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Media is a vibrant and cozy town that has a lot to offer. And best of all, the local bar scene is very impressive, and there are plenty of options to be found for each preference and occasion!

And if you are a sports fan, this is one of the most exciting places to be in the area because a lot of the bars and restaurants broadcast sports, whilst almost every bar serves delicious food and often doubles as a restaurant as well.

So to help you choose the right bar when you’re in town, here’s our 12 favorite bars in Media, PA based on four different categories:


  1. The Three Best Sports Bars
  2. The Three Best Gastropubs
  3. The Three Best Beer Bars & Breweries
  4. The Three Best Specialty Bars

bartender pouring drink
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The Three Best Sports Bars In Media, PA

1. Tap 24

A go-to sports bar with an amazing beer selection and outdoor area.

You can’t go wrong with this cozy sports bar. With its relaxed interior and a friendly vibe, Tap 24 attracts both local and visiting sports lovers.

There are several screens at the bar where you can watch baseball games, football matches, boxing championships and other major sports events. On certain evenings there are live broadcasts of games and matches, and many fans come to celebrate and support their team. The atmosphere is full of energy and excitement on those nights, so be sure to check this spot out!

One of the distinctive features of this bar is its extensive menu of rotating craft beer – there are 24 options to choose from, all of which are excellent.

But if you’re not a fan of craft beer, this bar also offers 11 varieties of canned beer, 3 brands of bottled beer along with some cocktail and wine options. The beer prices are quite affordable, so if you’re in the mood for grabbing a quick drink, this place is a good spot to stop by.

The food menu isn’t too extensive, but there is a variety of snacks and nibbles to go along with your drinks while you’re watching a game. There are also 2 burger options, 3 kinds of delicious and filling salads, a kids’ menu and signature chicken and salmon dishes.

Special deals for drinks and food are also available during happy hours on Mondays to Fridays between 4-6 pm. And if you’re visiting during the summer, the outdoor area will be a great spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine. 

Address: 36 W State St, Media, PA 19063

Three guys  having beer and snacks in a bar
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2. Jack’s Tavern

A neighbourhood sports bar offering ice-cold beer and tavern games

The casual and welcoming atmosphere here makes Jack’s Tavern one of the most popular spots among sports lovers in Media. Established in 1957, this bar has been a favourite among locals for many years, so if you want to get to know the local community, this is the perfect spot to do so while watching a baseball game.

The tavern has 4 large screens showing the most popular sporting events. The space is homey and cozy, and there is even a private room that can host up to 50 people if you’re looking for a location for a birthday celebration.

Another feature that makes this sports bar unique is the pull tabs game machine where you can win up to $599 for a one dollar entry fee!

The food menu is also one-of-a-kind here, with the delicious cheesesteaks being one of the most famous local dishes. Regulars also love the wings that come with a variety of rubs and sauces and are served with a celery & blue cheese dressing. Other specialties include a fried-egg sandwich on a hoagie roll and steamed shrimp.

There is also a good selection of burgers, hotdogs, salads and snacks. Customers who enjoy beer will be impressed with the long list of bottled beer, which is always served icy-cold.

Address: 18 S State Rd, Media, PA 19063

beer with food
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3. Old State Tavern

Cozy corner sports bar with a pool table and outdoor seating. 

Located a bit further from the town center, this tavern embodies the local spirit of Media. It’s one of the most popular spots in the neighbourhood and is frequented by local sports fans, so if you would like to get a glimpse of Media’s unique atmosphere, this is a wonderful place to explore.

Eagles fans in particular love to come here to watch the games and support their team, but there are other popular sporting events being broadcasted as well.

Many visitors come with families, and parents bring their kids to enjoy the outside picnic tables when the weather is warm.

This is one of the few bars in Media that has a pool table too, which is perfect for those who not only want to watch sports but also socialise.

The highlights of the food menu are the burgers and cheesesteaks that are served in generous portions. Delicious bites to accompany a glass of cold beer include nachos and chicken fingers. Shrimp, wings, salads and a hot French onion soup are also available.

Enjoy the friendly and charming vibe of this tavern with family and friends!

Address: 38 State Rd, Media, PA 19063

Racked and ready billiards balls.
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The Three Best Gastropubs In Media

1. Brick & Brew

A local favourite with a rustic feel, great food, cocktails, plenty of character and an outside terrace.

