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Whether it’s a romantic retreat or a trip with friends, Palm Springs is the spot for a luxurious vacation. Soak in the pools of one of the swanky resorts here or shop your heart out on Palm Canyon Drive, either way, you’re going to love this glamorous, star-struck city.

Since tourists are pouring in all year round, it’s no surprise that this place has a very impressive food scene, with award-winning, top-class cafes and restaurants sprinkled throughout the city.

And since we know this place well, we’ve put together a list of eateries that we believe offer the best breakfast in Palm Springs, so you can start your day off right.

Experience great aesthetics and amazing breakfast with our top eight picks, so let’s dig in!

Delicious breakfast on a light table
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Our Top Eight Picks For Breakfast & Brunch In Palm Springs: Food Worth Getting Out Of Bed For!

1. Cheeky’s

Located in the downtown area overlooking the gorgeous San Jacinto Mountains and even mentioned in the New York Times, Cheeky’s is one place where there’s always a waiting line. And no wonder why!

Serving creative picks made with locally sourced produce, Cheeky’s is a casual yet chic place, with a bright, airy interior consisting of modern decor and a spacious and shaded pet-friendly patio. Don’t be intimidated by the waiting line, though – you can always wait at their elegant coffee bar outside. 

As for the menu, it’s chock-full of interesting picks. Start with their Chilaquiles that are filled to the brim with homemade fresh chorizos and onions, all drenched in green tomatillo sauce and queso fresco. Add some eggs for an extra few bucks and you’ve got yourself a breakfast fit for a king!

Don’t miss out on their famous Bacon Flight either; it’s five strips of uniquely flavored bacon (think peach and apple cinnamon) that will have you licking the plate clean.

And for a quite unique experience, try the delicious Oxtail Fried Rice that has fried eggs, kimchi, togarashi (a Japanese spice mix), and fresh scallions – a dish you won’t find at many eateries here. 

Big plus: breakfast is served here all day long! And they’ve got a vast list of quirky cocktails and freshly squeezed juices, making Cheeky’s the perfect spot for a casual brunch.

Drop by any day except for Tuesdays when they’re closed, between 8 am to 2 pm, and don’t leave without taking one of their freshly baked cinnamon rolls to go!

Address: 622 N Palm Canyon D

Diner-style Breakfast
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2. Sherman’s Deli and Bakery 

Sherman’s Deli may be known for their delicious sandwiches, but boy, do they whip a great breakfast too!

Sit in the old-school, spacious dining room that has retro decor and pictures of celebrities who have dined here, or on the airy patio that has a view of the mountains and tall palm trees – either way, you’ll quickly understand why this cheery, lively place is worth all the hype!

If you can make it past the enticing pastries and cakes on display, turn towards their all-day-long breakfast menu, which is full of comfort cuisine. There’s something available for everyone but the scrambled eggs with nova lox is our personal favorite; the eggs are light and fluffy and filled with onions, and the smoked salmon is fresh and delectable as ever.

Oh and in case you’re a meat lover, get the Deli Omelet – it comes loaded with pastrami, salami, and corned beef. If you want something more decadent, go for their huge, buttery, and vanilla-y Belgian waffles that are light and crispy as ever. We recommend the apple sauce and whipped cream version – you’ll thank yourself for ordering it!

Managed to save some room? Ask the waiter about what fresh pastries are available – whatever you get will satisfy your sweet tooth and take you straight to heaven and back.

Visit this NY-style, old-school deli in downtown Palm Springs any day from 8am onwards, and do try coming back later for lunch or dinner to experience their famous sandwich boards!

Address: 401 E Tahquitz Canyon Way

3. Norma’s

Feel like splurging a bit for brunch? Head towards the very posh and fancy Norma’s, located inside the boutique hotel Parker Palm Springs.

They only accept guests with reservations, which is expected from a swanky place like this, but the ambiance alone is worth planning ahead for. Designed by Jonathan Adler, sitting in the beautiful interior with very modern decor and lighting is an experience on its own, but the outdoor seating with bright orange seats, garden views, and an equally colorful yet tasteful canopy is also gorgeous – perfect for a special occasion brunch, or breakfast. 

