’s best reggae artists take to the stage and pump up the crowd, while DJs whip up an inventive mix of international music with a Caribbean flair.

The bustling clubs in Barbados wake up when evening comes around, and St. Lawrence Gap is one of the best places to be for the funnest nightlife experience. It’s home to the most popular drinking and dining spots on the island.

What welove about Barbados is the energy, fun, and the party atmosphere that allows locals and tourists to mingle on the dance floor. And allof that is paired with cheap drinks, rum cocktails and delicious food. (Related: The Best Things to do in Barbados).

At Barbados it’s good rum, good fun and good times. No wonder it makes our list of the best Caribbean islands for nightlife!

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in Barbados

  • Harbour Lights
  • Crystal Waters Beach Bar
  • Wendy’s Sports Bar
  • Oistins Fish Fry
  • Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge

2. Puerto Rico

Partying in Puerto Rico is no simple affair. The island is covered in places to dance and drink the night away and it’s Legendary with a capital ‘L’. Fondly dubbed the nightlife capital of the Caribbean, did you know that Puerto Rico is the birthplace of the piña colada? Well now you do!

From outdoor clubs pulsating with live music and great cocktails to vibrant street festivals – this entire island is a party. Whilst bartenders add spice to your drinking experience as they whip up exotic cocktails featuring unique local ingredients. 

Choose between classy drinking establishments to bohemian influenced lounges. Puerto Rico’s beachside bars also give you a chance to party in your swimsuit and flip flops. Simply put the island’s party scene is extraordinary. Wheeler

Partying is a vibrant situation in Puerto Rico, and with most of the bars, lounges, and rooftop clubs open late, you can party till morning. While the west coast offers a more casual party scene, the island also has more budget friendly hotspots in the metropolitan areas. There is always a place to party in Puerto Rico so choose your destination and go dancing, enjoy a drink, and experience the legendary nightlife in the home of piña colada!

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in Puerto Rico

  • La Penúltima
  • Saint Voodoo’s Mar Azul
  • El Batey
  • Jungle Bird
  • El Bar Bero
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3. Trinidad

Just south of Barbados is Trinidad, another nightlife hotspot in the Caribbean! Trinidad, the larger of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, takes it’s party scene very seriously.

There’s a wide range of carnivals and festivities throughout the year, complete with musical performances, parties and a whole heap of dancing. Trinidad really is the place to be for party animals. Expect colourfully dressed women in the streets as loud music resounds throughout the towns.

If partying is in your blood, then ‘liming country’ is for you! What is liming? It’s the art of doing nothing while sharing food, drink, conversation and laughter. It sounds great (and it is!) and liming is at the essence of Trinidad culture.

Limin’ hard with up-all-night parties fueled by music, international cuisine and rocking cocktails and beer. The air here in the evenings is saturated with a harmony of calypso, soca and chutney music with the pulsating beat of the steelpan ringing in the background. Talk about an atmosphere!

Ariapita Avenue, also known as De Avenue is an energetic stretch of bars, lounges and restaurants that will have you spoilt for choice. But why settle for one spot when you can try them all? De Avenue gives you one of the best bar hopping experiences in the Caribbean!

So hop on the next plane and head over to Trinidad for one of the best party experiences you can have!

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in Trinidad

  • Buzz Bar
  • Frankie’s on the Avenue
  • Cazabon Wine & Cocktail Bar
  • Uncle Sam & Sons
  • V&J Brauhau
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4. St. Martin

Not to be beaten by its other Caribbean counterparts, St. Martin also puts up some of the best places to party in the region thanks to the array of discos, nightclubs and bars here. They come in all shapes and sizes too, from street-corner clubs to high-end beach bars.

With a wide range of bars, clubs and casinos to choose from, even for a small island, St. Martin offers an amazing nightlife experience for you to indulge.

In the Dutch part of the island – Sint Maarten – you will find some incredible Las Vegas-style casinos, giving you everything from high gambling stakes to penny slots. Complete with some stunning beaches and coastal bars, you can enjoy some exotic and unique flavoured liquors here. Pair those with local music and folk dancing, and you have action and entertainment all-night through. Kaye

Moving towards the French part of the island, the north side of St. Martin is a more casual affair with smoking beachside BBQs and shopping. While the Dutch side would be the best place for lively party nightlife, the French side gives you a more laid-back nightlife experience with casual restaurants and bars.