The atmosphere at Brick & Brew combines the aesthetics of an underground distillery with a warm and elegant rustic charm. Red brick walls and a statement ceiling make the interiors both comfy and stylish, and the outdoor terrace is as cozy with its warm lighting above the tables.

Apart from the quirky and memorable design, this is also one of the best bars in Media, PA, for those who appreciate unique flavor in both drinks and food. The menu here is a true delight for the senses – delicious and beautifully served.

Their original award-winning selection of dishes includes unique items like confit wings, prosciutto fries, stuffed pineapple and a whole menu of brick-oven baked pizzas. One favourite is the fig & walnut one – it combines the unique tastes of the feta crumble, ricotta, smoked mozzarella, crunchy walnuts and the Turkish fig jam. Pizza fans will definitely find their take on the classic recipes intriguing!

Those who know and appreciate cocktails will be thoroughly impressed by Brick & Brews extensive list that boasts both classic one and unique mixes like Pear McGinny and Red Dahlia.

The drinks menu also provides numerous varieties of bourbon and whiskey as well as a good wine list and both bottled and canned beer. This place is perfect for those who are searching for some exciting gastronomic discoveries!

Address: 26 W State St, Media, PA 19063

Expert barman is making cocktail at a bar.
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2. State Street Pub

An excellent gastropub with a bustling social scene, sports broadcasts and outdoor dining. 

This place has a bit of everything, which makes it so popular and loved by many in town. You will certainly find something that will fit your interests!

Located right in the town center, the bar has a laid-back yet elegant charm. Outdoor dining is available in the summer, providing a great opportunity for the guests to enjoy their food and drinks along with the lively energy of Media.

Inside the bar there are multiple high-resolution TV screens where live sports are broadcasted, and you can comfortably watch the games from nearly every table. But for those looking to chat and socialize, there are pub games available such as shuffleboard and darts.

Another unique feature of this spot is a make it yourself Bloody Mary bar, which is the only one of its kind in the city!

The menu will impress foodies with an elevated presentation of such delicious and hearty meals as burgers, chicken waffles, cheesesteaks and mac & cheese. In addition, this is a great bar to stop by for brunch. Try out their creole eggs, crab cake benny or blueberry pancakes with Chantilly cream – you really can’t go wrong!

The cocktails list also includes some unique and original mixes, a good selection of wine and amazing beer options too. Come here to enjoy a vibrant and chatty atmosphere together with good music and an excellent gastronomic experience!

Address: 37 E State St, Media, PA 19063

friends enjoying beers at a bar
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3. Off The Rail

A bar & grill spot with excellent weekly events and entertainment. 

Off the Rail is one of the most popular bars in Media because of its relaxed and charming ambiance. Although their food and drinks menu is undeniably intriguing, what makes this gastropub unique is their events program.

Each day of the week there is something exciting happening here, be it a fun quiz night, an open mic session, a karaoke evening or a DJ playing some music – you will definitely be entertained!

Like many other bars in Media too, Off the Rail also has some TV screens for visitors to enjoy their favourite sports.

When it comes to food, this bar has a wonderful range of delicious appetizers. Fried calamari and Philly cheesesteak egg rolls aren’t ones to miss! Vegetarians will enjoy buffalo cauliflower and the delicious parmesan truffle fries. Main courses include great burgers, sandwiches, tacos and wings.

There is a multitude of canned beer options, some unique draft beer flavors and a small but exciting list of cocktails and wine. Special discounts on drinks are available during happy hours on week nights between 5-7 pm. 

Address: 109 W State St, Media, PA 19063

Beer and burger display
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The Three Best Breweries & Beer Bars In Media

1. Iron Hill

Spacious and homey bar with an on-site microbrewery.

This is one of the best bars in Media for those who value freshly brewed local beer. The founders of Iron Hill have a true passion for craft beer and they know a great deal about the process – their product is loved by the local community and has been an awards winner multiple times.

The warm wooden interior of this bar is the perfect setting for appreciating their handmade drinks which gets made meters away from the counter. This spot is also great for large groups and families, and the staff create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere perfect for enjoying an evening out.

The food menu  consists of original recipes and the sauces are freshly made from scratch every day. We recommend the Grilled Brewben Sandwich and the Brewer’s Salad. 

Address: 30 E State St, Media, PA 19063

Selection of beer
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/blizzard_77

2. Sterling Pig Brewery

Locally brewed beer on tap, oven-baked pizza and a stylish interior.

Sterling Pig Brewery has created its own take on pub favourites by brewing their beer in small batches and fusing it with unique local flavors.