Once you’re done taking in the breathtaking design of this place, you’ll find the menu to be equally exquisite, spanning from Egg Benedicts with creative twists on them to decadent French toasts and pancakes.

Try the Norma’s Benedict that comes on a pancake instead of a muffin, with a creamy hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon, and grilled asparagus – it’s as delicious as it looks!

If you’re feeling extra extravagant, definitely try their Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata – a delicious frittata that has lots of fresh lobster and sevruga caviar in it, so the outrageous price tag of 100 bucks is justified! There’s no doubt this is the poshest breakfast in Palm Springs.

You can also get a gluten-free or vegan version of most dishes on the extensive menu here. And while most items are a tad bit pricey, you get huge, very generous portions of top-class, gourmet food – worth every buck, if you ask us!

While you’re indulging in their mouth-watering food, don’t forget to try one of their fancy cocktails and expensive wines. So if you want to experience Palm Springs’ luxury to its fullest, definitely reserve a table at this picture-perfect place on any day from 7 am onwards. 

Address: 4200 E Palm Canyon Dr

Selection of breakfast items
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4. Farm

Another upscale Palm Springs brunch and breakfast place that is a must-visit is Farm, tucked away in a small alley in the downtown area.

We love this place not just for its fantastic French breakfast picks, but also for its gorgeous outdoor seating. The whole area has a secret garden vibe to it, as a white picket fence surrounds the courtyard with lush flowers and plants growing on it. It’s possible that the outdoor tables could be full when you arrive here as it’s so popular, but don’t worry – the indoor area is equally charming and rustic, so you won’t be missing out on the ambiance.

With a menu spanning from French classics like sweet crepes to American favorites like eggs Benedict, there is something for everyone here. We recommend opting for the A La Banane French toast – a decadent delight with a rum glaze, caramelized bananas, mascarpone, and hazelnuts. The savory side of the menu is also pretty exciting, with picks such as the buttery croissant sandwich or the Croque Madame, which has French ham, gruyere cheese, and sherry vinaigrette, all topped over a sunny egg and toast. Simply Magnifique!

Oh and, don’t forget to get the French Press Coffee, which is strong, rich, and smells amazing too. Drop by any day from 8 am onwards for a fancy breakfast in a lovely setting – no reservations needed!

As a bonus, you get soft and melodious live music at night here, so do give them a try for dinner as well.

Address: 6 La Plaza

French toast with berries
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5. Palm Greens Cafe

The Palm Greens Cafe is best known for its vegan-friendly and healthy breakfast picks made with organic ingredients.

Located on Palm Canyon Drive, the cafe has a narrow alleyway with beautiful murals on both sides for al fresco dining, and an interior with Asian-inspired decor and wooden tables and chairs. It’s perfect for those mornings when you want a laid-back, casual breakfast in a relaxing atmosphere but with food that’s as good as that from a high-end, fine dining restaurant.

As for the menu, it’s filled with delicious picks, and almost every item has a vegan version available. We recommend opting for the breakfast platter, so you get to taste a bit of everything – blueberry pancakes, scrambled tofu, tempeh bacon, some fruit and syrup, all in one plate. A vegan breakfast dream!

We also love their breakfast burrito that has heaps of cheese, beans, bacon, and eggs. Our tip: get the ‘wet’ version that has your burrito drenched in green and red sauce – a scrumptious, spicy, and tasty treat that will blow your taste buds away! Of course, there’s a vegan breakfast burrito available as well.

Prefer something light? Go for their famous acai bowls that are loaded with kiwi, goji berries, granola, and a blend of fruit and almond butter. Oh and, don’t forget to try their date shake that’s made with soy milk but tastes fantastic!

Drop by any day from 8 am onwards for the city’s best vegan and gluten-free eats that taste just as good as any breakfast.

Address: 611 S Palm Canyon Dr

Breakfast burrito cut in half
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6. John’s Restaurant 

Just because you’re in Palm Springs doesn’t mean you always have to have breakfast or brunch at fancy restaurants – sometimes you just want affordable, hearty eats that taste just as good. Well that’s exactly what you get at John’s.

Located on Palm Canyon Drive, this place has a very humble and casual diner-like atmosphere with plenty of booth seating along with tables and chairs. It’s low-key and perfect for those mornings when you want to have a big, comforting breakfast in your sweatpants. There’s also a handful of outdoor seating available if you wish to go al fresco.

