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In travel circles Asia is mainly known for its famous backpacker routes, especially in the tourist hotspot of Thailand. Yet while those routes are famous for a reason – and well worth doing – it would be an injustice to just think of Asia as a place for backpackers to “find themselves”.

This region of the world is full of hidden wonders, places tourists barely visit (Isaan in Thailand, as one example), and is one of the most diverse on the globe.

That diversity can be seen in the food culture from country to country, and it goes without saying that Asia is a continent that can only be described as a foodies paradise.

However with orangutans in Borneo, the famous surf beaches of Bali, gorgeous rice paddies in Vietnam, and the wild nightlife of Thailand, Asia has experiences for every kind of travel.

Check out our country pages below to start your own Asia travel adventure.

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