They provide 8 kinds of original craft beer that is available from tap directly at the bar. One of their trademarks is the balance of the distinct flavor and the drinkability of the beer, making it one of the most popular bars in Media for those who appreciate freshly brewed beer.

The food options are delicious as well, especially the oven-baked pizzas. You can bring your family over for dinner or just grab a quick drink with friends – there is plenty of space both inside and outside.

The design of the space is inspired by the brewery aesthetic while also having a warm and welcoming vibe to it – a perfect spot to spend a lively and exciting evening!

Address: 609 W State St, Media, PA 19063

wood fired pizza on table
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3. Pinocchio’s Beer Garden To Go 

Knowledgeable staff, wide selection of high-quality global beer and a relaxed atmosphere.

This lovely bar is a favourite among locals and visitors because of its passion for different kinds of beer. It also doubles as a shop and provides an almost endless variety of canned and bottled options from all over the world.

The carefully curated tap list rotates depending on the season, so it is the perfect spot to try out some new flavors. The bartenders are incredibly knowledgeable too, and will be happy to tell you more about the drink and give recommendations.

This bar is also a popular spot because of its delicious pizza! You can’t go wrong with this place if you’re looking for good service, good atmosphere, great food and beer and affordable prices.

Address: 131 E Baltimore Ave, Media, PA 19063

tasty craft beer on bar table
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The Three Best Specialty Bars In Media

1. La Belle Époque Wine Bistro

An elegant restaurant and bar with French cuisine classics and one of the best wine collections in the city.

This restaurant and bar is perfect for those who want to celebrate a special occasion and enjoy some upscale food and drinks.

The interior is warm and welcoming, and you will feel like you’re in a charming Paris bistro in the middle of Media. The friendly staff are caring and attentive and always make sure that their guests have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

But one of the most exciting features of this spot is its cuisine. The founder and executive chef Loic Barnieu was born in France to a family of restaurateurs, and he has brought his knowledge and appreciation of French delicacies to Media. Any dish on the menu will be worth a try!

If you’re in the mood for a drink and a light snack, we suggest their cheese platter. For more filling options you can’t go wrong with some classic French stew, grilled salmon served with yellow squash or the balsamic braised short ribs. There is also a selection of both sweet and savoury crepes and an absolutely fantastic dessert menu.

Above everything else, this is one of the best bars in Media for wine lovers. Their list is extensive and includes wines produced in various regions of France, Italy, Argentina, California and Slovenia.

To add to that, the cocktail menu is quite impressive too, making La Belle Epoque Wine Bistro one of the most exciting spots for food and wine fans in the region. 

Address: 38 W State St, Media, PA 19063

wine glasses
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/AV-Photo

2. Sligo Irish Pub

An authentic Irish pub with the best Guinness in town and sometimes live music.

Enjoy the warm spirit and hospitality of a traditional Irish Pub at Sligo. Here you can relax with family and friends while the friendly and attentive staff introduce you to a food and drink menu filled with authentic Irish recipes such as the Irish beef stew and shepherd’s pie.

Being both a restaurant and a bar, Sligo is proud to deliver a great selection of both food and drinks. Their Guinness is an award-winning beer that’s properly sourced and poured, so it is the best bar in Media for enjoying the world-famous brand.

In terms of the atmosphere, this place has a unique charm. You will find yourself in a warm and cozily designed space with a stylish bar and decorations, which will surely create a great mood for the evening. Sometimes there is a band playing live, so make sure not to miss it. This is a wonderful spot to bring family or friends and to connect with the local community.

Address: 113 W State St, Media, PA 19063

irish pub with drink on table and live music in the background
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3. Pairings Cigar Bar

The only bar in Media where you can enjoy high-quality cigars.

Pairings Cigar Bar is a unique spot that combines good cigars and good drinks, which makes it one of the most unique bars in Media.

Those who appreciate cigars will be impressed with the list of more than 20 items on the tobacco menu. The bartenders are incredibly well informed and will be helpful in picking just the right cigar for your taste.

Apart from that, the drink selection is exquisite as well! The bar offers some great whiskey, sherry, scotch, bourbon and some classic cocktails along with a good wine list.

The food menu is small but delicious, and the kitchen provides some great snacks and bites to go with the drinks.

The atmosphere of the bar is relaxed yet elegant, and it is the perfect spot to relax on both weekends and weekdays. 

Address: 12 W State St, Media, PA 19063


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