While this may be a no-frills restaurant, they’re big on taste, flavor, and portion size. The menu is extensive and serves up all the fixings of a traditional morning meal, such as biscuits & gravy and fluffy omelets.

What do we recommend? The Grilled Tri-tip and Egg Melt, for sure! It’s an enormous sandwich with perfectly grilled steak, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and Thousand Island sauce (we know that’s a bit odd, but it somehow works wonders!) all tucked into grilled sourdough bread.

If pancakes are more your thing, definitely opt for their Chocolate Chip Pancakes which are the fluffiest morning treats, filled to the brim with chocolate chips, and humongous! A full-stack has five whole, large pancakes, so come with an appetite to take down this sweet delight.

Breakfast here is served all day long, and service is prompt – you pay at the counter and they bring you the food while refilling your coffee mugs (for free, of course). Visit this humble yet popular little restaurant any day from 8 am onwards, and you’re bound to leave with a full, satisfied stomach.

Address: 900 N Palm Canyon Dr

group drinking coffee
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7. Spencer’s Restaurant 

Spencer’s, located at the base of the mountains, is pretty comparable to Palm Springs’ most luxurious brunch place ‘Le Vallauris’, except that things are slightly more casual here.

Serving classic American breakfast in an elegant setting, you’re going to immediately fall in love with the vibe here. The interior is all dark wood furnishings, stylish lighting, and chic decor that feels intimate. But in our opinion, nothing beats their charming outdoor patio, which is partially shaded by trees that are lit up, with elegant tables and chairs and a lovely fire pit during the winter. 

Just like the atmosphere at Spencer’s, the menu is exquisite. Go for the slightly pricey but totally worth it Surf and Turf Benedict, which comes with a prime sirloin steak on one half and a delicious crab cake on the other, with a side of potatoes.

If you don’t feel like having something egg-y, definitely opt for the Smoked Scottish Salmon Bagel – a mouth-watering treat with cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, truffle oil, and a delicious piece of smoked salmon.

Don’t overlook their fabulous cocktails either, such as the Melon Mojito that’s made with coconut rum or the classic Screwdriver with a shot of vodka – the perfect way to start a Palm Spring vacation morning.

Walk in any day, except for Tuesday and Wednesday when they’re closed, between 8 am to 11 am for a deliciously fancy breakfast in a charming setting with top-class service. Sunday Brunch is offered till 2.30 pm, so now you know where to go for your next meet-up with friends! This is definitely one of the best Palm Springs brunch spots.

Address: 701 W Baristo Rd

Bagel with salmon
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8. Billy Reed’s Restaurant 

If what you’re looking for is a hearty breakfast in a pleasant ambiance, head towards the award winning Billy Reed’s – one of the most popular Palm Springs breakfast and brunch spots.

Step back in time as you dine inside this gorgeous place, where the elegant decor is a throwback to the early 1900s and the furnishings are all wood. The whole place is huge, with different rooms that have plenty of seating of various sorts, along with a long and fancy bar where you can sip on some great wine.

As for the menu, it’s extensive and full of comfort cuisine, such as steak and eggs, and a griddle menu full of delightful treats. We suggest going for the tasty Mexican Scramble that will awaken your taste buds, with heaps of pico de gallo, cheese, avocado, and tortilla chips.

For something sweet, opt for the strawberry pancakes that are super fluffy and made from scratch, topped with fresh strawberries, lots of whipped cream and maple syrup on the side. Oh and don’t forget to taste their house-made cinnamon roll – a large, sticky, and delicious morning treat you shouldn’t miss out on! 

Breakfast here is served all day long and coffee mugs are refilled without you asking for it, so drop by any day from 8 am for a simple yet delicious breakfast within a stunning interior and a family-friendly atmosphere. 

Address: 1800 N Palm Canyon Dr

Berry pancakes display
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Breakfast In Palm Springs: Our Final Thoughts

We get it – it’s hard to choose where to have breakfast in Palm Springs. There are just so many amazing places serving delectable eats!

We’ve narrowed down the list to the top eight restaurants and cafes, so go ahead and pick any of them, and you’ll receive great service, top-class ambiance, and of course, divine food. Bon appetit!


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