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From cozy cafes to bustling diners, you can find just about every type of breakfast in Tacoma. Plus, many places offer deals on breakfast items, making it an affordable – and tasty – way to start your day.

And if you’re looking for the best breakfast in Tacoma, you’ve come to the right place!

Why? Well we know this city well, and now want to share our favorite restaurant and breakfast picks with you.

So whether you’re in the mood for pancakes, bacon and eggs, or something completely left field, one of our eight best Tacoma breakfast spots below will be the perfect place for you!

Delicious breakfast on a light table
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The Best Breakfast In Tacoma: Eight Places Worth Getting Out Of Bed For!

1. Shakabrah Java

If you are a fan of all-day breakfast in cozy surroundings, you won’t be disappointed by this fantastic place. From simple to fancy dishes, Shakabrah Java have a huge variety when it comes to breakfast. It’s what they specialise in after all, and it’s why they’ve previously been voted ‘best breakfast in Tacoma’.

But what they’re really known for are their huge portion sizes! Expect pancakes bigger than your plate, egg dishes that can fill you up for the whole day, and Tacoma-famous Bloody Marys that do a great job of waking you up!

The food looks as good as it tastes, so get your cameras ready when visiting. But if you want to know what Shakabrah Java are really known for it’s their potatoes, pancakes, and omelets – so ordering one of those is a good start if you’re visiting for the first time.

Although this Tacoma breakfast spot tends to get pretty busy at the weekend, they don’t seem to compromise on quality or service, which is why Shakabrah Java continue to attract the early morning crowd.

For a big belly-busting breakfast, this place is hard to beat. And if you end up coming back for more in the evening, there’s sometimes even live music to enjoy!

Address: 2618 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

Pancakes with banana, walnut and caramel.
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2. The Homestead

If you are in Tacoma and are looking for a breakfast spot that will give you homely vibes, classic American dishes, and will bring back memories of eating home-cooked food at grandma’s, then The Homestead is well worth a visit.

This friendly, family operated restaurant opened back in 1982, and has been winning the hearts of Tacoma residents since. Even the venue is special, as if you have breakfast here you’ll be digging into classic American fare in a converted barn!

Their baked goods are known throughout the city, and their steak and eggs are extremely popular too, but it’s The Homestead’s “Wagon Wheel” that steals the show. Those are tasty, crispy cinnamon rolls stuffed with ham, eggs and bacon – just the sound of that should have your stomach rumbling!

If you love having a meat-heavy breakfast, this place has a massive range of delicious meaty dishes too, while their pot pie is well seasoned and loved by many. And not to forget one of their most popular dishes – their Chicken & Waffles!

After four decades of serving breakfast to Tacoma residents, we’d not be surprised if The Homestead is still around in another four considering the atmosphere and food on offer at this popular Tacoma breakfast spot.

Address: 7837 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409

3. Viva Tacoma

If you’re visiting Tacoma and want one of the yummiest vegan breakfasts in Washington, then Viva Tacoma is your place.

People who love plant-based food know how difficult it can be to find a breakfast place, as most restaurants offer food like bacon, eggs, and meat-based dishes. But you won’t find anything like that at Viva.

In fact their menu is purely vegan and has many gluten free options!

There’s plenty to have here, from biscuits to nachos. Their juices and smoothies are some of the best around too, and are a great organic way to begin your day. Looking for soups and salads? They have those as well.

So the food’s good. But what about the restaurant itself? Well the sitting area is wide and comfortable and the staff are efficient and quick to help. But if you don’t feel like dining in they do home delivery too, which is always an added bonus.

If you’re on the look out for a fantastic vegan breakfast in Tacoma then Viva Tacoma is the place to go!

Address: 2620 N Proctor St, Tacoma, WA 98407

Selection of breakfast items
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4. Tibbitts@FernHill

Tibbitts has a vibe that is hard to match and it’s actually one of the top-rated restaurants in the state. Due to that popularity this place is reservation only, so if you’re looking to have breakfast or bunch in Tacoma in style, this special spot could be the answer. Although it’ll have to be a late breakfast as Tibbitts opens at 9am at the weekends, and 11am during weekdays.