Be it during the day or at night, refresh your senses with a cooling tropical cocktail or a chilled beer for some fun under the sun in St Martin. Street parties, calypso music and vibrant cultural festivals liven up the nights here as people gather to party away.

Plus with two sides of the island, and two different types of nightlife, it’s easy to see why St Martin makes our list of the best Caribbean islands for nightlife.

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in St. Martin

  • Bliss
  • Bamboo Bernie’s
  • Cheri’s Cafe
  • The Red Piano
  • Casino Royale
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5. Jost Van Dyke

Party like royalty in this tiny island that is known for celebrity spotting and its great party scene. No wonder it’s oneof the best Caribbean islands for nightlife.

Jost Van Dyke is one of the British Virgin Islands and is a tropical party hub. It’s famous for being one of the best places to celebrate New Year and Halloween in the Caribbean, so if you’re planning a trip around these times this island could be perfect.

Jost Van Dyke is also famed for its yacht parties that cruise into Great Harbour under the twinkling night sky. The island also offers the chance for you to take an astonishing night-time kayak tour. The kayaks are complete with glass bottoms and LED lights which light up everything underwater, giving you spectacular views of fish, turtles and eels swimming beneath you.

Reggae bands and beach parties add life to the night scene here. Partygoers can go bar hopping along the sandy beaches in the island, as Jost Van Dyke has some of the best bars in the British Virgin Islands.

Establishments at Jost Van Dyke tend to also serve as both bar and restaurant making it super easy to enjoy an all-in-one experience. So you have the choice of picking one spot for the whole night or you can hop around to try a bit of everything that the island has to offer.

Pre-dinner drinks is a fun affair in Jost Van Dyke too as they have the concept of honour bars. In these bars you can serve yourself – you just have to keep track of what you drink and then pay when you are leaving. It’s an honest system but one that’s well respected.

What more can you ask for than killer cocktails, beach parties, and yacht adventures? A ticket to Jost Van Dyke maybe….

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in Jost Van Dyke

  • Foxy’s Taboo
  • Hendo’s Hideout
  • Quito’s Gazebo
  • Soggy Dollar Bar
  • Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant
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6. St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis gives you a great opportunity to enjoy beachside nightlife with friends or cozy nights out with your loved one. It’s possibly the most versatile island on our list of best Caribbean islands for nightlife!

From romantic night outs as a couple to crazy party evenings with close friends, St. Kitts & Nevis caters to all types of people. The shores of this island are lined with some amazing beachside bars and restaurants serving mouthwatering dishes and cocktails that will have you wanting more.

You can spend your whole evening in those classy cocktail beach bars, or add some energetic fun to the mix with some hyped up boat parties as DJs play international tunes alongside some of the best traditional Caribbean music. Some establishments here even have theme nights, where the DJ will have you partying till dawn.

You also have a few casinos in St. Kitts where you can test your gambling skills, or head over to sport bars with your mates to catch the latest game with a cool beer in hand.

The Strip is the undisputed place to go for the ultimate nightlife in St. Kitts & Nevis. Open-air dance floors, fine dining and live local music makes it the place to be. With an array of beach huts serving cocktails that pack a punch you are in for a real knockout when it comes to partying in the Caribbean.

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in St. Kitts & Nevis

  • Shipwreck Beach Bar & Grill
  • Green Valley Pub
  • Rum Barrel
  • Reggae Beach Bar & Grill
  • Twist Bar
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7. Aruba

While it may be small, Aruba packs a punch when it comes to partying, gambling, drinking and dancing!

From the cheap and modest rum shops dotting around the island to the huge nightclubs, cafes, pubs, party buses and boats, there’s everything you will need for a good time. There’s also festivals, shows, events, and bar hopping tours here, all of which makes Aruba the full package when it comes to nightlife.

If you’re looking for something a little different, Aruba also offers salsa workshops where you can try your hand at dancing and improving your skills. Dance to the rhythm of the Caribbean beat as this island gives you a chance to embrace its culture and make long-lasting memories and friends in the process.