The menu features all your favorite breakfast and brunch dishes and some unusual ones as well. Even the classics are done exceptionally well though, and often have a Tibbets@FernHill twist on them. A good example of that is the delicious salted caramel banana pancakes.

Popular dishes at this farm-to-table restaurant include the chopped hash, candied bacon & French toast, and the strawberry pancakes. But if you want something more hearty then definitely try the Lobster or the Meat and Gravy.

You can also celebrate occasions here as Tibbits have a special menu for anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings.

Expect quirky decor in a laid-back setting, but with unbeatable food. If you want to have a memorable dining experience, Tibbitts is easily one of the best Tacoma breakfast spots around.

Address: 8237 S Park Ave, Tacoma, WA 98408

French toast with berries
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5. Elmer’s Restaurant

Elmer’s Restaurant is a classic breakfast and lunch spot in Tacoma. They’ve been around since 1960, so you know they’re doing something right!

At Elmer’s, you can enjoy various breakfast items, including pancakes, waffles, eggs Benedict, their signature hand-rolled omelets, biscuits, and more. The hash browns and German waffles are among our favorites, and you can’t go wrong with their coffee either – it’s not too bitter or sweet.

The portions are large and we think they could feed two people easily! So it’s great value for money. Plus, they have a kids menu with smaller portions and lower prices.

On top of that, the friendly staff at Elmer’s always makes sure you’re well-cared for, whether you’re dining in or taking your meal to go. Personally we like to dine in, as the cozy inside seating and the attractive fireplace makes this a homely spot to enjoy breakfast any day of the week.

For us, Elmer’s is the place to go if you’re looking for a no-frills, great-tasting breakfast in Tacoma.

Address: 7427 S Hosmer St, Tacoma, WA 98408

Omelet with parsley, cherry tomatoes
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6. Pao’s Donuts And Coffee Shop

Who doesn’t love donuts for breakfast? The answer should be no-one of course! In fact the only thing better than donuts in the morning, is donuts and coffee. So it’s little surprise Pao’s Donuts and Coffee Shop has a stream of customers every morning.

Open every day from 6am – earlier than most other Tacoma breakfast spots – if you’re needing a sweet pick-me-up and your caffeine fix, there’s few better places in the region to grab a freshly made donut than here. And the best thing is those donuts are freshly made throughout opening hours, so even if you get up late you can still get your hands on a fresh donut!

This is a cash-only place, but you’re not going to need much cash if visiting anyway as Pao’s donuts are really affordable and huge. In fact some of those donuts are even the size of two donuts!

What do we recommend? Well there’s a whole range of donuts here (and other breakfast treats too), but you can’t go wrong with the Sprinkled Vanilla, Old Fashioned or Double Chocolate.

There isn’t much in the way of sit down dining at Pao’s, but if you’re wanting to grab and go this is easily one of the best Tacoma breakfast places out there.

Address: 6919 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

Selection of doughnuts
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7. Anthem Coffee

Anthem Coffee may seem just like any other coffee shop on this side of Tacoma, but what makes them stand out is their perfectly made leaf tea, impressive coffee menu, and all round quality.

You can pick up anything for breakfast here knowing it’s going to taste fresh and good. From coffees to freshly made sodas, perfectly baked cookies, bagels, cinnamon rolls, breakfast burritos and oatmeal, Anthem Coffee is a fantastic spot for a quick breakfast or brunch treat and a caffeine boost.

This cafe is trendy and the baristas are knowledgable and friendly. But a big bonus is they have a small outside area where you can sit and people watch while sipping away on your coffee. There’s no better way to start the day.

Address: 1911 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402

Bagel with salmon
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8. Biscuit House

Once you taste the biscuits and gravy here, you’re going to come back for more. We’re sure of that, and that’s why the Biscuit House is one of our favorite places for brunch and breakfast in Tacoma!

They do omelets, hash browns, pancakes and other breakfast classics too, but it’s the hearty biscuits and gravy that we recommend as those always set you up well for the day.

Bright and airy, Biscuit House still has a mom and pop feel to it, partly down to the friendly service and family feel here.

It can get a little busy, especially at the weekend, but the wait is well worth it.

Address: 9702 S Tacoma Way #102, Tacoma, WA 98499

Diner-style Breakfast
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