The romantic setting in Aruba also makes it a perfect place for couples to party the night away while enjoying some exquisite Caribbean style cocktails. Lounges along the beachfront, action-packed casinos and dance-mad clubs will have you partying till sunrise.

Pack up your dancing shoes and your party dress and groove to salsa with a delicious cocktail in hand. No wonder Aruba makes our list of the best Caribbean islands for nightlife!

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in Aruba

  • Saloon Bar
  • Casibari Café
  • Cafe Chaos
  • Charlie’s Bar and Restaurant
  • Local Store
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8. Jamaica

Reggae and dancehall music breeze through the cool tropical air as nightclubs, beach bars, sports bars and lounges come alive as dusk falls – that’s Jamaica!

The Jamaican nightlife scene will expose you to an amazing range of establishments serving the best the island can offer, and all with that world-renowned Jamaican hospitality.  

Nightlife is a big hit in the capital of Kingston as well as the tourist hotspot of Montego Bay. Trendy bars along the beach in each city, and chic lounges in the home of reggae, will have you starting the night with a bang.

Dance floors heat up as the crowds gather to move to the Caribbean beat and pumped up reggae jams. Replenish you energy with delectable Jamaican dishes and exotic local drinks. Be it a weekday or a weekend there is always a party happening in some part of Jamaica. Thilo

Montego Bay is a popular cruise ship destination and offers a wide range of resorts and beaches that have a fun and exciting nightlife. Party on the ship or party on the beach? The choice is yours to make.

Jamaica even has shuttle buses that take partygoers to parties and concerts out of town, in places like Grizzly’s Plantation and Murray’s Farm. If you time it right you might get a chance to take part in some of the local food and drink festivals too.

From laid-back cocktails to wild beachside parties, Jamaica puts up a nightlife scene for anyone and everyone. And that’s all in a country which is famous for its culture and vibe too. Jamaica easily makes our list of the best Caribbean islands for nightlife.

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in Jamaica

  • Rick’s Cafe  
  • Pier 1
  • Collette’s Bar
  • Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records
  • Floyd’s Pelican Bar
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9. St. Barts

Enjoy an evening bar hopping in St. Barts before moving on to the island’s famous yacht parties, or a classy gathering at a private villa. This is the chicest place to party in the Caribbean.

This is one of the Caribbean’s best places to be during Christmas and New Year where you can find classy parties at gourmet restaurants and excellent bars, as well as open air festivities.These gatherings attract celebrities from all over the world, so this is your chance to dance with the stars, under the stars.

However throughout the year St Barts is one of the best Caribbean islands for nightlife. Chill out under the night sky at one of the many beachfront lounges and bars on this island, and sip local rum while munching on some delicacies.

Many restaurants during the day morph into trendy bars by evening giving you live music and a dance floor that will have you partying all night. Live music in St. Barts includes a mix of jazz, soul and blues, but nothing about this island will have you feeling anything but upbeat.

Drink rum and dance with celebrities in one of the most exclusive destinations in the world! That’s what makes St Bartsoneof the best Caribbean islands for nightlife

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in St. Barts

  • Le Ti
  • Nikki Beach
  • Bagatelle
  • Bonito
  • CasaClub

10. Antigua

Antigua comes alive after dark as a wide range of sports bars, beach bars, clubs and discos light up this island nation.

Nightlife in Antigua includes the classic bar hopping, expect here it takes you across the globe through the huge variety of drink you can find here. Curate your night to indulge in range of European, American and Caribbean favorites paired with great music and even better food. The tunes of Caribbean music fills the air once the sun takes its leave with stints of international rock and roll alongside indie beats.

Dance the night away as the party life in Antigua moves from open-air beachside bars to lounges and clubs. Thrown into the mix are sunset cruises, entertaining fetes and thrilling casinos.

Offering some of the best party scenes from across the world in one island, Antigua is the place to be for fun when the sun goes down.

Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in Antigua

  • Bodog Beach Club
  • Beach Bum Bar & Café
  • Ana’s on the Beach
  • OJ’s Bar
  • Lydia’s

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